Monday, June 21st, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Do you copy celebrity makeup looks? Who’s style do you like the most?

Temptalia's Answer.

Not really – maybe if it’s something that inspires me from a music video, but typically no.

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43 thoughts on “Do you copy celebrity makeup looks?

  1. Sari

    Only Lady Gaga :)

  2. lunamaris

    Dita von Teese :)

  3. sophie

    not unless one of the youtube beauty gurus i watch does a tutorial that i like

  4. Hilana

    All the time! I ALWAYS try to copy Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful glowing look or Christina Aguilera’s dramatic lips and eyes. I would often buy a magazine just because I fell in love with the cover picture. Then I rush home and see if I could copy the look. :)

  5. Yes, I tend to look towards Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. I am a little darker than both of them, but I do like their makeup a lot. Big lashes, flushed cheeks and pinky nude lips are my preference, much like them :)

  6. Alvina

    Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous smokey eyes and nude lips =D

  7. Tawny

    Vannessa Hudgens’s sexy smokey look.
    and Hayden Panetierre’s fresh, natural look.
    What they both have in common that I’d LOVE to achieve is the flawless, glowy complexion.

  8. Rosie

    No they’re not adventurous enough for my liking. Plus if I keep up with celebrity stuff it’s for the gossip not the beauty trends :).

  9. I don’t remember ever copying a look, but when I saw Sandra Bullock’s lipstick at the Oscars, I just had to have it. At that time the Rouge Coco collection wasen’t availible in Denmark yet and when it finally was, Paris wasn’t part of the range of colours here. ARGH! A friend brought it home to me from England and I finally got my hands on that gorgeous colour.

  10. Frances

    Only if it’s something like an unusual colour combination of eye shadows. I do draw some inspiration from Bollywood actresses, because they generally have gorgeous makeup.

  11. Mar

    Dita von Teese… But I tone it down a bit 😉
    I also like Gwen Stefani’s look.

  12. Amy

    No…. we don’t really look like them anyway!

  13. AlyxVeee

    I look at their makeup for inspiration and to see how their makeup artist did it but I don’t copy looks.

  14. Hannah

    I actually like celebrity makeup looks (I love browsing through them!) but I could never see myself actually copying them (with my Asian eyes with hide and seek lids!) I’d like to see celebrity looks being copied by beauty bloggers. It’s fun to see their interpretations, and theyre usually spot-on!

  15. Heather C.

    I don’t, only because I like more colorful, bright looks.

  16. Alisha in WI

    I like the Kardashian’s makeup looks. Maybe more like inspired by. I find when I try to copy I can’t get exact and it bugs me so I just try to make it work for me. If there are any close up makeup pics I like I will try to do a similar look for fun.

  17. Kathryn

    If I see a celebreity with very fair skin like myself, I pay close attention to their makeup to see what could also possibly look good on me.

  18. Sometimes. but not really, the last look I tried was Beyonce in telephone when shes in the diner.

  19. Bahar

    Not very often but i’ve done it a couple of times. Rihanna cat eye with bold lips inspired me and I do that some times. A couple of years ago I copied angelina jolies look. It was like a cat cat eye but just with black eyeshadow and only on the outer part of the eye.

  20. Kim L

    Im always searching for the perfect JLo lip. I vary rarely wear a full face of make and am pretty conservative with it, if I get brave I am more likely to be inspired by a more adventurous friend. So I am pretty much living vicariously through you, Christine. :)

  21. Azaza

    Nope never tried it yet

  22. monika-luiza

    I don’t exactly copy a look but sometimes I get inspired by it

  23. Lauren Conrad… all the time. She has such a signature makeup style… neutral lids with a cat eye, full but not too full lashes, neutral lip, pink blush… I love her look.

  24. Hend

    I only copy the products they use and names of the shades they’re using, but I wont copy the whole makeup look

  25. Rebecca

    Im obsessssssed with Lady Gaga, I love trying to redo her looks!

  26. Eileen

    When I first started wearing make-up on a regular basis, I copied Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren–shows how old I am :-) Then, in the mid-sixties, it was Jean Shrimpton with the so-called “London Look”. Since those early forays into the wonderful world of cosmetics, I’ve become a lot more confident in my own fashion and make-up choices. Do I still look to celebrities for inspiration? Yes, of course, for both things to copy and things to avoid. Do I try to look like them? No.

  27. Shal

    I always try to think “How would Kim Kardashian do her makeup with this outfit and hair?” haha. Her makeup is always flawless.

  28. Sexy Sadie

    I discovered lately that I and Megan Fox share a love for coral and copper/bronze make up.

  29. Michelle

    I’m always trying to do either Beyonce or Rihanna’s looks. My skintone is almost the same as theirs. I’ll buy products if I read one of the them uses it.

    Every once in awhile I’ll try to do one one of Kim Kardashian’s looks. Alot of her makeup tends to be too dramatic for daytime wear.

  30. lisa

    yup i usually like the looks done by kim kardashian and jennifer lopez!

  31. Almost never. The two times I have, it was for a challange. i don’t find others makeup inspiring, usually. Particularly since my taste in makeup is the OPPOSITE of, like, 90% of celebrities, and my face shape is totally different.

  32. Sheena

    Yes, Katy Perry’s. Lots of eyeliner and lashes and a bold, bright lip.

  33. Quennie

    Not really.

  34. Cherie

    Do Temptalia and Tiffany D looks count as celebs???!!! :)

  35. Lindsay

    Absolutely!! I love reading the breakdowns in magazines and online. I’m blonde with fair skin and blue eyes so I tend to lean towards actresses with the same features like Kirsten Dunst and Kate Bosworth, but I also love Megan Fox!

  36. ariel

    Blake Lively

  37. aradhana

    only if it’s a look i like in a music video, film or magazine spread. day to day looks, even red carpet etc.. are usually not inspiring to me…i tend to be more drawn to slightly edgy or avant-garde looks for inspiration, even if they ARE unwearable for everyday.

    similar to sophie’s comment above, i’ll sometimes find inspiration in a tutorial that is meant to be a replication of a celebrity look…but then it’s more about technique for me than the actual look.

  38. Sometimes I’m inspired to but then either I can’t figure out the makeup artist or can’t find stuff in my stash to replicate it.