Friday, May 18th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you keep an inventory of your beauty products?

  • No, but I wish I did! (39%, 931 Votes)
  • Nah! (36%, 875 Votes)
  • Yes! (25%, 602 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,408

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31 thoughts on “Do you keep an inventory of your beauty products?

  1. I definably a NAH! But I go through my stuff every once in awhile to see what I have and what I’m missing.

  2. Well, yes of course!!! I started keeping track of my MAC eyeshadows after buying a couple of eyeshadows twice! (forgot that I already had them). I started with an excel file and a printed list that I carried with me everywhere (you never know when you’re gonna walk into a MAC or Sephora store). My life changed when I found this iPhone app called Beauty Manager, and I keep an inventory of all my stuff there!! well, it’s still a work in progress, but all of my eyeshadows are listed there, pics and all….  LOOOOVE it!!

    •  @makeupholism I have Excel spreadsheets for polish and shadows/liners. Never knew there was an app!!! Just downloaded. SO NEEDED!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  3. WonderMlkyBitch

    I definitely do for eye shadows! I’ve bought the same shadow twice about 3 times now; bought it originally, then happened to see it at a CCO and bought it again thinking, “I can’t believe I don’t have this one!”. Plus, I’ve had a mishap with buying certain shadows that are almost identical i.e. Steamy >< Shimmermoss >< Gulf Stream. While they are not the same, they are not dissimilar enough for me to have bought them all. If I had had a list of the ones I owned at the time, I would not have bought clones.
    I just keep a note in my iPhone with a list of shadows that I have. Easy peasy :)

  4. AliciaParillo

    I do keep a list of my MAC eyeshadows after I bought the same color twice.

  5. bellyrockin

    I do indeed.  Unfortunately, when you list every piece of makeup you have, you realise you have way too much, but you still want more!
    Like some of the others, I too inadvertently bought the same shadow twice, on more than one occasion, and that is what prompted me to start cataloguing it all

  6. tepaj

    i try to do so to make sure i don’t end up buying the same e/s twice unless i meant to but it’s not something i have on me when i go shopping so sometimes if i am not sure, i end up buying it anyway.  luckily, i have a lot of nieces so they will get the extra ones.

  7. I have 3 homes right now – Sydney, Shanghai, temporary work position in Kunming – and move around hotels a lot, so keeping a database on my laptop helps me keep track of what I’ve bought and where it is, so I don’t repeat (too much).

  8. Makaegan

    I’m usually pretty good with remembering what I have, so I’d never really considered actually keeping an inventory. But now I think I’m going to make a nice little spreadsheet so that everything is nice and laid out for me! Haha thanks for the fabulous idea, Christine!

  9. loverenny

    I don’t do it to everything i have, but I do have a inventory of my foundation brands/color # stored in evernote on my phone so in case i need to repurchase / buying comparable product I have list of color # i can reference to. 

  10. mpca66

    Yes, well .. not of my current products, but I definitely keep an .xls sheet of products that I dump so I won’t purchase them again. Currently adding Maybelline 24hr color lip product to the list. The product works, but it has such a chemical smell, that my dog won’t even kiss me :-(

  11. Chynna

    I tried it, but it made my fun stuff seem like work.

  12. Screamer77

    Yep, I have a wiki page … so that I don’t end up buying the same thing 3 times. 😛

  13. GUSnail

    I don’t have one now, but I did jot down most of my eyeshadows once to try and figure out what I needed (and keep me from buying the same sorts of colors).  I’m going to make a more complete one now though, so I can keep track of what I do/don’t need.  I liked people’s ideas below to keep track of different foundation shades that work and stuff they tried but didn’t like.

  14. xamyx

    I answered “Yes”, but I don’t keep an inventory of what I *have*, but rather a notebook of products I want/need, categorized by brand. I actually started doing this a couple of months ago after finding a bag I forgot about filled with a ton of depotted MAC containers & I decided to B2M them. I just went through the shades I had, and researched what I might want (which, by the way, is how I found this blog!), and wrote down all the colors, then systematically prioritized. I then decided to do other top brands, and this system has actually helped me from making impulse purchases (well, less, anyway).

  15. greensocksrocks

    i wish i had one, it would mean that i would have many many products!! unfortunatly they are only a few things that i can reach very easily and remember all of them. but i have a tiny and realistic list  of products that i want to buy in the future cuz lets face it, i want ALL the products in the world!! ahah

  16. Laurianna

    I do somewhat: I carry index cards with lists of color names and tiny swatches of drug store and easy to find nail polish brands swatched on them in my purse so I don’t repurchase foolishly. They are sorted by brand. They are in purse and are really useful when I am checking out similar colors too. I do this for: Essie, Sinful Colors, China Glaze, Revlon, Maybelling, Orly, Wet n Wild and the like.

  17. I’m so crazy about this, so don’t judge – I have an inventory on an excel spreadsheet with multiple pages for different categories of beauty products, then more detailed including color/scent, price, website to find it at, how I got it, etc. I’m OCD.:)

  18. t_zwiggy

    Yes! After buying something I already have several times, I decided it was a smart thing to do to keep that from happening again. It happens more often with nail polish than it does with makeup, though. With makeup it’s often products that I don’t like that much, but look nice in the packaging (mostly more expensive stuff like Chanel quads).
    It’s also nice to have a list to look at, rather then going through my entire stash to find a product that I forgot about or haven’t used in a while.

  19. Funny enough I just made one a couple days ago! I find it has really helped me stop buying things I don’t need, unless I am really in love with that product and I will be using it a lot. I am also planning on starting one for skincare! 

  20. I have recently realized how important an inventory is! So I got this amazing App for my Macbook called Delicious Library, where I just scan the bar code of the product with the camera of my computer and it registers everything! It even shows a pic of the product, the retail price and the date I bought it, so I can keep track of expiration dates… I am SOOOO in love with this app! Totally recommend! 
    I think keeping track is essential! :)

  21. I do and it’s a must for me, or I’d be buying duplicates of everything.

  22. beachgal

    I did start a database in Access for all my polishes. It’s not only so I have a written record, but so I could generate a report for insurance reasons. Many of my polishes are never to be found again, while some VHTF would cost $150 or more to replace. That generated me needing to get a rider on my home owners policy to cover my ‘collection’ as it’s referred to in ins. land.  I now need to work on WHERE in my storage system each item is – that’s a work in progress.  The rest of my makeup land I know what I have in my head so I don’t need to keep a record of that stuff. I don’t have much storage for makeup and skin care – plus I don’t like to keep tons of those products. I know what I will use and what I won’t…it save me a ton of $ having that attitude. For some reason not a compulsive buyer of makeup.

  23. Rainy

    For years I worked on an inventory system for my nail polishes/make-up and I never found one that worked so I gave up trying. I know pretty much what I have/use/like a lot, so my memory is better than trying to keep up an inventory.

  24. I really want to! I think that even in the process of logging them all, I’d realise I have way too much (and I’m not an MUA or anything.. I work in IT!) and it might help in doing a project x pan. I wish there was an easier way or I knew Access a bit more, but Excel might be the way to go!

  25. I had to start one recently. I got tired of buying dupes,lol.

  26. BooBooNinja

    I don’t have enough makeup to need an inventory.
    I just realised the above might be misconstrued as a statement made in Denial.
    However, I’m telling the truth. Honest!

  27. I don’t have any official inventory of my makeup, but my nail polish collection has both exel documents and nail wheels as an inventory. 

  28. Nikki

    I keep a table in Microsoft Word of different beauty categories: face, eyes, cheeks, lips, tools, hair, and nails.  Then, under each category, I list the brand names of each product  and separate the products under their respective brand.  This table serves as my wish list for other beauty products as well, so as I buy new products, I highlight the ones I already own in order to know what’s in my stash and what is to come!