Friday, August 27th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you keep a beauty wish list?

  • Yes, I have it at the ready! (52%, 1,352 Votes)
  • It's a mental wish list... (43%, 1,130 Votes)
  • Nah! (5%, 125 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,608

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35 thoughts on “Do you keep a beauty wish list?

  1. JayJay

    I actually have a few, different brands, LE or Permanent, upcoming collections.. etc. I’m crazy LOL

  2. JamieJamez

    That’s so funny that you say that coz I currently have 4 lists going on my phone right now. I just updated one of my lists “MAC Feline” and started that list off with 8-9 products that I was going to get then saw your reviews and swatches and now dropped down to 1 must have “on the hunt” liner, 1 nice to have “lithe” and 1 on the fence “Palace pedigreed quad”

  3. Blair

    I need to keep one or else I would just buy random things that I don’t need, and I like to know what I need to save up for so I have enough money for collections.

  4. Keener

    Oh hells yeah I got a list! On my phone, which is always on me, that way I know which shades to try when I’m at Sephora or Mac. I guess it’s more like a “Try” list, so when I’m out I’ll look into a product a little more.

  5. virginiaisforluvrs

    I started a list the other day, with pricing information, so that I can budget myself. It’s really helped to see what is an immediate buy, such as LE MACs, and what can wait until later.

  6. Rengirl

    I add things to my Sephora shopping list to remind myself of what to buy so I buy things I really want rather than impulsively.

  7. coco72

    I have a wish notebook classified by brands, webs where I use to buy, adresses of girls that swapped, coupon codes, Ebay passwords and more

  8. yes! it’s all on my iphone and separated into different lists.

    i have one for upcoming collections, one for permanent items, and i have a list of random ones i want but separated into sections (bases, eyeshadow, lip products, etc)

  9. Lady Di.

    Yes, I have a mental list of the entire Venemous villiams collection! lol

  10. Dani

    I recently started keeping a Mac list and a Sephora list on my phone. As soon as I step foot in Sephora I forget why I’m there and go crazy lol

  11. shara

    i have many of them, actually. one on my ipod, one on paper, one on, one in a document on my computer. and they’re all different basically. i suck at being organized!

  12. I have a list of what I have, What I want from LE mac and things I want to try, I’m a geek!

  13. of course I do! I’d loose track of what I really want if I wouldn’t have one.

  14. bethm

    I am a latent makeup addict, and I am sooooo eternally grateful for your wonderful wonderful site. My disorder has been quiet for many years but recently reared its gorgeous head again in the past several months. I started a Wish List because I have been so “out of the loop” for so long, and the products that are out there and how cosmetics have advanced just seems staggering to me. I’m crazy for it all, and my Wish List is constantly being edited and updated and added to … has been a total joy for me to read! I have received excellent tips and recommendations from you. Thanks for all the hard work.

  15. Suzie

    I keep 2 separate ones-MAC permanent & Sephora. I only buy 1 or 2 things from the MAC collections and I havent really gotten into the sephora brands that come out with limited edition collections.

  16. Ashley D.

    Always have one.

  17. I have a wishlist on google docs on a spreadsheet. I try not to make it too readily available so that I have some time to think instead of impulsively buying everything on my list. Even though I can access the list from my iphone, but it gives me some time to come to my senses 😛

  18. Yes, I do have a beauty wish list, but it’s only nail polish though!

  19. Hannah

    I have several… one on my phone, and I think like 3 documents on my computer. (separated into LE collections, Perm. collections, and Misc. beauty items)

    I also have several lists written down that are floating around my purse lol.

    If I don’t have some sort of a list, I immediately forget what I need, and then either go completely crazy and buy tons of crap, or walk out with two things lol.

  20. Hend

    My wish list is always very long lol
    I barely can keep up with it 😀

  21. lovelyd

    Yes! But it is more like a: “I WISH but NEVER going to happen list” LOL!!!!!!!

  22. Ashley

    I keep a list saved on my computer of products I want to check out, but these are not all items that I’ll end up buying. Just a list of specific products I am really interested in and that I want to check out in person before deciding whether it’s worth the money. Does that count? Haha.

  23. Kat

    Yes! I have one that’s pretty much exactly a page long. I’m actually soon to go on the hunt (lol) for 2 of the nailpolishes on my wishlist and then come September 30, I’ll be picking up another item from the Venomous Villains MAC collection. SO I’m working my way down the list hehe.

  24. Rissy

    It’s good to know I’m not alone! :) I have many lists one for my mac collection so i know what colors i have, Wish list for perm mac, Wish list for mac’s upcoming LE, Sephora Wish List AND an overall big/misc wish list that really doesn’t get checked off. lol I have a copy of these on my phone and each of my laptops. Am i Crazy? 😛

  25. Amanda Enn

    I have about 3 mini pages of products I plan/want to get that I keep in a little notepad in my purse xD

  26. Favor

    *spins in a circle in glee* So glad to see I’m amongst friends! I categorize my lists by brand and keep a notebook that I update with more goodies and check off what I’ve purchased. Good question!

  27. LolaMay

    I keep mine as a Word document and organize it by brand and/or store. As I find dupes or change my mind I try to keep it updated…lately I’ve been adding quite a bit, especially since the MAC Dare to Wear lipglasses are so great. Could you possibly find dupes for those?

  28. Yumi

    mine is just a checklist on my iphone

  29. Of course! I have a MAC list that first lists permanent stuff and then LE stuff, and a general wish list divided by brands and categories. Stuff I really want or plan to buy is highlighted in a flashy color.

  30. I voted that it’s a mental list but it’s actually a mixture. I have some bits written down, it’s not comprehensive though as I’m always adding to it as I read blogs and find new things I want!

  31. I always keep one as an e-mail draft :)

  32. Amal

    I write the ones for mac (new releases).

  33. mandy

    I keep a few lists. One in a notebook that includes various brands, one on my phone so I will have it when I am out shopping and also in case I need to write something down before I forgot what it is. I also have an online one for and on the mac site. Unfortunately my mac list was blank when I went to add more to it the other day so I had to start that list all over. It’s going to take forever to get everything I want on all the lists, especially with new launches all the time!

  34. JEN

    I actually used to have longer lists when I first got into the makeup scene and was obsessed with every single collection from MAC. As the years went by and realizing that most of the colors that MAC releases are just dupes and dupes of ones I already have, I just got out of the whole hype. I’m exploring other brands now but not going crazy as I did with MAC.

    On my beauty list:
    Bobbi Brown Hydrating skin care line

  35. Jessie Q

    Mostly just in my mind. When I’m looking at a new collection I’ll write things down so I can cross some out and add other things as I read different reviews and look at swatches… but after that I’ll just remember it. The list isn’t something I maintain.