Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like when brands bundle products into sets or kits? Share your thoughts!

Temptalia's AnswerI think it works in certain areas, like skincare or hair care, but I like it less with color cosmetics. I like to try out a few skincare products (say a cleanser and moisturizer) from the same brand, but it can be harder to be universally applicable when it comes to color! There has to be a discount though–some incentive to buy them together.

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18 thoughts on “Do you like when brands bundle products into sets or kits?

  1. blueraccoon

    It depends on the set. I have problems with kits that include base products like foundation or concealer because they invariably come too dark for me but they don’t go dark enough for a lot of women of color. For skincare or body products it can be a good way to try things at a cheaper price than buying one full-size item, though, so that can be a good deal. I like sets of all one item, too, like lip glosses or lipsticks or blushes, because you can get a few smaller items for the price of one or two full-size items. But I get annoyed when companies who put out sets put the same items in each set every time (NARS, can we get a blush palette without Orgasm? Please?).

  2. Generally, no. There’s bound to be a few things I end up having no use for.

  3. Maybe for samples, yeah. But for larger quantities, I find that I prefer buying individual products because when it comes to sets or even palettes I find that I buy them for only one or a handful of the stuff in them.

  4. Most often, no. Unless the kit has everything I was looking to try out, it inevitably ends up being more expensive than if I had just bought the individual products I wanted in the first place, due to me not using certain products.

  5. kat

    I agree its a great way to try out new skin care or hair products- I found my perfect cleanser this way and my skin has loved me ever since!
    Depends with make up, I was given the Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic for my birthday- its pretty good. I stay away palettes, the only exception being Urban Decay Naked palette.

  6. Ivona

    Yes and I actually prefer make up bundles over skincare bundles.

  7. Mirian

    I personally do not like them because I have my key items that I hold close and I would rather have full size versions of them. That being said, I think they make wonderful gifts, especially for budding makeup users. I got my cousin who is several years younger than me a couple of the benefit boxes! I also got my boyfriends mom and skincare set for her to start out with from Lancome and she adored it. It gives them a chance to play around and find out what works for them :)

  8. Well it really depends on the set, I like that it exists because in the past it has really helped me to build my collection allowing me to be more creative, as I much more colour and would have never been able to afford all of these colours in single eyeshadows. But then I also like being able to only pick one colour so.. I guess now that I have a larger make up collection I don’t like them as much as I used to no.

  9. Aida

    I usually don’t like that and I don’t really buy sets/kits because most of the time I’m not interested/don’t like a lot of the stuff in kits, so they’re never a good value for me.

  10. I do agree that skincare & haircare kits can work. I don’t ever buy bundles that include a foundation or concealer because they hardly ever work for me. As for color item, I like gift sets that include mini’s of certain products, but I never buy starter sets or anything like that.

  11. Erin

    I love makeup kit/bundles. As long as there is either a choice for foundation, or no foundation, I will buy kits/bundles. I love the trying of new makeup things.

  12. Makeup bundles are not my thing either. Years ago I used to buy them only to realize over time that many products did not get used which only negated the savings.

    Skincare bundles are a fairly good and economical way of trying additional items in a line. Still, I’m rarely completely loyal to a given line and tend to find my HG products as individual products rather than under the same brand umbrella. They’re always tempting though! Recently I purchased a La Prairie eye care bundle and ended up finding an HG product, but it wasn’t the one I purchased the kit for in the first place. LoL.

    Haircare I always purchase the shampoo and conditioner together and love the bundles typically available around Christmas time. A great way to stock up and save money.

  13. I must be the only one that likes them. I mean, I won’t buy every beauty set that comes out, especially ones with foundation and concealers because they may not match, it just depends on what it is. This is how I fell in love with Tarte. In fact, Tarte had a sale of their website, and I purchased a set that had almost all full size products including the Maracuja Oil which I love, all for $60. Basically, I just depends on what it is and all that is included and price.

  14. Ellen

    Generally no because I’m so picky about the colors I wear. I usually do a bold red lip, and every once in a while decide I want to wear a nude or pink lip, and go very natural with everything else. A palette with a lot of different colors would just be a waste for me because I just wouldn’t have any use for them. I also pretty much have my makeup narrowed down to just a few essential products that I use all the time. The only colors I ever really play with are lip colors. but the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette does intrigue me.

  15. Lorrie

    I do like makeup and skincare kits/bundles often it’s cheaper than individual products. My last Sephora purchase was a set from Two Face that include a full size bronzer, two full size eye shadows, full size eyeliner,sample mascara and primer. The bronzer alone is $30 but the kit was $40 (minus 15% for chic week). Totally worth it for me.

  16. koolchicken

    It depends. I look at each kit individually and do a little research before buying. For example, Fresh puts out a kit every Christmas with one full size Sugar lip balm plus a few mini extras. The cost is the same as one full size lip balm so it’s like getting everything else for free. So those are the kits I like. I look at what’s full size and find out what it costs, if I want that item then I get it whether or not I use the other items. I could always give them away but I find a fun way to try something new with no risk.

  17. Sabriel

    Yes, I do. I’m still growing my collection, and I’m still learning about what I like and what works, so I like bundles. It always seems that my favorite part of the bundle isn’t what I expected.

  18. Pami

    I love sets and kits if they offer a substantial savings to make it worth trying the products, especially if it contains something I already like. Extra bonus points if they are mostly full size products. I end up finding lots of things I like that way.