Friday, June 29th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you get regular manicures?

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46 thoughts on “Do you get regular manicures?

  1. Vivian

    I made a decision that if i was going to hoarde makeup especially nail polish, i would never indulge in getting a manicure. It’s a trade off, although the compromise seems uneven given how much nail polish i own.

  2. Lauren13

    I find manis to be expensive where I live, but where I grew up, they are about $18-20 for BOTH a mani and a pedi.  In the summer, I like to get pedis every 4-6 weeks to keep my feet looking good for sandals.  I will typically do both a mani and a pedi at that time.  But the other 7 months of the year, I don’t really do manis or pedis unless I’m visiting my parents and can get them done cheaply.  I paint my own fignernails every week and I paint my toe nails every 2-3 weeks, so I almost always have polish on.

  3. Concertchick

    I can’t do my own nails (shaky hands) so I go every 2 weeks religiously.  I also have them wrapped – without wraps I wouldn’t have any nails at all – my nails are thin to begin with.  Yes, I know all of the bad things about wraps, but I’ve been doing it for years and haven’t had problems . . . as long as you have a good nail tech and it’s maintained all should be good.

    • blueraccoon

       @Concertchick Out of curiosity, have you considered gels? I used to have silk wraps, then stopped for a while, then I had acrylics, and now I have gels. Of them all, I like the gels the best :) 

      • Concertchick

         @blueraccoon I haven’t tried gels.  I started with acrylics, then silk, now I just have powder wraps and it seems to be OK.  Do the gels involve the UV light?  The light does scare me, since there’s skin cancer in my family . . .

  4. Abby

    I’ve entertained the thought (who DOESN’T want to be pampered here and there?), but manicures are something I can do on my own– plus I can’t seem to get past the fact that, for the price of a manicure, I could get a few bottles of new polish.

  5. t_violet

    I do because I have acrylics (which I know are tacky but I love having long, glittery nails).

    • blueraccoon

      @T_violet – I used to have acrylics, but switched to gels a couple years back. I find they’re easier and don’t yellow the way acrylics do, plus you don’t have to deal with all the powders and the mess. Have you considered gels?

  6. No, I very rarely ever do!
    In France, a professional manicure is just too expensive. Now that I live in the US, I’ve tried the “cheap” nail salons where you can get a mani + pedi for $25 or so, but I wasn’t impressed with the result. It was far from flawless, and if I want just good looking nails, but not perfect, I can do my manis myself! Not worth the price IMO.

  7. I don’t get them at a salon or anything but I do them myself :)

  8. Saga

    I have my gel nails redone once a month :) Totally worth it!

  9. Ashley Bianca

    I usually just file, buff, shine and paint my own nails.

  10. Jo

    I find I can paint my own nails just as well or better. Sometimes they just layer and layer the polish on and it smudges when you try  to pay…I’d rather take my time at home with a film and then I know I have the colour to fill chips in.

  11. Teresa

    I go rock climbing regularly and I like to keep my nails short so a manicure will get ruined easily. I do paint my nails though! They chip pretty much each time I go so I get to paint them a few times a week. 😀

  12. nacacijin

    At a salon? No, never.
    At my house? Absolutely :)

  13. MakeupObsessed

    Total waste of money! I’d much rather do my nails myself

  14. EstherKudron

    I used to get manicures when I was younger, and my mom needed to keep me occupied while she was getting her hair done. Since then, I’ve gotten my nails done once. I prefer to save money and do my nails on my own, plus I’m wary of sanitation or lack thereof.

  15. AnGeLwInGz

    I give myself a mani about once a week. More or less often depending on the quality of polish I use.  Pedi’s once or twice a month, they seem to last longer.

  16. xamyx

    I used to go regularly for manicures, and pedicures, too-until I saw an expose on the news one night that talked about all the hidden “dangers” that lurk in salons. I try to keep my nails in good condition myself, and I’ve invested in tools & products to do them myself.

  17. I’ve had a manicure once before and wasn’t that pleased with it! With the exception of the hand massage, I feel like I much prefer doing my own nails. Plus, how else can I justify my extensive polish collection? :)

  18. Wenz

    I don’t go get them done, I do them myself very regularly :)

  19. Miss J

    I always like the way my nails look best when other people do them since I don’t have a steady hand, but someone always cuts me when doing them, so it freaks me out that I’m going to get like a flesh eating bacteria, LOL. I mean, no joke, every freakin’ time, someone cuts open my damn skin, and it’s usually because they don’t listen or understand.

    • xamyx

      @Miss J Even though I know all the things to look for in terms of “hygiene” or “sanitation” (good & bad), I still don’t feel comfortable enough to go to a salon. I file regularly, moisturize my cuticles, & polish my nails, so my nails are in pretty good shape. Even when I did get my nails done, I *always* either brought my own, or bought one there. I can easily get a sense of how they clean their tools, but who knows what lurks in those little bottles of nail polish.

  20. blueraccoon

    I get a manicure every two weeks – I have gel nails, and I do gel polish, so it takes time but I never have to wait for anything to dry, I can just go and be on with my day. My natural nails are very soft and weak and tend to split and peel, and I have a bad habit of biting them even with polish on. I used to have acrylics, and that kept me from biting them, and then I switched to gels because they’re so much better. I always wanted to have long, beautiful nails in high school and college, and now I do *g* I get a pedicure about once every six to eight weeks, more if I’m going to a fancy event or something. I actually just got my nails done yesterday, so now they’re a very pretty coral creme with a bit of shimmer.

  21. larissaelou

    It’s kind funny to think about that…cause here in brazil, almost every woman get their nails done by a manicure… like every week!

  22. MargaretJ

    I learned to do my own manicures while in junior high school. It was the first beauty routine my mom allowed me to do. I’ve had  long, natural nails for as long as I can remember. It feels odd if I don’t have long nails. Due to my job (in a lab) I don’t use polish very often but still cut, file, shape, etc. on a regular basis.

  23. Everytime I get a manicure, my nails ALL peel off the next day. I’m also left with scars on my skin -_- I feel like it’s just not worth it when I can do a so much better job!!

  24. queen_frostine

    I never pay for manicures as of the 3 I’ve gotten, none were good enough to convince me that paying a professional is worth the expense.  I do a good enough job on my own, and my personal color collection is much more to my taste than the average salon’s!  I do go in for pedicures whenever I expect to spend time in sandals though.    

  25. I do my own nails, every Sunday night. I can’t stand other people getting near my nails! 

  26. Lenita

    manicures never, but pedicures though! about once every 2-3 weeks, basically every time i change color. 😀

  27. TerriMcMillanMansfield

    I have horrible nails so I went and got gel manicures twice.  It occurred to me that all you need to be able to do with those is apply polish so when the OPI/Sephora home gel system came out I jumped on it.  I have had it for 2 weeks or so now and have done 4 manicures (mine and my daughters) and I have to say:  I love it!!!  The polish lasts about 10-11 days without chipping and looks gorgeous and shiny the whole time.
    At $30 for a salon gel manicure, this pays for itself quite quickly.  One of the best beauty buys I have made ever.

  28. I don’t think I had my first mani pedi until I was 30! My family just didn’t get them done, so I never saw the purpose in having them. I’ve only had it done about 3 times.

  29. don’t think I had my first mani pedi until I was 30! My family just didn’t get them done, so I never saw the purpose in having them. I’ve only had it done about 3 times. That said, I do my own nails all the time.

  30. AS1929

    I like doing my nails myself – nails every 2-3 days, toes once a week.  

  31. freshpinklips

    I do my own nails. Kind of not worth the gas and money to go to a salon when I can do it myself in the comfort of my own home. Besides I could use the money I save for Friday Haul. lol.

  32. Ana G

    I have gel nails so I have to go to the manicure at least once every three weeks. But I always go before to file them a bit because they just grow and grow…plus, I’m really picky with colors so I always leave them colorless so I can paint them to my taste and I change color every week.

  33. Azaza

    I dont get manicures that often since I can paint my own nails. Maybe once a month or so but pedicures are a must for me every 2 weeks

  34. Screamer77

    I give myself regular manis. I change my nail polish every 3-4 days, and about every 4-6 weeks I go to the salon just so they can take better care of my cuticles and give me a massage.

  35. Getting a manicure is not worth it to me. I usually destroy it by the time I get out to my car and the nail tech will have ripped my hands up messing with my cuticles. I used to get acrylics, and it was even worse with the file/drill right on sensitive bone. I get a pedicure occasionally for special occasions because keeping up with my feet is more difficult.

  36. Marie

    I had one once, and I was so displeased with the result (sloppy and uneven) that I never tried again.
    I’m satisfied with how I do my nails, so I don’t see the point in spending money on something I can do fine  by myself.

  37. Mariella

    While I love pedicures, I find manicures to be somewhat painful (I think my nail beds are, perhaps, a bit sensitive) so it’s not enjoyable for me. I do like how much longer a professional manicure lasts on my than a DIY job does but since neither lasts especially long, I’d just as soon pass, keep my nails bare (or do a quickie polish application when I want to look special) and spend my money on a pedicure or facial, both of which I find relaxing.

  38. Bobbinoggin

    I’ll get pedis, but am way too anal to let someone els do my nails.

  39. Silkilini

    Oh yes, every two weeks!!

  40. alison p

    now, i voted ‘no’ on this poll, because i don’t go get regular manicures – but i do do my own nails about twice a week!

  41. Moni

    I love getting them done because the salons are much better than I am at cleaning up my cuticles, but it’s not really worth it for the complete look because nail polish never stays on my fingernails longer than 3 days. I change my polish all the time, usually every other day.

  42. Amanda

    I haven’t ever had one yet, but I’m planning to in the next month