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I did this with 2 of my MAC shadows and they work even better now! Carbon is notorious for swatching terribly/being patchy, but now it’s sooo creamy. And Electra goes on like it’s wet!

For re-pressing shadows, make sure you use the highest proof of isopropyl alcohol you can find, that way it’ll dry faster. Stars Makeup Haven sells MAC-sized empty pans and empty palettes for a decent price!

For dried out mascaras, gel liners and things like that: Seal them in a plastic bag that you know won’t leak and put it in a cup of hot water for a minute or two… softens it right up! Make sure the water isn’t on a heat source, or else the bag will melt =]

I am really looking forward to reading everyone’s tips! Usually if I have a broken shadow I will crush it up and use it loose or for a lipstick de-pot it!

Do you just add rubbing alcohol? I have a few lorac blushes I took out of a palette I didn’t like, but i’d never tried that before, and they are a little crumbly and seem fragile now.

Nail polish that has become too thick can be thinned down by adding a tiny bit of nail polish remover and shaken.

a mascara thats on its way to drying up can be revived for a few more extra uses by putting them in a cup of very hot water

It’s actually a lot safer to use a proper polish thinner than nail polish remover. Polish thinners usually contain and replenish vital ingredients that may have evaporated from a polish…
Whereas nail polish remover can break down pigments and any other additives. I used to think there wasn’t a difference until I poured a teeny bit of nail polish remover in a glittery polish… it dissolved ALL of the glitter πŸ™
I was sad.

any suggestions for fixing powders that turned hard after wet applications? besides just scraping the yucky layer off?

You can also use eyedrops on gel liner to rewetten it.with eyedrops, not contact solution it has to be actual eye drops.

I do the alcohol trick for powder products.
For gel liners I pour a little bit of the top part of Neutrogena Oil-free makeup remover (the one you have to shake) and mix it with the back of a small spoon; it works beautifully, because of the same silicone base of both products.

Could you elaborate on how I can melt the bottom of my lipstick? I have one that’s broken because it got too hot in my jeans pocket during summer (so I think it melted and then broke) and I’ve no idea how I can fix that. Thanks!

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You could use a blow dryer or a lighter! You just want to get the very bottom of the lipstick (where it connects to the tube) enough so it will be squishy and then harden back in place.

Or, check out Dusty Hunter’s video on organizing/de-tubing lipsticks, if it can’t be salvaged and stuck back to the bottom of the tube; he suggests using small, clear containers to hold lipstick (you do the same thing, melt it a little with a blow dryer, but instead of sticking it back, you pull it out with an exacto knife); that way you can still use it with your fingertips or a lip brush.

I have inglot’s Duraline, and although when I purchased it they told me it was to be used as a waterproofing mix medium, me and my friends only use it for resucitating Fluidines, which otherwise we would just stop purchasing. Really, it is the most lasting (and affordable) solution we have found for them, and sometimes gel products dry SO fast in Madrid’s dry-hot weather you just need to get a solution.

I just bought Inglot’s Duraline for my loose pigments. Can you elaborate on how to revive the fluidlines using the Duraline? Do you mean put a few drops in the jar or wet the blush with the duraline & then swipe the fluidline. I have about 6 fluidlines that are starting to separate and would love to revive them.

I usually put a drop on the Fluidine (or any gel eye liner like Elf’s) and with that I can usually work it for a day or two, no matter how dry it was. Some will say you could do that with olive oil or eyedrops, and they do work to revive gel eyeliners. But Duraline it’s the only thing I’ve tried that gives the eyeliner its original consistency & pigmentation back. My friends also use it for dry mascaras, but I’ve got very sensitive eyes and haven’t dared yet. It’s really a great product if you don’t want to get MAC’s mixing medium!

For broken eyeshadow just crush up whatever is left of the eyeshadow into a fine powder, put some rubbing alcohol and make it a paste. Then if it’s in a single case drop the container so it distributes the paste evenly, if it’s in a palette press it with pantyhose wrapped around a coin the same size as the eyeshadow. Be sure not to use too much with matte colors though.

I’ve revived gel liners with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. Just add a drop in, close the liner tightly, and leave it to soak in overnight. I’ll have to try using mixing medium, too!

Ok, bookmarking this post. Then in case of emergency I can just whip it out.

Sorry, don’t have any tips, except crying when my eyeshadow breaks (as it happened a few days ago with my brand-new Wet n’ Wild shadow,) and then hope maybe my tears can fix it. πŸ˜‰

For drying mascaras: A spray or two of MAC Fix+ into the tube, replace wand and gently stir with the wand. No pumping up and down, this forces air INTO the tube and mascara dries out quicker this way.

For Gel liners: Inglot has a product called Duraline. Its about 7$ and you can revive your gel liners with this stuff, as well as turn powder shadows into gel liners. Stuff is the BEST..

For broken powders.. I have a spice grinder that i use only for makeup. I usually put the broken powder into it, grind it up fine and then put it into a round flat container with a shaker top and apply the product with a kabuki brush.

Yes! πŸ˜€ it was my first try! It isn’t permanent though, so I’d go one drop and one use at a time, no point using a lot of Duraline since it is going to dry out again eventually!

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