Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer cream, liquid, or powder blush?

  • Powder! (77%, 2,937 Votes)
  • Cream! (20%, 775 Votes)
  • Liquid! (3%, 104 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,816

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38 thoughts on “Do you prefer cream, liquid, or powder blush?

  1. TehTeh25

    cream – more natural, more pratical, more transportable =)

  2. GUSnail

    I love creams over powders.  Although, I’ve never tried a liquid.  I’d like to try Daniel Sandler or MUFE liquid blushers.

  3. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    Powder coz I have oily skin.

  4. xamyx

    I prefer powder blushes, but I prefer a cream for contour. I just feel I have better control over the blush if it’s powder, as I like to add blush as the final step, and cream blush is impossible to put over setting powder. It’s also more sanitary to use a powder blush, and it lasts alot longer.

  5. Mariella

    Okay, I have a question re cream and liquid blushes.  When is the best time to apply them and how?  Over bare skin it’s not a problem but over foundation….do you apply it OVER liquid foundation and THEN apply powder?  How do you keep from rubbing off your foundation when you blend the cream or liquid foundation? Then do yo powder on top of that.  Also, if you’re using a powder foundation (a mineral powder, for example, like Laura Mercier) do you apply the cream blush first? After? If after, wouldn’t it mix with the powder and make sort of a pasty mess?

    • eltscott

       @Mariella If I’m wearing liquid foundation, I apply my cream blush over that, and then when I get ready to powder, I avoid putting any powder where my blush is (use a smaller brush if you need to). If you have oily skin, and feel like you need to have powder on your cheeks, I recommend lightly using a powder blush in a similar color over the cream blush. When I wear powder foundation, I use mineral powder and I will actually apply my cream blush over my powder and then lightly use a powder blush to set it if needed. I’ve never had any problems wearing cream blush (or any cream product) over mineral foundation. Hope this helps.

      • Mariella

         @eltscott Yes, that actually helps a lot!  Thanks so much. It helps to know that mineral powder won’t go all messy with cream/liquid blush on top. I recently got a Clarins LE thick liquid-y blush (Vitamin Pink; it’s in a tube with a doe foot, like lipgloss) and I’d avoided wearing it over powder foundation but I won’t now!

    • paneradfisk

       @Mariella You apply the cream blush over liquid foundation, before powder. If you use a stippling brush with light strokes it shouldn’t rub of your foundation. You powder afterwards. If you’re using powder foundation I don’t recommend using cream blush on top of that. Powder blush on powder foundation and cream blush on liquid foundation, they say. :)

    •  @Mariella If I am using a powder foundation, I just use a powder blush – I feel like I’d have to do a cream blush (applied extra-heavily) before the powder foundation, and that’s too much fuss. So, powder foundation days are always powder blush days.
      With liquid foundation and cream/liquid blushes, are you worried about them rubbing off your foundation or is this actually happening? I have a couple types of cream blush, and several foundation, and I’ve never had a problem with the cream blush (applied on top of liquid foundation) disturbing the foundation.  If you are having a problem, maybe try using a thinner layer of foundation, and buff it in well with a brush, then let it set for a couple minutes before applying the blush.

      • Mariella

         @Emi at Project Swatch I’ve never actually had it happen but it’s always something I wondered about.  I’ve only got 2 or 3 cream/liquid blushes and tend not to wear them too often as powder is just so much easier but by the same token, I like the ones I have and should use them more often. I actually tried one last night over mineral powder foundation and it looked and worked fine – no pasty mess as I applied.  Thanks for your help!

    • Mariella

      I need to proof-read better. I meant to ask “how do you keep from rubbing off our foundation when you blend the cream or liquid BLUSH?”

  6. Since I moved to a region with a warmer climate, I’ve been mostly reaching for cream blushes. Somehow I can’t take powdery finishes on my face in the sun!

  7. eltscott

    I voted for powder because it’s so easy to work with and I don’t have to give my blush much thought when I’m in a hurry, but I do love a good cream blush.

  8. paneradfisk

    I have MAC Ladyblush cream blush, and it looks really nice, but something makes me reach for my powder blushes more often. It’s easier to work with powder, especially if you’re new to makeup. I also prefer matte blush more than dewy, so powder is better for that.

  9. Powder is my go-to most days, but there are days when I want to reach for a cream instead.

  10. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I actually use a cream blush as base with a powder blush over is.  My favories is Nars Orgasm multiple for cream and Nars orgasm for day and supper Orgasm for evening-more sparkle. I am very fair and pink and while completed-  Think English Irish complexion.

  11. phattttkatttt

    Powder all the way.  I do like some cream and liquid blushes, but they are more time consuming and can be difficult to work with.  Also my skin is somewhat oily and cream blushes tend to emphasize this, and they also tend to make my already full cheeks look fuller than I’d like. 

  12. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I should clarify that I use Laura Mercier transparant powder lightly over my entire face after the creams and the add a bit of powder blush over, then mist my face. The powder blush reviewed today would be great for cheeks. Make an “L” from side of eyes (Mid point) down and across upper cheeks. Use very lite hand. Also above bow of lips, above eyebrows and  small line down nose.  Again VERY lite- blow on brush b4 applying. Looks good with pale gold at nite too.

  13. Cat G

    I like the look of cream blushes more, I think, but I’ve always liked powder more. I think I just have fun putting it on!

  14. Miss J

    I love blush! SO…I probably don’t need to say that *I LOVE EM ALL!* Powder, cream, liquid, gel…whatever…just give me blush! Haha. I do reach for powders most just because I can apply quick and blend out easily, and powder really works well with any base, so powder is kind of a no brainer where I don’t have to worry or put much effort into it. I love the finish creams/liquids/and gels give, though. I also love layering creams and powders. So many products and combinations to try, so little time!

  15. I use powder unless I think it’ll look too powdery in the sun (ie in the summer…), but I have oily skin so cream fades on me so fast! Even when I try to set it with translucent powder. :/ 

  16. Kafka

    I used to prefer powder blushes; cream ones were too temperamental, patchy, difficult to apply well or didn’t really last. But, thanks to NARS, I think I am starting to prefer cream blushes. (I know no-one takes my NARS comments seriously anymore as I’m such a junkie, LOL, but, seriously, they’re like no cream blush I have ever used. Not MAC, Benefit, YSL, Bourjois, etc.) The new Lokoum blush I have applies like a dream: it’s *so* creamy, silky, easy to apply and blend, natural-looking and long-lasting, I can’t get over it.  Another cream blush, Cactus Flower, may be my favorite blush colour ever and though it’s not *as* creamy in texture, it too is super easy to blend and use. I’m also starting to think that cream blushes may actually not emphasize the look of pores as much as some powder blushes. It’s something my mother always told me but which I never really believed.  

    • xamyx

      @Kafka That is so *true* about cream blushes not settling into pores. It’s been a while since I’ve used one, but I remember when I was in college, we had to take a stage makeup class as part of the core curriculum (I was a Theatre major), and part of our kit included a cream blush that we were *required* to use. I actually liked it, but powder is just so much easier. By the way, Ben Nye makes awesome cream blushes (as well as many other products).

      • Kafka

         @xamyx  @Kafka  Amy, I’ve definitely noticed a diff. lately in how my pores appear when I use a cream blush, so I guess Mothers are always right. I think powder is easier if one isn’t using a super creamy, easily blendable blush. Otherwise, a few swipes does it — which can be easier in a way than blending out a powder blush. I guess it ultimately depends on the colours and textures involved. (Btw, I didn’t know you were a Theatre major. How cool!) 
               I’ve heard a lot about Ben Nye and not just as it pertains to his cream blushes, but I don’t recall ever seeing his products on an actual counter. After that recent eyeshadow palette experience (you know which one), I’m very leery of buying a product sight unseen from a brand I’ve never tried before. Until then, I’m not going to cheat on my beloved François. 😉 I have about 12 blushes (18 if we consider the ones on my Iffy/Ambivalent list) that I want to get from him before the madness may start to finally ebb away. <grin> 

        • Susan Dowman Nevling

           I agree with your assessment of Nars cheek products. Love them big time. I have a few areas where my pores are visible so I use Benefit Porefessional on those spots prior to any makeup. Works well for me. Looks light tan in tube but dries to invisible. Tell me more about Ben Nye- haven’t heard of this and don’t know where to find  the products. THX

        • xamyx

          @Susan Dowman Nevling Ben Nye is a theatrical brand of makeup, and it can be found at costume/theatrical stores or online. Apparently, they’ve expanded their range to include HD products, as well. As for the regular line, it is highly pigmented, and it can stand up well even under the hot lights of the stage. It’s fairly inexpensive, but it will last forever. I just found my old college kit from 20 years ago, and the makeup is still good, although I don’t plan to use it, LOL. It was just interesting to see that the integrity has held up after all these years.

        • Kafka

           @Susan Dowman Nevling  Amy answered you below better than I can about Ben Nye. But, basically, he used to be a big Hollywood makeup artist and his line has extremely hyper-pigmented stuff. I’ve seen numerous mentions of his cream blushes in particular on blogs and in magazines, but I’ve never seen his stuff sold in any stores. I wish I could tell you more. :) As for pore issues, have you found the Benefit Porefessional to be better than NARS pore-perfecting Primer?

        • Susan Dowman Nevling

           I have a sample of Nars pore perfecting primer but haven’t opened it yet. I just opened a new Benefit Porefessional and don’t want either to go bad. I love Nars tho except I think the lipsticksI have purchased are too dry for me. I will do a web search for Ben Nye to see if I can find anything. I have a friend who is a costume designer in San Fran and will ask her too. I’m in Ohio and she is obviously in California, works crazy hours and sometime we have a hard time connecting. My best friend since 5th grade and we are now 62! I so love make up; it’s like art painting to me.

        • Kafka

           @Susan Dowman Nevling  Susan, that is fabulous!!!!! That sort of friendship is more akin to sisterhood even, and it’s a very, very special thing. :)  I agree that make-up can be an incredibly artistic and creative form of self-expression.  BTW, welcome to Temptalia from another NARS fan.  And, here is a link to Ben Nye’s site just for you to get an idea of what his things are like:   I like the brightness of his eyeshadows but, for blushes, I’m sticking to my beloved NARS for now. 11 down and about 12-18 more to go. 😉  lol

        • Susan Dowman Nevling

           Kafka, I appreciate your kind comments and will certainly look at the web site for more toys and colors!

  17. Michelle

    Love the look of cream… it’s just so dewy and pretty! But, I always use powder because I think it’s more convenient and easier to apply. Also the shelf life is longer.

  18. Marian57

    I love them all!

  19. Lumi

    I prefer powder blushes. I want to like and use my cream blushes more, but they take a bit more time to get right. And I feel like they expose my spots more while I’m applying.

  20. uniqlos

    They don’t sell cream/liquid blushes here (maybe MUFE does, but I haven’t seen the MUFE counter yet), the closest thing being the NARS multiples. It’s a tropical country, so I can see why but I would love to try them anyway. I’m thinking of ordering MAC Restores Dazzle because the MUA swatched it on me and it looked great but I didn’t bite and now it’s gone. :(

  21. Veronica

    I use cream and powder blushes pretty equally.  Generally, I’ll wear cream blushes when I don’t have foundation on, and I’ll stick to powder when I do.

  22. AmandaElisabeth

    I’m not big on blushes, my cheeks are naturally flushed.  But I like both cream and powder.  I usually use ELF or NYC blushes.

  23. arachnophobia

    I don’t wear a ton of blush, but I definitely like powder the most. I find that with my oily skin (I don’t wear primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder — although I may branch out and try the latter) it has the best staying power.
    I find that it was way easier to over-apply with cream blush (I only have MAC CCBs as experience), which is definitely something I don’t want. Just got a stippling brush from Real Techniques last night though, so I’m excited to see if this will cure my apprehension! 😀

  24. Adelita

    Whoaaa… I’m one of the 2%, I choose liquid.
    I have super oily skin and thanks to the hot & humid weather, I sweats easily as well. Liquid blushes (mostly lip & cheek tint), are the one that stays the longest on my cheeks.