Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you expect more from high-end brands/makeup?

  • Yes! (90%, 2,788 Votes)
  • Sometimes... (9%, 290 Votes)
  • No! (1%, 33 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,111

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40 thoughts on “Do you expect more from high-end brands/makeup?

  1. amelia

    Well duh…I’d expect to be paying for something other than marketing and the brand. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the performance of the product, though. I’d pay more for humane products, better packaging, natural ingredients, etc.

  2. Arantzazu

    Yes! Of course… If I spend money in a high-end brand, I want it to have the quality I expect!
    I can’t understand that a expensive brand can launch a bad product…
    Just my opinion! =)

  3. If I shell out more dough for a product, you better believe it has to perform! That’s why I always, always wait for reviews to come out before I buy for myself.

  4. Deb

    Definitely! I mean, I don’t buy products that make outrageous claims, but if I buy an eyeshadow that costs more than $20, I expect it to have almost no fallout and have a luxurious texture.

  5. Alanna

    I expect pastel or light colored eye shadow to be more pigmented and not chalky.

  6. sam.

    Yes! I have to admit, I’ve been gravitating toward higher end products recently, not because the products themselves are any better, but because the packages are, especially when it comes to lip products that get banged around in the bottom of my purse.

  7. Of course i do! If im paying £20.50 per NARS blush, it better be darn good!

  8. Absolutely I do! Although it isn’t always the high end brands coming up with innovations, they tend to put the ‘gloss’ onto trends by packaging in a slicker way and pigmenting more strongly. The only exception I think is mascara which doesn’t deliver a big enough difference in performance to be ‘worth’ the price difference. I am happy to pay for beautiful packaging, great finishing and precision formulations when they are obviously premium. Not happy at all to discover something premium behaving like a budget brand.

  9. Ryan

    Well, I voted sometimes. With drugstore makeup, you’re usually getting baf packaging. When you buy highend makeup, it’s usually luxurious. Usually I do expect more, but not always.

  10. Ash

    Do I expect more from a $45 Tom Ford lipstick than a $2 CoverGirl? You bet your butt I do. Do I expect miracles from a $14 MAC lipglass over an $8 Revlon? Not really. I do know that I pay more for a name, but I also expect to pay more for better packaging, better ingredients, etc.

  11. Rebecca

    I expect to get what I pay for

  12. San

    Yes,High end brands shudnt b about high prices ONLY, they should deliver in terms of quality and performance..the packaging should be Luxe,gr8 fragrance,wide range of colors (make up products),should never ever harm the skin..:) a few sales and discounts wud b welcome..(CHANEL U LISTENING )

  13. Ani_BEE

    Yes and this is why I’m disenchanted with most high-end brands… give me a proper theatrical/photoready brand any day.

  14. Hend

    Of course !
    Other wise I should save my money and go for other brands !

  15. M@rsy

    I have to say yes also. That’s why its super disappointing when higher end brands have bad products

  16. Yes, there’s a reason why it’s high-end so they should bring it!

  17. Meredith

    Of course…! I only want to spend top dollar if it’s worth it. Otherwise I will go and find something that works really well for a cheaper price. Although sometimes it makes me feel special to buy a more luxury brand and use it. I’m not entirely sure why! :)

  18. AnGeLwInGz

    I believe in the try it before you buy it philosophy, after a lot of trial and error and wasted $ over the years. So many high end products don’t live up to the hype. The best way to shop now is to imagine all products, high end or drugstore, with the same name and packaging and base your decision to purchase on product performance alone.

  19. i mean….sometimes i do. but then i realize usually with high-end brands you’re really only paying for the name and packaging. they don’t really try to be outstanding with the actual quality of the product..they just expect people to buy it cause it’s chanel or guerlain or lancome or whateverelse.

  20. CeeBee

    Yes, absolutely. The cost of manufacturing and even the packaging of cosmetics is not THAT high, so if a high end brand expects me to shell out big bucks for a brand name luxury product, I expect luxury in return!
    As a consumer, I want new formulas with decent research and experience behind them, on trend/fashionable colours, excellent pigmentation, superior texture and application, a nice (or non existent) scent, great (but functional) packaging, reasonably long lasting and the result I want to see on my face – you betcha I want it all!

  21. I expect to get what I pay for in a makeup product, as with most things!

  22. Malia

    I agree! While drugstore items have upped their game…and there is no denying there are some gems…I expect more for the items I pay more for! Which is why I am willing to shell out more of my hard earned cash! If I am going to buy ONE eyeshadow for the price of ten drugstore ones…it better perform! I too want it all :-) lol. Although I do agree…more sales/promos/GWP would be a nice way to reward us loyal customers to continue to return :-)

  23. Vicki

    I expect more, and am therefore often disappointed when they don’t perform better than drugstore brands.

  24. Q

    If I’m agreeing to pay 3 – 5 times the amount of a drugstore band of makeup, I expect it to perform in some way that will justify to me that difference in price. It’s just economically sane to expect the more expensive product to perform better — and that’s largely why people are so cranky when it doesn’t. I know if I buy a $60 lipstick and it’s sheer, streaky, lasts 20 minutes and turns an unflattering shade of yellow, I’m probably going to be a bit more cranky than if I find out my $6 – $8 drugstore lipsticks outperform it regularly.

    People who pay more and don’t expect a better product are paying for a label, a status symbol.

    I own a Coach purse. It was a gift. In my experience, it does not outperform a $30 purse. But it’s a status thing. It’s unique and distinctive and when people see it, they can see the tag, the distinctive style and they know it’s a coach purse. What they don’t know is that despite the makeup and gadgets I carry with me, the purse cost a lot more and doesn’t even do tricks. It’s never once offered to wash the dishes or walk the dog.

    Being an intelligent consumer means being aware of benefit yield from investment. Investment is high, expectations are high.

  25. anonymous

    If I had the same expectations I’d never buy anything but drugstore, I only pay more for a reason! There are plenty of charities I’d donate to before cosmetic mfr & mrkting.

  26. Mariella

    Like almost everyone else, of course I expect “more” from high end/department store products. After all, I’m probably paying twice the price of something from the drug store, if not more. Having said that, I’m no high end snob and I’m delighted when I find reasonably priced cosmetics and skin care products for less. And make no mistake – there are some GREAT drug store cosmetics. Wet’n’Wild eye shadows, some Revlon shadows, L’Oreal mascara, NYX, Maybelline, Hard Candy, etc. Many drug store brands have really stepped up their game in recent years. And I do love finding great products that really work for less $$$.

  27. Andrea

    Of course! I’m not paying that much for just a mediocre product!

  28. Paige

    Of course! I expect better quality ingredients and better researched products.

  29. Adelita

    Of course! I won’t pay more for something less in quality.
    The best high end stuff that I bought is Cle de Peau Concealer & the worst is T. LeClerc Loose Powder (I know it has a great oil control, but it also cakes & oxidize like crazy!!! Back to my beloved MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder).
    And one more thing, I won’t buy mascara & eyeliner that cost more than $25. Why? I won’t buy something expensive for something need to be replaced every 3 months (for hygiene issue).

  30. I don’t expect more from high end. Makeup is makeup is makeup. If something is great/cruddy it should be judged on its own merit not its pricing.

  31. Steph

    I do *expect* more, but those expectations aren’t always met. There are a lot of good drugstore products out there and I’m happy to buy them, but if I’m paying double, triple, or more then I do expect something I can’t get from a drugstore brand. Not even necessarily product quality- sometimes it’s a colour I can’t find or a product type that drugstore brands aren’t offering. But there has to be some compelling reason before I’ll shell out for higher end stuff.

  32. beth maiorana

    Of course.

  33. Makavelina

    Sure! I don’t wanna just “pay for the name,” if the high end stuff will do the same as the low end, I do not see a point of buying high end, just because it has a “famous” name on the packaging. Sometimes I think high end brands, when they make a not-great product, people will “forgive” them just because they are *insert-high-end-brand-name-here.*

  34. Mia

    I’ve tried many high end products and end up disliking most. I find drugstore products that are similar or better but much cheaper. Find me a high end product that wows me and I’ll be surprised.