Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Choose or Lose

Do you like to be the first to try something or wait for others to try it first?

  • I'd rather others try and let me know how it goes! (80%, 1,978 Votes)
  • I want to be the first one trying a new product! (20%, 507 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,485

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21 thoughts on “Do you like to be the first to try something or wait for others to try it first?

  1. xamyx

    I honestly don’t care either way, but there wasn’t an option for that, LOL. I know that what may work for someone else may not work for me, and vice-versa. If I see a product introduced to the market, and I feel it will work for me, I’ll try it, if I like the shade. If I relied on the opinions of others, there would be so many I wouldn’t try. Do you realize how many people will downgrade a producty because it’s the wrong color for them? Or, because they have very dry skin, but the product is clearly labelled for those with oily? There’s also the fact that some don’t base opinions using a product the way I would, ie, using a primer with *any* eyshadow, and I don’t expect any product to last all day, regardless of marketing.

  2. I love trying new products, but because we’re not allowed to return products where I live, I prefer to let someone else try it out first, so I can read reviews and see swatches and make sure I’m not wasting my money on a bad product.

  3. Ahaha. As a poor student, I need to make sure my money is well spent. Makeup is also pricer here than in the US (MAC lipsticks cost $30, while drugstore brands like Maybelline are about $16) and it’s not possible to return used items, as far as I know. Also, I do help out for stage makeup, so I usually check out reviews to see if the products I buy are flattering for a range of skin tones.

  4. Malinda Jane

    Depends how much it costs. If I’ve got my eye on something but it’s quite expensive, I’d rather wait and make sure it’s worth it.

  5. Being the first one is always fun! It adds to the excitement 😀

  6. Pamela

    I wait to see what others say. That’s what bloggers are for, Christine!

  7. Sara

    I like to let others have it first when it come to products. When it comes to actual looks, amongst my friends, at least, I usually am a bit more fashionable with what I do with the products, just because I’m a bit younger/have less sense of shame, ha!

  8. I need to see swatches and read some reviews first!

  9. Mirian

    I love to try things first or just for myself in general because I’m so deathly pale. A lot of people’s reviews don’t relate to me if it’s a color cosmetic because of my skin tone!

  10. Eva

    If I had a bigger makeup budget, I’d love to try new products often, but as it is, I prefer to make sure I’m buying a product that does what I want it to. Which is why I appreciate this site (and others like it) so much!

  11. Mariella

    When I was younger, I liked being “the first” to try just about anything. But now, makeup is so expensive most of the time and I do like to get some feedback from others before splashing out a sizable (or even a small) amount of money on something that might really suck or just not work for me.

  12. Emily

    Depends on the type of product and my personal success with that brand. I’ve never had a bad experience with a UD product,for example, so I buy any of their stuff that catches my eye as soon as it comes out, but I tend to have a touch-and-go relationship with MAC (and it’s more expensive), so I like to seek out a ton of swatches and reviews before I buy something from them. Also, things like eye shadow are easier to work with, so I’m more likely to buy those without waiting, but things like foundations or lipsticks are a little more iffy for me, so I’ll do more research before buying.

  13. Yasmin

    Because UK refund law doesnt allow you to return used products, I dont really like wasting money on high end products that im not atleast 70& sure about. Unless they are drugstore products. if a drugstore product doesnt really go well for me, i keep it for my family in bangladesh.

  14. I ALWAYS google a swatch or a review before purchasing any makeup product. Or check trusty Temptalia of course. 😉

    If a product is so new it doesn’t have any reviews, or got so-so reviews, I will usually only splurge and be impulsive if its a limited edition item, or REALLY got my interest.

    Blogs like this and others usually have First-looks and reviews before its even available for retail, so theres never a issue with worrying!

  15. doroffee

    I kind of in the camp that can’t wait to try a product :). But as I don’t have a really big budget, it’s usually that option that everyone else and their mother have tried a certain product I want until I can actually go buy it :D.

  16. Mostly I like waiting for someone else to review it–with some exceptions. If it’s from a brand or line I trust, like Burberry, I’ll buy it without hesitation. If it’s a product I collect, like Color Tattoos or Infallibles, I’ll buy it just because I’m a completist and I like having all of them even if I’ll never use them (yeah, I’m weird). If it’s a new product from a line I don’t normally use, or am not familiar with, I’ll probably wait for a review.

  17. Brenda

    If it’s a formula or product I know and love, I’ll purchase (other colours) without waiting for someone’s review. For new products/formulas I haven’t tried, like most comments, I just don’t have the budget to splurge and find out I will never use it. Thus the waiting for reviews first.

  18. Veronica

    Honestly, most of it revolves around cost. If it’s a very pricey item, then I’m going to research it well before I buy it. If it’s cheaper, drug-store level, then I’ll usually give it a try if I want.

  19. I almost always wait for YOU to try a product first. 😛

  20. Stacey

    I dont think I will be the first one to try it out. I only hear about it from others. And furthermore, how can I try anything out, let alone to be the first one to try it out, when MAC sells stuff online and am sold out in three hours or less on a day I am at work or it debuts in the middle of the night…….

    But if it is not a MAC product, I get it at my own pace, but I know I am never the first to try it out.