Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you buy from "indie" makeup brands?

  • Nope, I don't! (45%, 781 Votes)
  • Sometimes, but I have to wait for a lot of reviews... (39%, 684 Votes)
  • Yes, all the time! (14%, 244 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,737

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93 thoughts on “Do you buy from “indie” makeup brands?

  1. what is an indie brand of makeup?

    • Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, Beauty from the Earth, Etsy (beauty) sellers… basically, they’re makeup companies that are often very “Mom ‘n Pop.” You won’t find them in Sephora or even in an actual store but most likely just online.

      • ah right, im with you now. no i havent tried any yet, but i would love to try something from beauty from the earth i have heard lots of good stuff about them. i did look into getting a couple of sugarpill bits to try but it get them to the UK was just stupidly priced. in general i think they would be good products :)

        • Ani_BEE

          I have yet to try Beauty from the Earth, but brand I can vouch for are Sassy Mineral, Fyrinnae, Alima Pure, Silk Naturals, Mad Minerals. Adorned with Grace come highly recommended.

          “indie” makeup is what going into wearing makeup more often actually especially foundation since I’m for fair with Olive skin tone.

          If anyone want to read reviews on there and other indie visit: Mineral Makeup Forums <— re still have yet to get a proper web redirect name yet. You also have to log in to view the forum which I know is a pain for some people but there was a reason behind this due to spammers.

          We do reviews not just on Indie brands but most of use support them and came to love makeup again through them.

  2. JayJay

    I have in the past.. It`s nice to support the little guy. However, sometimes it can take ages to receive your stuff. Also, after the latest debacle regarding pigments in their raw form, I think I`m going to stick with brands I know, so that I know what I`m getting.

    For items that do not go on my skin, I definitely do. For example, I bought a fantastic brush roll from Etsy a couple of weeks ago. The quality is superior to some of the big companies` brush rolls. It holds more, and it came in many patterns. I love the personal touch.

  3. Tiffany

    yup, Beauty from the Earth. maybe you could review their mineral eyeshadows sometime?! =)

  4. What are indie makeup brands?

    • Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, Beauty from the Earth, Etsy (beauty) sellers… basically, they’re makeup companies that are often very “Mom ‘n Pop.” You won’t find them in Sephora or even in an actual store but most likely just online!

  5. Elusive

    Only Rescue Beauty lounge nail polish, because it gets good reviews and I know they will look on me the way they will look in swatches.

    With actual makeup, not really, because I’d expect indie brands to be more difficult to find reviews and swatches of, and I can’t even trust swatches completely because everyone’s skin colouring is different.

  6. Nichole

    I absolutely love Fyrinnae. I think Sugarpill and Heavenly Naturals have great products as well.

  7. Daniel

    what does indie even mean makeup-wise?:D

  8. Most of the makeup I use comes from indie brands. They can blend eyeshadow colors that you really can’t find in stores in terms of pigmentation and the range of colors. The only things I really use from major brands anymore are products for foundation and skin, the rest is pretty much indie makeup like High Voltage, Sugarpill, Glamour Doll, Hi-Fi, etc.

  9. Sam

    It depends on what you consider “indie”… like I order from Beauty from the Earth all the time. Even though lots of people online know about it, it’s not in stores and it’s not superfamous like MAC or anything in Sephora.

  10. Skybluesky

    Not that I have anything against indie makeup brands, as they can be great sometimes, but I like to hear reviews AND try it in person. Small brands just can’t put in the research and development that larger companies do…

  11. I don’t hesitate to buy from smaller indie brands, but I do check reviews first. I actually just ended up buying a ton of mineral pigments and made my own eyeshadows.

  12. Salina

    What are some indie makeup brands? I’m curious…. :p

  13. Faith

    I love Fyrrinae!

  14. Amber

    What are “indie” makeup brands?

  15. leesie

    The only brand I buy from that could be considered “indie” at all is Sugarpill, and I’ve read somewhere that some don’t even consider it such, but at the moment I cannot remember what the reasoning was, or if it was here I read that.
    But before I made my first Sugarpill purchase, I researched the brand and products. If I’m going to pay for something I can’t see in person or swatch myself, I’m definitely going to do all I can to ensure I do, in fact, want the product.

    • I personally do consider Sugarpill an indie brand, because it’s owned by one person who developed it without the financial backing of a large corporation.

      The reason some people don’t consider Sugarpill “indie” is because the cosmetics are not handmade by the company’s owner- Amy collaborates with a lab who then makes products to her specifictions.

  16. Victoria


  17. Rae

    But of course! It’s always fun finding more “niche” products, and a lot of the lines (etailers etc) have great stuff for amazing prices.

    Plus, the simple act of finding them is like a treasure hunt. I love treasure hunts! 😀

  18. min

    All the time! I actually have about five orders out from different indie makeup companies atm. I actually find it hard to buy mass produced eye shadows after trying complex and varied colours from various indie mmu companies..ala fyrinnae, shiro, meow. Some have awesome lipsticks/glosses too. It’s worth checking out some blogs that review indie makeup.. it can keep you away from the ripoff lemons.. or limes. Which is my only complaint, there are so many indie makeup brands now it can be hard to get into it if you’re new.

    I’d recommend trying fyrinnae if you don’t mind waiting a litte..and want a huge surprise. Seriously once you’ve got over the loose pigment application thing.. you’ll NEVER EVER go back D:. ps: pixie buy this. gods gift to eyeshadow.

    I’m also switched to mmu from meow.. perfect match and so much faster than my dior. (which I love but won’t wear unless I need *extra* coverage).

    /end gush.

  19. Of course but unfortunately not so often and much as I would like. :(
    My favorite ones are Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics. I really live their stuff! :) My HG foundation is Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation. :)

  20. I have just got my Fyrinnae order, I was mainly interested in getting the Pixie Epoxy, but since you needed $21 for free shipping, I picked up a few samples of eyeshadows too. I have also once ordered from Go Cosmetics (UK), but didn’t like their products at all. They weren’t really indie as such, just cheap, lol.

  21. Almost my entire loose eyeshadow collection is indie. I prefer them to mainstream brands; they’re usually cheaper and some have a wider variety and better colours, in my opinion. Fyrinnae is my favourite brand, and I’d love to try more from Sugarpill. There are some fabulous sellers on Etsy too. :)

  22. All the time! Fyrinnae is one of my favourite companies.

  23. I think anyone NOT purchasing from Indie companies is doing themselves a huge disservice. I’ve used products from companies like Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, Archetype, Aromaleigh and more.

    The price, uniqueness and variety of shades can’t be beat- and I’ve come across products (like Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy) that are unrivaled even by the big brands.

    Most indie brands offer well priced samples to make up for the fact that there are no in-store testers- and I think the enthusiam for indie brands makes it easier to find online swatches.

    I literally think I’ve bought 1 MAC pigment since discovering indie companies & wholesalers. I say check it out!!!

  24. Ioana

    Beauty From the Earth gas great colors forva great price too.

  25. I actually buy almost strictly from indie companies these days. The important part is finding reviews; some companies are very safe to order from (Fyrinnae, Sassy Minerals, Shiro, Sugarpill) but there are some jerks out there (*coughLimeCrimecough*)

  26. Cassykins

    I don’t buy a ton, but you can really find some hidden gems in the “indie” brands. I just got a Fyrinnae order for finishing powder, a couple of eyeshadows, a lipstick and Pixie Epoxy for like $21. The lipstick is an amazing shade of lilac/lavender. It’s what I kind of thought MAC’s Lavender Whip would be, but I was never willing to pay a bajillion dollars once it sold out and people started selling used ones for way over retail.

  27. Sandra L

    Hi! I always do some research about the company, but I’ve ordered a few times and don’t regret it. High quality at low prices.

    Fyrinnae is, in a word, amazing! The eyeshadows are of the highest quality, very complex. And do try their lip lustres, they are not lip gloss, it’s more like nondrying lip stain. Amazing colours too!

  28. Leenie

    I never heard of indie what are they known for?

  29. milklaur

    love glamour doll eyes!

  30. I’m actually kind of sad at all the “no’s” :( In my wicked awesome opinion you get a way better variety for just a fraction of the price. The customer service is fantastic because they really do want their customers to be happy instead of a more “take a number” kind of feel you get from a makeup counter.
    I’d rather get 4 indie shadows for 1 mac. Unless it’s Your Ladyship. Please mac. Gimmie Your Ladyship back. Oh I rhymed!

  31. S

    I used to buy alot of mineral makeup but not so much anymore. Loved Meow cosmetics, Earthen Glow (great for yellow toned skins), and my favorite is Silk Naturals-low prices, fast shipping, organic/vegan makeup and skincare products. They are pretty much the only one I buy from now.

  32. Zoe

    I would love to try some but I hate not being able to try things before I order them and ulta and sephora are just so convenient

  33. Cam

    Yup. Medusa’s Makeup. Extremely pigmented and cruelty-free. Love it.

  34. Marina

    Beauty From the Earth and Fyrinnae are two that I have tried and loved. Both have excellent customer service and have always gotten my order correctly. Their orders ship really fast, even when Fyrinnae says it’ll take 20+ days. It took just a week for me! And that included shipping it!
    You can really find some good gems from indie makeup brands. One of my newfound HG items is Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. Wow. That stuff is like liquid gold. It really helps with fall out, but what really takes the cake is how much more intense eyeshadows look, regardless of formula (loose or pressed, shimmery, glittery…the only formula that isn’t great with it is mattes.)

    • Marina

      I forgot to say that with most indie companies you can buy samples for a very reasonable price…and some, like Fyrinnae, put them in jars instead of baggies! I ordered three samples for $2 each…there’s about 40+ uses in there…seriously! For $2! You don’t need much either, because of the craaazy pigmentation. And with your order, you usually get a free sample (slightly smaller than a purchased sample). The colors are so unique, and the selection is incredible–this goes not only for Fyrinnae, but with most indie brands.

  35. daphne

    I did for a while. I tried tons of indie brands in sample form and had fun playing with different colors. But I never really used them much. I always went back to my MAC. What it comes down to is that I can’t stand loose eyeshadow (I have a few MAC pigments too and I never use those), and the vast majority of indie brands only offer loose powders, not pressed. I prefer my foundation to be a liquid or a tinted moisturizer. I refuse to buy lipstick or gloss sight-unseen. Indie brands just don’t work for me. It’s not a prejudice, it’s just the types of makeup I prefer.

  36. Yes I do. I love Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, Meow, Aromaleigh (closing), Morgana Minerals, Evil Shades, and several others. Fyrinnae makes one of my holy grail products, Pixie Epoxy, which is like a mixing medium to foil without getting wet and the mess. Meow makes my foundation that actually matches my skintone. Morgana makes some awesome lipsticks. Evil Shades, Sugarpill, Suds n’ Sass, Aromaleigh and the rest make great pigmented eye shadows.

  37. Karen

    Fyrinnae’s pixie epoxy is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever used. I will support them for that product alone.

  38. I’d buy more often from indie make-up brands if there were the chance to receive their products here in Italy without having the risk of customs.
    As things are, I have to wait until UK estores start sell them. It’s frustrating, because I’m very curious about all this stuff and I’d really love to try it!

  39. Belinda

    If there’s something I really want, then yeah, sure, I’ll get it from an indie brand. In fact, most of my bath products come from an Etsy seller, Haus of Gloi. I’m not one of those people who thinks indie brands are always better just by being indie, but I’ve gotten some great stuff from them. For example, Aromaleigh had a bright pink eyeshadow called Psycho Candy that I just loooved.

    To be honest though, if I’m in the market for something, I’ll always look for it from Sephora or MAC first.

  40. Silvia

    I’m waiting for my first Fyrinnae order \o/ (was shipped way faster than the estimation said)

  41. Laura

    I’ve had a few samples and some Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae but that’s it really.

  42. Irén

    I would love to, but is usually costs too much to have them shipped over here.

  43. Valerie Brower

    I haven’t bought from indie companies before unless micabella counts as one and I hate their pigments!! So I only bought three pigments from them. Does Fyrinnae pigments compare to micabella pigments? I don’t know why but every time I try and click on Fyrinnae’s website it doesn’t load. Does anyone else have that problem? I really want to see what they have.

  44. Tam

    I sure do! It’s great to support the little guys and the quality is often superior. I buy from small make up companies as much as I can. The one thing that can make it harder is the lack of proper swatches and the shipping costs. Sometimes it’s still more price effective regardless though ^ ^

  45. Ashley D.

    Only from Sugarpill.

  46. nekosan

    Most of what I have is indie brands: Aromaleigh (before they closed up), Fryianne, Meow Cosmetics, Silk Naturals. It’s a mixture of reasons: I am sensitive to a number of fragrances and additives; indie companies tend not to use those or are *very* clear about what they use. I don’t wear makeup often, and I like being able to order a bunch of samples and using those. (Considering that I used to buy an eyeshadow palette from the drugstore, use it around 5 times in five years, then toss it and buy another one – samples are my best friend.) Indie companies are also very responsive to suggestions; if you write and say something like “oh, I’d really love it if you put out a color like this”, they may just do it!

    There are a number of bloggers who review indie companies; Phyrra ( and Gothique ( are two that pop to mind immediately. They give strong, honest reviews.

    I think that indie prices are more than reasonable, and I’ve always had fast shipping. I do tend to read reviews and take them into consideration when ordering; some companies have better track records on shipping than others.

  47. Meheen

    I LOVE Fyrinnae and Silk Naturals, they are two of my favorite brands!

  48. Fatema

    i love glamour doll eyes eyeshadows!!

  49. Tangy

    Absolutely! I love the quality of Aromleigh’s blushes, Fyrinnae, Beauty of the Earth, & Evil Shades. I’ve heard great things about Meow & Silk Natural but I haven’t tried them yet.

  50. I just recently purchased my first indie brand off of etsy. Rock a betty beauty was the shop. I am obsessed!!! I plan to check out more indie brands now, if anyones interested in them I did a review on my blog. :)

  51. How could NO ONE mention Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics?! Their lip tars and pigments are to DIE for!

  52. I’m not sure if they are considered “indie” because of the high pricepoint, but I LOVE Rouge Bunny Rouge Cosmetics. They are a Russian/British brand that you can only buy online if you live outside of Eastern Europe and a couple of other select locations. My favorite are their eye shadows … buttery texture, fantastic pigmentation, long-wearing. I’ve actually written about them several times and highly recommend giving them a try. It’s just that they are expensive so I can buy their products only from time to time 😛

  53. Ale

    Yes, I am a huge fan of Everyday Minerals.

  54. Erin

    Fyrinnae and Besame!

  55. No, but I would be willing to.

  56. LH

    Mostly mineral makeup from small brands and they’re good!

  57. Good morning

    I used to buy from a couple of them, but i found out a lot of drama, troubles, going out of business.
    I will stick to brands i know, even if they are pricier but i can find all i want.
    Well i will keep buying from 1-2 of them ’cause they’re great and never had an issue.

  58. amelia

    niche perfume, yes, if thats counted. also stuff that has articles in magazines or things that are featured on blogs- but they are hard to find off the internet

    • Gwen

      Yeah, I buy a lot of indie perfume oils, but I usually need to test one out for myself to know the quality of the oil, and if I can’t then I need a good rec from someone who I trust to know about good quality.

  59. zb

    I would definitely consider it, although I haven’t yet. Blogger reviews are key. :-)

  60. Christine, have you tried any Fyrinnae yet? I was wondering what you thought? I’m going to be sampling mine this weekend hopefully. :) Depends on this silly cold/sore throat thing.

  61. Courtney

    I love indie brands! It can take a while, but I find a lot of them will have a few particular products that are just outstanding.

    Archetype: Eye shadows
    Fyrinnae: Pixie Epoxy
    Aromaleigh: Glitter
    Meow: Foundation
    Lumiere: Foundation and eyeshadow
    Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Perfume
    Starring…!: Organic perfume, hair products, lotion

  62. Meg

    Fyrinnae is the BEST!!!

  63. I love indie – since discovering indie companies most of the makeup I bought was from them, hardly going to the drugstore nowadays :) Eyeshadows are so much more interesting and vibrant, I don’t think I will ever go back !

  64. Love Meow Cosmetics, though I haven’t used any of their products in a while. Not sure if you consider Coastal Scents an indie company, but their silica powder spheres are 100% dupe for MUFE HD powder… brushes are great too!

  65. Lisa

    I LOVE them! And yes, Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy OMFG AMAZING!!! Seriously, if you like foiled pigments then give it a go, you’ll love it, it also works wonderfully underneath normal pressed eyeshadows (like those pesky poorly pigmented MAC shadows from collections). I’ve even bought a pressed eyeshadow palette from Bella Sugar on Etsy before and that was just beautiful. I live in the UK and think it is well worth the wait for the products.

  66. AmyVA

    Power to the “Indies”…Meow! Fyrinnae!

  67. is awesome. They have amazing colored eye shadows and their pixie epoxy is amazing. The shipping does take a bit longer, but it’s worth it and everything is always packaged really well and they always send an extra sample. Plus, they’re hella cheap. Can’t go wrong.

  68. Jen

    My favorite indie makeup brand is Johnny Concert. I like their products because the are chemical free and perfect for my sensitive skin. They also come in really beautiful colors and last for a long time. Check them out

  69. I prefer indie makeup! I purchase a lot of Virus Insanity Eyeshadow (can currently only be found on FB) and I find myself going back to her over and over b/c I really like her work ethic and morals. I’ve also ordered from Carina Dolci Cosmetics, but I’m bothered that you CAN NOT find a list of ingredients ANYWHERE and I emailed them about it once, but they never replied… I’ve also ordered from BF Cosmetics and Unique Pigments and just ordered a few more I haven’t actually received yet (I -just- ordered them) so we shall see, I suppose… But I also prefer loose pigments to palettes or pressed powders, in general, so indie suppliers give me more of what I want at a price I can afford.
    I can’t wait to invest in some Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, and BFTE b/c I’ve been seeing/hearing so much about them!