Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you apply makeup sitting or standing?

  • Standing! (54%, 1,963 Votes)
  • Sitting! (45%, 1,653 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,656

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! Thanks to Nikkia for today’s question!

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43 thoughts on “Do you apply makeup sitting or standing?

  1. Svetlana

    Always standing :)

  2. sitting… in my sink. people find it very amusing but it’s comfy and i can get close to the mirror!:)

  3. MU junkie

    Both! I don’t leave my MU in the bathroom so it stays fresh so I bring in my foundation & stuff where I need the best light but for the creative stuff I go in my bedroom where I can spread out all my toys.

  4. I apply my foundation, concealer, and other face makeup standing, but my eyeshadow and lipstick sitting.

  5. Catriona

    I stand up. My room is quite small so I store my make-up on top of a high chest of drawers – it’s the perfect height for me to stand at with a mirror.

  6. I’m lying to apply my make-up – sometimes sitting, but mostly lying :D.

  7. Jessie Q

    Standing, because I don’t yet have a vanity. :(

    (Or the space in which to put one.)

  8. Standing! I need to be as close to the mirror as I can get, for maximum control over my skills. :)

  9. Anett

    Eyeshadow, Eyebrows, Liner, Mascara … -> Sitting
    Foundation & Blush -> Standing


  10. Kajsa

    Standing. It takes me longer when I sit down for some reason..

  11. Polly

    My answer is Standing.

    But my sister Driving!

    She puts on make-up while driving to her office in the morning. She said it saves her time. I’m scared that she may cause some accident!

  12. Nadia

    I apply my makeup standing because I do not have a vanity table. During the last weeks of my pregnancy (my daughter was born on December 17), it was really tiring to have to stand and put makeup on. It was during those times that I wish I had a vanity table, but do not have room for one right now.

  13. Katie

    I would do it sitting if I had a vanity, but I take the products I use for the morning and stand in the bathroom to put it on.

  14. GinaB

    Sitting at my vanity with my face as close as possible to my mirror! I’m surprised so many people apply their makeup standing! my hand would be so unsteady!

  15. maryelle

    standing because i multi-task with dressing up, making coffee and breakfast, etc. i feel like if i sit down and do my makeup, i will take my time causing me to be late to my appointments!

  16. I sit doing everything except putting my eyeliner on because I need to be close to the mirror to do that. I used to stand before I got my vanity table. It feels much more relaxing and pampering when you’re sitting. I definitely think it slows me down in the morning!

  17. Lisa G

    I sit in my sink, too. Looks odd but it works for me!

  18. Kayla

    I do my eyeshadow, liner, and mascara sitting down and everything else standing up. I have no idea why, I’ve just always done it that way.

  19. Christina

    I don’t have a vanity counter, so I usually apply my makeup while standing in front of a full body mirror. It’s easier because I can move farther away to see the completed look, without having to sit down and get from up a chair each time. I’ve applied makeup only a handful of times while sitting down. This is usually when I am at hotels (Las Vegas) because they have a vanity table next to the bathroom. That way, someone else can use the bathroom (to shower) while I do my makeup!

  20. Sam

    Sitting at my vanity. :)

  21. Brenda

    Sitting. I don’t wear eye contacts, so I cannot see myself in the bathroom mirror. My bedroom is very small so I have my makeup bin next to my computer desk. I move my laptop to the far left and then sit my lighted mirror on the side closest to my makeup. It works okay, but I do wish I had a better set up. I want to buy a larger table for my laptop & my makeup.

  22. Sitting! I would not want to stand for >30 minutes (I don’t wear makeup every day, only artistically).

  23. callie

    Standing is just so uncomfortable. Urgh. I like my mirror close to my face too.

  24. Standing! It’s really hard for me to do it sitting. I do my makeup in the bathroom, and it’s the best lighting. I don’t have very good lighting in my room, and I can’t get as close to the mirror sitting down.
    Yesterday I realized that I stand on my tippy toes when I’m doing my makeup >.< my knees and feet hurt by the time I'm done! I have to lean over my sink to get close to the mirror, so I guess that's why I stand like that, haha.

  25. Sitting at my Vanity. I have a good vanity mirror with lights so I can get up close and personal as needed while remaining comfortably seated. Plus I’m lucky enough to work from home so I can take my time playing with my makeup every morning.

  26. ali

    Levitating. I don’t sit or stand.


  27. Heather

    I bought an adjustable height table so that I can do my makeup standing up in my bedroom. I spray painted it pink, and it has my makeup mirror on it along with my makeup in various pink containers.

    I hate doing makeup sitting down. My arms feel all cramped

  28. Mariana

    I sit with my legs folded on my bed. I have a small multi-cubby/drawer bed stand where I store my palettes, creams, brushes, etc, so it’s easily accessible and comfy in the morning :-). I use a hand mirror, and I have a large mirror across my bed to make sure things look even ;-). This set up happened to work out for me, it was actually very unintentional lol.

  29. On my knees – actually, that’s somesort of sitting, right?

  30. classic

    Sitting & Standing

  31. Ru

    Sitting at my little vanity in my bedroom. I really like to take my time sometimes and enjoy putting on makeup. Also, the lighting is better (natural, by the window).

  32. Cassie

    I am pretty blind so I have to stand and lean against the mirror to do my eye makeup. Consequently, the mirror is always mascara smudged. I wish I could sit at a cute vanity!

  33. I begin sitting, applying foundation, powder, prep my eye-lid, doing my eye makeup and then I need to stand up and see what I’ve done differently on an other mirror, I do some corrections,I sit again and finish my look!

  34. I would rather sit but my bathroom doesn’t really allow for that.

  35. Marcela

    half sitting/standing on the edge my bathroom sink. if i’m feeling really lazy i’ll completely sit over the sink with my feet either in the sink or on the toilet lid LOL

  36. Natalie

    Standing! It seems no matter where I go, hotels, at home – I apply it standing, even if I could sit. At home I can’t, and I store my makeup in my bedroom but apply in my bathroom. If I get tired I just sit on my sink’s countertop! I find standing I feel I have better control and can get closer to the mirror.

  37. Shley

    Both – sitting with a vanity mirror if I have time, or standing across the sink mirror if I don’t.

  38. Anika

    Always sitting! :)

  39. Both. Depends on where I am.