Friday, July 1st, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer bold eyes or lips?

  • Bold eyes (68%, 2,216 Votes)
  • Bold lips (32%, 1,027 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,242

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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57 thoughts on “Do you prefer bold eyes or lips?

  1. I like them both very much but I definitely prefer bold lips over bold eyes. :)

  2. Both, but not both at the same time.

  3. Julia

    Definitely bold eyes! While I love the look of bold lips, it is way to high maintenance for me. I spend the entire day paranoid – checking, re-checking and re-applying my lip to make sure it is still there. With bold eyes, as long as I use UDPP as a base, I know they will still be just as bold 12 hours later! :)

  4. Erin

    I prefer bold eyes so my lips are a bit bare and very kissable!

  5. Sexy Sadie

    I prefer bold lips too bold eyes, but my eye color shines through anyway.

  6. Catriona

    Bold lips because I have quite small eyes so I don’t think I suit heavy eyeshadow.

  7. Nicole

    I love bold lips! They’re much more high maintenance than bold eyes, but I’ve grown to love them. I tend to keep my eye makeup very simple if I am wearing a bold lip color. I love wearing red lips now even during the day, and I’m excited to start wearing dark plums in the fall!

    • Alejandra

      Same Here!
      I keep my eyes pretty simple with mascara and liner and go big on lip color but I still get many compliments on my big eyes.

  8. s. york

    Glad I am not the only one who prefers to play up the eyes! :) I usually avoid a bold lip for two reasons: 1) I am much better at applying eyeshadow than lipstick and I confess I don’t even know what kind of red lipstick would suit me, though I’d like to. 2) I am constantly touching my face and mouth and biting my lips and such (nervous habit) so lip gloss and lipstick don’t last me more than like an hour or two. I would, however, love to find a bold red lipstick that would suit me. :)

  9. Jenna

    Since i have smaller, almost hooded lids, bold looks don’t really suit me. I have to be VERY careful about placement of dark colors and can’t go too high or my eyes look like peas. I totally prefer bold lips with a nice strong liner.

  10. Fitrah

    Ooh, hard decision, as they aren’t mutually exclusive to me and I usually do both at the same time, but eyeshadow is my favorite kind of makeup, so I went with eyes.

  11. Mariella

    I voted for bold eyes but that’s because there wasn’t a 3rd choice, which is generally my preference – a sort of balanced look with a not too overdone eye and a reasonably natural looking lip.

  12. bold lips

    I am very pale with a childish plump face, so bold eyes make me look rather stupid – in fact classic red lip makes look stupid too (washes me out), but bright peach, for example, does not.

  13. Natalie

    I have both very large eyes with super long lashes and very large, full lips so it’s always a struggle! If I’m lazy I do a bold lip since it’s quick and on me makes a big statement! But if I have the time, I’ll do a bold eye instead. I just find myself reaching for the lipstick more. I do love them both however!

  14. I’ve got the Asian monolid thing going so I’ll have to agree with Jenna and say bold lips! Ditto on a nice strong eyeliner. I’m sad that I can’t do bolder looks on my eyes without getting it all over my face, but at least my lips make a decent canvas 😛

  15. I’ve recently started to adore bold lips. I almost always go with a neutral eye and when I’m feeling fun I toss on some bright pink lipstick! Currently searching for the perfect coral while it’s still all the rage :)

  16. MORENA

    I like both. ONe day i will have bold eyes (and toned down lips, and another day I will wear bold lips (and toned down eyes). At night i like for both to be bold.

    for example… time night time I wore MUFE aqua cream (the royal blue one) with pink lips (MUFE aqua cream – the hot pink one). The pink lips stay on after a few drinks and no reapplying.

    day time… tan/champagne color eyelid with turquoise in the crease and a lip gloss
    Or MUFE eyeshadow (#26 pink or #9 lavender) with a gloss
    Or maybe a bold eyeliner color (mac liquid last in Aqualine or the Royal Blue one,) and neutral lips. i don’t have the muff eyeliners yet because when i went to sephora all the popular colors were sold out!!

  17. Nic

    I like them both – it totally depends on my mood. I tend to do bold eyes more often only because they’re low maintenance, whereas with a bold lip I don’t like having to be bothered touching it up throughout the day.

  18. D

    Bold lips, because my eyes are too sensitive and I don’t like to insist with the removal procedure.

  19. t_zwiggy

    I’m really surprised so many prefer bold lips! O.o Yes, there are a few who can pull it off, but honestly I think it looks ridiculous on most people.

    • Stephanie

      Bold lips do look pretty rough on most people because instead of doing it correctly (exfoliating, priming, lining) they just slap on bright lipstick from the tube and it looks messy and cheap! Also many people leave the rest of their face TOO neutral and it looks unbalanced.

      • Natasha

        How can a face be too neutral if you don’t mind me asking

        • Stephanie

          When a person just slaps on hot pink lipstick and barely a swipe of mascara it just looks off to me… If bold lips are involved i think a light eyeshadow and black liner and/or a decent amount of mascara are nice so it looks like you remembered the rest of your face. Too neutral is when you dont add anything but lipstick and IMHO red lipstick alone w/ nothing else just looks… off.

          • Natasha

            oh, oops, I always do that. I like that look, it was a ‘trend’ last year and I haven’t quite let go lol.

        • Stephanie

          I guess plain would have been a better word!

  20. Bold eyes a lot less high maintenance than bold lips. Plus you can use lots more colours. :)

  21. Tiffany

    Bold lips for sure! I, do, however, love a bold eye. :)

  22. Swimsalot

    Hot pink lips to distract from my dark circles

  23. Liz

    I love bold eyes, but on me they look a bit ridiculous no matter how much I try, or rather how careful I apply it. So I just accept my fate and go for bold lips. And you know what? I make it look gooood.

  24. Jenn

    I love both. But I can’t leave the house without having some sort of intense lip color, it’s just my thing. Somtimes I do both, it depends on if you can pull it off or not.

  25. S.A.

    Honestly, my eyes are my best feature and I dislike the feel of product on my lips, so generally I’ll go with a bold eye. Also, I think I look a touch overdone with most lip colours.

    Also, bold eye looks allow my eyes to stand out a bit more from behind my glasses, which is always a plus.

  26. Catherine

    BOTH. Who says you need to only have one? Screw them 😀

    • AprilTHAN

      THANK YOU!!! I totally agree…you should do what you want to your makeup….but I personally love some bold eyes and whatever lipstick I want to wear…rather its plain gloss or full on fuschia pink:)

  27. I do bold lips a lot, as a single gal, it never gets messed up! Haha…I looove bold eyes on other people, but on me it looks like overkill :( Plus, my glasses hide it anyway.

  28. Natasha

    Lips every time, I hate my eyes so never play them up. Always dark lipstick, bright lipstick, etc and just some mascara.

  29. Jakara

    I love bold lips!

  30. It depends, strong lips if I’m going somewhere where I’m not eating much (or won’t cry much- nothing worse than eye makeup that runs!), bold eyes if there’s a big sloppy meal on the menu.

  31. Okay, so, I have this underdog complex, where if I notice that something doesn’t get enough love, I’ll give my love to it. That’s how I feel about bold lips.
    I notice that a lot of people will do these…almost grandiose, complicated eye looks, but then their lips are a two-minute nude lipstick afterthought. It makes me sad for le lips. :(
    On the other hand, I am totally a hypocrite because my eyes are a much better feature than my lips, so looking good with bold lips is…kind of hard.

    • Stephanie

      lol guilty! sometimes (most of the time) i use over 5 eyeshadows, liner, 2-3 different mascaras but i just throw on nude beige-y gloss (Origins once upon a shine in sheer peach) Bold lips just make me look clowninsh/formal/like im trying to hard or all of the above

  32. Queentutt

    Most definitely BOLD eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and there is such a large selection of shades with which to play them up. I know it’s a beauty no-no but I actually wear bold eyes with bold lips at times. It just depends on my mood 😉

  33. Renata Bell

    I’ve always preferred bold eyes and I was even ‘famous’ for my bold eyes makeup among my friends. But I have to say… After 35 it’s hard to put lots of eye makeup and don’t emphasise the lines… So I’m kind of changing to a very light eye makeup and bold lips..
    You need to adapt with age, don’t you?

  34. Rena

    I love bold eyes… and I choose putting on more eye makeup over any lip products in general because I’m always in a time crunch in the morning. However, I’m always intrigued by and buying new lip products that I barely wear… they’re never bold colors though.

  35. I’m surprised more people are choosing bold eyes! To me a bold lip is so much quicker, easier and prettier, especially in summer :)

  36. Kathrina

    Hard decision. I think I prefer bold lips, though. My eyes are naturally bold thanks to their vibrant blue color so I often just use mascara.

  37. wendyh

    actually sometimes bold eyes with bold lips can be nice too as long as the colour is simple. like Natalia s FALL 11 Guerlain poster…
    I like both bold eyes or bold lips…
    but I think bold eyes is nicer for me.. I find bold lips makes my lips look flater and my eyes are deep and big but not strong enough to be too “naked” !
    but if someone has amazing eyes.. I love bold lips over bold eyes.

  38. heidi

    So I’ve got huge blue eyes! And pretty full defined pigmented lips(not angelina but decent) I picked eyes just because I happen to do more eye looks, especially in summer because I live in a desert and its hard to keep my lips moisturized and bold looks terrible on cracked lips! But I definitelyt switch back and forth! I’m not a huge nude lip fan so when I do a bold eye I still wear a nuetral but not nude lip like viva glam V

  39. Either, but not both at the same time. I lived through the seventies…and…it still…haunts me. Beautiful women were made to look like fashion clowns. Urg! Now, when I watch old TV shows from the ’70’s, I wonder what they were thinking.

  40. Chanel

    I voted bold lips but that’s because that’s what I’m into for summer. I’ve been doing a simple eye and letting my lips be the star! It’s too hot for all that eye makeup! My eyes will be the star in the Fall!

  41. I’ll do the wildest colors any day. Super dark eyes, bright colors… anything! My lips, though… always have to be paled out or muted or just light in general. I feel so uncomfortable with bright lips.

  42. Tanya

    I’m more of a minimal eyeshadow, winged liner and bold lips kind of girl.

  43. Lakitha

    I like to do either. I dont do them at the same time.

  44. Adelita

    I’m a bold lips kinda girl. My fave is Chanel Dragon and Milani Rose Hip (thanks to you, this is better than my old beloved NARS Schiap!), e/l on the eyes is enough for me. But once in the blue moon I did bold eyes too (with subtle lip color of course).

  45. milaxx

    Depends on my mood

  46. Mel

    Well I love bold smoky eyes and they suit me well because I have a good amount of space between my lid and brow but I try to switch it up by buying some bold MAC lipsticks like Girl About Town and Dubonnet to pair with an understated eye.

  47. carol

    I work in a conservative political field. I do bold lips and save the eyes for the weekends.

  48. Mimi

    Bold lips! I like beautifully cared for skin, rosy cheeks like a child, moist sheer but well colored lips and soft eyes. I think this is a very fresh and youthful look, not too much makeup as most men don’t like an obvious paint job. Also, when you wash your face and your man sees you for the first time, he won’t say, “Who are you?” I hate all that black all around the eyes, especially on blonds. So hard looking and cheap! Why portrait yourself like that?