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Yes, and it’s always from men, and it gets on my nerves. I don’t wear or don’t wear makeup to please men, at all. I wear it for myself and what I choose to put or not put on my face is absolutely none of anyone’s business.

An ex male friend told me I should abandon all makeup but my tinted moisturizer with SPF because “that has a purpose, nothing else you have on does anything and you’re not ugly” and refused to listen to my reasons for wearing it.

Nope. If I don’t wear makeup people constantly ask me if I am sick. Maybe due to my yellow-greenish undertones, pale, translucent skin, and melasma.

Haha! Same here! One day I went to go get a subway sandwich (no makeup) and the guy told me I didn’t look good! So I thanked him, because I didn’t know what else to do. People just assume I’m I’ll when I’m bare faced. I don’t wear tons of makeup, but I guess it’s enough to make me look “healthy”.

AAAWWW! I am in the same boat. I have olive to yellow toned skin and if I don’t wear makeup it is inevitable that someone will say something. Are you sick? Are you okay? Why are your eyes so puffy? Usually at work, not at home. My family all have the same coloring.

hehe, same would go for me, they even say so when i do wear it cause i use a pale foundation just like my skin is(but it’s just tacky girls who tan all day).

i never go out w/o make-up tho. add very dark circles(hereditary curse)+blackheads(ughhhh) and a few pimples to your description and voila….you got me.

my bf finds me just as pretty tho and thinks my zombie eyes are cute(and i know that he’s being honest because he’s pretty unusual<3 good way)

Oh, yes, THIS. I have this problem too. It’s kind of amusing how many people, when seeing you wear heavier/more colorful makeup (whereas you usually wear more natural looks), will comment that “you don’t need makeup, you’re a natural beauty!” but then those same people will be the ones who ask you if you’re sick the moment they ACTUALLY see you with no makeup on. XD I do think everyone is naturally beautiful with or without it, of course… I’m not that superficial. But it CAN do a lot to make us look more refreshed, healthy and awake. I think for girls who tend to stick with very basic makeup, it’s one of those things you don’t even notice until it’s gone… haha.

People always think I donยดt sleep well if I donยดt wear concelear, because of my hereditary undereye dark circles, so I always have to wear it.

Without any makeup, I look terrible. I dont always put on full makeup with brows, mascara, and lipstick. But I do have skin foundation/ powder and some form of eyeshadow with light blush. Otherwise, I look very young about 15 years young…too young to do the job.

My husband gives me the “You’re beautiful no matter what you wear” line, and he doesn’t always notice if I put on makeup; if he does notice, he looks baffled sometimes, like “Why are you doing that?” And my best friend will happily expound on unnatural standards of beauty and how making myself feel prettier with makeup is only buying into media stereotyping and so on and so forth. (She was a sociology major.) But I wear makeup for me, not them, and I do have friends who will notice and tell me if I’m looking particularly good with makeup (or without it!) on.

“Why are you doing that?” makes me think of how my stepdad reacts when I put on jeans and a t-shirt… I’m unemployed and was homeschooled for years, so I tend to lounge around in pajamas a lot. If I just put on some normal, casual clothes, he immediately asks what I’m “all dressed up” for. smh… people are so silly.

I’m 26 and my boyfriend hates it when I wear heavy make-up. Whenever my make-up is super light he likes it, but otherwise he’s not a fan. If he was in charge of my make-up collection it would be very small and boring, lol. I look young for my age, so a LOT of people tell me, “YOU DON’T NEED MAKE-UP!!” I try to explain to them it’s not because I feel like I “need” it, I just think it’s so much fun and love playing with it. But yeah, I get the “natural beauty” comments a lot…and the “you’re too young for make-up” even more, lol. But hey, I take that as a compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

Ive told my mother in law that before. BECAUSE she puts it on in such a way that it is VERY unflattering and it ages her. Tammy Fae on crack. I adore her and when I do her makeup she glows and everyone compliments her, not because Im amazing at makeup (although I am haha) but because shes finally using colors that flatter and is blended ect. Sometimes people say that and they are full of judgement and other times its because your makeup method is off. Consider why they say it before you shrug it off. Maybe they want to help. We ALL know that beautiful girl that hides her beauty behind too much makeup.

No. That is not something that I have ever heard, lol. Now, people have told me they prefer me with less makeup, or more natural makeup, but no one has ever told me I look better with no makeup. I usually get comments that I look so pale, so flushed, or that I must have plucked out a patch of brows when I’m not wearing makeup, LOL. I generally look better with a little makeup, but I think I look fine with or without, and that’s what’s important, not what other people think.

Yes, but I don’t really wear makeup on a daily basis–and when I do it’s usually not typical “beauty” makeup. So I think people’s expectation of how I look is my bare face, and anything else is strange.

Two words: I wish.

Lol! But seriously, does it really matter what others say? It’s healthy to accept compliments graciously, but it’s not going to alter how I feel. Encouraging words are generous, but you need tangible experiences to change your perception, so to truly improve your self-esteem; hopefully to the point where you look for and “believe” in the best of people, even without them beliving in you.

Nah, most make-up-related comments (compliments, really) I get tend to be related to the colors and blending, not how it makes me look better or worse. I view make-up as a creative outlet, so that kind of compliments make me the happiest anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Wow you look so tired! Really, wow, are you OK?” – is what I hear when I’m going naked. I think people prefer to see me with just a little undereye concealer and mascara. Just to look fresh and awake. My family hates bright lipsticks and tell me I look better without.

No. They wouldn’t DARE.
Anyway, I started wearing makeup because I used to look so mch younger than my age that people assumed I was a teenager well into my late thirties if I didn’t. So whenever I had people address me as a child (this was in Italy: they would use the familiar second person instead of the third one – think the difference between “darling” and “madam”) I knew I really ought to put on makeup. I didn’t need foundation back in those days. Sigh.

Yes some men don’t like makeup, they say it’s sophisticated and artificial which is quite true in fact. I just love makeup, I wear makeup for me, not for others ( never ever ), but on the whole I don’t wear much ( fav combo is a good high end blush + a pretty lipstick ! )

When I was a teenager and late for school, I would forgo the makeup. My Dad would say “your makeup looks good today!” I would say “I’m late. Not wearing any today” and he would say something like “I know” or “See?” I hope I do a better job of applying it nowadays (17 years later.)

Nope. I’m so pale that I don’t think people would think I look better without makeup. Mind you, virtually all my makeup looks are pretty neutral and subtle so most of the time, I don’t think people really think I’m wearing makeup, except maybe for lipstick – the rest of the stuff is just “me but better” effects.

Not really, but sometimes I feel better without makeup on. I wear makeup for myself as a creative outlet, but don’t feel a “societal pressure” or “sexist paradigm” making me slap product on my face. My boyfriend doesn’t notice half the time if I still have my makeup on, but (apparently contrary to every other man in the world) he does like when I do really bold and colorful looks. He thinks I look glamorous or something? lol He doesn’t know the difference between eye shadow and mascara but he fully supports my makeup hobby/addiction so I’ll humor him ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t get it very often… I wear lots of bright, colorful and creative makeup, so more often than not I get compliments about how cool it is and how lucky I am that I can pull it off. ๐Ÿ™‚ There have been a couple notable exceptions, though… my late step-grandma (who was not always the nicest) told me on many occasions that I should not be wearing makeup at all, that I wore too much, etc. I was well into my teenage years when she was making these comments, so I found it rather silly at the very least, hurtful at the worst.

The other one I can think of was actually just a couple weeks ago. Some guy left a comment on one of my YouTube videos in which I was wearing more neutral makeup than usual, and he commented “you look so much better without all that colored s*** on.” Ouch. I shot him right down, though, by explaining that I use those colors to express myself, and I’m not exactly trying to enhance my natural beauty with them. That, and if my looks were all he cared about, then he could just get the heck away from my channel because I don’t want him around. (I make videos of myself playing ukulele and singing covers of popular songs. You wouldn’t believe how many comments I get on them that don’t even mention the music and go straight to talking about my looks. Disgusting.)

I pretty much wear makeup every day. If I don’t wear any my husband tells me that I look fine without it, but I would certainly not take his comments to heart and stop wearing makeup. At 52 years old, I KNOW I look better with makeup on. If friends and family told me I looked better without it I would seriously consider that I was choosing wrong colors, applying it wrong, etc. Makeup helps with my self-confidence. It also gets my creative juices flowing. I LOVE deciding how I am going to present myself to the World each and every morning. So many possibilites!

I did inherit my mom’s beautiful complexion. But, even without makeup I feel very plain and frumpy. I wear it to feel good about myself. Even if I am only doing errands, I at least put on powder, cheek color and mascara.

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