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I used to in the beginning, but I think I buy and keep enough products that I shouldn’t feel guilty returning the occasional product–because if I return it, there’s a good reason. Companies have return policies for a reason, and I think as a long as you’re not abusing it (e.g. buying 100 things and returning all 100 things, then doing it again the next day!), then it’s fair for you to make use of the policies.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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No. I only return products that are either defective (such as packaging) or just plain don’t work. Those are, in my opinion, very valid uses of the return policy and therefore there is no reason to feel guilty.

Only to a certain extent. I buy way more than I return, but I frequent certain stores to the point where I am so familiar to the staff. Returning makes me feel like they’re judging me in my mind. It’s probably all in my mind actually. For example, I need to return two Urban Decay products to Sephora this week and I’m dreading it. Sometimes I look to exchange instead, but I’m going to suck it up and go for the return. There really is nothing else I need.

Sometimes we do have genuine resons to return a products especially in Base products where a wrong shade can prove disastrous and we must have an option to return it and get the better matching shade. Anyhow, I am from India and no return policy is offered here. I would really like to know the brands or the stores which offer return policies for their products bought at your place.. Thanks in advance 🙂

i do and i don’t. i work for a cosmetic line and it stinks getting things back but at the same time, i will return something if it doesn’t work or im not pleased with it- but i dont think you should return out of buyers remorse. buy what you can afford to pay.. ive seen counters turn business away from excessive returning.

I used to but i don’t anymore, but I still rarely do it – in part because I try to do my research first and not buy things that won’t work for me, and in part because I never seem to get my act together to have the item I need to return on me at the time I go to the store. I did manage to return the Too Faced BB cream I bought at Ulta, so that was something at least. (Impulse purchase, didn’t work out.)

What a great Question!!! I actually feel guilty sometimes. Because i never ever use any testers on my skin, so end up buying a lot of products that i like, especially when it comes to Limited Edition items. I feel like i have to have it ALL:).But when i come home and put it on myself, not always like it. So it is probably 50/50 for me.

Lol im an avid returner/exchanger. Why should i waste hard earned money on something i dont really love. My bf haaates it when i return/exchange things. We just dont see eye-to-eye when it comes to that. Thats why they have return policies right? I exchange til I find the right one.

While I agree that people shouldn’t keep defective or damaged items, most people take advantage of it. I work for a prestige beauty retailer, and I don’t work on commission, but part of the continually rising cost of makeup is damages and returns. People should make more informed purchases and actually think about each item as they buy it. Returns like yours will be a force for change in future.

Depending on the reason and if it is a store like Ulta or MAC. If it’s the brand store I feel worse. I think I can thank you Christine for my lack of returns. Stores need to be thanking Temptalia! 🙂

After working at ULTA and knowing what happens to most used, returned products, I do feel really bad. I had to “destroy” a box full of perfectly good products that had only been used two or three times by throwing them away in a dumpster. Most painful moment of my life.

They should give used products to the people who work their. At least it will not go to waste. That is what they do in whole foods whole body department. I used to work their and we would bring BAGS… full of returns (after we aprove it with the store manager!) home. I would give so many things to my friends.

was there a procedure in place to make sure that workers didn’t take things like that? I’ve never worked in retail and I always thought if someone had a decently nice manager they would be okay with people keeping returned products? Especially the ones that may have been opened but never used! It just seems so wasteful and sad!

I usually only buy drugstore cosmetics, so I’d never really had the chance to simply return a product I don’t like. I received my first MAC lipstick a few days go, Cockney from the Year of the Snake collection, and I was underwhelmed. I briefly considered the possibility of returning it to get my $15 back, but I figured that it was still wearable, and I’d feel bad that they’d just throw it out when the product is in perfectly good condition.

Its not as common here in the UK to return make-up, I’m not even actually sure what the returns policy is for most brands, however I recently purchased make-up from bobbi brown and had been colour matched to a product that ended being too dark for my skin tone, I called up the store and they were so welcoming about bringing the product back and exchanging it. I think in the UK we just assume we can’t return/exchange items, I will definately be exploring my options now when I buy make-up. I was also informed once by a clinique counter that you can return foundation as long as you keep the receipt, because they dont give out samples.

I agree. I never feel guilty about it. I return it because there is something that sucked about it and only if it is over a certain amount. Say a wet and wild palette or single is not so great, more than likely it will go in the bin cause they are so cheap. But something like a cleanser that costs $20 & up and does nothing… That can go back. I also have it down to within 3-6 uses and I will know if I will love it or hate it.

Absolutly not! If I buy a product I have certain expectations. And if the product doesn’t deliver, there is no reason to throw it away and waste money. I only buy HE stuff so I would waste a lot of money if I couldn’t return products from time to time…

No, absolutely not! I think its awful when store owners try to guilt customers who return products. I once had a lady say that I wasn’t allowed to return my moisturiser at LUSH, even though it was sold to me completely off and curdled! I had every right to return it (Though, she absolutely refused) and wasn’t doing ANYTHING wrong!

No I don’t feel guilty.

Guilt is usually something I feel if I do something wrong and returning a product doesn’t fall under that for me.

That brings up another interesting question. Why do certain companies allow for the return of opened products? I’ve always found that strange..

Only if I bought it from someone who works on commission, but if it’s online or from someplace like sephora then I don’t feel guilty.

I used to work behind the counter for Borghese. My philosophy was never to over sell, so that customers would not return products. Borghese is not a cheap line. I am surprised at the number of my friends who do not return products they do not like. I will return products that I personally use – that do not meet my expectations. If I feel I can pass it along to a friend or use in my kit I will keep it.

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