Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you apply mascara to your lower lashes?

  • Yes, all the time! (44%, 1,947 Votes)
  • Sometimes... (30%, 1,327 Votes)
  • Nah! (26%, 1,143 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,445

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Thanks to Diega for today’s question!

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58 thoughts on “Do you apply mascara to your lower lashes?

  1. Natalie

    Sometimes I do. However, my bottom lashes are EXTREMELY long and with mascara it makes them look like a set of falsies. While some people will find this good, it makes everything look so dramatic, and sometimes I’m going for more of an understated look.

    • Amy P

      Same here, mine are crazy long and curled, so they tend to make a huge mess when I try to use mascara. I only do it if I have the time to be very careful and want a dramatic look.

    • Kai

      I’m the same way! It either looks like a super super nighttime look, like I put on crazy lashes, or spidery!
      Every once and a while, but only for like costume reasons (also I wear glasses, so sometimes I need it to give me a little extra).

  2. I use it VERY sparsely. My lower lashes are VERY long and thick, so I usually only put a tap of the brush at the root of the outer corner, to make the weird lash-shadow look intentional.

    • You are lucky to have long and this lower eye lashes. Mine are full bus short. I make up for it with my upper eyelashes though.

      • I don’t mind it, since I do REALLY dramatic looks that usually blend them in more. But for almost any type of “no makeup” look, or vintage look with nothing on the lower lashline, it just creates a very patchy looking shadow unless I line the waterline, and use a tap of mascara. My lashes are mostly clear, but they have enough pigment to them at the bases to stick out visually, if the rest of the look is polished.

        I just have to be careful not to overdo it, otherwise I have spider-long lashes that look weirdly overdone. it’s an odd balance.

  3. Kit

    I do sometimes. I have like five lower lashes (seriously, I counted) and it looks weird.

  4. Niamh

    If the great Inès de la Fressange advises against it, then I’m inclined to go with her advice!!! It would probably just melt onto the skin just below the lashes anyway giving me that hungover-emo-panda-who-applied-mascara-while-crying-in-the-shower look.*

    *a tad exaggerated there…

  5. Agnes

    I don’t have many bottom lashes, it would be hard to apply mascara on them and it would look weird.

  6. I do sometimes but it doesn’t really make a big difference so most days I don’t bother. I think that because my complexion is so dark you can’t notice them.

  7. HH

    I would sometimes if i wanna emphasize my eyes but since I have bags under my eyes a lot of times, I dont want to emphasize that half by having mascara smudging there.

  8. Leah

    My eyelashes (top and bottom) are already really long, so when i put mascara on them, they look spidery or too intense for my liking.

    • Same here. I like mascara on my top lashes, but super-thick/dark bottom lashes look too clown-like on me. Also, they always smudge and make me look like a raccoon. :(

      • Brenda

        I have the same, very long bottom lashes and lots. I find it works to just use clear mascara when I want definition! Otherwise, major spider lash.

  9. Sarah

    Very sparingly if at all. My bottom lashes are long already. Really only with a dramatic smoky eye.

  10. BethM

    Never. My left eye only has lower lashes on the inside half, so putting mascara on lower lashes emphasizes that and just makes me look really stupid.

    • Cassykins

      Same here exactly! Left eye and inner only. I have never had lashes on the outer part (ok, there is like one lash.. singular, lol) It’s not terribly noticeable with no mascara as my lashes are so light, but mascara just screams, “Look at my wonky lashes!”

  11. isla

    EVERY SINGLE TIME!and i have been doing that for years…i feel weird having full blast top lashes and none at all at the bottom…i am really surprised so many people dont do this

    • Bella

      I agree. I’m the same way about e/s or liner: if I have a lot of colour on top, it feels weird not to line my lower lashline at least a little!

  12. courtneyseaa

    I just recently started applying to my lower lashes, I used to hate the way it looked, but it might have been the mascaras I was using that were clumping them all together haha

  13. C

    it makes me look kinda cross-eyed and my eyes look droopy

  14. HovercatMittens

    I used to use just clear on the lower lashes up until a few years ago. Now I use black mascara and go over it in clear to get rid of any clumpiness.

  15. Cindi

    My lashes are blonde and thin, they require mascara!!!

  16. um, yes, my lower lashes are short and light just like my upper lashes!

  17. Liz

    Mine are very light despite being a dark brunette, but when I mascara them they look crazy! Too long, they match the uppers basically. Plus, for me, it always leads to smudges. I also feel it somewhat changes the shape of my eye, much like liner on the bottom lashline – not in a good way for me, unfortunately.

  18. Andréanne

    I vote other, because I do apply mascara to my lower lashes but just a tiny tiny tiny bit! Just to make them pop a little more!

  19. Fiaspice

    I have full an long top lashes, but the potom one are sparse so I always get mascara on them.

  20. Dawn

    I always put a tiny bit of mascara on my lower lashes if I have any on my top lashes, as I think it looks odd otherwise

  21. Chloe

    My lower lashes are too thin to even bother! D: It looks weird.

  22. Blair

    I use the maybelline great lash because it does very little so it doesn’t give a dramatic look

  23. happybadfish

    My lower lashes are very very long, and blond. So without mascara it looks like nothing, but with mascara it can be a bit too much. I usually save an old mascara for the bottom lashes. This way it isn’t as thickly applied. Sometimes I don’t put any mascara on the bottom.

  24. Mamavalveeta03

    I have about 2 eyelashes on the bottom (JK) so I ALWAYS use mascara there–preferably waterproof so no racoon eyes!

  25. I always wear it on the bottom. Dark upper lashes and blonde lower lashes don’t go well together.

  26. Ashley D.

    Well my lashes are already pretty long and thick, so I only apply it on the bottom lashes sometimes.

  27. Liz

    On the very rare occasion when I do (usually in combination with copper or gold eyeshadow – dunno why) I use waterproof mascara to prevent (really only delay) the inevitable smudges and smears. Most of the time I just skip it, since if you aren’t careful it enhances dark circles anyway.

  28. Debra

    I have to use mascara on my bottom lashes. They are practically nonexistent, and this gives a bit of oomph to my lashess, opens up my eyes!

  29. Ekaterina

    I just use soft liner and s’il vous plaît :)

  30. Dani

    My bottom lashes are crazy long too so I don’t usually wear mascara on the lower lashes unless I’m going out at night and want a really dramatic eye.

  31. Hez

    I usually don’t. It smears pretty badly most of the time.

  32. Heather

    I only put mascara on the outer third of my lower lashes. It’s a weird habit i got into since i don’t like the whole lower lash to be long.

  33. mars

    I always use mascara on the bottom lashes. Sometimes I just darken the roots especially if I don’t use liner on the lower lashes. Most of the time I do a light coat but for a dramatic look I’ll do 2 full coats of mascara on the bottom. My fave for bottom lashes is MAC Opulash because it never smudges on me even if I cry, & since it’s slow-building it doesn’t get too thick.

  34. Ofc! I LOVE having looong bottom lashes(and top lashes), it’s so frikkin pretty, <333 Well atleast on me 😛

  35. Nic

    I would say I apply mascara to the lower lashes about 9 times out of 10, but it’s almost always just a tiny amount.

  36. Not everytime because if I look tired, it’s better not !

  37. OMG this was my question! Didn’t know it was gonna be posted because I sent it weeks ago. I asked it because I was applying makeup on a friend and she was shocked when I wanted to put mascara on her lower lashes, because she’s never done so. And I was so shocked too because I do it all the time like it was part of my daily routine.

  38. Deb

    I rarely ever use mascara my bottom lashes unless I want to look really dramatic – it makes my already small eyes look even smaller.

  39. Tiffany

    I have long lashes so I always use covergirl natural lash clear mascara on my lower lashes.

  40. Christina

    I used to. But didn’t like how it looked. I figured I had an odd eye shape and having mascara on the bottom lashes didn’t look so good. They’re long and straight, and grow in crazy directions too haha.

  41. IT doesn’t work for me? :( sad I know.

  42. Erica

    I only apply it when I know I’m going to be having my picture taken a lot. Otherwise, it tends to be too much for me.

  43. Jen

    i tried but failed not sure how to apply it correctly. help please! 😀

  44. hannah:)

    I do sometimes.. i have very fair eyelashes, so I have to be careful when apply mascara to my lower lashes, because most of the time I get mascara on my skin below my lower lash line :(