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At best, I ignore it. 95% of the time they’re paid faces with little more input than “I like these colors” or “I like these scents” and then the actual team of chemists does all the heavy lifting and they take the credit for it. It’s just the reality of these things.

I’m always skeptical… It doesn’t draw me in at all. I don’t care much about celebrity this or celebrity that, though…

Same here – they definitely push me away, unless there is significant evidence that shows that they are at least 80% involved in the process or they are able to showcase that their talent. For example, Kat Von D to me is first and foremost an artist and a tattooist. In that sense, I see her make use of her skills in the make up department. However, things like a Justin Bieber or Heidi Klum fragrance… a definite no-no!

I’m really indifferent about them. If it’s someone I don’t really like, it does push me away. Like the fragrance gift sets during the holidays, most of them are by celebs that I either don’t like or don’t care about. I think Taylor Swift is the only one that I like enough to check out her perfume.
Most of my favorite celebrities are male rappers though, so they’re not really endorsing any beauty products haha.

I take it with a grain of salt. Just because it looks great on so and so doesn’t mean it will on me, especially since I don’t have the aid of photoshop. However I do sometimes like to hear recommendations, and if it’s expensive I’ll look for an alternative.

Celebrity advertisements are so photoshopped that it pushes me away. That and I don’t really care if a famous person likes a product anyways; I’m much more likely to trust a blogger’s opinion 🙂

It absolutely is a turn-off for me!  I hate it because it just seems super see-through, I mean, like Christine says there is no way they are involved in it.  Plus it just seems like annoying branding on top of the already-irritating levels of branding we see in cosmetics.  I prefer to trust my cosmetics to professionals with a professional reputation rather than leaving it to some celebrity who just signs there name to it to make money.

Typically, I don’t care about the celebrity involved in a product, either by endorsement, advertising, etc. However, when I was at Sephora a few years back, I noticed the line of Kat Von D products, and those actually caught my eye. I’m not exactly a big fan of hers, but I do have a similar makeup style, and I figured the pallettes were worth at least taking a look at. I don’t care whether she had any actual binvolvement in the product, but given her image, I figured the colors would be dark & strong, and I’ve been very happy with the pallettes ever since. I have all but 2, due to the color choices, which are not congruent with the rest of the collection, but I also haven’t really looked at any of the other products since I really only care about eyeshadow.

More often than not, they push me away. Seeing a celebrity’s name on a product is a pretty sure bet that person hired a team, had the product(s) designed and made and had little or nothing to do with the process. They just slapped their name on it to make even more money. I don’t care to give people like that my very hard earned dollars. Let them sucker someone else. 

I agree. It’s  turn off. The only celebrity endorsements I have appreciated are MAC Viva Glam, because it’s such a great cause, and also Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, because again, her charity work was inspirational.

I could care less for celebrity endorsements.  I especially hate the proactiv infomercials where celebrities with crystal clear skin are endorsing an acne regime.  More or less, I’d say it pushes me away.  Most of the time they have nothing to do with the product itself except putting their name on it and labeling it as the “IT” product of such and such celebrity.  

In a word, NO.  I’m not a big celebrity follower but I also realize that celeb endorsements are entirely about being paid big bucks for their face/name to be used in association with a product.  Even when we see photos of a celeb looking flawless and fab, that has much more to do with makeup artistry and photography than with the actual products and how they’d look after an 8 hour day on the job followed by a hot and hectic commute!

Hmm… I think it depends on how much I like a celebrity’s style, perhaps. I really really like Kat Von D’s line, because her stuff tends to speak to my own personal style and the kind of makeup I’m looking for. I use the SInner palette every day, Sinner perfume is my everyday scent… but she’s not an actress or anything, just a tattoo artist who became famous, so maybe that’s a different thing.

Hmm I don’t know. Maybe push me away. I know that to be as successful as possible, celebrities must brand themselves, thus selling products they may or may not believe in.
Anything Emma Watson or Taylor Swift do, I’ll most likely be on board! 😛 AH it pained me with Emma Watson signed on with Lancome. Something about that brand has put a bad taste in my mouth!

In general, I think celebrities make ENOUGH money so I don’t usually support their products. But then again .. it depends on the celebrity. I really like Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift as celebs, but unfortunately – didn’t like either of their perfumes.

I’m not a big Britney Spears fan, but love .. love her Curious perfume. And of course, I won’t buy anything Kardashian – EVER.

Turns me off. Especially regarding Celebrity fragrances. It does not appeal to me at all! 
I could understand an Iconic house like Dior would use Monica Bellucci as a spokeswoman or model because she embodies a certain house aesthetic. However, I’m prone to liking the European celebrities/models over American ones. 

Definite turnoff. I agree with most of you. I will look at the product on it’s merits but only if I think I need it. I love research and base my buying decisions on what the product does, not who created/endorsed it. E.g., I’ve been wearing the same perfume for twenty years but it’s not widely available and I still love it. It smells like “me” to my family and friends. I often get compliments on it so until that stops, I’ll stick with it. I have no desire to be associated with a celebrity fragrance, that’s for sure! One exception, I did try, and liked, Trésor when Isabella Rossellini was the face of Lancome but that was the last time. It was close to my current perfume, though, so I passed. Can’t think of anyone who would influence me now. Oh, yes, one: maybe Meryl Streep.

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