Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you have a Sephora Friends & Family Wish List?

  • Yes - my cart is loaded and ready to go! (37%, 739 Votes)
  • Yes... a mental one! (37%, 731 Votes)
  • Nah, I'm going to be good! (24%, 471 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,981

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104 thoughts on “Do you have a Sephora Friends & Family Wish List?

  1. Hannah

    The friends + family sale is usually in the spring, right?

  2. Of Course!

    I’m also heading to my ephora counter today to make sure I don’t want samples of anythign I might want to buy during the sale, and will probably go to my freestanding store during the week to see if there’s any other brands that I want to look at.

    Have you gotten any updates on the sale? As of the last post, you hadn’t heard whether it was online only, one time use, what was excluded, etc.

    • I don’t have any further details. If and when I do, I will update the post :)

      • Thanks. I figured as much, but it was worth a try! I’ve been kind of assuming the “Worst” and building my online cart accordingly.

        So far in it-three illamasqua glosses and lipsticks, one illamasqua shadows, Miss Dior Cherie perfume, MUFE Brow Correcter, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #15, two MUFE cream blushes, a backup of my REN Boswellia Serrata night cream….. We’ll see if I add anything at the last minute.

  3. Michelle

    I’m probably just gonna stock up on some staples. I do want to try Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl highlighter, that will probably be my only wishlist purchase.

  4. Elizabeth

    will someone please explain to me what this is?

  5. Laci

    I’m thinking this is going to be a NARS event for me. I want the Beauty in a Box kit, the Misfit Duo, the Sugarland Duo, the Sex Appeal blush, the Bougainville lip gloss, and maybe the Melusine Duo.

    Although I’m sure I’ll find more things when the new releases come out on Wednesday. 😀

    • Courtney

      Ah I have the Misfit duo and I love it!!! I use the green shade with the blue pearl-y shade from the iceland duo!

  6. Beth

    BRUSHES. I am going to finally get a boat-load of awesome brushes. I’ve been using good ones, time for professional ones. Then there’s that $40 primer, a palette set or two, a lip gloss set. I’m only limiting myself because of the new MAC tartan Tale Collection that will be in my greedy hands on the 19th.

    • Kayla

      Warning! do not get the #40 sephora brand professional blush brush. Worst waste of money. It sheds so much that i practically have to change after i use it.

  7. Rebecca

    We don’t have a sephora in Austria! :-(

  8. Kalex

    I’ve had my shopping cart ready for like two weeks now! I just went to Sephora the other day to test some items I wanted and was able take a few things out. I wanted the new Smashbox set with the Ogloss gold but the gloss turned almost orange on me! Probably better for warmer and darker skintones.

  9. Nicole

    how much is the discount for the friends and family?

  10. Allison

    christine do you know if the sale is online only? or does it apply in stores as well?

  11. Skybluesky

    Yes! I have an account and I’m signed in, but does anyone know how long the items can stay in my cart? Sometimes websites will let you keep in things in your cart (obviously they won’t hold them) and sometimes they’ll delete them in a day or two. Can’t wait!

    Was the coupon code given out already or will it be given here when known? Sorry for being stupid, I just seem to only get junk email and never the good coupon codes!!

    • Brittney

      mine been in mine for a few weeks… because i have been debating if I am just going in the store to buy the nail polish or wait…

    • Laci

      Items have never been removed from my cart and I keep them in there for weeks at a time waiting for new perks/promos.

  12. Crystal

    My cart is ready to go. My strategy this year is to get some high end items that I usually wouldn’t buy from companies like YSL and Dior that I normally wouldn’t buy because of the price tag!

  13. Nicole

    Oh, Sephora! Why do you hate Canadians? We can’t participate in the online sales, we have to spend $120 for free shipping, and there are a bunch of ‘Canada Restricted’ products we can’t buy. I was planning on ordering the 1oz bottle of YSL Parisienne. It would be so perfect for carry-on travel! But nope…they forced me to remove it from my shopping cart.

  14. Anna


  15. barbs

    the friends and family sale is 25% off right

  16. Stephanie

    OMG I just placed a HUGE order from Sephora last night… I am an idiot LOL!

  17. JayJay

    I would, but they don’t honor it for Canadian orders :-( I have a full day of school that day, so I won’t be able to make it to the store.

    Oh well, I would have just spent a bunch of money to save a little money.

  18. Kendra

    I want to try other brands my collection is mainly MAC but i want to branch out to other brands any suggestions I wanna try Smashbox and Nars but not sure what to get from them

    • People rave on NARS blushes. Now would be the time to try them out. I am also a huge fan of Bare Escentuals eyeshadows and the Buxom line totally worth trying!

    • Anastasiya

      Get the Smashbox face primer – AMAZING!!!! And if they still have the Masquarade eyeshadow palette, i searched high and low for it and got one :))

      NARS Orgasm is a pretty obvious one, but I like Taos too. their eyeshadow duos are my favorite although I collect MAC too….
      NARS lipgloss, everyone likes Turkish Delight but there are a whole bunch of nice ones. Oh and the NARS eyeshadow primer, forgot the exact name but it’s just as good if not better than the UD primer

  19. Ludwig

    I DID but then I heard its online only and Sephora doesn’t accept discount codes for Canadian orders :'(

  20. Brittney

    It normally restock of my favorites…
    2 new face products i have been wanting to try… i just think they are expensive will be Ole Hendriksen’s
    Truth is in the Eyes – Eye Treatment
    Truth Serum Collegen Booster – Collegen Booster

    3 New Nail Polishes
    Full Moon – Glow in the Dark
    Read My Palm
    Teal We Meet Again

    Thank Christie!! :)

  21. I have things I want in my shopping list and I’ll be ready to move them to my cart (I don’t know how long items can stay in the cart?). I can’t wait!!!!

  22. DonnaN

    Funny you should ask today…..I’m editing it as we speak…..

    one thing that I did take OUT was the Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb….I have an aversion to Rose scents, and this one was a bit too FLORAL for me.

    I am getting Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm…at a 20% discount, its a good buy, and since you gave it a decent recommendation, I definately want to try it.

    Got any other recommendations to consider?

    • Evelyn

      I must be weird but the Flowerbomb smells fruity to me. Even though I love rose scents I hate that one! lol

  23. Gen

    i’m focusing on fragrances and skincare: the expensive stuff. i’m really excited for this! i’ve missed out on years past because i’ve been living in canada, but i’m moving back to the US this weekend (and no, not just for the sale; it’s just a lovely coincidence 😀 )

  24. Diana

    Do you just go to Sephora’s web site on the 22nd and place an order?
    Is there a code of some sort for the discount?
    Please advise!

  25. sherri

    im adding my items right now. Christine when urban decay has their f+f sale isnt it usually 30% off. i ask because i would rather wait to purchase the ud products i want (which is quite a few) if the discount is 10% more. by the way do you know when their sale usually is. thanks

  26. leesie

    Right now, I’m not planning on getting anything. I don’t need anything, and I don’t even particularly want anything. I mean, I’ve had some MUFE shadows on my wishlist for awhile, but I probably won’t buy them.

  27. Fiaspice

    Yes, but I’m Canada so I can’t take adventage of it :(

  28. What exactly is the friends and family sale? I’m curious because there’s a Sephora opening in my area on the 29th, but if it’s only for one day I would rather get it online? What are the details?

  29. cat

    For the F&F sale do they exclude certain products in the past and does it go fast online? thanks

  30. Joyce B

    I keep a running list on a Word doc. I’ll go to that and pick what I really want when the sale starts.

  31. saku

    My shopping cart is ready, but I have to cut back on some things. My list is longgg, lol. I would mostly try to get one or two makeup kits, and a skincare item, maybe DDF. If I can only get 3 or 4 things. And if I have some money left,I’ll splurge on some brushes.

  32. Kassandra

    GASP. its on the 22nd?!?! but they havent restocked the urban decay naked palette yet!

    • christy

      I was told by Sephora Corporate that they would not get any more Naked palettes until January nationwide

  33. Kate & Zena

    No, I wasn’t aware there was going to be one. My money is going somewhere else this week anyway.

    I’m heading to Michael’s to get more “make-up” brushes, AKA Leow-Cornells. I don’t care what anyone says, make-up brushes are glorified paintbrushes in my mind. If I remember correctly, when MAC was first starting out, they’re brushes were Leow-Cornells; if you’re really bored one day and have an editing program like Photoshop, put MAC brushes over Leow-Cornells. Many, many MAC brushes will match Leow-Cornells in everything (yes, even the kind of hair used) except handle length (paint brushes typically have longer handles).

    Yep, I’m going back to the Leow’s.

    • Though LCs make an affordable option, I find them infinitely scratchier over MAC brushes now that I’ve been using the MAC ones for years and just use the old LCs for using dark shades wet. I used to recommend LCs for affordable brushes but now find EcoTools and Sonia Kashuk brushes better quality than LCs myself.

      I’ve never heard about MAC brushes being made by them, though.

  34. Megan

    I’ve had mine ready ever since your post Christine! I can’t wait:)

  35. Ani_BEE

    Yes despite saving for IMATS Nov. 6th I’ll be getting a few thing during this sale for the first time. I’m torn between getting the Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick Set or the UD Book of Shadows Vol III beause I own the AinW and NAKED palettes already

    I am getting Long-Wear Age-Repair Lip Kit from Korres and Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot. Which means I’ll probably skip MAC’s Tartan Tale all together. ^_^

  36. Kalex

    If my memory serves me correctly, last year they gave VIB’s a special code to use a day or so before everyone else didn’t they?

  37. Sarah

    This is going to definitely be a MUFE haul for me. I’ve fallen in love with their product line–now it’s time to stock up on goodies :) Plus a few NARS products here and there.

  38. Tiffany

    Kate Somerville Exfolikate!! I’ve fallen in love with that stuff…

  39. BethM

    I always keep my wishlist full. I use the “shopping list” function on the website, and I like that Sephora has a mobile site now, so I can access everything easily on my phone. I always keep my list stocked, so I already know what to order without even really thinking about it, whenever they have good GWP’s or sales.

    My main purchases for F&F are usually staples/skincare. So I’ll be getting hand creme, moisturizer, eye gel, etc. I have also been wanting Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Splashes! mascara, but the Sephora store closest to me doesn’t carry Tarte. This will be a great time to order it!

    I have moved things into my shopping cart from my list twice in the last week, but my cart has emptied itself both times. :/ Anyway, it won’t take me long to get my order in.

  40. Cintamani

    yes! i have a rather small haul since i’m going to finally get a clarisonic. the other things will be stuff that are normally higher price since i’ll get a better discount on that compared to a lipgloss that is $20.

  41. Leah

    I’m going to finally cave and get the Clarisonic I’ve been wanting for two years

  42. Ashley Tatton

    So very excited, loaded my cart up with everything I’ve been waiting to get.

  43. Courtney

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for this :] I don’t think I have ever actually gotten to utilize the friends and family thing so I have my cart loaded up and ready to go! so far i have the benefit erase paste, some nail polishes and mascara! How does the family and friends discount work though? Is Christine just going to post the coupon code? or does everyone get a separate one by email? I am kind of confused and sorry if that is a silly question :(

  44. Kristin M

    I’m hoping to pick up the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III and 24/7 Jackpot as Christmas gifts. Thinking about picking up Benefit Girl Meets Pearl for myself. =]

  45. Skybluesky

    I can’t wait! I have some NARS stuff, a Sephora eyeshadow brush, two Sephora clear makeup bags, and some Laura Mercier stuff! Too bad Shu Uemura isn’t sold at their website anymore.

  46. jess

    I really dnt knw if I’ll get much! New clarisonic head and klorane dry shampoo most likely? Maybe one fun makeup item too. Trying to be good!

  47. nicci

    Yes, it is all make-up though and a couple hair products. Skin care products are already covered.

  48. Skybluesky

    For anyone on the fence about getting the Clarisonic…GET IT! I got the Pro version this summer at my derm’s office, mostly because it could also attach the body brush (SO worth it) and it was the same price as the Plus version. The only difference between pro and plus is that pro has an extra cleaning setting, which I don’t use much anyway…only when I have a bunch of hard to take off silicone makeup.

    I use it just 2 or 3 times a week, unless I’ve worn makeup that night…then I definitely use it. Too much is harsh, even on my sensitive skin, but it definitely cleans all the makeup off.

    • Anna

      i’m going to attest to this!

      i received the pro version for my birthday in may and have been using it 5-7 times a week. it really improved the texture of my skin, especially on my chin and forehead!

      it’s also pretty fascinating to try and clean your face the regular way and then follow up with the clarisonic. one look at the bristles and you’ll see foundation and blush you could have sworn was gone.

      the body brush is great as well. i had little bumps on my upper arms and they have almost disappeared thanks to regular use in the shower.

    • Ani_BEE

      Just an FYI Sephora dose not ship Clarisonic products to Canada. :(

  49. Michelle

    If they ever let us Canadians in on the fun, I’d have a mile long list.

  50. BreezyBre

    I have a mental wishlist. I had an emergency dental appointment and drained my poor bank account dry. So sadly once again I can’t participate in this F&F sale! :(

  51. NeenaJ

    I do now! Thanks for the reminder. Am only ordering the things I’ve been lemming for a while:

    Korres Quercetin & Oak Age-reversing Primer
    NARS Blush – Sex Appeal
    TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer – Lighter Than Light

  52. Nina

    From what I’e heard it starts 10/22, and the code is FF2010.

  53. Anna

    so far, my cart contains:

    philosophy candy cane shower gel
    nars albatross
    urban decay deluxe shadow box
    too faced enchanted glamourland (though i’m a bit on the fence with this one)

    any suggestions towards other brands? i’ve been wanting to branch out since most of my makeup collection is ud, benefit, and mac.

    i bought nars orgasm recently and loved it, so i wanted to give albatross a chance!

    with mac’s TT around the corner, though, i feel like i will never be able to afford everything that i want!

  54. I’m in the UK :( I wish I could have a list, it would be massive!

  55. Cathy

    No….my boyfriend’s birthday is this month and I bought him an expensive leather coat.It will be worth it though when I see him open it.He’s been wanting a new one for years.Plus,I’ll be there to celebrate with him so I’m really excited(he lives out of state).None of this compares with new makeup(as much as I do love it,lol).

    • Morenaza

      wow, girl… thats big step or a guy that lives out of state. Im not trying to sound selfish but I would have just bought the makeup instead. That guy would have to be my husband before i go make an expensive purchase on him like that, not just a “boyfriend.” lol. Do u two plan on getting married? and If he has wanted a coat for years I’m sure he would have bought his own by now, right??? Or you could at least help him shop for one.

  56. Cristal

    Cart is loaded! i’m ready lol

  57. Michelle

    For all you Canadians, I called the Toronto Eaton Centre store and according to the person I spoke to the sale is applicable to us.

  58. AnGeLwInGz

    My cart is full, I have a notebook in which I’ve listed each product, price, and item number.

  59. AnGeLwInGz

    btw the promo code is FF2010. (source:

  60. Courtney

    Now’s my time to try exfolikate! I’m excited :) And I always have a cart with stuff I want to buy, it’s my way of remembering products I wanted to try out

  61. Loquita

    I have had my cart ready for at least a week….eeeeeeek. I am stocking up on staples and will try my hardest not to buy any Dior quints or one of the new Guerlain palettes with the incredible packaging.

    Sigh. I love this event!!!!

  62. Vina

    Do you have a wish list yourself (I’m sure you do)? Haha
    you should make a post on it! hhehe.

  63. linds

    I haven’t yet, but I’m going to soon!!!!

  64. Jennifer

    I have been wanting some MUFE items, well… forever so I think this will be my time I also want the Urban Decay jackpot eyeliner set or whatever it’s called and definitely have to get me some Nars. :) :D. I just bought the two new Too Faced pixie palettes today and I don’t regret getting them before the sale as I got the last of the big palettes the store had. I’m sure that one is going to see out pretty quick.

  65. Tori

    only 3 things :) benefit high beam, shiseido eyelash curler(since shu uemura is no longer sold in sephora :( ) and DDF sulfur therapeutic mask which i’ve wanted to try for so long!

  66. meghan

    I want to pick up:
    Nars Sheer Glow foundation
    Nars deep throat or orgasm blush
    A few perfume rollerballs
    A few Sephora by OPI polishes
    and probaby some other little sets and such!

  67. Morenaza

    This is my mental wish list for sephora..

    1. the 3 make forever eyeshadows/palette deal
    2. And the MUFE beauty in the box. Instead of getting the whole box i might just get the 2 cream shadows since i have my own eyeliner and mascara already. (not form muff).

    thats pretty much it… because all that right there is about $100 give or take not including the free ship and 20% discount