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Profile photo of Precious

Same answer as yours, Christine. I always go for liquid foundations because they tend to look and stay on better, powder blushes are also easier to blend than cream/cheek stains. 🙂

Definitely liquid for foundation. As much as my everyday blush is a powder, I do really like cream blushes (although that could be biased by my love of Illamasqua’s formula). For eyeshadows, I like cream and powder equally. I think formula is more important than the type of product. For example, I love cream eyeshadows when they last and apply well, but if not, I hate them.

Profile photo of Megan

BB Cream always, I forget the brand but it’s Korean and is amazing. I like translucent powder and powder blush. I occasionally use liquid foundation and cream blush.

I definitely prefer a liquid foundation, as well. I just find the finish is so much nicer and more natural. I’ve tried to find a powder foundation that I love as much as a liquid but no luck yet :/ As for blush, I prefer powder because for me, it’s easier to blend and lasts longer on my oily skin. Same goes for eyeshadow and bronzer. I also like that they last longer than cream formulas–I have so much makeup that it’s a comfort to know I don’t have to try and use them all up in a mad rush before they expire

Profile photo of Peggy

i prefer powder foundation as it is easier for me to use and control the coverage. I like powder blushes too as i find it stay longer.

Liquid. Powder just never seems to give nice enough coverage, even expensive highly rated high coverage kinds. I’ve never tried cream though.

Yes – powder. When it comes to eyeshadows, blush and bronzer. And of course mattifying powder, but for coverage I of course go for liquid foundation, or better yet BB cream.

Profile photo of Wwendy

Depends on the product:
Powder foundations are typically not favourable for aging skin. I prefer liquid or cream.
Powder blush, I do prefer, find it lasts longer and easier to apply
Illuminating liquids and powders are both fine for me
Eyeshadows, I like to combine different textures

Profile photo of tzwiggy

I prefer powder for everything (except under eye concealer) on my oily skin. It lasts the longest and looks way more natural on me than any cream or liquid product. It’s also easier to apply, control the amount you apply and blend.

I prefer liquid foundation, but I prefer powder for pretty much everything else (although I do like cream products). I have not had much luck with liquid highlighters.

I definitely prefer liquid foundations too! Creams tend to be too heavy, and I only use powder for a bit of a touch-up/de-shine. I prefer powder blushes but am getting into cream ones, and I absolutely prefer powder eyeshadows. Cream shadows are fun but I rarely use them and they expire more quickly!

Profile photo of Mindy

I prefer liquid foundation, but there is a powder one I like. I love the way cream blushes look look but I have to set them with powder, so I prefer powder blushes overall. I live both cream and powder eyeshadows, but overall find powder easier to work with. I like powder for brows. I like liquid and powder for highlighters. And I’ve only used powder bronzers.

Profile photo of rebecca

For foundation, I prefer powder or cream mostly; liquid takes more work to apply and I’m all about least amount of effort 😛 Blush and highlighter, though, I prefer in powder form.Creams can look too greasy on my skin.

I use BB creams as foundations, so whatever those are. I prefer my various primers to be gel, too.

I also prefer liquid lipsticks, although I’m enough less likely to find it that all the ones I wear in frequent rotation currently aren’t.

Otherwise, though I’m almost entirely a pressed powder girl. I definitely have my fair share of creams and loose powders, but honestly they’re more of a pain to organize for me, and that puts them on a lower priority level when it comes to use. My daily stuff has to fit on top of the cabinet that contains all my makeup and skincare stuff.

Profile photo of Keisha

For every day use…I like a loose powder foundation over my bb cream. But when I am doing photo shoots I prefer to use a liquid foundation. As far as blush, my go to has always been powder as I find them easier to apply…but I recently I have tried Bobbi Browns cream blushes and I really like them.

It really depends on *many* factors. For foundation, I find liquids to be the easiest to deal with, but if the weather is very warm (as it often is in SoCal), I typically go for a TM with a powder foundation. However, for an evening affair, I’ll usually go with a liquid foundation. Cream blush/highlighter/contour will yield a more “natural” result, but powders tend to be more convenient, especially with touch-ups. When it comes to eyeshadow, there’s just more of a variety of color available in powder form, so I just stick with that; also, brush cleaning is easier with powders, and I refuse to stick my fingers into any product that will go anywhere near my eyes… Powder cake eyeliners are my all-time favorite, but they are a PITA to always find, so I pretty much stay with liquid. Lip powders are also great, but again, availability & selection aren’t always the greatest, but I have no preference between liquid & cream products. Overall, it’s really a matter of shade when it comes to everything other than foundation. I recently picked up MAC Brit Wit because it’s a color I’ve been hunting for over the last few years, but I’ve never found it in powder form, so I settled for cream.

Profile photo of Sierra

For foundation, I prefer liquid. Powder looks too cakey on me, and I haven’t tried a cream foundation. For blushes, I prefer a cream because it’s easy to blend out with my fingers and looks very natural. For eyeshadow, I prefer powder. Cream creases on me way too much, even with primer.

Never used a cream, aside from BB cream. Only liquid, I despise powder foundation alone but I have used it for setting my BB cream. Since MUFE reduced the amount in their now $35 HD powder, I refuse to buy it and have to use powder foundation to set. Atleast the BB and the powder match my skin tone ~ I’ve also never tried a cream blush! Just powders that I haven’t been impressed by (very cheap stuff, lacking any sort of quality).

I prefer powder for everything (blushes, eyeshadow, highlighters) except I prefer liquid for foundation.

Definitely liquid foundation, I find it gives me the best coverage and yet the most naural finish. i have been experimenting with cream foundations recently but haven’t found anything that completely blows my skirt up…
I’m also very much a powder blush girl (I have literally an entire drawer full) but recently I have discovered Mehron Cheek Creams and they are AH-MAZING! I have to apply very sparingly with a soft goat hair brush but they look SO natural (I always set them with translucent powder afterwards) and if you want to change things up you can always layer a powder blush or highlighter over them.
Highlighter, I stay away from liquid but I like both powder (Sleek is lovely) and cream (Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Afterglow – so exepnsive, but sooooo pretty!) pretty much equally.
As for eyeshadow, it’s very much pressed powder – I just find creams and powders too messy for precision work but that may just be me being lazy… 😉

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