Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you change makeup products with the season? What do you switch in/out? Certain colors for certain seasons?

Temptalia's AnswerI find brights seem more appropriate during summer, while spring is about keeping it softer, and fall is all about vampy lip color.  Winter seems to be decked out in red lips and smoky eyes.  Overall, I still wear whatever I feel like no matter the season!

Thanks to Teresa for today’s question!

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21 thoughts on “Do you change makeup products with the season?

  1. Ruth

    I usually go towards a darker lip selection in fall & winter, plums, browns, rusts & reds.

  2. I wear color throughout, but I tend to wear brighter colors in the warmer months and darker ones in the cooler ones. Also, I tend to use liquid liner in the winter.

  3. Sarah

    I love bright colors all year round but that’s just my personality. I love experimenting with crazy and bright colors regardless of the season or what’s “in” :)

  4. nope. there are no definitve seasons in California….esp. SF with its multiclimate within the city.

  5. Like you I know what looks go with what seasons and often feel like wearing them (light, bright in spring…bright lips in summer…muted tones and bold lips in winter/fall) but if I REALLY feel like coral lips in winter I’ll still wear it 😛

  6. Erin

    I change blush and lip products, and in summer I use tinted moisturizer. Besides that, everything is the same.

  7. I want to use dark colours in my skin type.

  8. Nope! There’s not as much need to change things seasonally here in LA (whether it be clothes, makeup, or hair), and that’s not my style anyway (only being able to wear certain things for a quarter of the year? Lame!).

  9. Mariella

    not a whole lot, though I do find there are some things I’m more likely to wear in summer (Coralista blush, Cocomotion pigment, for example) and others I am more likely to wear in winter (darker red lipsticks, darker nail polishes)

  10. I’ll usually wear what ever I feel like for each season.
    I do like to wear a lighter foundation for the summer as I don’t like the heavy feel of foundation. I do tend to wear more smokey eyes during winter and around christmas. I think if its sunny I’m more inclined to wear bright colours.

  11. Nichole

    I wear what I want when I want.

  12. I try to shift to lighter lip colors in the summer, but ultimately I wear what I like! I belong to Kevyn Aucoin’s school of beauty. :)

  13. Tiffany

    I definitely tend to go darker and richer in the Fall/Winter and brighter and more lively in the Summer. The clothes I wear determine my makeup palette no matter what season, though.

  14. Jessica

    I’ll wear different foundations depending on the weather…Prolongwear when it’s hot and humid and Teint miracle all other days..

  15. Joey

    I tend to sick to “fall” colours year round since they look very good on me but right at the end of winter when the last little bit of snow is falling I totally pull out all the bright colour just to convince myself spring is coming. Plus it is super muddy so I can’t wear nice shoes.

  16. heidi

    I look best in spring colors so I tend to wear them all year but I do change it up somewhat. I tend to want to wear red lips in winter for example. But I also wore red lips last week so I guess it just depends on my mood. I am more likely to wear cream blush in winter because my skin is so dry then and stains in summer so I don’t sweat it off. But really its kind of a free for all.

  17. Meg

    I tend to use dark colors in fall and winter and brighter colors in spring summer … but depends on my mood :)

  18. i usually reach for pastels during spring, vibrant brights and punchier eye, lip, and cheek colors for summer, and more browns and jewel tones during the winter.

  19. Melinda

    Yes, spring/summer finds more pastel shades in makeup for me and in fall/winter more earth tones.

  20. Reese

    In the warmer months I break out the bronzer and the peach blushes and brown eyeliner. In the winter I like pinks and roses and black eyeliner.

  21. Nope, I might buy the seasonal products when they come out but I’ll really use them whenever I feel like it.