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No, not usually. I have a hard time just sitting there, and my eyes blink like crazy when other people do my makeup. I’ve only liked a handful of makeovers, most notably when Nicholas Lujan @ the Vegas MUFE boutique did my makeup. I like it when the people are really knowledgeable, and the majority of the ones I’ve had have been people just selling and selling to me and telling me how much makeup I need to cover all of my supposed flaws. Having a salesperson tell you that your natural eye color is awful and you absolutely must use the following eyeshadows to make them look decent is not my idea of fun!

— Christine

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NO! Ok, I’m done shouting now. I prefer to do my own makeup. If it was a celebrity make-up artist or someone who really knew their shit then sure, but otherwise stay the f*** away from my face.

Only if it’s something I’m doing with my friends.  Professionally?  No.  My eyes are very sensitive to touch, so I tend to have problems with reflexive twitching and blinking when I do my own makeup, and it only gets worse when other people put their fingers in that area.

I’ve never gotten one and don’t plan to. I don’t trust other people to do my makeup, especially sales associates at counters or stores. I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten some of the most ridiculous color matches, shade suggestions or just completely terrible advice. Plus, I don’t want anyone else near my eyes with pencils, mascara wands and eyelash curlers. I wear contact lenses and have partial blindness in my right eye, so I have to be careful not only with products, but also with techniques (tugging/pulling & pressure are big no-nos, as well as anything on the waterline). It’s easier, safer and more effective to just do my own makeover. If I want outside advice for something new to try, I’ll occasionally ask SAs that I’m familiar with what they think…but I always do the actual makeup application myself.

nacacijin It’s hard to find the right person who’s knowledgeable and honest enough to point out things that will work for you. Too many are focused on sales, and while it’s part of their job, it’s a total turn-off as a customer.

I like getting makeovers. I should note that I steer clear of counters if I haven’t planned to buy something. I’m very patient and relaxed most of the time, I like being pampered, and I love seeing other people’s perspectives (i.e. what colors someone else uses on me vs. what I use). I recently got a face makeover (hoping for full face next time) at a Bobbi Brown counter and it turned out great 🙂 sorry to read your experiences haven’t been so good.

Me too! I had great experiences, but I also steer clear of counters if I’m not looking to buy. I also make sure I like the SA’s own makeup before I consent to or ask for a makeover. I make sure to steer clear of SA’s who don’t seem to communicate well with me or understand what I want when I speak to them. Makeovers got me brave enough to wear red colors and bright eye makeup.

I have to say Christine–I really appreciate your eye shape and color. It’s somewhat similar to mine and your looks always give me nice ideas.

That Las Vegas MUFE makeover was beautiful.  I like getting makeovers, but no one knows how to do my monolids.  They do it as if I have a crease and mimic that shadow on the crease….I end up looking like I have two black eyes.

In my 20’s after graduating from university I modelled part-time for a designer in Toronto and I was in most of her print work for quite a few years. It was a fun time, but I was also very serious about building ‘my real career’.  I had the benefit of having my makeup done by some serious professionals and in my opinion most SA’s do not fall into this category.  Here’s the weird part:  I’ve never even done a ‘let’s do each other’s makeup’ thing with friends.  I did not grow up with any sisters either.  As much as I love everything cosmetics/beauty related, it is part of myself that I have not shared with the people around me…and Harald still will not let me do him in drag…  I’m outraged at some of the insults hurled at you, Christine and I can feel my blood pressure rising regarding people’s incredible ability to choose to insult and undermine in order to feel they have the upper hand or to gain a sale.  Ugly eye colour??..what a load of crap!!!.  I do want to share a quick story which is similar and it devastated me for a loooong time.  In my 30’s, I started to develop superficial spider veins on the back of my left calf and on my left upper leg.  They were concentrated in very specific areas and were really noticeable as a result.  I went to a specialty clinic to have saline injected into the veins to reduce their visibility.  I recall another woman walking into my treatment area one day and I was lying on a lounge type bed in my bra and panties.  This woman marched in and looked me up and down and said ‘you have such a lovely figure, and you know, you would make a really good candidate for breast implants’  I think my mouth hit the floor.  I am not flat chested and in fact, I think a lot of flat chested woman are sexy as hell..I’m your average 34C.  She then turned to my technician and muttered a few things and flounced out.  It didn’t really hit me until I went home that night and I actually cried.  I rarely cry.  I do not think she meant to insult me in all honesty, but nonetheless, she did and I let her get to me!!!.  It felt so intensely personal.  I, of course, got over it and implants have never been or ever will be part of my plan for myself, but I can see from this experience how this could simply be a way to make a money grab;  Hit people where they are most sensitive.  I wonder if plastic surgeons point out every single flaw in the same manner?  Anyhow, the department store scene and makeovers are just not my schtick.  The good news, you can get FREE advice on-line in the PRIVACY of your own home and there are tons of video how to’s as well.  I would much rather come here and share info than have really bad behaviour and sales tactics hurled at me.  

wwendalynne I really want Shaun to do my makeup for a post, but I haven’t been able to convince him yet…I’m glad you were able to get over that comment – but I can imagine it was brutal at the time. It’s like when you think everything is just fine, or it’s your favorite feature, and somebody goes and turns your world upside down, even if only for a moment!

Oh no! mainly i have had ok experiences but I have had makeovers which have been disasters and I want to wash my face….*ahem* benefit! But sometimes i have booked myself into MAC , Dior, Chanel etc before and it s nice to learn new tricks but sometimes I am made to feel pressured into buying or made to feel the makeup I use is awful..Nobody does the makeup how I do..but it is sooooo relaxing having someone touch my face! xxx

I’m sorry, but someone actually told you that your natural eye colour is awful?!!!!for God’s sake…!I have heard and heard of disrespectful salespeople but I think this one pretty much tops them all…I feel angry just hearing about it…! but more on topic, I feel very uncomfortable getting makeovers, I feel that no one knows my face better than me or that they do not try hard enough or that they feel bored..

yes i like it but i never really like the result. I like the way i do my own makeup. i only do makeover to feel different brushes and learn different techniques so normally i buy some brushes instead of makeup after makeover.

I hate having my makeup done–but I want to let it be known that I’ve never had a professional do my makeup, only SA’s. But they never listen to what I want–they always do a super dramatic smokey-eye in a bright shade (like green or bright purple) and HEAVY blush for some reason. The makeup never fits my particular eye shape and the blush is always garish.. I guess I’m just not going to the right people 

I like having my makeup done by friends, but I have given up on having it done at beauty counters. I don’t know what it is with these people, whether they really have no idea, or they only want to sell their stuff, but I always feel like they cake on tons of stuff on my face. One lady tried to sell me three different concealers, one for under the eyes, one for my blemishes (I haven’t had one in years, I have a few very faint scars) and one for MY FRECKLES! I LOVE my freckles, why would I want to cover them? When I told her that she told me that they are unaesthetic and people would never take me seriously in the profesional world with them. Um … Excuse me? At that point I was debating whether I should just walk out or have her call the manager…  

@CatherineM Friends are always good, if only because it can be rather amusing, too ;)”I’m sorry, we can’t hire you.” “Why?””You have freckles. Haven’t you noticed?”I can’t even imagine this ever happening.

This is a timely question as I am getting one today. I got an email offer from Sephora the other day and since my daughter is getting married, I figured “what the heck? Let’s see what they come up with as an idea for my “Mother of the Bride” makeup.” So I might be able to answer this question better later today. The last “make-over” I had was awful. She put some frosted magenta lipstick on me and also did my brows and I left feeling that I looked like Groucho Marx!

wow! hard to believe thatas waht they told you? you must have been very upset! I had a very good experience for my wedding makeover. I had such a fantastic artrist it was a joy. And it was so good that I looked my best on that holy day. Otherwise I had it twice at mac. It was from two different people. One has painted my face yellow. the other one was so heavy handed she threw a lot of dark shadow on my fair complexion. I looked like an emo. When she saw I did not particalry like the result, she threw loads of heavy glitter (reflects pearl for those who are familiar with it) on my face. She complemented it with a bold lipstick. LOL! This is when I bursted out laughing.  a dark dico ball AKA my face ws ready to shine !!!So i think the moral of it is if you have someone who is motivated to sell you the most products, you might end insulted like you or overpainted like me. If you have on the other a real artist interested to play out your best features it can be a great expereince.BTW Christine it was a wonderful post with Nicholas Lujan! I keep looking back at it to copy that eyeliner shape.

No, I hate it. I like eye makeup and lip makeup, but my skin is very sensitive and a lot of things break me out or irritate me. I do not wear foundation or blush, and I’m very picky about powder and concealer – I have to be, or my skin ends up a hot mess. I’ve found that it behaves best when I keep most products off of it, and my skin is nice so why not? People who are trying to give me makeovers rarely listen to me when I say that, and insist that this “super light cream foundation won’t irritate sensitive skin”, or they’re wiping primer all over my cheeks before I can blink. No thanks. Just let me do it with the products I know my skin can handle. 

No, I don’t like them.  I like to play with makeup, but I still always have some kind of natural look, and I hate the feeling of wearing a lot of products.  I always feel like the use WAY too many products on me and I feel cakey and greasy.

I love doing my own make-up and someone else’s make-up, but I don’t like to get my make-up done. Can’t stand someone else touching and rubbing my face and being all rough with me (lol). And (and this is a bit OCD) but I also worry about unhygienic make-up and dirty brushes. I personally keep my kit super clean and I’m very precise when it comes to cleaning and desinfecting my brushes, but I don’t trust other make-up artists 😉

I got a makeover from a brand representative at Ulta once (I won’t say which brand), and she actually said, while looking for a foundation or concealer shade, “Now your skin is sort of sallow… .”  When she saw how offended I looked, she tried to walk it back: “Oh, I just meant you’re very fair-skinned!”  Nope, not the same thing.

I’m sorry you’ve had such bad makeover experiences 🙁 I personally love getting them. I’ve never had someone insult me while doing my makeup. The people that I’ve gone to (various stores around the world, sorry I can’t be more specific) tend to focus on my best features. Occasionally I’ll mention something that I think is a flaw and they’ll look shocked and try to give me a different way to look at it. I’ve probably just gotten really lucky, though. For me, getting my makeup done is the ultimate in pampering, so I try to do it every once in awhile.

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