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Yes! I think I spend far too much time looking at other people’s makeup. It’s interesting to me. Though probably creepy for them seeing me staring wordlessly at them with wide, unblinking eyes…not very subtle. I probably look like a deer.

Oh gosh!I behave in this way! But here in Milan there are very few people which like standing out wearing a particular make up.People usually look at me because of my colorful make up.(I always put my feelings into make up) Here people dress in the same way and even behave in the same way, especially at college!It annoys me…

Oh, definitely! I always try to compliment them but most of the time I get shy and just smile at them. There needs to be a secret silent code among beauty enthusiasts that means “Hey, nice eyeshadow!” lol.

All the time! And I tell them too 🙂
My thinking is, I take my time to look nice and do my makeup (not that anyone needs makeup) and so do others so it’s nice to tell them. When I see people out and about with wicked winged liner, or like last week a cashier at my local walgreens was sporting a really awesome green shadow – I let her know 🙂
I’ve had people compliment me on my nail polish (was wearing Ruby Pumps) and my lipgloss before – so it’s nice for us to encourage our fellow makeup lovers and spread some good love and positivity around 🙂

I do, but now I think of it, most people don’t wear makeup that is too noticeable. I don’t often think, wow I wonder what lipcolour she’s wearing. Maybe next time I do I’ll ask 😀

Yes, occasionally. I’m usually the one who gets the comments about bold makeup at work, but there’s a few other women at my job who do some amazing eye makeup occasionally. I felt compelled to compliment one our interns the other day, since I can’t help but be impressed by her dedication to wearing false lashes EVERY DAY. 😛

Oh yes! Sometimes I catch myself staring at someone at a cafe or a restaurant trying to figure out what’s the lipstick she’s wearing or how she did her contouring. I’m afraid it often seems very rude, lol! If I can, I’ll explain and say ‘Your makeup is stunning! I’d love to know what’s the lipstick/blush/etc. you’re wearing’ or something to that effect.

However, I compliment and comment on friends’ makeup more frequently, especially when they change their signature look. Recently I met an old friend for brunch and ever since I’ve known her (ten years or so, we met in our freshman year) she’s been a mascara + red lips kind of girl, which suits her perfectly, but this time she wore peachy lips with teal eyeliner. I loved it so much I think I told her about half a dozen times!

All the time! It makes my day when someone notices my makeup, so I make sure to compliment them if I really like it too. I have a nail polish weakness/obsession, so I tend to zero in on those A LOT.

Yeah! I love complimenting great makeup I see. You should come to Japan – people wear visible makeup all the time!

Yes and I’m way too often correcting their makup in my head. Like, “You should blend that more in” or “You should really NOT wear that color” or “MAYBE you should consider wearing your lipstick ON YOUR LIPS and not ABOVE your lips, because it doesn’t make them look fuller, it just makes you look like a clown”. I know I’m mean. But mostly peoples makeup is very poorly done. If I see someone with NICE makeup, I try to figure out what products that person used 😉

I feel like a stalker but … I love looking at strangers’ makeup + clothes + shoes. I don’t often see people wearing funny makeup (except those who have very special tastes concerning colors matching …) but I like it when someone manages to look natural and sophisticated at the same time !

all the time, especially since i work closely with individuals, while wearing magnification! there are some very skilled women that come to my office with perfectly applied and flicked eyeliners, beautifully blended eyeshadows, and terrific skin finish. we always end up talking makeup. i must mention that i have one lady who comes in with very little if any makeup but has the most perfectly groomed brows which she doesn’t help with any pencil or pigment. i definitely complimented her when she first came in and by the end of her appointment i was obsessing! lol

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