Friday, October 12th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like palette refill systems? Like MAC, Inglot, etc.

Temptalia's AnswerOh, absolutely! They’re such space-savers!

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34 thoughts on “Do you like palette refill systems?

  1. Safyre

    There’s incredibly convenient – they save space, you get to choose the shades you put in there and if you run out of a specific shade you can just re-buy the one shade instead of getting a whole new palette.

  2. xamyx

    While I feel they have their place, in many ways, I actually prefer a pre-fab palette. If I relied on refill palettes, I know I’d end up with pretty much all the same sort of shades, as I’d find myself choosing the same types of colors. With palettes that are already made, I end up with shades I never would have considered, and often times, they’re laid out in a way that I have some idea how to wear them.

    I do like to depot my single shadows, though. I have all my MAC, Lancome, UD, and other similar sized pans in larger palettes, and I have a 4-pan e.l.f. compact I can place them in for travel.

  3. Absolutely. I like the freestyle MAKEUP FOREVER palettes. I put all kinds of depotted eyeshadows and palette refills in there!

  4. Anna

    Most of the time.. but I hate how each brand has their own refill system. I like freestyle palettes like the Z palette or Unii palette because I can customize as I need.

  5. I haven’t bought any palettes yet, but I’m open to the idea. I would probably only ever de-pot shadows from MAC though. The packaging works but it’s nothing really special, so I wouldn’t mind depotting those to save some space. But I can’t really think of any other shadows I’d be willing to do that to, though. A big part of buying makeup for me is aesthetics to be quite honest. I like having pretty packaging to look at 😛

  6. blueraccoon

    I really do :) I only have one 10-pan from Inglot, but I have plans to get more. I think it’s convenient and easy and space-saving.

  7. Definitely! I’d much rather build my own palette and use everything than buy a premade palette where it’s very likely that one shade would be used up much more quickly than the others, while one shade is hardly used at all.

  8. CatherineM

    I love them. I have no idea how I would store my eyeshadows otherwise, since I’m kind of collecting them (I have over 200 now). I especially like palettes that can hold eyeshadows from different brands, and where you can order the shadows by color family and not by brand. It makes application so much easier.

  9. ROSIE

    Absolutely Yes!
    I wish more brands would do it more and make bigger palette sizes like how MAC does the 15 pan – the most I’ve seen for refill palette has been 6 pan for mainstream brands.

  10. I do, it saves space and money, perfect!

  11. Dominique

    Yes definitely because it’s better for environmental issues. I have 2 M.A.C palettes with refill systems, of course I had to pay for 4 eyeshadows and the palette ( around 6 € so far I know ), 56 € for a quad well it’s much than a regular M.A.C quad.
    I think Urban Decay palette is really too expensive though ( around 16 € pro eyeshadow here ), I didn’t buy that palette and I don’t intend to. But in fact all palettes should have refill systems at least for some brands like M.A.C and other. High end French brands like Chanel or Dior have no such systems, maybe one day ?

    • Liz

      I’m not a fan of the UD palette either – the price point is ridiculous in the sense that their pre-made palettes (naked ect) are just *such* a better value for money, but what bothers me the most is that its so big and boxy and there’s so much wasted space.

  12. Jax

    Love them, Pre filled pallets always have colours I’ll never use and some that get used more. So making my own and being able to refill is great. Just finish transplanting my collection to Mac Pallets.

  13. Nicole

    Yes, but it is often hard to decide which color to choose for creatimg a 4-color quad.

  14. Mariella

    Oh yeah! Not only are the refills less costly than products in their own separate cases, they are all around just so much more practical for use, travel, storage. I always find it funny to pay MORE for packaging I don’t want anyway and I’m a bit surprised that with their new palette system, UD didn’t make the shadows available in the bare metal pans, without the cases.

  15. Dawndie

    I am currently on a de-potting/create my own palette kick! I bought the Z-Palette and love it, but I figured I could custom design one that fits my domed shadows and blushes better.

    I de-constructed my Too Faced palettes, glued tin to the box for magnets and now have the perfect custom, travel-sized palettes!

    You Tube has just a ridiculous number of videos on how to make your own, but for the price the Z-Palette and Japanesque Palettes are a pretty decent buy.

  16. Yup! They make organizing makeup a lot easier!

  17. Ridiculous Pipe Dream: All makeup manufacturers adhered to a standard sized pan for eyes and cheeks..

  18. Liz

    In fact I’ll be quite hesitant to buy a single shadow that I can’t depot in some way, I have this weird thing with efficiency and everything stacking and fitting together perfectly.

    • I think that’s one of the reasons I actually like the Shu Uemura systems…except for the few pre-filled palettes I’ve seen they don’t even bother with the extra packaging. And even if you do buy a pre-filled palette from them, it’s still a refillable palette system. They don’t have any large palettes to choose from though…I think the most you can get in the largest one is 4 shadows (or 2 shadows and a blush…or 2 blushes lol).

  19. I love them! Like you said, they are definitely space savers and it’s so much easier to stay organized versus having singles all over the place. Plus, it is usually cheaper to re-up if the brand offers pan refills in the same shades as the singles. Plus they can make travel easy if you have the option of switching out the colors in your palette as needed.

  20. Lisa Brown

    Yes, I like them. Ben Nye has a fill-your-own-palette system and the price is great for the amount of product you get and the quality of shadows.

  21. Inglot and MAC have good refill systems because they stick to the program and not redesign or discontinue. Guerlain, at one time had a palette system…this was in the late 90’s….a blusher and three eyeshadow into a compact…That failed. Guerlain and YSL also had foundation compact refill systems and oh, I forgot, so did Lorac. I have all these empty containers which I cannot buy refills. So annoying. I wonder if UD is going to be that way with the eyeshadows.

  22. Emilia

    I love love love the mac pallet system, it makes it so easy to organize eye shadows and blushes, and have all your color in the same area. I take the compartments out of mine, I can fit 10 more eyeshadows and 2 more blushes, I also have depotted ud and too faced shadow books and I keep them in mac palettes as well

  23. beachgal

    Absolutely. I find they are great for space savers as well as love to change them out for customizing for a trip. I keep them arranged different at home typically vs. how arranged for a trip.

  24. Adena

    I made my own with tin gift card holders and magnets with adhesive.

    love em :)

  25. Geneva

    Absolutely love them! There are no colors in them that I don’t have a use for and they are great space savers! I have 13 pre-made e/s palettes that I “had to have” and I only use a few shades out of each one. I love customizing my daily and travel palettes based on my own criteria and not someone else’s. I won’t purchase any more holiday palettes and will stick to the shades I personally choose.

  26. Like everyone else, so so much! I wish more brands did them; they’re so convenient I don’t understand why I can’t think of more brands that do them.

  27. I really love z-palette and I definitely love refill systems. I love switching up what I carry in a palette.

  28. Joan

    Love them…they’re space saving, make for easy access and are interchangeable, making them great for travel! I currently have 11 MAC 15-shadow palettes and 3 of the 6-blush, blush palettes. For me, they’re indispensable .