Friday, March 15th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Do you apply foundation to your neck?

  • No! (59%, 2,848 Votes)
  • Yes! (39%, 1,901 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 80 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,829

Thanks to Catherine for today’s question!

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74 thoughts on “Do you apply foundation to your neck?

  1. Telma

    My neck is a little bit lighter than my face and chest, so I apply a little matte bronzer to match it to everything else.

  2. amber j

    I don’t. I am afraid I will mess up my clothes. To those of you who do, how do you avoid that??

    • Mallory

      I have never had an issue with makeup getting on my clothes, but I do apply only a little bit just to even things out, blend very well and then always powder my neck lightly after to set it.

      • Marianthi

        This! I always apply lighter on the neck, easing as I go lower.
        As for clothes, in summer they do no touch my neck. In winter -scarves. Yes, the absolute best to avoid getting makeup on my clothes.

    • shura

      Use only a little bit Wipe away from the middle to the outside,not cover whole neck, and Stopped 2~5 cm above the collar.

  3. Heather

    I don’t put foundation on my neck, but I do use my fancy face products on my neck and chest, like my gentle face cleanser, exfoliant, toner, and my redness reducing lotion. It’s helped my chest/neck look much better! I’m considering using tinted bb cream on my neck/chest as well; it’s light but has a tiny bit of color…might even things out.

  4. I usually do so, but it smudges to my clothes’ necks.
    I don’t want to give up applying foundation on my neck as I want matching colors, but I should prevent smudging somehow.

  5. xamyx

    My face is just a tad darker than my neck, so I just blend foundation under my chin to the neckline. If, for some reason, my face gets darker, I’d rather just go a shade or two lighter on my foundation. I go to great lengths to keep everything even, using high SPF, avoiding prolonged periods in the sun, hats, etc, so it’s never been an issue.

  6. Daintynymph

    Whenever I wear foundation I’ll blend it down my neck. That horrible mask line of cutting your foundation off abruptly is awful!

    • Laura

      Agree! Hate it when people don’t blend their foundation out and you can see their skin change colour at their jawline. I always blend my foundation down my neck a little bit.

  7. Katherine

    Yes I blend it down onto my neck because I have melasma on the sides of my neck.

  8. David Nuggets

    Nothing makes you look like you are wearing a mask more, then when your face doesn’t match your neck.

  9. My skin colour always stays the same since I avoid tanning like the plague and slather myself in SPF so I don’t really have to worry about matching. If I have anything leftover I’ll blend it down my neck a bit but I won’t go put foundation on my neck.

  10. redshift87

    I guess yes? I blend my foundation down about 1-2 inches below my jawline, so I suppose that’s technically my neck…

    • Kelly B.

      Me too. I wasn’t sure how to vote. I don’t apply foundation directly on my neck but I do blend under the jawline and fade onto the top of neck to eliminate line or mask appearance.

      • BadgerGirl

        Me too! I blend well to avoid the line. I’m very fair and my foundation is a good match for my skin tone so hopefully it looks good. Nobody has ever said otherwise–I would hope friends would tell me if it looked bad.

  11. Sab

    My body is weird. My neck is darker than any other part on my body, probably due to obesity and probably pre-diabetes. There’s no color that would match it. So when I got my foundation matched, they just matched me to the color of my decollage.

    • deandrea

      ^^This, exactly–including the ‘fluffiness’ and diabetes. I blend under my chin so I don’t have a line of demarcation at my jawline, but I don’t bother touching my neck.

      Offtopic, but have you been screened for PCOS?

    • Dani

      I have the exact same thing too. I would probably end up with a grey neck if i brought my foundation all the way down my neck.

  12. Kate

    I apply just a little bit to the top of the neck/ under the jawline just to blend the foundation downwards and make sure there isn’t an abrupt difference between the face and the neck.

  13. I blend it out past my jawline but I don’t do my neck because I don’t want foundation on my nice white shirt to rub off onto the collar during the day. I prefer to get a perfect match with blending to my skin as possible instead.

  14. Mariella

    I know a lot of people do and experts advise it to make sure that your face and neck match. I wear a lot of turtle neck sweaters and scarves and such (it’s COLD in Canada in the winter) so wearing foundation on my neck would just soil my clothing. I remember seeing women whose blouses had orange all along the edge of the collar…from the foundation on their neck. I try to purchase a shade that will make my face “match” my neck. I do blend the foundation down over my jawbone and sort of “fade” it into my neck, so there isn’t a strong demarcation line. If my neck still looks too pale, I dust on a bit of bronzer or blush.

  15. Cat G

    No, I mean I’ll blend at the very very top of my neck but I do believe my current foundations are perfect matches :>

    • Mallory

      Then you are one of the lucky few whose neck matches their face perfectly. My foundation is a perfection match but my neck has a lot of redness in it as well and needs to be evened out. It’s obvious when I don’t blend in at least a little foundation and powder.

  16. Elyse

    I must be lucky! My face is pretty much the same color as my neck, and my foundation is a near-perfect match as well. All I’m doing is covering the red, blotchy parts of my face.

    So I don’t put foundation on my neck, really. At most, I blend it a bit beyond my jawline.

  17. Julia B

    I usually have to because I haven’t found a shade that matches my super pale skin.

  18. Chris

    Neck is lighter than face. I really tried to match but recently gave up. Got it as close as I could. What’s the rule?

    • I’m super pale and my neck is down right white in comparison so I don’t want to look anemic. lol so long as you foundation is the family shade (mines olive) It will look like you face got a little more sun buy to to much of a shade shift is what is aim for me self. 😉

  19. Genevieve

    I don’t really apply foundation to my neck, but when I wear foundation I do blend it down my neck so I don’t have a line of demarcation.

  20. TrippyPixie

    My face is a little bit darker than my neck, so I like to apply foundation there to make the application of the product look seamless. Also, I used to know a girl that never blended foundation down her neck, so it would just end at her jaw. As a result, her face was orange, and her neck was white. I never want to look like that, so I guess applying foundation to my neck is a preventative measure (as is wearing a foundation shade that matches your skin tone!).

  21. Jo

    I blend down with a bit less foundation on my brush about a third down my neck, just to blend it in- don’t want tide marks!

  22. I don’t, mainly because it’s such a mess on clothes…

  23. stef b

    i can’t believe how many people do! the point of foundation is to have a more flawless face. how many people have flawed neck skin?

  24. Nope! I do feather it down to under my chin, but I prefer to keep my foundation/powders as a perfect match to my skin and have a light touch with makeup so that it doesn’t look like a mask, but rather a part of me!

  25. Marie

    I apply onto my jawline and blend. My neck doesn’t need foundation and my face matches my neck, so I don’t see reason to apply it low.

  26. wanzhen

    Do you have any suggestion to match the shade of my neck and face since my neck is a bit darker than my face and I will never get the same shade when applying foundation only to both area. :(

  27. SarahKita

    My face is a couple of shades darker than my neck for some reason. I’m very pale, paler than most companies go, but I think it’s redness that creates the darkening. Anyway, because of that difference I usually blend into my neck just with what’s left on my brush to provide a non-harsh gradual change. I can still look masky though, but then again I do often look at myself and notice it looks jarring even with no makeup at all. Sigh.

  28. Stacey

    no- just use foundation to even the skin tone a bit…afraid for it to get on my clothes.

  29. Karana

    I do when I’m wearing something that shows my neck or when the foundation is a little darker than my skin color.

  30. I blend down my neck if the foundation I use is anything but a perfect match for me. However, I’ve found my absolute perfect color (Maybelline FitMe 110) and I don’t apply it to my neck, I don’t need to! =D

  31. Francesca

    it’s crazy how many women wear foundation on their neck. i feel like the odd one out here, i’ve never applied foundation to my neck. you really shouldn’t have to if the color is a perfect match.

  32. Secret Squirrel

    I do, blending at least to a few inches below my jawline and setting with translucent powder. i do it because II have PCOS, which causes (among other things) an incipient double chin and excess facial hair that must be shaved while I receive laser treatments. The foundation helps even out the blotchy redness. Using a light touch, lots of blending, and the setting powder helps minimize collar stains.

  33. Starfish

    Yes, and I take it all the way down to my chest. I live in constant fear of my face looking lighter, darker or pinker than the rest of my body. It haunts me. *frantically buffs more foundation onto cleavage*

    • Robert

      YESS! All the way down ! i feel like such an odd man out for being the only one who puts it further than “just the jawline”

  34. Carole Eisemann

    Always! I have very short hair so my foundation goes down my neck and sometimes further. I also fluff a little on my earlobes.

  35. Irene

    My body is half a tone or so lighter than my face, so I prefer to match my face to my neck than the other way around, especially when wearing open tops that show more cleavage. I’m also super pale (about NC5) so it’s really noticeable if I don’t match it. I’ve started using a white foundation by Face Atelier to mix with my foundation so that I can get the perfect tone, as I’ve never found any pre-made tones that match my natural skintone.

  36. Phoebe

    If I wear foundation, it’s a tinted moisturizer (aka U.S. BB cream). It doesn’t really give me much color…just evens out my skin on the days I need it. So I don’t need to blend to my neck.

  37. Faith

    My neck and body are a good full shade lighter than my face, and my face is already too pale for most foundations I’ve tried. I just have to hope no one notices. :(

  38. Lisa G

    I do bring my foundation a little below my jawline and blend, but I don’t take it down the whole length of my neck, because then where do you stop? Gotta draw a line somewhere, right? Having said that, my neck is so super pale, but my face and body are like NC 20-25. Is your face supposed to match your neck or your chest or what? I’m so confused. Also, my hair is super short, so do I slather foundation on the sides or back of neck and how about my ears?


    I just blend it past my jaw line a but to avoid any foundation lines.

  40. EvilStepQueen

    I take my foundation under my chin, but not down my neck. Under my chin I get redness and break out under there, so that’s as far as my foundation goes. Doing it that way makes the color of my face, chin, and neck flow seamlessly….

  41. Leenie

    I wear foundation pretty much that matches my skin tone, I might wear a little powder to my neck depending on the situation

  42. Veronica

    Not always, as my face and neck are usually the same shade, and I wear my foundation sheer to light, making the difference less obvious. If I apply a tad too much to my face, though, I’ll usually pull it down onto my neck.

  43. LK

    Never! I mach my foundations to my skin.. I can’t believe how many readers blend it down their neck.. if you feel like your face looks like mask comparing to your neck, sorry but you have a wrong shade! Color match and you will never feel the need to apply foundation to your neck.

  44. Adhishree

    I always make sure my foundation shade is the same as my natural skintone, therefore it naturally matches the rest of my body, I don’t self-tan, I’m brown so… 😛 Yeah. I don’t need to apply any foundation to my neck.

  45. I never apply foundation to my neck, I blend it JUST under my jaw. I find it really hard to match everything properly though – I wear a high SPF on my exposed skin everyday but my face is still fairer than my decolletage. I match my foundation to my face, not my neck or chest, but that does mean my foundation looks quite light. If I use a darker shade, though, it just looks WRONG. I hate my foundation looking too dark.

  46. I do on special occasions and if my chest is showing, I put it there too. Daily, I put it just under my chin, on my neck, where what I call is the ‘V’. Those of us with long hair tend to never get any kind of sun on our necks and the fact the our chin/jawline acts like an umbrella to that area, it always seems lighter. I do it only to even out my skin tone.

  47. It depends on the foundation… If it isn’t an exact match I blend it down my neck, but only about an inch or two past my jaw so that it doesn’t get all over my clothes!

  48. Jennifer G

    I blend my foundation down my neck just a bit, so as not to get the foundation line. But I don’t cover my whole neck.

  49. Alison

    No, I just blend it a little at the neckline to make sure my finish is flawless. I also match my foundation to my neck: its my favourite tip from Mary Greenwell.

  50. cncx

    I treat my neck and chest like my face so they get the same amount of moisturizer and sunscreen which means I don’t really have a tone mismatch problem since the foundation I wear (when I do) is quite sheer. I do put powder bronzer on my neck and chest if I am wearing it on my face, though.

  51. Steph

    I think it creates a better matching look, but gets all over my shirts so I generally don’t. I suppose it won’t be as much of an issue if I can find better foundation matches, but foundation is so expensive if you don’t get it right (and there’s basically no returns on makeup in Australia once you’ve used it).

  52. Jenny

    No because when I really blend out my foundation, it looks like my own skin color and I don’t use enough to make it look like a mask… what I don’t get is how sometimes the back collar of my lab coat seems to have foundation on it even though I don’t have any on my neck for that sort of reason…

  53. softy

    it depends on the colour of the foundation and the coverage, if it was full i’ll blend it on the neck but if it was light i won’t..<3

  54. Serene

    I do it very lightly. I actually do it in a V shape, I don’t cover the whole neck. It makes the colour transition look more gradual.

  55. Robert

    Even though my foundation matches me perfectly… i still apply a full layer all the way down my neck. i kind of always have, even though It sometimes does get on the collar of my shirts. I love the way it looks.

  56. Ana

    I don’t apply foundation on my neck. I choose foundation color based on my neck color, not my face color. I blend very well when applying in the jaw line area this way there is not visible line. Also, my neck color is very similar to my face color, the only difference is that my neck has a more neutral undertone than my slightly warmer face undertone. :)

  57. Azaza

    It would depend on what I am wearing but I sometimes do apply foundation up to my neck since my face and neck are darker than my body