Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you keep product boxes/packaging?

  • Sometimes, but only really pretty/well-done packaging. (61%, 1,729 Votes)
  • Never! (22%, 621 Votes)
  • Yes, definitely! (17%, 479 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,843

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! (Thanks to Xiao for today’s question!)

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36 thoughts on “Do you keep product boxes/packaging?

  1. I do like to keep packaging but its a recent thing. I used to always throw it away but now I tend to keep it if its something worth keeping. Maybe a special bundle of polish packaging, or if its just really cute, for electronics I always keep them, but other wise its really just sometimes.

  2. i feel so stupid but i always save almost ever packaging. I have a full drawer full of it! I like to save it tho in-case I do a review of it on my youtube channel =)

  3. Tiffany

    I keep it. It’s such a terrible habit of mine to keep the boxes for makeup product. I should really recycle all of them because it’s not like they serve any purpose 😛

  4. Yeah, it depends on what it is. Because the numbers on the bottom of the makeups wear out. So sometimes it’s good to have the package for what color u need. Ty.

  5. Sarah A.

    The only packaging I kept were the boxes from the Venomous Villains line, since I’m such a Disney nut, but generally I throw boxes out. I might let them sit on my counter for a week or two if it’s really pretty, but after that, it goes in the recycling.

    • Carrie

      Pretty much the same here! I just don’t have the space for the packaging, but made an exception for the Venomous Villains boxes because they were so kick ass.

  6. Only if I think I might decide to return the item. As soon as I opt to keep it I toss the packaging. My small apartment is already bursting at the seams with stuff.

  7. i started to keep the packages for the lipsticks and lipglosses, because i am going to cut 1cm from the top, then glue them together to keep my lip products organised :)

  8. Bethany

    I keep all my product boxes. No idea why, it’s some kind of packrat thing I do.

  9. Megan

    At first I tried keeping everything nice and neat in the packaging but I found that I never would use anything if it was still boxed up so I keep the boxes in a separate drawer in case I ever want to sell something then I can put it back in the box.

  10. BethM

    Why on earth would anyone want to save the packaging????? I do not need trash cluttering up my house. 99.5% of all packaging goes straight into the recycling or trash bin.

    Every once in a while, something will come in a box that is actually useful, and I’ll keep that if I can find something to do with it. I’ve still got my tin from the Tartan Tale mini pigments (threw out the insert), but if I can’t find a use for it by the end of the year, that will go in the trash, too.

  11. Amy P

    I keep all packaging for about a month in case I decide to return something. After that I toss it, with the exception of amazingly cute brands like Sugarpill and Tokidoki, or special MAC packaging like Liberty of London or Venomous Villains.

  12. tg

    I don’t want to, but many times I do because I’m fickle and if I want to swap or sell a product, for some reason the box makes a huge difference to people. But I hate all of the boxes taking up space in my storage unit, because I don’t keep the makeup in there. I need to grab it fast and not mess around with opening up boxes each time!

  13. Seneca

    Only if it is a product I have never used before and might need to return it in case I have a bad reaction or the product doesn’t work as promised; otherwise I recycle packaging

  14. sophie

    only when i can do use it like the tins from tartan tale pigments or the paint cans from barbie and stilla

  15. Kayla

    Never because if I keep one thing, I doubt I’ll be able to throw out other things. I’m a packrat, so I have to just keep it simple with a no-keep rule for the packaging!! :)

  16. Heather

    Only for really great packages like the VV stuff.

  17. divinem (Melissa)

    Still haven’t let go of my Baroque Boudoir packaging. It’s so ridiculous. Sigh.

  18. Marcela

    I only keep MAC packaging from limited editions/collections (Liberty of London, Venomous Villains, Hello Kitty, etc.) because I’m a graphic designer and have a huge appreciation for package design.

  19. LU

    If its a Limited Edition product I usually keep the packaging whereas I might throw away the boxes for permanent products. I always keep permanent packaging for 30-60 days so I can return a product if I don’t like it.

  20. Simone

    My Labrador gets them to play with! he loves boxes.

  21. I keep it because the sticker with themanufacturing date and price is normally on the boxso I like to compare. I do store the lil boxes in the larger ones though eg quite a few lipstick boxes can fit into a loose powder box takes up less space!

  22. Annick Chantal L. H.

    I am packaging with joy and note the day I purchased my cosmetics….. Yes I know, I know….

  23. Sometimes…I keep them for eyeshadows and powders just in case I need them for a new storage idea. It’s beginning to become a storage issue keeping them so I may just throw them out. Pretty boxes, for example the MAC Venomous collection, I kept all boxes.

  24. I aways keep the packaging for my make up products because I need to see the expiration date or some other informations that the product may not have. But I keep them folded, not in the original shape, so I can save some space in the drawers. After the product is gone I recycle the boxes.

  25. Lauryn

    I keep all my new/unused items in their boxes. Once its used, it comes out of the box and the box goes into the recycle.

  26. I don’t always keep boxes, like most of the girls here said, I just hang on to the box until I decide I’m going to keep/return the product. The only exception is the shadow/color cards that come with every Urban Decay palette. I have a little stack of those hidden at the bottom of my underwear drawer. And they’ve really been useful when writing reviews on my site, because I have a tendency to de-pot all UD palettes and put them into magnetic shadow palettes. And while I can usually name a UD Eyeshadow color on first sight, it’s not so easy when you’re writing about it :)

  27. Maya

    I only keep the boxes from perfume bottles, solely for transporting them and keeping them out on my dresser while still blocking out sunlight!

  28. Rebecca

    I keep expensive product packaging

  29. Lizzi

    I only keep the packaging if I’m not 100% certain I want to keep it. But I always save boxes to electronics (there’s this shelf in my closet thats’s STUFFED with boxes from Apple) and high end shoes, in case they might be on eBay someday. And I only keep tags/receipts for high end items for which there are a lot of counterfeits in the market. This is very true for perfume that I end up using half the bottle and then don’t care for it anymore. I sell it on eBay with the stuff and I tend to get about 30% then others with a comparable listing. Always keep the box your printer came in! These things are touchy and there are countless returns done on these that give the buyer a replacement at no cost under the manufactures warranty. Trust me, I work at Best Buy as a computer saleswoman. :)

  30. Soo

    I actually really like to keep packaging, but mainly of big palettes (like UD’s Book of Shadows). I don’t know what it is, cause it’s not like I really use the boxes afterwards.

  31. Stacia

    I always keep my products in their packaging/boxes. I find by doing this the products stay in more of their original condition. I like YSL/Chanel/Dior ect. They tend to show the finger prints more. Plus YSL has gold caseing so it helps keep the gold from fading.

    I also keep the product in it’s packaging when I take it with my in my handbag so it won’t scratch.

  32. Sometimes if the packaging looks really nice

  33. Mar

    Sometimes, but only if the packaging is something special like the Venomous Villains. I usually throw them out straight away.

  34. Cat

    I keep all Rescue Beauty Lounge and Chanel boxes just in case I decide to swap them later on, because I think the recipient appreciates them, though I did not save packaging prior to swapping – well, there’s one exception: I saved the Liberty of London box of my Blue India nail polish, since I’m a Liberty fiend!