Friday, February 4th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you contour any part(s) of your face regularly? Never? Always? Sometimes? What do you contour?

Temptalia's AnswerI don’t do it on a regular basis but will do it for a certain look or perhaps a special occasion – for me, it is usually cheekbones.

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53 thoughts on “Do you contour any part(s) of your face regularly?

  1. Rhonda

    Cheekbones, jawline. Sometimes my nose. My face is really pale and tends to look washed out and flat. I use a really subtle color to do it.

    • Ani_BEE

      I don’t do it daily but I doing it for nights out and photographs for the same reason. ^_^ I look like a ghost otherwise.

  2. vickie

    nope since it usually makes my face look uneven, its weird

  3. Pinky

    My cheeks lightly, whenever I wear foundation.

  4. shelly

    Normally not, but I was experimenting with a makeup look earlier this evening that I think would’ve been fantastic with some cheek contouring. Don’t have the right stuff for it at the moment.

  5. kenya

    yes always contour my cheekbones, i love how it bring out my already high cheekbones out

  6. Rae

    Mais oui! I contour my cheekbones (very, very subtly) almost every day ^^

  7. Becca

    yes, I usually do the 3 E thing, but with a very light hand.

  8. Cheekbones every day, and usually a touch around the jaw line/neck :)

  9. I’ve been contouring my cheeks more often.

  10. Hend

    I always contour my cheek bones and sometimes the sides of my nose

  11. i put a line of contour powder at the top of my forehead because its huge and i feel it makes it look abit smaller.

  12. tg

    I hate my nose and want it to look slimmer, but when I try contouring it, it looks like I have dirt running down the sides of it. I wonder what the trick is?

  13. nikki

    i don’t contour regularly but to get a contoured effect i used mac’s matte blush in coppertone as blush/contour
    i apply it with the bobbi brown face blender brush right under my cheekbones and in the hollows of my cheeks
    i love the look it gives and i do this nearly everyday in the summer

  14. Jessica

    Never. The bronzer/contour powder look odd from a side view and darkens my face.

    Instead of contouring, I use highlighter powder on the highs of my cheekbones.

  15. anonymous

    If I wear shadow I sometimes do a contour shade if that counts. Otherwise cheek bones but it’s not a regular step. I suspect I contoured my cheekbones heavily enough during the 80s to have fulfilled all lifetime obligations lol Had an awesome brush I loved for it. Can’t remember anything except it came as part of a beauty cache program that sent a set of makeup items every month for a fixed price. I remember getting several really handy brushes, red door perfume. I don’t know if anyone else even remembers it, I think they did ads in the mags like Cosmo & seventeen & supermarket coupon sections. I seem to remember they were random but pretty nice stuff usually and it was only like $15/month.

  16. Simply

    Just my cheeks!

  17. Niki

    What a timely question for I just began contouring whenever I wear makeup for it does indeed make a difference – esp. since I have a round face and a lot of cheek area. I contour only the hollows of my cheeks with an eyeshadow that is only slightly (ever so slightly) darker than my skin tone so it is a very natural contour which gives my face some very subtle definition.

    By the way, Christine, thank you for the highlighting and contour YT video — it was one of the best I have seen to date on YT and was very helpful.

  18. I was actually wondering about that in the last few days, to me contouring on girls seems very obvious, it’s not like a highlighted or blush that can seen totally natural and as of you are not wearing makeup, it is very visible actually.. So is it really necessary? I mean, my face is quite thin I would say, but I feel I would look better with contouring. I just dont want to try, because I’m scared it’ll just look like I have some weird pigmentation/it’ll be too obvious.. So for the question, I don’t contour regularly, but if I would start it’d be on the cheek bones. I hope I’ll see here some enlighting comments about it.

  19. Danika

    Everytime I do my make up i do my forehead and chin on special times I will do everything.

  20. Amanda

    Sad to say, I’m a total contour junkie. I mostly contour my cheekbones and sides of my nose.

  21. candice

    not regularly bc it makes me look older. only for some special occasions when i need to look extra polished. solar bits bronzer works great for my nc25-30 skin when used with a light hand, it shows up matte even though i see some sparkles in the pan.

  22. monika-luiza

    I can skip blush, but not contouring!

  23. always – I like to slim down my face with a bronzer and also contour my nose as I have a small Asian nose

  24. Molkinaify

    Yes, I can co out without any make up on, but I must contour my cheekbones!

  25. Svetlana

    I didn’t in the past cos I had great cheekbones, everyone was complimenting them lol. But since I gained some weight lately I feel my face is a bit chubby so I try to contour whenever I have time to do it. It actually does make a difference and make my face a bit slimmer.:-)

  26. heidi

    My skin is extremely fair! I’m an NW15 and honesty if there was a lighter shade I’d probably be that. I always find contouring challenging I feel like every bronzer I’ve ever tried is WAY too dark and I end up with very obvious lines even if I spend what feels like forever blending it. So every once in a while I’ll do it but very rarely. Does anyone know any good brozers for very fair skin? I do highlight day to day though. My favorite highlighter, NARS Albatross.

    • anonymous

      also NW15, try Korres sunglow light, only thing like enough for me

    • laura

      On my pale skin i used to wear nw15 buy foud nc15 studio tech not to be as pigmented (less yellowish) and bronzers always look like dirt on my fair skin so i buy hello flawless benefit powder in beige (a few shades darker than my face colour with no shimmer) as my contouring shade. Works a charm!

  27. Ashley

    I contour my cheekbones and everyday with Benefits Hoola. Works perfectly as I’m so pale, but I have to be careful because its so pigmented!

  28. Lisa

    I contour my cheeks, nose, hairline. I am very pale and a little subtle contouring makes me look more awake and healthy, and brings out my bone structure.

  29. Lucie

    I always contour my cheekbones. Even if I don’t wear any other make up that day I’ll find the time to swipe a light matte bronzer under my cheekbones.

  30. Isabela

    only my cheeks. I also contour my nose, forehead and jawline when I’m going out at night, though.

  31. Nunuiviet

    Never, I don’t think it’s necessary plus, if you do it have to be very gentle otherwise you will look like a freak

  32. No, it doesn’t really work for me. I have a chubby round face, so I don’t have discernible cheek bones to be “bringing out.”

  33. Shelly

    I always have to do cheekbones and jawline because I was cursed with a chubby face 😛

  34. Kelly C.

    No way. It looks way too obvious and makes me look ridiculous.

  35. Kat

    Well I do contour my eye sockets, because they’re deep set yet bizarrely not very defined at all. I don’t contour my cheeks though, It just looks weird. I do use highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones to bring them out though.

  36. Michele


  37. Tyler

    I contour my nose every single day!

  38. Cheeks and Jawline almost everyday :)

  39. candice

    i forgot to mention that i use stila sun bronzing powder shade1 as a blush and it really brings out my cheekbones even tho i dont put it in my hollows! closest i get to contouring on a regular day.

  40. I usually contour my cheekbones and my temples

  41. Ana

    Nose (its too wide), Cheekbones (I have almost none, ahah) and Jawline (which I almost don’t have too).

    When I do my cheeks I always look slimmer on the face, and much prettier in my opinion.

  42. Meg

    I slightly contour my cheekbones, temples and jawline this time of the year ’cause my face gets really pale during winter

  43. Lisa

    I contour everyday! I use MAC’s “Sculpt” Sculpting Powder with the MAC 109 brush in order to contour my cheekbones and jawline. Afterward, I use a small fluffy dome brush to contour my nose with the same sculpting powder.

  44. Courtney

    I do my cheeks and jawline a lot using MAC’s Wedge. I have weak bone structure, so I really need to create the lines myself.

  45. ak

    I only now got into contouring around my cheekbones at least anyway with Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Deep. Then I put my blush, MAC Saffron eyeshadow, on top of the cheekbones.

  46. Natalie

    Yes, I do. I already have very prominent bones/facial structure, but having a ton of stomach problems has caused me to be even skinnier. It seems weird to say, but without makeup it looks really sickly, but with the makeup it looks a lot better! I usually will do my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose, and my temples. I just like having a super-chiseled yet really feminine look, and feel more confident that I don’t look sickly when I do it..

  47. Si2012

    hi cristine dont know if u still check this but wntd a recommendation on a good bronzer