Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like flavored lip products? If so, what flavor is your favorite? If not, why not?

Temptalia's AnswerNo, thanks! I prefer unflavored lip products overall. I don’t mind scented, but I don’t want to taste anything!

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39 thoughts on “Do you like flavored lip products?

  1. blueraccoon

    Gah, no thank you. I have trouble with scents too, depending on the scent (Bobbi Brown’s mint is okay; Maybelline’s god-awful something is NOT) but I *really* don’t want my lip products to taste like anything. I’m not putting candy on my lips!

  2. Scented ok, but not flavored like Dolce and Gabanna, Guerlain, Dior…but I have my share of Bonnie Bell lipglosses during my time and I really did like the big fat tube of strawberry gloss.

  3. I don’t mind it, as long as the flavor is something I’m into. I had one that was “honey” flavored once…um, NO. That’s not honey. I swear it tasted like soap. That said, I only want flavor in lip balm, not in gloss or lipstick.

  4. Hala

    Nope… I hate the thought of eating my lip products so there’s no point!

  5. jasmine valistreri

    No, I don’t like flavored lip products. It just makes me feel like a kid when I use them. Strangely enough, I am perfectly comfortable with neon eyeshadow or sparklebomb lids, but somehow flavored lip products make me feel like I’m a little girl playing dress-up.

  6. Safyre

    I don’t mind as long as they’re labeled by flavor (like Bath & Body Works’ Liplicious glosses) or the packaging says somewhere that it’s flavored.

  7. I absolutely LOVE flavoured lip products, they have to at least be scented, especially if it’s lip gloss, otherwise I probably won’t buy it lol

  8. BIG NO!!!! No scents either…. why do they put scents to makeup?????

  9. Ana G.

    Not really! Most of them just leave me nauseated. I prefer the unflavoured, unscented products overall.

  10. As long as it’s not overpowering, I’m okay. I do prefer lightly scented but unflavored, though; as some sweeteners can make my throat itch. (Like whatever The Body Shop uses in their Born Lippy) >:

  11. CatherineM

    In normal lipsticks and lipglosses I prefer unflavored products, but I have a whole stash of juicy tubes and flavoured lipglosses and balms in a drawer. I really like to use them when I’m feeling down or I am stressed because of something. The right flavor/scent always manages to lift my spirits (just like other people like that one comfort food or that special perfume, I guess).

  12. breyerchic04

    Mint and vanilla can be ok flavors, but preferably not in color products (I’m ok in balms).

  13. I don’t lick my lips just about at all (trained it out of myself as a kid when I read somewhere it dries lips out), so I wouldn’t mind. However I wouldn’t look for them either!

  14. Zulaikha

    I second that Christine. I once owned a lip gloss which had sugar as one of its ingredients. I was quirky every time i wore it, not very diabetic friendly.

  15. I’m with you. I don’t mind a mild scent, but flavoured products always seem gross to me.

  16. Jessica FB

    Yes! I love flavored lip products. Philosophy is actually the only lip gloss I really like. I have a collection of their flavored lip products. Some people may think of flavored/scented lip glosses for kids but I’m 30 and love them! :)

  17. Kathrina

    Urgh, no! Since I do not intend to eat my lipsticks I consider it quite unnessecary for them to have a taste. someone gave me a coke-flavored lip balm for my b-day once and it was really disgusting.

  18. Dominique

    Not really but all lipsticks have a flavour in fact, almost all. Scented lippies or nail polishes not for me, I love scented blushes ( Chanel, Guerlain etc.. ) though.

  19. Last time I tried a flavoured lipgloss, I almost threw up. Never again!

  20. unless it from the natural estrax like Jacks Black balms or simple sweat tastes not thanks. Flavours are hard to get right and most cases are just done poorly.

  21. xamyx

    I don’t mind. I guess I got used to it growing up in the 80s. It was actually quite hip to have those clear glosses with the roller-ball, or in the little, gold rectangular tins that slid back. Besides, pretty much *every* lip product has some sort of scent and/or flavor, so it really just comes down to *which* scent/flavor one prefers. I know alot of people absolutely hate L’Oreal, and it’s due to the signature scent/taste, but I really love it. On the other hand, alot of luxury brands are more perfumy, and smell like “old-lady soap”, which I can’t stand.

    Perhaps I’m just more sensitive, but I think the only way to avoid any scent or flavor would be to use pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly, or beeswax. Even “plain” lip balm has a distinctive scent & taste.

    • MonicaP

      Ah, I remember those lip gloss roller balls in the glass tube .. loved ’em as a kid, but .. wouldn’t repurchase if they came back on the market.

  22. Sarah

    I personally prefer all makeup products to be unflavored and unscented. The only way I feel scent is okay is if it is clear on the packaging that the product will be scented, like on Bonne Bell Lip Smackers or Physician’s Formula Happy Booster products. Some drugstore products have horrid scents and many higher end products have them too. Now before I purchase make up I look online to see if any reviews mention a fragrance. I’ve also bought way too many high end products that I thought were unscented (I didn’t smell anything when I swatched them)but they ended up smelling / tasting horribly. I guess the tester’s fragrance probably lessens since the product is not in a closed container.

  23. Cristina

    The only flavored lip product that I absolutely love is the Spearmint Lip Shine by C.O. Bigelow sold at Bath and Body Works. It smells and tastes just like spearmint gum which happens to be my favorite.

    Of course, I don’t go aroung eating it out of the tube, but if I happen to lick my lips, it doesn’t taste bad :)

    • I love the C. O. Bigelow glosses with mint scents! They’re kind of good for freshening your breath if you don’t have any mints/gum on hand.

      My favorite is the cinnamint one. It smells exactly like Big Red.

  24. VickyM

    I don´t like any kind of taste in my lip products, and if they smell it should be a very subtle pleasant smell like the one Chanel and Guerlain lip products have. I also don´t mind the vanilla scent Mac products have even though it´s much more notorious that the other two brands I mentioned. For me a bad taste which is often found on lower end makeupis the total deal breaker even if I really liked the lipstick/lipgloss color.

  25. MonicaP

    I’ll wear anything with the exception of vanilla and food flavors, no chocolate or cupcake flavors, bleck. I do love mint lip products.

  26. No, I don’t! I particularly loathe minty lip products, I find it unbearable…

  27. I hate flavored lipgloss, but I don’t usually mind if it’s scented. It depends on the smell, but I love most of the Philosophy lipglosses. There was this one time when I was about 9 and bought a Peep (Those marshmallow chicks) scented lipgloss. Needless to say, it was disgusting, and immediately got tossed into the garbage.

  28. Azaza

    I don’t mind it when they taste good but some lipglosses that have flavor are just bleh and make me cringe

  29. Quinctia

    I must, I keep buying Jordana EasyShines, haha!

  30. I like to wear flavored lip products sometimes.
    But only if they taste good and if I´m not going
    to eat or drink something for a couple of hours.
    Mint is my favorite flavor on lip products.
    When I think of it, it might be the only
    flavor I like on my lips.

  31. Diana

    Well, I kinda like the taste of EOS lip balms…

  32. Kat

    Yep, I like them. I still love wearing Lip Smackers :).

  33. I tend not to lick my lips much, especially if I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve got on lip product. So, I tend not to notice a lip product’s flavor. Still, I would prefer one without, in case I will be eating or drinking anything. I also feel that flavored lip products tend to have stronger scents, but that may just be in my head…

    I don’t mind a slight scent at all. I find, for example, MAC lipsticks particularly heavenly to apply. (They don’t really smell like vanilla to me. More like rice krispie treats…!) I think, though, I appreciate the smell upon application, but I (usually) don’t want my face to smell like that all day.

  34. theglitterydragon

    No no a giant big no! I cannot stand flavored lip products. Especially lip glosses that add saccharine to their formulas and give the gloss a sickeningly sweet flavor.
    I think the worst flavored product I’ve ever used is UD’s lipstick in Jilted. I had put it on and loved the color. But a few moments later licked my lips and thought something was horribly wrong. It had the most acrid chemical taste. It worried me so much I actually contacted UD (thinking I had received a rancid lipstick or the batch was bad) but I was told that is how this particular lipstick tastes and that UD has “unique flavors”. GROSS.
    Lightly scented glosses like Nyx round glosses (which can have a light citrus or vanilla scent with no flavor) are fine, but absolutely cannot have flavored lip products.

  35. No for me too!! I also prefer unflavored lip products!!

  36. Audrey

    I’m the minority! I absolutely love flavored lip products. Especially seasonal ones. I actually ran across this trying to find the best tasting glosses in a forum somewhere on google.