Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you coordinate your nails with your makeup?

  • No way! (64%, 1,751 Votes)
  • Sometimes... (33%, 897 Votes)
  • Yes, definitely! (3%, 87 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,750

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34 thoughts on “Do you coordinate your nails with your makeup?

  1. Laura

    When I really go gothic, I love to wear dark nails with dark make-up, but some days, I just wear complete opposite colors…

  2. Laina

    Haha, not even close. I have ladybug nails right now and yesterday I wore green eyeshadow. Unless it’s Christmas, those so don’t go together XD

  3. TheLaniGold

    I wear one nail polish as long as it stays on without looking gross (with OPI it is about a week), so I war for a week the same nail polish color… sometimes the polish matches the makeup, sometimes it doesn’t… I tend to match my makeup more to what I’m wearing ^^

  4. Jenn

    I find I tend to wear very neutral nails most of the time, so they end up coordinating even if I wasn’t especially planning on it. However, if I’m dressing up for a big event and coordinate my nails to my outfit, it’s much more like my nails will match my makeup! :)

  5. Morena123

    Nope, I coordinate with an outfit. it doesnt have to be an exact same color with what im wearing but it can compiment, or go with the look. My makeup goes with the outfit too

  6. coco72

    Sometimes! Last summer my favourite look was a batik blue dress, blue eyeshadows and eyeliner and blue nail lacquer

  7. Roxanne

    Usually I’ll match my clothes to my nailpolish (if I’m wearing any) & I almost alway match my makeup to my clothes so I guess you could say yes.

    • Marianthi

      Same here! And it is very convenient, because I plan ahead the clothes for the week, and I have everything ready and matching, not rushing every morning.

  8. CeeBee

    I don’t deliberately go for matchy matchy colours (eg, purple e/s and purple nails) but sometimes I guess it works out that way!
    Mostly, I just try not to clash – I’ve found deep navy blue and grey to be very wear-with-all shades. That or a neutral pinky nude…

  9. Quinctia

    Not on purpose! I have a love for sparkles/shimmers, and I wear a lot of blue things, so sometimes (a lot of times?) it just works out if I painted my nails blue sparkly and went for a blue sparkly eye look that day.

  10. Lena

    I never even thought of coordinating the two! LOL

  11. Kelly C.

    I only paint my toes, which, it being winter, no one sees, so not really! Sometimes my nail color might inspire a choice of colors, though.

  12. Petra

    Not really, but I do try to coordinate them with my clothes. Well, at least I avoid very clashing combinations, usually. I do like some classic liner makeup – and red nails, but I don’t usually really plan it. It just sometimes comes together. :)

  13. ashd

    I try to coordinate my nails to my outfits, but that rarely works either since I never know what I’ll be wearing days in advance!

    • Jenn

      I have a friend that changes her nail polish to fit her outfit for the next day every night. It’s slightly ridiculous, but she always looks so put together! It’s like her bedtime routine :) I could never do that, though!

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    I change my makeup every day so absolutely not!

  15. I just wear my nails one way for the whole week, regardless of what clothes I’ll be wearing.

  16. it’s to annoying to do that everyday. So I usually do it for a special occasion and then leave that nail colour for a week

  17. Paige

    My makeup does not necessary matches my nail as I don’t change my nail color very often. I try to change my nail color once a week, but most of the time it ends up being every two weeks.

  18. Jill

    Like many others, I only change mine maybe once a week. I try not to have my nails clash too much with my outfit or with jewelry such as rings or bracelets, but I don’t worry about matching it with my face makeup.

  19. traca

    I always have french or american nails

  20. Always! Hell, I change my nail polish every day, so it’s easy to coordinate the colour with clothing and makeup.

  21. Erica

    I never did, but funny enough I did that last night! Both lipstick and nail polish are coral red.

  22. Claire

    Not deliberately but I’m into nudes and neutrals so they often seem to be in complementary colours.

  23. Becca

    haha, I didn’t even think that people did that!

  24. I usually wear my nail polish for 5 or so days and then go bare for 2, so no :)

  25. It’s a coincidence for me. Because I stick to bright reds, pinks or corals on the nails and also only wear bright red, pink, or coral lipstick, most often than not, the two match. I never plan it.

  26. Harleigh

    I don’t see why anyone would have to co-ordinate their nail polish with their make up. Unless, you’re a very animated talker, no-one’s really going to be focused on your nails.

  27. I don’t really like to match my makeup with anything actually! I never wear the same eyeshadow color as the clothes I’m wearing, I like to pick something that contrasts & enhances my outfit instead! As for my nails, I usually have gel manicures with fun designs that last for a month so it’d be hard to coordinate and do the same makeup look for so long~

  28. jessica

    I usually cordinate it with the seasons trend

  29. Rosie

    I can’t seem to vote on it…So my answer is sometimes but only for like big occasions but usually I just do my nails however I want and then let ’em chip for days until I take it off then let ’em sit bare for days then finally I do them again.

  30. Yvonne

    Well I wouldn’t wear a pink nailpolish with red lips (or pink lips with a red nailpolish), but otherwise, no.
    I would say I adjust my make up and my nails to my clothes….So that everything goes nice together – It can be of different color, as long as they are compatible :)

  31. Lee

    No, I’ve wear (for the last five or so years) the same hot pink polish (OPI La PAzitively Hot). It’s pretty much my trademark and I don’t worry about my make-up coordinating.