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Definitely! I don’t have any ‘rules’ but if I’m just running to the store or popping out for some errands, I’ll skip makeup. If I’m lazy, I’ll even forget about mascara or curling my lashes and head out the door. I try to do at least that though because I have short lashes that could use the extra boost of length and volume!

I don’t wear makeup on days I don’t leave my house unless I’m bored and want to play in my makeup

I often have no makeup days or minimum makeup days. I have such dry skin, I have to take a break when I can 🙂

I’m lucky that I have fairly good skin (and I’m generally happy with my face sans makeup) so I’d say Mon-Fri I don’t wear makeup 🙂

I definitely have no make up days. I love the days when I can just stay at home, have crazy hair and no make up 🙂 It makes putting make up on even better and I enjoy the process more once i’ve had a no make up day!

I often have no makeup day, espacially now because I’m studying during like 10 hours in a day. Usually, I don’t go outside so my hairs aren’t done, my clothes are not very… flattering. Everything fit perfectly XD

the last three days have been no makeup days! i dont know why, ive only really left the house to go supermarket shopping and for lunch with my cousins…. nothign that really requires crazy makeup. i just put sunglasses and lip balm on outside and its good! this said, at school, when shopping with friends, out to dinner, and on holidays i sport mascara, concealer, powder, blush and liquid eyeliner.

Yes. Most days are no makeup days for me. I’m a stay-at-home-mom. But when I do get the chance, you betta believe I’m lockin’ myself in my room and allotting myself a good hour+ to get ready while daddy watches the kids.

yes and im proud of them! i dont always want to wear makeup on all the time. its too much trouble. i believe if u can go around bare-faced and ppl except u and think u r pretty that way, than thats the best kind of beauty.

I have no makeup days. Running my butt off at the hospital doesn’t always lend itself to keeping a face on, so to speak. But probably 2-3 of the 5 days I work, I wear makeup and if I’m not working, I don’t go out without it. I’m 30, now, and have no skin issues aside from a bit of PMS-related acne, so I don’t really feel naked without makeup. If anything, I almost kind of wish my eyelids were naturally polychromatic!

if I ever sleep with my makeup then, the following day I have a no makeup day, which always motivates me to clean my face even I am dead tired 🙂

i have no make-up days! when i’m just staying at home the whole day i definitly wear no make-up. then i give my lashes and my skin time to recreate!

Not really. I only don’t wear makeup when I’m sick.

1) Putting on makeup in the morning is like my personal get-ready-to-face-the-day ritual. I always feel out of sorts if I don’t get to take the time out for myself in the morning even if I barely put on anything at all.

2) My skin actually does way better wearing makeup than not wearing makeup. Firstly, I take much better care of my skin when I do wear makeup (blotting, refreshing), secondly, my primer, foundation and powder all help to soak up oil so it doesn’t clog my skin. When I wear makeup, if I leave it on too long whiteheads start surfacing without fail around 2-3am if I haven’t blotted all day (I put on makeup around 9am daily). When I don’t wear makeup, I start clogging 3-4 hours after I’ve washed my face – literally wearing nothing but moisturizer!!!

Skin does not breathe, at least not from the outside. The top 50 layers or so are actually dead cells that form the primary barrier of your body. Cells “breathe” from the inside, getting oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream. Makeup is only detrimental to your skin if it is clogging your pores. If you wear makeup that doesn’t clog your pores, it shouldn’t be a problem. (And the reason it’s bad to work out or sleep with makeup on is that your body temperature rises, opening up your pores, allowing normally non-pore clogging ingredients to be pore-clogging once your pores shrink back down.)

Yes I do have no makeup day. I love to let my skin breathe so 3/7 days in a weeks I wear no makeup, maybe just some gloss.

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