Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you apply your brow highlighter before or after the rest of your eye makeup? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerIt depends on the look, but generally I do it towards the end.

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33 thoughts on “Do you apply your brow highlighter before or after the rest of your eye makeup?

  1. Monticka

    Before, I start at the top and work my way down to the lid and then the lower lash line!

  2. Since I don’t have much space between brows and crease, I do brow highlight near the end so I can do final blending and take the color down from brow a tad when needed.

  3. Generally I apply it at the end, but sometimes I apply it first. When I’m doing a really dramatic look I apply it before, and touch up after.

  4. Always at the very end. I like to be able to blend it down into the rest of the shadow and add some brightness to areas that the shadow may otherwise leave looking dark or muddied. Yay!

  5. Janette

    Before! I seem to blend better once I apply my bending color right after, and blend blend blend! I think I do a weird “order” I do highlight, blending color, lid then crease then blend it all with a clean brush.

  6. Huh, I never thought about it. After, I guess. Although, with the look I did today, I did that before my lower lid, and then I did my lashes. So I suppose it’s last step on my upper lids, usually.

  7. Donna Cooper

    After 99.9% rarely after. I find it easier to blend the highlight colour over the base shade especailly if I do an eyewash look.

  8. MargieT89

    before i do my brows. otherwise i would mess them up 😉

  9. Brittney

    Definitely last! I like to pick a shade that will look great with the rest of the colors on my lid when I blend…

  10. naira

    I do apply after make up….always. It doesnt look right on me if i apply it before.

  11. Saira

    I like to apply it after applying the rest of my eyeshadow, as I find it helps blend out any harsh lines from the crease or lid colour.

  12. Sara

    ALWAYS after. that way it blends better with the rest

  13. Monique

    I usually do it at the end. (I don’t do the eyebrow thing either)

  14. Natalie

    I generally do it in the beginning, since I do my eye makeup first before the rest of my face.

  15. Liz

    If I know exactly where the look is going and I know right from the start which highlighter I want to use – yes.

  16. Can I say both haha. I sometime use my matte brow colour and a base all over the lid are and go back to finish the edge again.

    Otherwise I put it on last.

  17. Nix08

    I do after I finish my eye.

    Quick question…is there an archived tutorial on when you decide to use one colour over the entire lid and another in the crease and outer V versus when you chose 2 or 3 colours on the lid, another in the crease versus when you bring the inner corner eye colour up over the crease colour? Hopefully this makes sense:)

  18. Laura

    Actually, I always put mine on first before any other colors! :)

  19. Last. I use it sometimes to blend down the crease color if I brought it up too high.

  20. Becca

    usually after, but it depends

  21. Mindy M.

    Always after!

  22. Z

    Depends! Generally towards the end…but if I am doing a dark look I put one layer of a skin-colored eyeshadow as a highlight first – in case the dark color goes overboard or I need to blend/fix any dark mitakes…then I still add the final highlight at the end with the desired light/shimmer shade :)

  23. Avril

    Before if it’s neutral, after if it’s not

  24. Cori

    after i do my eyeshadow lol

  25. Jennifer

    Thanks for asking my question 😉 I always apply it afterwards. i feel its that last step of creating an eyeshadow look that really dramatically completes it. The finishing touch.

  26. Carie

    I do eyeshadow on the lid, then the crease and lower lashline. Then I blend a subtle matte white/cream from where my crease stops up to my brow. Then I apply my highlighter to just below the brow after that, then eyeliner and mascara. Then I do my face makeup.

  27. Catarina

    Usually, I do it after.

  28. Heather

    I do it aftewards so I can blend it in the other color(s).