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A little bit, but keep in mind that these cosmetics companies are raking in millions/billions of dollars in revenues, and the profit margin on a product is ridiculous, and they factor in the cost of returns into the price. I bet that +95% of disappointing products don’t get returned. And 95% of my returned products are shadows that don’t fare well on my oily lids, but before I return, I will try to do everything possible to make them work (different primers, bases, brushes, fingers, etc) so they still don’t work, then I don’t feel so bad about returning, especially if something is very pricey.

I do, simply because I hate the thought of wasting things, even though I get my $ back. Do I feel bad for the brand? Not so much. They have margins for this.

I am with you on not wasting products. I have a feeling though if you return something opened/used to Sephora for example, they sanitize and use it as a demo.. It’s just my impression though, or possibly something i tell myself to make myself feel better on the rare occasion something so thoroughly doesn’t work for me that I return it opened!

No! I really try to research products (or get samples) before buying. I don’t return often so when I do I think it’s fine. I also don’t return products half used. It’s clearly I used it 2-4 times and it didn’t work out! <3

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No, not usually. And certainly not when a product is not performing up to snuff or expectations. Or if the SA accidentally gives me the wrong shade or product by accident.
I sometimes do feel uncomfortable returning something that despite my pickiness about choosing only shades or finishes that I’m sure will work on me, it doesn’t at all.

I don’t feel bad when I return purchases. I tend to read reviews beforehand so I feel comfortable with the purchase I’m making. I rarely return unless the product absolutely doesn’t work for me or gives me a bad reaction.

No, for the same reasons. I spend a lot of money on beaury products and expect products to be are wearable. I made a return last year because the brand’s customer service was unresponsive to its custoners. and I didn’t care to spend my money there.

no i don’t feel bad about returning to sephora. it’s their policy, and i live 2 1/2 hours from a sephora store. i’m bound to buy a few things i don’t like online.

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No. I only return products if they are broken or seriously defective. I don’t buy anything expensive without researching first. The stores don’t lose any money, as they charge it back to the brands. The brands most likely get some kind of a tax break for returns, I’m guessing. Not to mention actual cost to manufacture is well below retail price. If the brands do lose money , well…they should have made better products.

I do not return things if I just don’t like the color as much as I thought. I don’t buy three highlighting palettes or whatever for the intention of testing them out and returning the two I like the least. I don’t buys something expensive to wear on a special occasion, and then return it. I try to make products work in some way instead of returning them. So I don’t feel bad on the rare occasions I do return something.

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You are the best customer and a really good person too. You actually have some thought and consideration in what you do. I worked in retail before and Ive experienced all kinds of crap from people, but it’s people like you that made me have faith in humanity again. Thanks 🙂

I don’t care if I can’t return it, I’m still springing for En Taupe. Go Zoeva.de! Getting brushes, too. Psyched!

I used to feel comfortable (i.e. color or formula didn’t work or was mis-represented) but now with the whole Sephora flap I avoid going there all together. because returns were treated like I had committed treason or something. I will not be shopping there again, except for Bite lippies!(Bite please make a website…!) I used to feel like you, Christine, that bc I was a good customer, returns shouldn’t be an issue in the bigger scheme. However, because you’re a “good customer” is not considered. Obviously, you purchase way more stuff:)

Now, I buy from product’s websites, Nordstroms, or Beautylish. I know this sounds funny, but Nordstroms and Beautylish have such kind customer service that I feel like I don’t have to return bc they answer questions well about products, and I don’t feel as if I need to return etc. And when I buy from the actual website, I feel like I am probably giving them more of a “cut” from them than selling to a retailer, and I can get more LE stuff earlier.

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Ditto. I do not return much. When I do, I expect the return to be a straight forward and relatively painless process. Sephora could use some big improvements in this area IMO. Speaking to a telephone representative rarely yields complete satisfaction on my part and I end up having to call Sephora multiple times for a single issue. Telephone reps seem to have no real authority. I really like the system with Shopbop online (a good example of easy returns). I purchase my items with the free returns option: my packages arrive with a return label included. The label has an area where you indicate the reason for the return.. slap that label on a bag or box and tracking is included on the package as well. Done. It’s brilliant!

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I wish returning make up products was possible where I live. Although I think I would feel a little bit guilty returning products I already used..

In Spain we can’t return any product after it’s open so… No way of feeling guilty for returning them, but for purchasing products that don’t worth the money. Does it count?

I don’t like returning, but I will do so if I truly can’t use the product. I buy a *lot* of makeup and can probably count my returns on my hands – a primer that broke me out, a foundation with a bad pump (that was actually an exchange), that sort of thing.

I do! First of all, I really don’t want to admit how old I actually was when I learned that places like Sephora and Ulta took returns. For the longest time I just thought with makeup once you bought it, it was yours. But, I feel guilty returning something. I feel like I’m getting judged no matter what it is. Right now, as a matter of fact, I’m sitting on two Nyx glitter liners because I accidentally bought a copy and I don’t want to return it to Ulta. I do return though. I bought Vice4 when it first came out and when I opened it, it had a giant hair pressed into one of the shadows. That I was ok with taking back.

Nope. Never. I return to the drugstore more than to Sephora. Mostly due to color matching issues and not being able to try products before purchasing them. When I purchase something from Sephora like a foundation or skin care, 9 times out of 10, I already tried it from a sample that I requested or got in my order.

I do feel guilty. I believe that I should keep it unless it is defective. However, I do return things when they are truly horrible and I feel like I was wronged when accepting the product claims that do not work. For example, yesterday I returned a Marc Jacobs blue Highliner pencil to Sephora. It was five months old. I was never wearing it because it is much drier than my other colors. I suspect it was a bad batch and I heard that there were many bad ones last summer. So, I went and got my $25 back!

Yes, mainly because the sales associates make me feel like I’m practically making the store go bankrupt. I research products pretty thoroughly before purchasing, but sometimes they still don’t work for me.

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