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yes! i LOVE a full face of makeup BUT i always let my skin breath. so every chance i get, i try to go without makeup. especially sunday and saturdays 🙂

your skin is not supposed to be naked unless you are on some special treatment. I don’t put makeup on everyday but I use skin care everyday. If I go out I would use sunscreen.

Under what law is skin not supposed to be naked? Sunscreen is suggested, but ‘OMG! What did women do before sunscreen was invented?!!?!?? What did they wear on their dainty little faces to protect from the big bad sun? ?? Naked faces are *gasp* FORBIDDEN!’

Lol Shayla… she’s not saying you HAVE to. But she’s right. Your skin shouldn’t be completely bare if you can manage it. And no sunscreen is not just suggested, it’s highly recommended. Just because certain things were or weren’t used in the past, doesn’t mean that they’re not important.

I mean, slavery and nonexistent suffrage for women used to exist before civil rights laws were “invented.”

Thought I see where you are coming from, infringement on human social liberties by governments and other humans is a bit different from our bodies naturally protecting us from the sun. Actually, it’s very different. Which,in turn, makes your reference irrelevant.

I realize you probably didn’t intend for your comment to read the way it did, but it’s more than a little overdramatic, if not outright offensive, to compare modern skin care routines to the historical precedent of dehumanizing large swatches of the population for profit. You’re marginalizing two very serious issues by comparing them to something so superficial.

You both are missing the point of my reference. I used that example to illustrate that just because something occurred in the past doesn’t make it right. The sunscreen and civil rights issues are two examples of that. And that’s all they are: two examples of a very broad statement.

No way am I comparing the importance or the meaning that they inherently embody. Here’s an example. There are two actions that I believe are bad. One is lying. The other is killing. They are both considered “bad.” Yet that in no way compares the social and legal meanings and ramifications that they encompass. This paradigm parallels the exact argumentative structure or approach that I had used in the first response.

You two were just so angered or upset that you both rushed to vilify my comment without stepping back and seeing what I was actually saying.

Furthermore, even if I were comparing the two examples, which I wasn’t, that would only go to show how important civil rights issues are to me. The fact that I can simplify slavery and nonexistent women’s suffrage to be labeled as WRONG, only goes to manifest that I show no tolerance for they’re perpetrators. There are no, “Oh but it was necessary, or it was just easier.” No, there are no grey areas when it comes to these issues. There’s only right or wrong, and those two were clearly wrong.

Back in those days, the woman of all origins, as I recall wore white pasty foundation. I recall the Egyptian women wore makeup..heavy kohl eyeliner. I think in certain cultures men wore makeup of sort also. Maybe, the Geisha women dont count in your opinion? I think Queen Elizabeth the 1st may had worn makeup. And they all wanted to look pale…since sporting a suntan would be considered one of low class working class. Not to go out of topic…some makeup foundations are therapeutic such as Clarins, Sisley, Creme de La Mer etc….But still I think you should sleep without makeup to be “NAKED”.

I used to think not, but that changed when I had my baby. Because I had a c-section, I was in the hospital for 4 nights. I also unexpectedly had my baby 6 weeks early. I wasn’t prepared to go to the hospital at all. They tell you to pack a hospital bag and keep it near you for you to grab and go. I never had the chance to pack one, so I obviously didn’t have any of my skin care products with me and my husband had no idea what to bring me. The only thing I ended up getting from my sister was my toner. So for 4 days I only used toner on my face after washing with water on a washcloth. Amazingly, my skin improved over those four days. Now I’ve slimmed down my skin care regimen a lot and try to let my skin breathe a few nights a week. If all else fails, just stop using everything and see what happens. You never know if your products might be causing your skin issues.

Yes! I do think it’s important, at least for my skin, as I find that with continuous wear for more than 3-4 days, my skin starts to break out in the T-Zone. I am interested to see what other people think about this!! 🙂

I do skip makeup a few times a week, but that’s because of my laziness and how tired I am in the morning rather than a desire to give my skin a break. I don’t feel quite as bad about wearing makeup so often because I don’t always use concealer/foundation.

I tend to wear no makeup, other than coloring in my sparse eyebrows in with eyebrow pencil, during the weekend. Unless I have plans that I’d want to dress up for. I dress as perfectly as I can during the weekdays for classes and such, but during the weekends me and the boyfriend tend to be homebodies. We might leave to see a movie or go to a pub, which I rarely put on more than just one coat of mascara and ChapStick for. I guess the weekends are my makeup breaks.

Whenever I can I give my skin a break. When I-m home on the weekends, I never put any makeup on and always remove it when I get home from work.

NO…just when i’m home.. alone :)) in the weekends..when i don’t go out tho. i don’t wear it just for fun, i need it 🙁

I try to go without makeup whenever I don’t have to leave the house, usually on Sundays when I tend to curl up at home with a good book or movie. But I’ve never tried it for a longer period of time…

I wear more makeup now than when I was younger because I have so much makeup….esp..from reading Temptalia’s blog. But I just wear more makeup for each day. However, I remove my makeup always before I sleep and do not wear any makeup on the days I am not working to let my skin breath. A side note, just as dentists tell patients not to wear their dentures/ partials/ retainers 24/7, to let the gums breath,I think it is important not to have makeup 24/7.

My skin gets a rest when I take my makeup off when I get home and go to sleep, if that counts. Proper makeup removal and cleansing are important.

I try to take a day off if I can, but cleaning my face twice a day and using the right moisturizer is more important to me. I know that my skin would be better if I drank more water, but I hate the way it tastes!

I do, especially if I’m trying to heal a break out that just won’t go away! Most days I try to wear as little as possible, just so I feel my skin has some room to breathe. Therefore I don’t feel as bad if I do some crazy looks on the weekends!

Yes, and I do think my skin appreciates it. And I usually go full out on a day when I give my skin a break, so I don’t use any of the skincare products I usually use either!

On weekends I sometimes do not wear make at all if I am not going anywhere besides the gym and my skin actually gets worse on those days… I have no idea why!

yes I do actually sometimes when I come home I’ll immediately take off my makeup. And very often I’m not wearing any makeup the whole weekend. Sometimes I even go to school without makeup. I have no problem with showing myself bare but when I do, people ask me if I’m sick or something because of my dark under eye circles 😀

yeah thats same for me! people always ask are u sick or did you get punched in the eye. and im just like no i just have bad dark circles. and they are like oh..

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