Friday, March 16th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you have a beauty blog?

  • No! (71%, 2,141 Votes)
  • Yes! (27%, 809 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,000

If you have, maybe tell us what made you start one :) Please do not just leave links – you can always put your link in the “website” field, which will be linked from your name in your comment!

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131 thoughts on “Do you have a beauty blog?

  1. Hello!

    I have just started a beauty/bling blog!


  2. Sharon

    I’m planning to start one! Any tips please, Christine?

  3. I love beauty blogging and finding new ones to read!

  4. Yep, and you were one of the big inspirations for me to start it! :)

  5. Such a fun oll :). I just started my beauty blog quite recently and so far I really love it! It does require a lot of work though, but it’s really worth it. You were my biggest inspiration when I started my blog, I really love your beautiful clear photographs!

  6. I do. It’s a way for me share my experiences as a makeup artist by transferring my knowledge into a more basic template for everyday looks and beauty tips. This way, regular women can benefit from what I’ve learned. I also attempt to cater to different skin and eye colors. Most blogs I’ve seen feature products that only work on the blogger herself. And I’ve also made a bunch of cool friends through blogging! :)

  7. Sort of. A lot of what I do is beauty, but it’s not a beauty blog. If I want to post an outfit, I will. If I want to post what I had for dinner, I’ll do that, too. Lately it’s been a lot of nail polish.

  8. Just resign my beauty blog, super excited about it πŸ˜€

  9. MonicaP

    I’ve thought about starting one .. as I’m 45 and I certainly have different needs than a 25 year old .. although, I have to say, I love younger women’s point of view as well .. so I’ll keep following this blog of course :-)

    • I think you should… I follow one called “when you’re 50 and still like make up” (my translation to the original name in Spanish), and I really like to read her. I also read blogs written by gals 18 or so on, I just love to see how we have different needs depending on each moment of our lives -I’m sort in the middle, in late 20’s.

    • amy

      I’m 38 and I’ve been seriously thinking of starting one for the same reason. I’ve also been obsessed with find dupes and other alternatives to high end makeup and those pesky limited edition colors that some companies love to put out.

  10. Yes I have one!! Started it when I lost my job and I love finding out beauty information!


  11. I started blogging a couple of years ago since I felt I needed an outlet for my enthusiasm. I used to practice doing makeup at home in the evenings and for some strange reason wanted to share my creations, too. It soon grew to be much more than that, I write about all beauty-related things and enjoy myself immensely. :) The best thing are the wonderful people with whom I can talk about anything, not just glitter and lipgloss.

  12. I love my blog, but I feel like there’s so many!

  13. I do have a beauty blog. I began switching over to more natural products late last year, and I couldn’t find too many helpful resources during the process. So, I made my own.

  14. My passion for nailpolish! Nothing more, nothing less. And while doing that, I also love blabing about other things in my life. So it’s a nailpolish-beauty-personal blog.

  15. I just started blogging! I already had tumblr and a blog about pro-cycling but I also wanted a place to share my make up thoughts. I like to write (in Dutch, sorry) and take pictures.

  16. I started a beauty/cosplay blog this year simple because I had been doing swatches and reviews for year on a Makeup forums. I figure I might was well but that work into a searchable blog instead. It’s also a cosplay blog for me on product reviews/seller and WHEN I get to it tutorial on wig styling/dying and props.

  17. I started my blog only to show my makeup work but I liked bloggin so much that now I post everyday.

  18. I wanted an outlet for my developing love of all things beauty, and to join the great community of girls sharing swatches and recommendations. I was really loving reviews on Makeupalley, so blogging was the next step. I really enjoy the process and my precious readers make it worthwhile

  19. Yes! I started mine in January, and I really love blogging – I update once or twice a day. I’ve been reading blogs for such a long time, and I just wanted to share my thoughts. It’s so much fun :)

  20. I’m a freelance illustrator, so my blog is where I share my work along with sketches and notes about the jobs.

    I also post watercolour cards I paint for my family and silkscreened t-shirts I make as gifts for my friends (everything is tagged on my blog if you want to take a peek :) ).

    Occasionally I’ll post something that is beauty-related, such as sketches of make-up in my collection — Christine was kind enough to share those with her readers which led to a paid assignment where I did watercolour illustrations of perfumes for a magazine! I definitely want to do more beauty-related art in the future. I’m so addicted to cosmetics and skincare!

  21. I have a nail polish blog) Once I thought I have so many polishes I should tell people about them)

  22. I wouldn’t label my blog a beauty blog, but beauty is a big part of it. I live in Amstedam and I’m a big fan of American Brands and things. Inspired by Kandee Johson I became a make up artist and started to blog :).

  23. I’d been thinking about starting one for a while and finally cracked last month haha. It’s a lot of fun!

  24. I started my blog because I LOVE all things beauty and enjoy sharing different things I find or love.I also love looking at other people blogs and finding really cute new products that I never would have thought to look twice at before :-)

  25. I started mine as sort of a “new year’s resolution” this January – I had been wanting to for a while so I just did it! It’s mainly focused on nails because I love nail polish, but I also have some eye/face looks up there too. I mainly just wanted a place to share my favorite nail/makeup looks that I do. Sometimes I’ll be obsessed with my nails and try to show my boyfriend and he doesn’t care, so I wanted someone to share it with, haha!

  26. Hey Christine!
    I’ve started blogging 6 months ago, simply because I love make up! and I enjoy reading beauty blogs, and watching beauty gurus on youtube. I always wanted to share my opinion on products, and also wanted to know others’ opinions too! that’s why I started to blog. I started to really enjoy blogging recently, I got new friends from all over the world, with the same interest ; make up! lol πŸ˜‰

    thank you Christine, for being one of my inspiration <3

  27. I was due to undergo accutane treatment and knew I wanted to document it and I already blogged about book reviews and knitting so figured YouTube would be a good, different way to do so, in order to get comfortable in front of the camera I decided to do a few videos about beauty products in general (as I watched so many channels about it already) and a friend thought a blog would be a good way to support the videos, and I agree sometimes it is more practical to write things :)
    It started really as posting about items I had purchased and showing my nails once painted, but has turned into more.

  28. I’m trying to startup my beauty blog, this will be my third attempt to get moving, this time it looks like its going to work.

    Third times a charm I guess!

  29. New to blogging too : )

  30. I love reading beauty blogs. Then, I got a digital camera for Christmas. A monster was born:-)

    Seriously, I research everything before buying, so beauty blogs have been invaluable to me. I’m having a lot of fun doing mine and enjoy contributing my perspective.

  31. I just started one this week!

    finally decided to jump in and become part of the community
    I’ve been in the sidelines so long…
    I’ve only got a couple of posts up and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one reading it but I keep taking pictures and writing down ideas for interesting posts. It’s very empowering!


  32. I have a beauty blog. It is where I can share my love for makeup with my fellow beauty lovers. I rarely make a purchase without reading reviews or looking at swatches online (Temptalia swatches of course). I am hoping that my reviews or swatches can also help out everyone as much as other Beauty Bloggers have helped me.

  33. My obsession with makeup and makeup blogs made me start blogging. I thought hey I have tried a lot of different makeup and have my own opinions on it too why not share them. I also have a skin type that a lot of people don’t talk about (dry sensitive skin) so I thought maybe I could help someone and find help from others. I just started it so maybe you can all check it out and help support me!

  34. It’s become my obsessive hobby ^_^, I’ve found a lot more joy in it than I ever thought I would lol

  35. MimiG323

    i need to start one… i have plenty of makeup, nail polish, and a tech boyfriend… its just a matter of getting started! Also I don’t have very good writing skills so i’m afraid that will hold me back :(

  36. I have a parenting and beauty blog. As a busy working mom of 3 kids under 5 I feel like I have a lot of tips and tricks that I have acquired along the way that I love to share with other moms (and women) who will find the info helpful. I love all things beauty and even though my life is crazy, at least I can look good while trying to be a “super mom”. I have blog posts about beauty reviews, hauls, parenting tips, recipes and other great tips to help other busy moms.

  37. I started my blog about a year ago, as a hobby. I’ve been a beauty junkie for a while now, and most of my friends know it and always ask me for recommendations on what foundation to get, which shade and formulation of lipstick I like, and so on… so I just decided I should share my experiences. So I started writing. At first, it was just in Spanish, but since I read many blogs in English and also go into forums written in English, my blog is now bilingual. I have too much fun and love it, I’ve met some great people through my blog.

  38. Eda

    i have a fashion & style & design blog actually but sometimes i share beauty trends from runway shows and how i tried them or some products that i bought and liked :)

  39. I started blogging last year when I noticed that there are not so many beauty blogs in Arabic language. Temptalia inspired me to start my own blog for Arabic people who don’t speak English.
    Thank you christine :)

  40. I started one about 6 months ago, along with a YouTube channel, and you were one of the big inspirations behind it! Actually, at first I thought why bother, since I could never equal you on review or photo quality. Then I realized, we all have our own voices, so why not at least try? :)

  41. I have a parenting and beauty blog. As a busy working mom of 3 kids under 5 I feel that I have a lot of tips and tricks that I have acquired along the way. I love all things beauty and makeup – and even though my days are crazy busy, at least I can look good while trying to be “super mom”. I have blog posts on beauty reviews, hauls, parenting, recipes and other tips to help other busy moms like myself. I love to share my knowledge with others and hope to make their lives easier.

  42. I started blogging last year when I noticed that there are not so many beauty blogs in Arabic language. Temptalia inspired me to start my own blog for Arabic people who don’t speak English.
    Thank you christine :)

  43. I have a beauty blog called Prime Beauty for women over 40. I’ve always loved makeup but pretty much gave up my addiction for career and family. After turning 40 (quite a few years ago), I started to feed my addiction again by joining MUA (where I “met” you) and reading blogs. I found that so many blogs were geared toward 20-30 year olds and my tastes and skin issues had changed so drastically I couldn’t relate, so I started my own blog geared specifically for women over 40 and their issues! That was 2 years ago and I enjoy it immensely but it takes much more time and dedication than I EVER realized! Thank for inspiring me, Christine!

  44. i started my Blog last year but from last 6 months i am not working on that due to some serious reason…. now i want to start again soon i will start InshaAllah…

  45. Can you please visit my blog and recommend few additions as i want to improve my Blog… I will love to hear from you soon :)

  46. I do, I do! And I started it to share my love for nail polish and mineral make up.

  47. Wow, 313 so far have beauty blogs. We are a prolific group!

  48. I’m a violin maker and I have a blog on my website. I’m in the minority being a woman violin maker but I will say that having an eye for color in make-up does translate into being able to match and fix violin varnish really well.

  49. Coucou,

    Just started a blog! It’s for people with sensitive skin, sun allergies,and ladies who just prefer to be pale beauties :-)

    Have a lovely weekend y’all!


  50. Cool Post!! I enjoy being a beauty blogger and admire your dedication and time you put into your awesome site :-)

    Ps any tips on lighting for product pictures?

  51. Yes I have a beauty and fashion blog :) xoxo

  52. Liz

    I started a blog because I soon came to realise how useful swatches & reviews were for me when I moved abroad. Most of my beauty purchases have to be made overseas & online so I can’t always get to see products in person, so blogs have become invaluable to me. And here in Cyprus we have a lot of Greek branded cosmetics like Korres & Erre Due & it can be hard to find swatches etc for the smaller local brands, so I get a lot of local readers checking out my swatches & guides to buying online with free or low cost shipping rates.
    Of course my first stop for reviews etc is you Christine, because you are not A beauty blogger, you are THE beauty blogger & we all bow to your awesomeness πŸ˜€

  53. I started one to share my thoughts on products and record how far my “skills” have progressed. I stopped for a while because i’ve been ill, but got back into blogging last year because I love interacting with everyone that shares the same interest as I do and as a creative outlet. Of course, it also makes me happy =)

  54. I started my blog (and vlog) at a time where I was feeling quite alone….I was told I couldn’t and I wasn’t good enough & that I wouldn’t succeed – It was the only creative outlet I had that kept me from feeling the way I did & kept me from loosing myself in all the negativity :) After that it blossomed – I became a Professional make up artist and now share all my experiences and the like with those interested.

  55. I do! well, it’s in it’s first stages, but i just love to share my love for everything beauty related with other people :)

  56. I have a beauty channel on youtube and have been vlogging about beauty now but only have been doing it since october 2011. I do have a blog and have not been very good about keeping up on it because I feel like vlogging is more my thing. I love yours so much and i use it like the reference section at a library

  57. Yes I do! I just started it recently. I had a lot of free time and needed a creative outlet so it has definitely been a fun, interesting experience so far. I think your blog is amazing and your posts are always clear and well thought out with great pictures to go with them!

  58. Xero

    I don’t…but I’d like to start one…

  59. I just started mine a little over a month ago. It was a way for me to share what I’ve learned with my friends. More and more I’ve found it’s a way for me to push myself to try products or techniques that I’m unfamiliar with.

  60. Yes I do
    I started because none of my real life friends are that into makeup, so I needed place for all of the energy:)

  61. I do, from a couple of years… but I didn’t think it would become such a huge passion of mine… I started posting some looks for a couple of friends, really…

  62. Liz

    I started mine when I found a cache of makeup that had gone missing in a move and had been purchased and used in the 1980’s. Memories! I wanted to document and share my “period” pieces.

  63. Ali

    I started my nail polish blog about a year ago because each time I painted my nails I would spam my poor sister with a million photos raving about what a pretty color I was wearing. So, I decided to give her a break and share my gushing with people who might be interested. :) I don’t get to post as often as I would like though.

  64. I started a couple of years ago because I wanted to keep track of looks like liked or didn’t with my eotds, and wanted to get more swatches out there of indie makeup.

  65. Val

    I am writing a beauty blog but my baby is barely six months old :)
    It’s good if you have a “work ethic” of sorts because it does take time and patience to maintain. But it’s really rewarding – you get to showcase some work or write some advice. And for what it’s worth, it gets my creative side to wake up and get out there!
    I was inspired by UniqueDesire’s Kassie, MakeupYourJangsara, GlitterIsMyCrack, of course TEMPTALIA and Marlena from MakeupGeek!

  66. i’ve had a blog for years, first started a personal one in like 2003 and then beauty oriented in like 2007 :)

  67. I got into makeup late in life. I started my blog because I wanted to help women who wanted ideas for eye looks that were colorful but not too over the top; something that could be worn to work, but not your typical neutral eye. I also figured I’d share my obsession with eye shadows.

  68. Sam

    I voted yes since mine is technically in the works πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

  69. I’m a beginner in blogging but I already love it! I got interested after seeing amarixe’s blog after watching her YouTube videos. I thought it would be fun and I’m glad I started it! Please check it out!

  70. I started my beauty blog simply to share my love of makeup and knowledge with others. I hadn’t thought of actually doing one until a friend said I knew so much about makeup she was surprised I hadn’t started one yet. It’s fairly new, but I’m really enjoying it and the feedback from readers. Just wish I could post more than I do but the job that pays the bills also pays for that high-end makeup I love so much. LOL!

  71. I started a blog so I could share my love of makeup with everyone who will listen! :)

  72. Yes, I do! I wanted a blog to air my love and opinions about makeup so tadah, I set up one :)

  73. After deciding to both leave our careers in Corporate America to be Stay at Home Moms, my friend and I felt as though our passion for beauty products could turn into a hobby. It became clear when we would constantly rely on one another for an opinion of a product or style. It happened via a text message: “We should start a beauty blog :)”. From that moment, we excitedly created and are having so much fun. We have the best of both worlds; playing with makeup and sharing it with our friends while maintaining our sanity as we raise our kids!

  74. My beauty blog is or something πŸ˜‰ xx

  75. I started a beauty blog when my friend introduced me to beauty blogging. At that time, I do not know much about makeup then and thus, the blog was a platform for me to pen down my thoughts and my journey with makeup. Hence, the name Icefrost Beauty Diary :) Icefrost is just my nickname!

  76. I have a blog where I review/ discuss beauty products, looks, etc., but I also talk about just about everything else- movies, news, music, my writing and other creative projects, random stuff that comes to mind- so I could never call it a beauty blog. I guess my lack of concentration spills over into everything.

    It’s funny, because that sort of “poly-blogging” is apparently a BIG no-no, but I’m so used to doing things that way I don’t think I could change, even if I wanted to.

    • You gotta do what you love and enjoy – and there are plenty of blogs built around the person as a whole! And truly famous/successful bloggers at that :)

  77. I started mine to share my thoughts on the products I’ve used, and also other musings like my furry BFF!

  78. Veronica

    Blogging is one of those things that I feel requires a considerable amount of time and personal drive to maintain, both of which I unfortunately have in limited quantities. I do have a Livejournal, which I occasionally do fashion/beauty posts on, but nothing of the nature of a review/tutorial blog.

  79. Mine is a mixture of fashion and beauty. I try to do as much beauty as possible, but it’s more on the fashion side.

  80. Yes, I do! =) I started one when I started out makeup. That was the time that beauty blogs started blooming, and I couldn’t find what I want to find, that is, cheap AND good makeup. So i thought that as I go along in real life, trying to find my own Holy Grail that is both cheap and good, I’d blog to record down those that are bad, and share those that are good with others. Just in case, anyone out there is also looking for cheap and good like myself.

  81. Jen

    Yeah… But I’m not very good at updating it. I’m trying to decide if I really want to blog myself, or if I just enjoy reading others. πŸ˜›

  82. I started my blog after writing a guest article for Karen of MBB. The feedback and comments was the momentum I needed to get started. Writing and sharing with beauty lovers is really fulfilling. Thank you for being a great blogger!

  83. I started a blog as I enjoy reading other people’s so thought I’d start my own. It’s a nice hobby and a good excuse to trawl the internet for gorgeous pictures and to buy beautiful make-up!


  84. KC

    I started my blog because I couldn’t find any for my country Barbados. Sometimes the products we have here weren’t being covered by international blogs and back when I was getting into makeup most blogs only talked about MAC. When I started the blog near the end of 2009, MAC had been here for about a year and it fueled my love for makeup. Plus I just wanted an area for me to talk about makeup to my heart’s content without people rolling their eyes at me, lol.

  85. I do, because I like sharing my opinions on makeup alley and such, so I figured I’d start doing them on a different format. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy products without feeling guilty =D I’ve become relatively successful, with about 1K followers. n_n

  86. I have one! Before I started it, I usually just made really short (140 character) comments on products in my Twitter acct, but decided that that really wasn’t enough.

  87. I dont know to be honest…Once I felt just like writing and so I started a beauty blog.. and now I am intending of writing reviews of the products I use :)

  88. I started a blog so I could share my opinions on things with others and I love reading them so why not make one? xx

  89. Yes, I have one :) I started at 2010 until now. I really love makeup and everything about beauty. I feel free when I’m writing on my blog. Yeah, my blog talk about review and tutorial. Thanks to be my inspiration. God Bless ^^

  90. My cousins and I had a group text message that had been going on for weeks and weeks of us just sharing pictures of our manicures and nail polish deals we scored.
    Once some of our manicures on Pinterest ended up being repinned hundreds of times, we just decided to start a blog together!

    Blogging has become such a fun way to fill up my free time. And trust me, it’s a lot easier when you are one of three contributors!

  91. I love to share info on beauty products ! I just started my blog as well, I don’t know if I will continue for a very long time, it’s not easy since I don’t speak english very well but it is a great opportunity to learn and improve this language ! I love reading beauty blogs, it’s also fantastic to get to know more bloggers or beauty fans and make new friends !

  92. Not so much a beauty blog but I recently started a fashion/beauty blog with things I love and Outfits I would put together. Come by & see :)

  93. My blog is a personal one, but I’ve been focusing on beauty more recently. I do gyaru style makeup, like what you’d see in some of Promise Phan’s recent videos!

  94. Nicole

    I have a blog, but not a beauty related one. I started blogging in 2006 mostly about personal topics, because some of my girls lived far away and this was a way of telling them, what’s going on in my life. Then a stopped blogging for almost 3 years and now started again a kind of “livestyle” blog about my life.

    I don’t write a beauty blog, because I don’t have the money to buy high-street products and the time to review them. I have my stash and I love all my products, but I like reading beautyrelated blogs.

  95. Hi everyone, I’m french and I have a beauty blog too & fashion, shopping…. I read all my blog in French but you can change language to understand what I say :). I already write a english post on my Beats by Gaga, it was a good experience for me & it was a initiative to practice and improve my english, it’s very important to talk write english, speak & exchange conversation with all girl who speak english <3.
    Your blog is very interesting & rewarding. Fortunately, you're here ! When I need a swatch about MAC, I always consult your photo and your consult, it's very cool :). So thanks you to be here for us ^^!

  96. Hi everybody! My name is Kristiana and.. yes I have a blog.
    I do very creative and interesting looks!

  97. AuntSat

    Who needs to blog about beauty when we have Temptalia? :)

  98. I started my blog because I wanted to share my love of nail polish with others.

  99. Yes I do! I had been reading beauty blogs for about a year before I decided to start blogging myself. In the beginning I wanted to do a personal blog, with beauty, cooking, and pets all thrown in. However, very soon I figured out I want to write a beauty blog the most, so I have kept it that way! Not a lot of people in my life share this passion with me, and I guess that’s why I need to share my passion with a virtual community :)

  100. I have a blog but I don’t really post about everything beauty. I started it so I could keep track of all of my nail polish swatches and so I would have something to refer my friends to when they asked about a particular color.