Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Do you feel like holiday makeup trends are the same each year? Is that good or bad?

Temptalia's AnswerI think what changes are the textures, but the general colors of lots of red, golds, metallics is often repeated. I like it, but I only follow trends as much as I need to run the blog.

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18 thoughts on “Do you feel like holiday makeup trends are the same each year?

  1. Yeah, it’s pretty repetitive. But holidays are tradition and tradition is repetitive.

  2. sasha

    yes! i always get something glittery to wear on new years.

  3. Eli

    I think that the shade range is the same – one year it’s red and gold, the next is green and silver, and then red and gold again… Nothing against this, but I want to see a pastel trend for Christmas – why is it always reserved for springtime?!

  4. I agree that holiday make up around this time tends not to vary, but I wouldn’t consider it a trend since holidays always stay within the sphere of their color schemes. I think the consistency for colors to remain the same is mostly based on the our desire to outwardly demonstrate our holiday spirit and inspire us to celebrate, thus tending to stay within the gold/silvers, reds, and metallics (Christmas, New Years, etc).

  5. Moeko

    I think the color GOLD is so much bigger of a trend this year than any other years….maybe its just me

    • Hannah

      I agree. I wore a shimmery golden eye with red lips to a christmas party, and I actually saw lots of people with similar looks… weird.

  6. Caroline F.


  7. Naz

    I think for the most part they are the same. I think it’s easy to mix it up though; yes there can be gold and silver and sparkle, but in small doses and maybe throw some bright colors in there. Gold and silver look very goddess like with fuchsia & teal or turquoise. And yes, tradition is repetitive but we can make new traditions too :)

  8. Charlene

    Holidays trends dont matter much to me. Every holiday I use make up to match the occasion.
    Green red Christmas
    Red pink Valentines
    Red white blue 4th of july

  9. Lauryn

    Yeah, I think its gotten repetative to the point that i don’t even look forward to “holiday collections” anymore. Its the same stuff just repackaged. We get enough of “repromotes” from companies like MAC all year long. It would be nice if maybe they took some of their best selling limited items and repromoted them during the holidays. I’m a little tired of seeing “repromote” from something that is 2 or 3 collections ago.. How about a palette of some old time colors? Like IceBox or Judy Blue, or seeing some MSF’s like Pleasureflush. Make the collections interesting and special.. not same old, same old just repackaged. Yes, holidays are tradition, i get that.. but who would appreciate the same gifts, repackaged year after year.

    • jen

      I agree! I am tired of seeing Dark Soul pigment, Showstopper, and Zoomlash being repromoted ALL THE TIME! That idea of old classics being in a nice palette would be cool. I do miss Light Flush MSF though. I don’t know why they don’t have a MSF collection! That would be a nice collection for holiday.

  10. I don’t think so. Maybe I’ve not been paying that much attention, don’t know, but it didn’t feel like being the same every time. Eg. Guerlain did gold theme in 2007, purple in 2008, last year it was more brown and pink and this year it’s gold and purple again. Also Chanel this year is loads of pinks and browns, last year’s quad was actually very summery, of course there was some gold, but you need that don’t you? :)

  11. jen

    yes…glitter, glitter, and more glitter!

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    I agree they’re redundant but I wear shimmer and gold year round so it doesn’t bother me.

  13. Lakitha

    Holday trends are basically the same each year. I tend to become most daring in makeup at this time.

  14. Yeah, definitely. Fall/Winter colors get dark and vampy… dark purple lippies, smoky eyes and dark clothing palettes. Something that was different this year I noticed was the orange lippies, and neutral colors in clothing and shoes as opposed to just darker colors and black. Spring/Summer is always brighter or pastel makeup colors, less on the face, noticeable blush, and lighter colored clothing- lots of skirts and florals. Every damn year. I don’t really mean to follow trends but since I live where it’s very hot and humid in summer I can’t really wear dark makeup because my face is always blotchy because it’s hard to avoid sweating. A smoky eye with a sweaty face doesn’t really work.

  15. Donna

    I think everything becomes more glittery and shimmery…not to mention red lips are always “in”. This year, however, I became rather alarmed when Sephora’s Holiday catalog came out. The looks that were shown were so over the top, I wouldn’t have worn them for Halloween. I’d like to see festive looks, but looks doable for the majority of woman. While the over the top major glitter might work at the club, it won’t fly at Grandma’s house for Christmas dinner.

  16. JB

    I hate summer collections the most because everything is bronze …. I’m very pale and anything bronze looks amazingly fake on me. I just skip summer collections but it saves me money which I need for the fall collections!