Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you organize your makeup by brand or product? Or some other way?

Temptalia's AnswerFor the most part, I organize by brand and then by product, but for brands that I might have only one or two items of, then I just sort by product type. I just like the way everything stores/fits when it’s sorted within a brand, since those products will fit well together.

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67 thoughts on “Do you organize your makeup by brand or product?

  1. Dreamy

    I organize my make up by product :p

  2. emi s.

    I don’t have nearly enough to sort by brand, so I sort by type. I have about 3 foundations, 5 blushes, 10 eyeshadows, etc.

  3. I organise by product but my MAC and Dior have their own section!

  4. Since I have a each few of many different brands and only one Helmer I organize by product. Maybe that will change in a while when my collection is larger.

  5. heidi

    For the most part by product. I have mac UD and nyx eyshadows all in the same palette. Than my pots all together but for products I have a ton of the same brand like my mac lipsticks or clinique lipsticks I have them all in the same section of my lipstick box. Rimmel has its own lipstick section too.

  6. MaryBeth

    By product. But I have some overflow because I have more blushes and eyeshadows than anything, so when I run out of room in those drawers, I have to add them to other groups of products.

  7. Tosha

    By product

  8. Salvinia

    I organize by type: eyes, face and lips, in three separate drawers and then I organize within those drawers based on how frequently I use each product.

  9. Tia

    I just organize by product, I don’t have enough of any one brand to organize by brand.

  10. Nic

    By product, generally.

  11. By product, I suppose. I have a little drawer thing and a train case that I keep my makeup in: Train case for a bunch of drugstore/cheap eyeshadows, first drawer for face/base/prep/miscellaneous, second drawer for eyes, third drawer for lips. On top of my drawer I have three jars: Lip stuff (lipliners and Lip Tars), eyeliners, and brushes. I need another drawer, I think…

  12. Donna Cooper

    By brand appart from lipsticks.

  13. A little bit of both actually. I’ve tried to keep eyeshadow palettes that are organized by color and just ignore the brand – But it always takes me twice as long to find what I’m looking for. I don’t know many people who think the same way I do, but it’s easier for ME to find products if they’re grouped by brand first, then product.

  14. wendy h

    By products,
    But all face products together. Ex blushes, highlighter, foundations, primer, bronzer.. Etc etc
    Eyes, I have 2 sections. One for eyeshadows, primer and liners etc etc.
    The other is for false lashes, curler and mascara.
    And lips products including pencil, gloss, lipsticks, pencils etcetc

  15. Bella

    My MAC is separate, the rest is sorted by product.

  16. Adelita

    It is easier to organize my makeup storage by product because if I organize my makeup by brand, gosh, I’m gonna need lots of boxes/cabinets to divide them per brand since my makeup collection isn’t that large but I do like to try many things from various brands.

    • This is EXACTLY how it is for me. Maybe some day once I am not experimenting so much, or find a brand where every product I love and I get a lot of theirs then I will go by brand but right now it’s just not practical.

  17. Marieke

    By product. My stash isn’t that big (yet). I also wanna try many different brands, so sorting it by brand would be confusing..

  18. Elle

    By product.
    I have tons of eyeshadow palettes,eyeliner pencils,blush and face primer. So I separate the eyes and face products. I bought tree steps drawers and first all face items second eyes and third all my daily use. Also I make date that i bought and used on each product. Cause sometimes I forget the expire date.

  19. flyavsted

    By product. I find it easier to find whatever I look for.

  20. jenni

    i organise by product, because if it made it home, i was clearly happy with the brand, so i pick each product i want by the color i want :)

  21. Jasmine

    By Product I don’t discriminate them don’t want em to feel lonely

  22. Bee

    I organize mine by product, but within products by brand :)

  23. by product and than by brand (only because of the size of packaging!). If I had more space I’d organize them by product and by colour 😉

  24. I sort by product. I find its easier when I’m looking for a particular product.

  25. Dani/NotAVampireLvr

    It depends… For eyeshadows I definitely sort by brand… for everything else by category.

  26. Keyonna

    Definitely by product. That way I know all my lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc are all in one place.

  27. Natalie

    I organize it almost always by product type. I have a huge custom vanity – finally!! – and that was the easiest way to do it. If I did it by brand I would’ve needed a lot more drawers!!

  28. Melinda

    I organize by type.

  29. Krista

    By product, but I have a special drawer containing my favorites (i.e. the higher end products)

  30. alicia

    by product, unless i have multiple products in a palette. I separate my palettes from other products.

  31. marvel burgos

    by product, it is easier!!

  32. Meghann

    I organize my make-up by product, for me personally it is easier to keep track of what I have. Although, all Mac eyeshadows are in palettes seperated by colours, and Mac blushes are in palettes as well. Everything else is organized based on it’s purpose, all eyeliners together, all foundation/ powders together, primers/ bases together… etc. That way when I’m doing my make-up and I need a primer, I open my primer drawer, and select one… same with my foundation, lips etc.

  33. I organize by brand. But, my eyeshadows are organized by colors too. In fact this reminds me, I need to re-organize my system!

  34. Ashley Tatton

    I have a 10 drawer organizer that is MOSTLY my area/product I guess but I do have one drawer of only MAC pigments and MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows. Every other drawer is seperated more into Face, Blush/Highlight, Lip, pre-made Palettes, Nails, Airbrush, Costume, etc..

  35. DragonRhia

    I organize by product. Makes it so much faster imo.

  36. Laurel

    I organize by product, and some are sub-categorized by brand, such as eyeshadows and lipsticks because with the containers I use, it is easier to do it that way. For example, with my lipsticks, most stand straight up, but the MAC ones tilt because I put them name up and the top is curved, so if I were to intermix them, they would get all messed up.

  37. I organize by type (For instance eyeshadows here, mascaras there :p ).

  38. Brie

    By product, then by brand. I have one drawer dedicated to face stuff (including primers, foundations, blushes, highlighers), 2 to eyeshadow palettes, 2 to other eye products (single shadows, liners, mascara, etc), and one lonely drawer for lip products. As you can probably tell, eye makeup is my favorite type of product 😛

  39. cyra

    both. I have my “high end” eyeshadows in one drawer and my dirt cheap eyeshadows in another. But then I have all my wet’n’wild eyeshadows in one drawer (I have so many because they are just so cheap!) but then I have all my blushes in one drawer, and all my other face products in another drawer. My single eyeshadows, lipglosses, and lipsticks are all in seperate little baskets. So I guess I mostly sort by product, but have a seperate drawer for my wet’n’wild eyeshadows because they fit together so well!

  40. Maureen

    Right now all my stuff is chillin’ in a Vera Bradley bag. Whenever I’ve sorted it in the past, it’s by product Then within each section is sorted by brand.

  41. Courtney

    Organize? Ha! The best I come is separating eyes, lips, nails, etc inter separate drawers…that’s the extend of it.

  42. virginia williams

    yes, i separate dept store brand and drugstore brand.

  43. Vanessa

    By product

  44. meme

    By product type…my blushes are together in a little organizer tray, ditto for individual eye shadows and so on.

  45. 1) By type of product – face, lips, eyes.
    2) Furthermore by type of produtt – liquid foundation, powder foundation, blush, bronzer, loose eyeshadow, paint pots, eye pencils, liquid liners, greasepaint sticks, lip liners, lip stick, lip gloss, lip balm.
    3) Eye shadows are sorted by brand, then by color or usability (like my palette for neutral looks).

  46. Monika-Luiza

    by product

  47. Becca

    by product type, but within that, by brand (ex. if I have a drawer of blush, MAC will be on one side, NARS in the middle etc.)

  48. I just have everything mixed together…I need to get organized..Maybe that would be a topic for a new post. How do you organize your cosmetics?

  49. Roberta

    I have a small collection so definitely by product. For my eyeshadows though, the same brands are grouped together. It makes it easier for me to find. For lipgloss or stick, I just have them all together

  50. both and neither. I have a large shallow drawer that runs the length of my vanity where I keep products organized by type. In general the UD shadows are clumped together, the NYX pencils are together, the MUFE aqua creams are together, etc. Then I have a two-shelf cabinet that has palettes and less-frequently used items, all separated by type and then brand. So for my palettes, they are all lined up, and I have UD ones, then Too Faced, then Kat Von D, then BH Cosmetics and so on, all organized and ready to grab.

  51. Christelle

    By product. One makeup bag for each category like lips, eyes, face etc. But then I also keep limited edition collections together for example, my Mac wonder woman collection is altogether in it’s matching Mac WW bag and so on. All up I have 7 makeup bags. Ranging from train case size to regular size.

  52. I organize them by product and within that, by color.

  53. Naheeda

    I sort 3 bags – travel, heavy make up and rest of lipsticks and eyeshadows

  54. Juicy

    Since my kit is mostly M.A.C. I organize by product.

  55. Cheryl

    By the product.

  56. Jan

    By region (eyes, lips, cheeks, face) and then by product (lipstick, lipgloss, etc.)

  57. Nikita

    I organize my make up by brand and by product.
    I have a drawer from ikea for my make up and its easy to organize it that way.

  58. courtneyseaa

    I organize by product, just because I have so many different brands i would need a lot of storage haha :)

  59. Meg

    I organize them by product :DDDDD