Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have any beauty-related New Year resolutions? Share yours :)

Temptalia's Answer.

My beauty resolution is to wear makeup more often.

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34 thoughts on “Do you have any beauty-related New Year resolutions?

  1. Sarah M

    To buy less makeup because I still have so many unused products??? I’m actually laughing whilst I type this because every part of me is saying… “yeah right”!

  2. No matter how tired I am or how late I get in…no going to bed with my makeup still on!!!!

  3. Anitacska

    My New Year’s resolution is to try and spend less on cosmetics and only buy the things I really need/want, and to look after my skin better. Also to lose weight as I have really piled on the pounds over the last year and I need to lose it all (my face has got fatter too and I hate it).

  4. Leea

    I’m going to take care of my skin and try to start a good skin care system that works for me,
    and that I will use it religiously!

  5. Wear more, buy less. =)

  6. Emm

    My resolution is to remember to take off my makeup before I go to bed.

  7. JapaneseBloo

    To wear makeup more often and to buy whatever I want and not fuss over price too much.

  8. ME TOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!BACK TO MAC MORE OFTEN 😉 have a good one Christine!

  9. Stacie

    Get more pedicures! I take good care of my face but I am not so good with my feet, they deserve some love, too!

  10. Brittany

    I’m really bad at washing my face at night if I come home really late! I am hoping that my new clairsonic will help me to wash my face every night! I also want to drink more water to help my skin even more!

  11. Paige

    Im on a no-buy for 2010.
    I’ll only be buying things I absolutely need if I run out of them. (Mascara, face powder,etc)

  12. Rose

    My beauty resolution is to take better care of my skin and to wear a red lip more often!

  13. zoe

    2 deep clean my makeup brushes more and 2 use up some body creams:)

  14. Cherie

    My New Year’s beauty-lution is before I buy to make sure I absolutely need the product, will use the product and that I do not have any dubes in my collection. :)

  15. Stephanie

    My resolutions are to get a series of Glycolic peels to even out my skin tone and texture and to wear makeup more often and grow out my relaxer and go natural.

  16. Miss_M

    Get a good storage system for my make-up
    Clean my brushes more often
    Invest in more good quality brushes

  17. Akia

    I’m the same as you, Christine. I have soooo much make-up and pretty much wear it on weekends only, if that. I’m just too lazy to take away sleep time in order to do my makeup before work in the mornings.

  18. Akia

    oh yeah, and to clean my brushes more often!!!!!!

  19. K

    I am not allowed to buy any more make-up! (Excluding staple items that I use daily or at least once a week.)

    I would also like to SELL my make-up. I have a stash worth literally thousands of completely unused, brand new in-box make-up that I’m sure people are looking for (almost all LE items dating back to 2004.) I was thinking of asking for your help with this, Christine! I’ll send you an e-mail sometime.

    Lastly, I need to take better care of myself – this includes skincare (what is a full face of make-up if it’s not sitting on a nice canvas?) and also going to the gym regularly!

    Great question, better than “Do you have any New Year resolutions?” Thanks!!

  20. Emma

    To take better care of my skin.

  21. DonnaN

    • Never go to bed WITHOUT taking off my makeup
    • Get more pedicures
    • Exercise more
    • Buy more MAC!!

  22. I actually have several.

    1) Organize all my beauty items into a more accessible, space saving way.
    2)Try out pigments.
    3) Wear makeup more often.
    4) Try out different colors, styles, types, looks that are different than my usuals.
    5) Find more budget friendly dupes that work with my preferences.
    6) Give myself more pedicures & manicures. I ADORE polishes (i have 60+) which i actually do use a lot of them – I tend just to change colors instead of focusing on giving myself manis & pedis once a week. Its more like once every 2 to 3 months!

  23. carmen

    mine is to wear different products everday instead of just walking out of the house with only mascara. and to spend equal amounts of money on clothes and makeup, instead of just makeup.

  24. My beauty resolution is to buy make up if I am really going to use it! I got like 16 or 18 new unused MAC lipglasses! Also I want to start a skin care routine. And take care of my feet.

  25. Jessica

    mine is to wear red lipstick more often because i love how confident it makes me feel! :)

  26. J

    To actually use up some of my makeup before buying more – I dont think being on a permanent project 10 pan is very doable, so maybe i’ll just aim for using up 1 or 2 products before buying something else :)

  27. ViVi

    *Kind* of beauty-related: sleep more. 😀

  28. Nicci

    Buy less lipgloss! I keep searching for nice colors and new brands even though I have plenty to choose from now. And also stick to one brand in terms of skin care products…I don’t give them enough time I feel and I give up cause I don’t notice quick results. I found one brand I have been using for a month and I’m really happy, so my search should be done!

  29. ElleryAllison

    My resolution was to wear something different everyday.
    I definately have a lot of products that never see the light of day. And I seem to get stuck in ruts every do often, so I’m determined.
    I already had my roomate hide my everyday quad from me so I couldn’t use just that anymore.

  30. viva

    – buy less makeup! how many eyeliners does a girl need? apparently about 100. :)
    – keep improving my blending
    – spend less time getting ready and putting on makeup

  31. try to use up as much of my current collection so that i wouldn’t have to think twice when a new one catches my eyes.

  32. kay

    eat less sugar, drink more water. Stop buying so many foundations cuz I can only really need 2 max.