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No way! I think it looks so fake. I can always tell from a mile away when people have filled in their brows.

It doesn’t look fake if you know how to do it. But I agree that I do see a lot of people with very fake looking brows. Fake looking brows is often a result of too dark color and very sharp/defined lines.

That’s only badly filled in brows – when people do a good job, you definitely can’t tell.

I agree that badly filled in brows look awful though.

The answer to this question doesn’t come up right. It’s about buying makeup for a special occasion. But, I fill in my brows everyday. They’re super blonde, and without something, my face looks unfinished.

Everyday! This is one of my mandatory makeup steps. I have really sparse dark eyebrows so if I don’t fill them in, it is very noticeable! I also find that dark refined eyebrows really makes your makeup look polished. I use eyeshadow and an angled brush to apply. It looks the most natural in my opinion.

I should fill them in because the hairs are really fine and look patchy, but I’m usually too lazy to do so. Plus, I can’t find a really good color to fill them with.

Tinted brow gel works great for unifying patchy looking brows. Revlon, Anastasia, and MAC make good ones. I use MAC browset in Beguile every day. It’s super easy and looks completely natural. Thanks to the sheen they even glow a bit in sunlight like real hairs instead of looking cakey, thick, and fake. For special occasions or for nightlife I’ll define them a little more along the arch with an ashy brown powder and angled brush.

If I feel like it. I’m currently growing in my eyebrows, actually, and they’re REALLY patchy–does anyone have any recommendations for a brow/lash growth serum that’s effective but not too expensive? The way my brows grow in naturally, my arch is simply in the wrong location (I have bald spots where they should be!).

I don’t know any effective serums but about two months ago I started taking Biotin which is a vitamin that promotes hair and nail growth. Since using it my brows are not as patchy and it takes me less time to fill in my brows also my lashes are growing too. Biotin is not a quick fix but you will definitely start to notice results in about 6-8 weeks with daily use like I did. I took 1 5000mg pill per day with my multivitamin.I highly recommend to research it or talk to your doctor before starting and see which amount of dosage is right for you.

quick fix is take a mascara primer and go thru your brows. let dry and shape brows, powder on top of primer. fixs patchiness immediately while growing in hair

castor oil πŸ˜€ i heard it’s good for lashes too, tho kinda oily for that but for brows i guess it’ll be fine

Brow and Lash Serum with KGF and it’s only $9.50!!You can buy it at Skinactives.com.Their skincare is great,too.

I like to fill them in only to the point of keeping the shape of each as similar as possible, and to minimize spots that look a little too sparse.

Yes!! I almost never go out the house without filling in my brows. When I have time, I use Rock & Republic eyeshadow in Tribal with Sonia Kashuk brow brush to fill them in. On the go I will use Ulta Automatic eyeliner in Black Brown or Chocolate depending on the look im going for. Then I seal with Model in a Bottle Brow Gel. Even if wearing makeup or looking “too made up” is not your thing, filled in brows and some lipgloss can really enhance your beauty in my opinion.

I use tinted brow gel and it has taken the time it takes to fill in my brows down to like 15 seconds and they never look overdone, which is difficult to achieve when you have black eyebrows and pale skin

I have black eyebrows. I like dip down fluid line i use a teeny bit with a thin eyeliner brush.
Embark shadow from mac also works for me, lightly.

Please can you tell me which eyebrow gel you are using? I use an eyebrow pencil and although it does do the trick it can look a little harsh sometimes.

I don’t know if it’s filling in technically, but I sort of comb them with brown mascara, to darken and unify their color – they’re a bit ashier than my hair color so I try to make it match, and I also like a bold brow πŸ™‚

Sadly. My brows have been the victim of overplucking, so from far away they look nonexistent. I use Anastasia Brow Powder and NARS Coconut Grove eyeshadow.

yes, I did way too much trimming to make them thin (used to be the thing when I was in high school) now they are patchy if I don’t fill them in.

I’ve been using anastasia brow powder to do it, but I try not to use too much. I always have a hard time finding a good color since I have red hair and dirty blondish eyebrows.

I fill them in a little when I wear full makeup, to balance my makeup and create a uniform brow where my brows are sparse. I use Urban Decay Twice Baked eyeshadow and an Ecotools angled brow/liner brush.

sometimes…I’ve had a hard time finding a good color, because every time I use a shadow or pencil, it looks SO fake. luckily NYX’s Dark Brown shadow is working okay for now…I’m just trying to refine my technique!

On special occasions or when I’m doing certain looks. But on a daily basis-no, i don’t really need it.

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