Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you like your mascara to keep your lashes soft or crunchy?

  • Soft (66%, 2,406 Votes)
  • It doesn't matter! (20%, 727 Votes)
  • Crunchy (13%, 475 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,625

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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34 thoughts on “Do you like your mascara to keep your lashes soft or crunchy?

  1. shelly

    Soft! I want it to still look like I have actual lashes, not spider legs. :)

    • Amy

      Full n’ Soft is amazing to be honest. I don’t understand spending $30 on a HE mascara that’s as good as (and sometimes not even) something from the drug store… and that’s coming from someone who has no problem buying HE products that are worth it.

  2. Lauren

    What are good Mascaras to get soft eyelashes? All mine leave it crunchy!

  3. emi s.

    I don’t understand why you would want your lashes to be crunchy. Also, what mascaras are particularly good at keeping them soft?

    • Heather

      Estee Lauder’s More Than Mascara is the best one I’ve found for keeping lashes soft to the touch!

  4. As long as they don’t -look- crunchy, I don’t really care. Not sure I’ve actually found a mascara that keeps my lashes totally soft to the touch.

    • amanda

      I agree. I find all mascaras feel kinda hard after theyre on, but as long as they dont look crunchy then im all for it. The few soft feeling ones ive tried barely left any length, thickness or separation, an wound up flaking while still managing to look like i wasnt wearing anything. I vote crunchy, but not clumpy! Plus the harder drying they are, the more lift i seem to get (i have very long lashes)

  5. heidi

    Why would you want them crunchy? They fall out more if they’re crunchy and look like you have less.

  6. J.A.

    Why… would I ever want crunchy lashes…?

    • You know, I kinda feel the same way, but there is actually a split! Some find that crunchy lashes end up looking better in terms of length, volume, etc.

  7. Annie

    Mascara X by MAC is a good mascara that feels soft, like you don’t have mascara on.

    I know it’s silly, but I voted for crunchy because sometimes I’ll be like, “Oh my gosh did I forget to put mascara on today??” and I’ll feel my eyelashes to check. When I wear Mascara X I have to double check with a mirror because I really can’t feel it on. It’s just a safety thing for me haha

  8. Moni

    I have lashes that – even when curled with a curler – go straight once I put a water-soluble mascara on because of the water content. So while I don’t like the crunchy effect, I usually have it because of my waterproof mascaras.

  9. Kylie

    Crunchy lashes sound gross!! With mascara on your lashes probably won’t feel as soft as they are without them, but when I think crunchy lashes I think clumps!

  10. Evelyn

    I’d just like it if my mascara kept them a deep dark black!

  11. Devi

    Actually, I alway loved the feel of “crunchy” hair… call me psycho.

    I actually don’t like mascara at all, it’s one of the very few cosmetic items that I’d never purchase. So I chose other. xD

  12. Hahaha! I was eating potato chips when I read this post, so “crunchy” has a different meaning right now! I don’t mind crunchy lashes as long as they don’t look like they are crunchy, like Katherine Hepburn’s lashes in the 1940s.

  13. Becca

    I actually voted crunchy… haha :)

  14. Hah, everyone seems to hate ‘crunchy’ lashes… I personally think touching them is fun :L
    Anyway, it doesn’t really matter as long as it looks good and doesn’t smudge or flake. I’ll probably feel ‘safer’ with a ‘crunchier’ mascara because I know it’s dry and won’t smudge though.
    But I haven’t tried that many mascaras!

  15. Benefit Badgal lash always keeps mine soft and big and luscious!

  16. I think I will prefer soft… but I think for years I have been used to crunchy, and maybe I won’t believe soft is “working” since it feels so nice! I have some Maybelline Full n’ Soft on its way to me in the mail though, so we will see!

  17. MsAnge

    Yes, though softness would be preferred as some mentioned those mascara does not give the lift i need from mascara. My lashes are naturally black anyway..

  18. Cindy

    Mascara that makes my lashes feel soft doesn’t hold a curl or keep my lashes lifted. So I vote for crunchy…I don’t sit around stroking my eyelashes anyway, haha.

  19. No crunchy lashes. NO. I just cringe thinking about it too much…ew.
    Saying that one prefers crunchy mascara not because of the crunchiness per se but because of other attributes assumed to be possessed by the mascara…to me, that seems like assuming that a hypothetical, unseen cat (Schrödinger’s, perhaps? :p) has black fur because one has been told that the cat has green eyes. (That’s probably an overly complicated analogy, though.)

  20. Jill

    I hate when lashes get spiky and crunchy!! Diorshow mascara works best for me, as far as keeping them soft, but having big impact. Only the ORIGINAL formula though–I’ve tried the Blackout and Extase formulas, and they make them crunchy. At least on me!

  21. ReBecca

    Well, I would definitely prefer soft, but it’s near impossible to get the look you want or need without going for the crunch.

  22. Ibe

    Soft -but not sticky!!!

  23. Grace Chin

    to me soft means its not holding up the curls well especially for water resistant instead of waterproof. and soft also meant that it doesnt contain much fiber to extend my short asian lashes.

  24. Sarah

    obviously i’m in the minority here… but i LOVE to feel like i’m wearing mascara. i feel without the thick, “crunchy” feel like i’m not wearing mascara and that my lashes are not as full as they could be. :)

  25. Natalie

    I kind of like both – I love having them look super dark and full and stand-out, but not like brittle spider legs! Because of this, I’m always layering to get that look!