Friday, December 14th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you have too much makeup?

  • I probably have more than I could wear in a lifetime... (53%, 2,833 Votes)
  • Nope - still building up my stash! (24%, 1,298 Votes)
  • Too much? No such thing! (23%, 1,213 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,383

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77 thoughts on “Do you have too much makeup?

  1. Eve

    I hate having a clutter or makeup- espcially when it gets old. So once I see it starting to pile up, I throw whatever I’m not wearing away, or disinfect and pass down to my mom or best friend.

  2. Georgina

    “Too much” is very subjective. For a lot of people having 10 blushes would be considered too much but I don’t think it is for me and I’m happy with my make up collection!

  3. I do have a lot (3 storage carts are filled), but I am a makeup artist, so that’s my excuse. :)

  4. Jennisa

    To be honest, I don’t have that much. I went through a phase where I bought a lot but being conscious of the fact that I was always between two countries (home and University), I would regularly go on no-buys. However, given the fact that I don’t use much of what I have since I find it too hot here in the tropics to wear a full face everyday, I feel like I do have too much. Time for a clean-out I suppose!

  5. I know I do epically in the eyeshadow and pigment department but I love the variate I have. lol

  6. I love how you didn’t even include a “Yes, this shiz is ridiculous” option lol!

  7. Aida

    Realistically, I probably do own more makeup than a person needs. But there again, I’m luckily no where near some of the makeup collections I’ve seen on YouTube. Some people get too caught up into the frenzy of “ohh this person has these things and if they like them so much, that I must have them”. I am not like that, therefore I don’t buy anything that based solaly on someone’s talking about it on YouTube.

  8. CatherineM

    Do I have more than I could hit pan on in y lifetime? Yes. Will I buy more? Yes again. I guess “too much” depends on how you see makeup in general. If it’s only there to cover up flaws or accentuate your best features, then you won’t need/want as much. I tend to view it as a hobby, a collection (think of the good ol’ stamps), and a means to express myself, my moods, pretty much my whole personality, so I’l probably never stop collecting.

  9. Kami

    Not at all. I usually buy just so I know I can use everything I have without problems. I usually wait until I finish something to buy something else. Like foundation for example. There are cases where that doesn’t apply of course. But for most of the time I’m pretty good at keeping my spending under control

  10. I have a lot, but I like variety!! My collection has been built up over a number of years, as I don’t throw much away!

  11. Carly

    Oh Lordy, I totally have WAY too much makeup. Recently I went a little nuts and cut out about 16 lbs of makeup from my stash and I still feel like I have too much. =/

  12. Right now, I think I have almost the perfect amount. I’ve finally found what (i hope!) will stay my staple products AND I have a few “random” items that I’ve collected. The last thing on my list is a pretty nude lipstick and I’m DONE. For a bit….

  13. xamyx

    I do, but it’s something I love. I also go through long phases of not buying very much, and I’ve even gone months of buying nothing at all. I also have a habit of taking advantage of BOGO sales, so I have a ton of unopened/unused foundation & mascara I need to go through. I’ve been on a strict no-buy on those items, and when I moved a few months back, I pretty much just tossed all of my open foundations & mascaras; I can probably go at least 2 years without buying more of either, but I know I’ll toss them sooner, especially because there are others I really want to try.

    My weakness is eyeshadow, but with the exception of 2-3 palettes, and a handful of singles & duos, I’m done for a while. However, I’ll likely move on to nail polish and/or lipstick & gloss, LOL. Of course, I’ll have to do a good purging, first…

  14. Yelena B

    I think that I have a lot but I also view my collection as something that grows and develops. I usually wont buy too much extra of something like powder and foundations unless I run out or am unhappy with what I have. I will however go and buy a new concealer or a new blush if I think it will improve what I already have because I do want to have the best possible collection for my needs. I probably have too many eye shadows and I know Ill keep buying brushes but, if its what you love is there ever too much? ( Maybe I should ask my wallet that question O=)

  15. I do have a LOT of makeup, but I love having variety! I try to do new makeup looks at least every other day, and it’s a hobby for me. I have definitely seen many collections that are far more vast than mine, and I’ve also seen collections that are minute compared to mine. Do I have more than I’ll ever completely use up in my lifetime? Probably, because I have about a gajillion eyeshadows. But it’s my vice, I only have one blush, one foundation, one powder…Any primer I use is samples, so I never have to buy those, all my mascara was free with coupons or they’re samples, and the only time I buy eyeliner is to replace one that I used up.

  16. Lauren

    The answer to that question is yes.

  17. I buy a lot of stuff and usually repurchase certain items I like during sales so I have a huge stash going on! Since I wear makeup everyday I’ve been going through items a lot faster which makes me feel better knowing I’m actually going through stuff now.

  18. Alexus

    I loved makeup’s and I am awared, I have more then anyone’s need to have. I can’t stop myself purchasing and I find myself at a sale for higher end products or limited edition it’s a sickness of mine.I am working on cutting back and try’in to shop my stash, I have to say it’s so hard because when, you’re a makeup lover try not to buy and just walk aways it not that easy as some people might think it is. With that being said, for all my makeup lover,addicts be strong and just buy what we need and just splurge once in a while!

  19. Dominique

    I have around 130 lipsticks so yes definitely I have too much makeup and it’s a kind of addiction I can’t get rid ( don’t want ) of.

  20. Jackie

    I probably have too much eyeshadow, because I love palettes and dramatic colors, but I don’t get to use them as much as I’d like. I’m building my lipstick and eyeliner collections. And I only use 2 blushes and 1 foundation, which probably isn’t enough!
    If you ask my fiancee, he’d just say, “Yes.” But he knows it makes me happy, so he doesn’t mind too much. :)

  21. liz

    I like that you are asking ME if I think I have too much makeup. I think I have almost the right amount, but I need a few more things to really feel complete. My husband thinks I have waaaay too much, but he’s wrong. Ultimately, though, I am in need of a better storage solution.

  22. Nicole

    Definately when it comes to eye shadows. I own abaout 10 MAC premade quads and I hardly use them. I often use the same natural colours from my 15 e/s palette. I am on a no buy for nail polishes and lipsticks / glosses. I own about 15 of each and I like to finish some, before they expire and I have to toss them away. But it is really difficult to finish just one product.

    When it comes to foundations, concealer, face powder or mascara I just use 1 to 3. That’s a “normal” number.

    • Heidi

      I wish my collection was this under control. I think my husband would agree. It amazes me when I go through my moms collection and realize she has one błush and maybe 3 eyeshadow trios, one foundation, one concealer, 3 liners, 2 mascara, and maybe one tinted lip balm and I realize “this is what normal people’s collections look like. If I could make mine look like yours I would be happy but the truth is mine is really bad. I can’t bring myself to start a project pan because I want the freedom to buy new things but I’m starting a project use it so I can at least be sues to give the things I have love.

  23. Mariella

    I most certainly have more than I can wear in a lifetime (I’m middle-aged, so that gives me significantly fewer years than a teen or 20-something) but I still am of the mind that there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to great new products. Lately, though, I truly am feeling overwhelmed by all I have and have chosen (I do this every week and fail…I failed this past week) to curtail my makeup buying for a while simply so I can really experience and enjoy the products I do have (sadly, I often try them one or 2 times and then put them aside for the next new thing, which is just silly, really).

    • Joan

      I agree with you Mariella. I am also middle aged and should have had this stash when I was younger. It is overwhelming most days picking what makeup I’m going to wear. My vice is blush and eyeshadow, although I have my share of foundation and other cosmetics as well. I would love to download my makeup collection, but feel guilty about just throwing some of it away. Also it would be a difficult task picking and choosing what to keep. Also tend to buy too much skincare as well. I’m glad to see I’m not alone though.

      • Mariella

        For me, it’s eye shadows that are my weakness. I mean, with blush, you’re sort of limited to either pink or peach, rose, plum or brownish shades but with eye-shadow….it’s all the colours of the rainbow and then some! The truth of the matter is that I really enjoy makeup but, as I say, it has reached the point where it’s a bit overwhelming. The thing is, though, that even if I were to download or offload some of my collection onto a friend or neighbour, I know that 2 weeks later, I’d be hankering over what I’d given away and heading out to buy replacements! I imagine you might be a bit the same…it is silly, but I really do enjoy having these items to choose from.

    • Wikkedlilgrrl

      I concur!

  24. Zainab

    Yes and no. I’ve only really been buying makeup (beyond cheap gloss and mascara) for a couple of years, but it’s turned into a reasonable sized collection in that short time. My vice is eyeshadow. I only own a couple of blushes, one cheap foundation and maybe fifteen glosses and lipsticks- but I own a ton of eyeshadows… I’m thinking of depotting some so I’ll use them more. I really want to use some up (I don’t know why that matters to me, but still), but a lot are in shades I don’t think I’ll ever get through. There are only a couple of items in my whole stash of stuff I regret buying, and I have otherwise austere tastes, so it’s not a big worry.

  25. KaseyCannuck

    I figure I could be reincarnated as a drag queen for at least another 2 lifetimes and not run out of makeup. No “probably” needed in my answer :)

  26. Miss J

    “You have too much makeup” is something I hear ALL. THE. TIME. I have quite a bit; I know I have more than the average person, and I know I will never use it all up in my lifetime. I definitely have WAY LESS, though, than a number of people who have posted their collections online. The bulk of my collection is eye shadow followed by powder face products. I still add new stuff, but I do so at a far slower rate than before, and I only add stuff if I know it will get used and not just tossed aside and forgotten.

  27. Melissa H from So. Fla.

    When I saw the heading of this post my immediate thought was “of course I do!!”. So I guess my answer would be YES!! :-)

  28. Mia

    Yes … But I’m ok with it

  29. Yazmin

    Yes i do. And it doesnt help that i only wear a selection of products everyday, and the rest i dont even touch. But i cant bear to get rid of it.

  30. blueraccoon

    I have more than I’ll ever wear, but the collecting is part of the fun. My husband will tell you I have way too much, but I’ll tell you he has way too many comics, so it’s a trade :)

  31. Claire

    My friends say I have way too much products (makeup AND skincare)… But I think this will NEVER be enough ! :-)

  32. Monica!

    Oh the times past! I used to have a very healthy vision towards makeup, you know, I used to have two blushes, a bronzer, only one face powder, only one foundation, maybe two or three eyeshadows, just one eyeliner (black or brown) for daily use, etc. I only repurchased after using up which of course happened quite often. Now? I have so much stuff I sometimes feel revolted, but I do love all the things I have and enjoy using them. And truly my expense in makeup has decreased over the last months, so I expect to hit many pans soon

  33. Adrienne

    YouTube spawned the majority of my collection. I wear makeup everyday but can never hit pan on anything! Looking back I wish I would have skipped colored eyeshadows from MAC, rock & republic and various pallets and had a nice Chanel quad or a couple browns from burberry. Ditto for lipsticks, lipglosses I have too many i don’t even wear. So yes, I have too much but from now on I’ll only be purchasing high end and replacing when it’s done. Been giving a lot away to my sis and using stuff I don’t care for on days where I don’t go anywhere special.

    • Mariella

      I hear ya on the whole effect of YouTube (and the internet generally) – I have always liked makeup and been interested in it but my buying mania – really, that is what it has become – really took off with YouTube. I’d see a tutorial and think “I have to have THAT; I don’t have anything like THAT and I having THAT will really simplify my life”. The last 5 years or so, I have really gone a bit overboard, compared to how I used to be!

  34. I have a lot. The last blush that I bought, I justified buying because “I don’t have any blush.” When I got home, I was surprised to count that I had 13. I probably have a good 100 loose eyeshadows/pigments alone.

    However, I use everything that I have and I’ll get rid of things that I know I haven’t used in a while. Makeup hoarder? Maybe. But at least everything is well organized, put to use, and sanitary, lol.

  35. Sort of. I have more than I could wear, but I’ve given away or sold everything I don’t like, so I *love* everything I have left. So in that sense, it’s just perfect!

  36. t_zwiggy

    Definitely way too much! I probably have about 100 products that I haven’t even worn yet, just swatched.

  37. Pamela

    I have too much makeup–I admit. But with what happened in CT today, I’m reminded that all that lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc isn’t important. Sorry to be a buzzkill… Just feeling blah over the incident.

    • Miss J

      *hug* You are NOT being a buzzkill. It’s weighing on me, too.

    • blueraccoon

      Yeah, I’m feeling a bit abashed about buying makeup today even though there’s nothing I can do to help anyone in CT. It’s…sobering. And horrifying. *hugs*

    • lina

      I had to Google this – hadn’t heard anything about it here in Australia. Unbelievably sad – mad even more tragic coming this close to Xmas.

  38. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had the least amount of make up out of everyone that commented here.
    I’m terrible at getting myself to buy things, be it clothes or make up or whathaveyou! So many things I want, so little money to spend… Lol.
    I really need to build up my stash.

  39. charlotte

    Definitely have too much.. but I figure there are worse hobbies, or even addictions, I could have. It makes me happy, and gives me a creative outlet since I’m unable to pursue my painting right now.

  40. I do own a lot of cosmetics (mostly eyeshadow), but I really enjoy having choices in shade, formulation, and finish of eyeshadow when I’m getting ready. I’ve definitely slowed down recently because I have products I really like and rely on now.

  41. Robin

    I don’t have too much makeup! I just don’t have enough faces to put it on! 😛

  42. I am guilty waaaaay too much lol

  43. CC

    I just recently became a makeup shopaholic. I have too much make up that sometimes I don’t even use or forget that I have. My weak point is lipsticks, I just LOVE lipsticks and I buy a lot of them. There was a time when I wouldn’t even wear make up (and frankly, too be honest I don’t need it [now I’m not been conceited or anything so please don’t take it the wrong way]) but now thanks to my little sister and the YouTube world I am becoming quite addicted. The only thing that I don’t buy is foundation because I just hate that feeling on my face but everything else… I have a lot of them!

  44. Hana

    I don’t have a ton of makeup only because if I find something new that is better, I’ll get rid of whatever I was using before. I also return anything that I buy but don’t use within the first month of owning since it means I don’t need it. I do have lots of eyeshadows but I love Urban Decay and can’t seem to help myself. ^^

  45. Tiffany

    The average person would think I have too much, but for me it’s a hobby and I think I keep it under control. I have a good storage system so it’s not taking over, and I really do use all of it. Nothing is sitting around unloved! I’m not too into blushes, mostly eyeshadows and lipsticks/glosses. Also I try to keep ONLY ONE of the basic items like foundation, concealer, primers, and setting powder on hand at a time. And when I see a tutorial that I want to copy I think I’m pretty good about finding product dupes in my own stash, instead of going out and buying all the products.

  46. Wenz

    Clearly thats a trick question Christine!!!! LOL!
    I admit I do have quite a little stash… but recently I purchased a little basket I place on my vanity & I rotate a bunch of products (e.g. a Balm e/s palette, two blushes etc) each week to challenge myself & to keep things fresh.
    Now if these beauty brands could stop coming up w/ great products Goshdarnit!!!!!!!

  47. Barbara

    I have way too many lip glosses and balms. I must try every new lip balm there is. There are worse vices!

  48. Stasia

    I’m not sure if I have too much makeup… I definitely have quite the eyeshadow palette collection, so I have limited myself to only buying single colors that are really unique and that I have no dupes of. I try to do the same with blush. I try to never have more than one or two mascaras and one black pencil eyeliner open at a time, but I do have extras that came with kits and whatnot unopened and stored. Same with staples like skin care and primers. If there’s a really good sale on products like that I will often buy a few and keep them stored and unopened until I run out of whatever I am using at the time.

    Sometimes I really wish that make up companies made smaller eyeshadow and blush pans and then charged less money. I feel bad that I rarely ever use up or hit pan on these products because it makes me feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth for them. But having a varied collection and being able to create almost any type of look is really nice.

  49. I have way too much, however its due to my job and my blog that I have so much. I clear out and give stuff to friends ALL THE TIME and i still got to much, yikes..

  50. nubian_queen15

    yes. i have way too much make-up.but i don’t think i have enough. and i’m actually grateful we don’t have sephora, because then, i’m not too sure what level my addiction would evolve to. the problem is, i’m still on the hunt for certain things. i havn’t found the perfect foundation (the right color for my skintone, i’m still mixing foundations to get an acceptable color), perfect concealer, perfect face powder, perfect purple eyeshadow, perfect green eyeshadow,… the list is very, very long. perfection isn’t enough though. i like variety as well. different textures, and finishes. you tube and the internet don’t help. anything i can’t find in my country, i buy online. i swear urban decay was created to torment me!! i can’t get enough of their products

  51. i would love to know what you guys class as too much? i have roughly 700 items all up, I just cant describe how much i love it!!

  52. Liz

    I definitely had a OMG I have so much makeup moment recently. I have a lot of certain products. I have a lot of blush and lipstick. I don’t think that I have too many eyeshadows. I’m not as into eye products as much other products. I have 3 main palettes that I work from and a few duos. I have eye pencils in basic colors(black, brown, grey, purple, and green) and 3 gel liners.

    Not sure if this is part of the question, but I have a lot of brushes.

  53. Lark

    Too much? That’s existential fodder, but yeah, probably so. If I worry about my inventory going bad before I make a dent it’s too much. That’s why I cleaned out the Urban Decay sites Sale section last Tuesday night- What if my current stash turns? ( Heh heh, so easy to justify!)

    Besides, I don’t have much UD and these are classic colors. Heard the company was sold, I HAVE to have authentic original UD on hand, right?

  54. stephanie

    It seems like “too much” is probably the opinion of others. Makeup makes me happy, and I’ve never been driven into debt to purchase it, so really, it is none of their business. “Too much” is relative for every single person. I know people who have more than me, and people who have less.

  55. Mimi

    Yes, I definitely have way too much, but I love it all and wear it so………it makes me happy and is a hobby so I think it’s Ok but I do need to become more choosy before I splurge. Oh well, life is for living! When it’s over, it’s over and you never know when it’s gonna be over so enjoy today is my motto.

  56. Nikki

    I have what I consider to be a fairly modest collection of make up, although others around me may consider it to be too much (mainly because very few people around me regularly wear make up). I am by no means a product junkie, and when I find a product that I love, I stick with it! The only products I have double digits of are lip glosses, blushes, and face brushes. These three types of products are my weaknesses, and I continuously buy a variety of them; however, I do rotate use of them all so I don’t feel guilty for continuing to buy more. I also justify buying more products by regularly cleaning out my collection by throwing out old products or giving away products that don’t get as much use. I can’t stand for my storage area to be overly crowded. So basically, I have enough to keep me happy! :-)

  57. isabella

    Probably, but it depends who is doing the judging
    Kardashians No
    someone who wears just mascara and lipgloss Yes!

  58. VickyM

    I don´t have alot…no foundation I would never use it, no eyeliners, no eyeshadows…at all. I have one concelear, two lip glosses, two lip liners, three blushes, one black mascara and like 30 lipsticks lol 😛 . The only outstanding thing is the number of my lipsticks, everything else is either non existent or I don´t have many items of it. I also only have seven nail polishes lol, I think I want to get a new lip gloss now so that I can have three 😀 .

  59. Dinitchka

    Technically I don’t think it’s too much. But everyone else seems to think it’s too much. I have make-up and back-ups of what I use on a regular basis. I have LE’s that I won’t touch. And I have antiques/vinatge that I defo won’t ever touch.

    Nail polish and perfumes are another subject 😮

  60. Peggy

    I definitely have a LOT of makeup, and I really shouldn’t be buying any for a few months. I need to start refocussing my obsession to experimenting with different looks with what I have versus expanding my collection / looking at new products.

  61. angela

    i definitly have too much makeup-more than i need, and most people would say i have too much, however it will not stop me from buying more. i love trying new makeup and having a variety of colors to choose from. i’m the worst with eyeshadow-i just can’t stop buying it

  62. Samantha

    I definitely have too much makeup but I adore it all! I always get comments from my family and friends that I have too much, but I’ve never gotten into debt (or close to it) in order to buy something. This is how I like to spend my “fun” money. I wouldn’t sacrifice tuition or important expenses to buy lipstick. It’s a hobby and a collection for me. I like to play with all my goodies and test things out. I do have a YouTube channel but I haven’t let that push me out of control. I loved makeup before I discovered blogs and YouTube.

    Normally whatever I don’t like I pass along to someone else or sell it. I do tend to keep a lot of my goodies though. I do have backups of limited edition things and favorite products I’m afraid will get discontinued. I probably have more than I’ll ever be able to use but I enjoy it all and wouldn’t trade the time and money I’ve spent growing my collection.

  63. penny

    I have quite a bit, but I still don’t consider it enough because I plan on freelancing and there are still things I need :)

  64. Amanda

    No! I have a few eyeshadow palettes and many lipcolors but my collection is still growing. Those are the two things I buy the most; once I find a blush, foundation, eyeliner and mascara I like, I usually don’t experiment with other brands/products

  65. Azaza

    I think I am in between more than I could wear for a lifetime and Too much! There is no such thing because for my personal use I definitely have too much of some stuff but I am doing freelance work so it is not really too much