Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you like bronzer?

  • Yes, love it! (39%, 1,500 Votes)
  • I like it sometimes! (35%, 1,380 Votes)
  • It never really works for me! (18%, 703 Votes)
  • Hate it! (8%, 297 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,895

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42 thoughts on “Do you like bronzer?

  1. AnaA

    I didn’t use to like bronzer because… well, first of all I’m fair skinned, so I always thought I would end up orange. Then I tried some wrong bronzers for my skin and got convinced I was right from the beginning.

    But then a couple of months ago I was offered a The Body Shop Baked to Last Bronzer and everything changed. Now I have two bronzers in powder and one in gel (all from The Body Shop). I love the brand because they have tones that suit fair skin, which was something I was struggling to find.

  2. No matter what I just can’t get bronzer to work on me. I try just because everyone seems to love it, but I’m really pale and must have an odd skin tone because it never works. I don’t mind too much, because I actually like being pale. Embrace the pale!

  3. Tish

    I typically use bronzers when I do my makeup but I never use shimmery bronzers. I like my bronzers matte as I use them to contour or to add a bit of color & warmth to my face, not glow.

  4. Sarah

    I pretty much only wear bronzer in the summer. I don’t know why, it just looks odd on me in the winter

  5. Hope

    haha I guess I’m the first “other” so i’ll explain!

    i’m fair-skinned (MAC NW20) so many of the bronzers i’ve tried just make me look dirty. i really wanted benefit dallas to work for me because i liked the idea of a blush/bronzer hybrid but i swatched it and the contrast was way too intense. i also have benefit 10 (received it as a gift!) and i have to blend it a lot so it doesn’t look ridiculous on me.

    BUT, i recently got that sephora “summer faves” kit – if you’re waffling, go for it because the bag is really nice and i usually hate them – and it had the too faced peach leopard bronzer and i LOVE it.

    i also like really natural looks so that complicates it.

    TL;DR: i really like the look if it’s subtle, but i’m so fair it’s hard to find something that works.

  6. I don’t think it’ll ever work on me, I’m too pasty.

    • Angelcat47

      I’m quite fair,too and never thought I’d like a bronzer but the Peach and Pink Leopard Bronzers by Too Faced are impossible to overdo.

  7. AnGeLwInGz

    It looks nice when used subtly. One of my biggest peeves is when I see people who try to use bronzer as a foundation. The wrong shade of bronzer can make you look like a persimmon!

  8. I like it for contouring, that’s it. I’d never wear it all over my face or anything.

  9. DUH

    I hate bronzer.

  10. Jennifer

    For a lllooonnnggg time, I wasn’t into bronzer at all. Whenever I tried any on, it would just make my face look orange (I have bright red hair and freckly/pale skin so you can only imagine how that looked). But after I tried NARS laguna I was hooked! I love using it to conture my face; it really helps thin out certain areas and I always feel like my end product looks much more natural since I use a full coverage foundation. Love it. :)

  11. Amanda

    I love contouring!

  12. Definitely not…..already have yellow tone skin….dont want to end up looking like Hoda or Pippa Middleton….orange

    • Wenita

      I agree with you! I also found kate’s bronze on her wedding day was weird as well? she should let a professional makeup artist to her makeup rather than DIY

  13. Dana

    Love it! I wear it every day to warm up my skin. I’m so pale (NC20) so it is a must have for me all year-round. My faves are BE Faux Tan Powder, Mac Golden Bronzer and Cargo Medium Bronzer

  14. Katie

    Bronzer looks fantastic on me, I wear it

  15. Nancy L

    I have fair skin. I’ve tried different bronzers but they all make me look like I smeared dirt all over my face. I’m going to try one last one from Physician’s Formula and then I give up!

    • AnaA

      Please give The Body Shop a chance ^^ I also have really fair skin and changed my mind about bronzers with this brand. You should check their Honey Bronze summer collection. Just so you understand, my skin is so pale and I still use shade #2 because shade #1 looks exactly like my skin (and for a bronzer you want something slightly darker).

  16. Marie

    I hate bronzer. Partly because when it’s applied badly, it looks absolutely horrible. Partly because it’s associated in the vast majority of people’s mind to health and beauty and vitality. Partly because I’m tired of people telling me to buy one.

    I’m pale; bronzer look horrible on me; I’m perfectly healthy; I don’t need to appear tan. I embrace my skin for what it is: pale, unable to tan, and almost allergic to the sun.

    Don’t get me wrong. Bronzers can look amazing on some people. But I hate that it’s absolutely everywhere and the must-buy product for everyone come summertime, like it’s a vital necessity.

  17. Heidi

    No matter how hard I try, I can get it to work on me. I always end up looking dirty. About the only bronzer that sorta works for me is Benefit’s Dallas because it has sort of a plum tone to it.

  18. Maggie

    I really don’t like the way bronzer looks (on me or on a lot of other people). I’m perfectly happy to be deathly pale. Plus, I don’t think anything would ever convince anyone that I’m even a little tan, haha.

  19. Since I do the ultimate sin and tan, but not my face, bronzer is a must. For this tsk tsking me, I only tan once a week, I’m not a baker – just like the glow.

  20. Megan

    I recently started to use it everyday for contouring my face 😀

  21. Debi

    Even though I don’t use it daily I love it! This is my first year trying out bronzers and I love the way it converts my NW15 skin to and NC20, giving me that freshly tanned look and allows me to also wear brighter or darker blushes to go along with it! My favourite mix is a bronzer and Angelika blush by NARS!

  22. Maureen

    I’m really fair with some freckles. I don’t really want it.

  23. Jennifer

    Never leave home without it!!!! I have tried so many brands and I can honestly say I know why this question is important. Because if you don’t get the right bronzer you will look dirty. The best hands down bronzer is MAC (I use Golden). It looks totally natural non shimmery on your face although, it does have simmer but you don’t see it at all.

  24. I use it all the time. :)

  25. Jumper

    I LOVE bronzer when I wear foundation with good coverage. It adds warmth and dimension to my face. However, when I wear a foundation with light coverage or no foundation at all, it doesn’t do much for me so I wouldn’t really need it.

  26. Bianca

    I am really fair.They make me look terrible usually. It is either too orange-y or too sparkly. There is only one I will use…Hoola.

  27. Michelle

    Has anyone ever tried Urban Decay’s baked bronzer?

  28. Liz

    I used to never ever use bronzer, because I’m fairly pale with yellow-toned skin, and whenever I tried to wear bronzers in the past, I felt like it was so obvious and unnatural on me. Two days ago though, I picked up a baked bronzer from Quo (it’s a Canadian brand) which I’ve been using as … a bronzing blush, almost? I like it so far and I think I’ll end up enjoying it. :)

  29. Nic

    I love bronzer when it’s used as bronzer and applied sparingly. I know a lot of people do it, but I’m not at all a fan of using bronzer to contour. The color is usually too warm and it doesn’t look like a natural shadow, it just looks strange to me. Applied where the sun naturally hits, though, it can look great.

    I’m very pale (usually NW15 or lighter, though since I’ve gotten some sun I may be closer to NW20), so it took me a while to find a bronzer I liked since a lot of bronzers are too orange or brown on me. I find NARS Irresistiblement looks very natural on me (NARS describes it as a golden terracotta), and it’s matte which I love. It’s a summer staple for me and I’d recommend it to anyone on the fair side.

  30. snm

    I am one of the folks who hate it.I really do think that bronzer is one of the worst products in the world of this day,I have never seen a bronzer that looks doesn’t mstter how professionally it is looks unnatural and weird.I use the bronze colors I have as blush.but trying to create a fake tan? no way!

  31. Jasmine

    yep i love em for contouring purposes

  32. Claire

    I used to really, really hate bronzer. I’m very fair skinned, MAC NW15 is too dark for me, MUFE HD #110 is about right. I used to find it would either just look very wrong on me or it’d make me look orange. I cannot stand shimmer bronzers, to me they just look cheap and tacky. I started with matte bronzers like Benefits Hoola, but only for contouring, still didn’t look right if I used it for bronzing. Until I took a gamble on the skinsheen bronzer sticks from MACs Surf Baby… I have the lightest one, Tan Tint, and it is absolutely gorgeous! For me it does give a very natural glow, its not orange-y, just nice and slightly tanned. It’s the only bronzer I’ve found that I absolutely adore!

  33. Stephanie

    im not pale at all but i have a weird orangy skin tone and when i put bronzer (or any yellow/orange/gold/bronze make up or clothes) i just look sickly and dirty. Also, to me it looks painfully obvious on everyone ive seen it on… idk maybe they dont blend it well or something but ive never seen someone w/ naturally orange cheeks!!! LOL bronzer=bad

  34. Grace

    I like the “summer glow”, but I can’t use it to sculpt my face. My face is so round (chubby) that any attempt to sculpt fails miserably :(

  35. Lucy

    I have fair skin but I don’t mind using bronzer at all. I have a matte one by KORRES in 01 Sunglow Light (their lightest shade) which is perfect for school/daytime use. I also own Tarte’s Park Ave Princess (also the lightest bronzer that they make) which has a little bit of shimmer but isn’t overbearing. I’d like to try others but I don’t wear bronzer every day so I still have plenty of product left from these two bronzers. I’ve also owned the shade “warmth” by Bare Minerals and I totally hated it. It looks orange on me no matter what I tried so I tossed it.