Friday, June 1st, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you listen to music when applying your makeup?

  • Yes -- gotta have some tunes! (60%, 1,460 Votes)
  • Nah! (37%, 912 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (3%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,449

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29 thoughts on “Do you listen to music when applying your makeup?

  1. I love to watch youtube beauty videos when I do my makeup so I can get some inspiration! :)

  2. lauramarie100

    I listen to podcasts. I just like having something stimulating to listen to while I’m waking up and getting ready. It gets my brain firing on all cylinders :-)

  3. Nicole

    It depends. I don’ have to listen or don’t have to turn the radio/cd player on, when I apply.

  4. EstherKudron

    I hit “other” because it’s not something I ALWAYS do. if I’m getting ready to go to class, I’ll flip on music, but if I’m going anywhere else, I’m usually more relaxed about it and do it sans music.

  5. Chynna

    I watch TV – sometimes The Daily Show or the Rachel Maddow Show from the night before, sometimes prime time shows.  The worst is when I just finish my mascara and then some show makes me cry.

  6. idbakeyoupies

    I either listen to music  or watch youtube videos :)

  7. xamyx

    If I’m going out, where I’m doing more “stylized” makeup, I’ll listen to music to put me in the vibe. Also, when I’m playing around with makeup, or trying new things, I also listen to music. However, on a “regular” day, I’m more likely to have TV on. Perhaps it’s because I’m typically watching FNC, but my everyday makeup tends to be fairly conservative.

  8. Belen

    I listen to talk radio! 😛

  9. Azaza

    I do listen to music while doing make up but it’s quite rare

  10. I generally only put on music when I’m doing something complex for a show or a night out.  I had to apply a bunch of scratch marks for a show once.  I knew the process would take a good hour, so I put on some RuPaul and went for it!

  11. dancepig

    Yes!  Depending on where we’re going and the mood I’m in, I’ll play music that is geared towards the event (unless it’s just work, then it’s rock and roll).  If we’re going out and I want to do vampy, I’ll play Sinatra or Michael Buble, or if it’s a BBQ or outside event, then it’s country, you get the picture.  Just don’t play “Mama Mia”  while trying to put on mascara – not a good idea. :)

  12. I’m pretty sure the only time I DON’T is if I’m at someone else’s house.  I’m always listening to music.  Always.

    • dancepig

      Yep!  Have IPod, will travel (with portable speakers, can’t do makeup with headphones or earbuds).  Love my IPod soooo much :)

  13. Jinete

    I like to watch YouTube videos on my phone or iPad while I am putting on my makeup.

  14. Miss J

    I’m always listening to *something* when I put on makeup. If it’s in the morning for the normal routine then it’s usually TV (Weather or News, or sometimes I will have the reruns of shows I watched as a kid in the background). If I’m going out or just playing around then it’s usually music, but might be TV or movie. I often do my makeup in the living room since I have a large coffee table, and during the day the use of the large window bringing in natural light.

  15. Makaegan

    I alternate between YouTube makeup videos and music, depending on my mood. If I’m not feeling very makeup-y that day, I’ll go for the YouTube videos because they get me more excited to do my makeup. But if I’m already in that mindset, I’ll open up iTunes and just go crazy.

  16. Quinctia

    Sometimes?  I’m not a morning person, so normal daily routine is as much silence as possible, haha.

  17. Leenie

    I love to listen to music while applying makeup, but sometimes in the morning Its not possible because I don’t want to disturb my house hold so early, but in the evening and if I’m going out I’ll put the music on

  18. joannafigueroa

    Yess I love me a rap love song while doing my makeup, something along the lines of lil waynes and John legend’s So special, love that one!

  19. mightyclassy07

    Almost always have music on while putting on my makeup!  Lately I’ve been very inspired by various decades so I’ll listen to Jazz for my 20s look, Chuck Berry and Elvis for the 40s/50s, Cream and The Rolling Stones for the 60s/70s 😀

  20. I watch YouTube videos while I do my makeup – my vanity is in the same room with my computer, so while I apply my makeup in the morning, I just set up my playlist and watch/listen to product reviews (mostly by you)!

  21. Beautiful Smudges

    When I apply make-up in the mornings as I’m getting ready for work, no. But if I’m getting ready for an event or for a night out then yes. I like to boogie along and get myself all partied up beforehand!

  22. yum

    I usually turn on the TV if my fave shows are on or watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube for some inspiration. :)

  23. Ashley Bianca

    I have both the TV (I watch the weather station…I know nerd!) and my Itunes on when I do my makeup.

  24. Lumi

    On weekdays, I usually listen to the morning news/weather on TV. Other times, I’d listen to music. 😀 Helps wake me up on certain days, haha.

  25. vennnii

    i usually have youtube makeup tutorials playing as i do makeup.. not that I follow every look that i watch, but whoever im subscribed to and i see updates in the morning. i randomly click on one and let it play

  26. Holly

    I watch youtube videos!