Friday, January 7th, 2011

Do beauty blogs help you save money or inspire you to splurge? For better or for worse?

Temptalia's AnswerThey help me save money, I would say, but I’m not exactly the typical blog reader!

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141 thoughts on “Do beauty blogs help you save money or inspire you to splurge?

  1. sophie

    inspire me to splurge

  2. Elysia

    inspire me to splurge, for sure

  3. egon

    you helped me save A LOT of money =D my SO <3 your blog for that! your dupes & honest reviews make my shopping much effective & regret free .. Thanks <3

  4. Both! It’s like at home shopping, I see new things, some I like and some not so much. I think blogs and YT has made me a better more informed shopper overall.

  5. Rosanna

    Is it weird to say both?

    I tend to splurge on higher end items but I buy less on collections. Blogs are great for window shopping and budgeting!

  6. I feel like they are my enablers and saviors when it comes to buying beauty products πŸ˜›

  7. baby in a corner

    inspire to spurgle definitely. Its hard to think you can’t have one eyeshadow and one lipstick if someone buys the whole collection eventhough their circumstances may be different to yours. You are surrounded by people whose passion is make up . LOVE blogs though!

  8. Carrie Ann

    Both. Swatches can make me want something I wasn’t originally interested in, or save me from buying something that wouldn’t work for me. I usually have to order beauty products online because I can’t find them in stores where I live, so this blog has been extremely helpful.

  9. anon

    both– so it balances out pretty well, except I’m usually happier with my purchases whether it’s a pass, a steal or a splurge

  10. shilpa

    THEY MAKE ME SPLURGE………..if beauty blogs were not there..i would not have knwn so many things and hence not have felt like buying them….

  11. They inspire to splurge, but at the same time splurge rationally.

  12. Jessica

    Splurge, but that’s okay. I wouldn’t visit these blogs if I wanted to pinch pennies!

  13. I’m a beauty blogger myself, and I’d have to say they inspire me to splurge- there’s definitely a “keeping up with the Joneses” effect to being part of the BB community. Everyone gets so excited about a product or brand, and I just feel like I’m missing out on something big if I don’t try it too.

    Having said that, I’ve also held back on many an item I might have purchased after seeing online swatches or reviews…maybe in the end it all evens out?

  14. Lisi

    Definetly inspire to splurge!

  15. Jess

    Inspires me to splurge after doing some research which could help me save money!

  16. jell

    Inspire me to splurge definitely

  17. eRiN

    Pretty sure they cost me hundreds of dollars in lemming every year ^.^

  18. Ms. Jimmi

    Splurge. I must NOT BUY ANYMORE MAKE-UP! (repeats 50 times)

  19. Splurge, DEFINITELY!

    (but I’m not complaining)

  20. annie

    Inspire me to splurge but also guide me to get the right products (n_n)

  21. sophie

    they inspire me to spent my money πŸ˜›
    I watch a tutorial or see swatches from products and i’m like ”i’ve got to have this…i don’t have anything like that”
    Even though dupes are so easy to find! they may look different in the pot but on the eye (for eyeshadows) they’re all the same lol

  22. VirtualMakeupartist

    Absolutely they inspire me to spend more money. But I’m sure to buy much better products!

  23. Kim L

    They inpsire me to splurge, but I have impulse control issues anyway and if I saw the product in the store would probably have snatched it up anyway!

  24. I splurge more because I see pics and read about all the new pretties out there.

  25. tess

    Inspire me to save. I’ve been deterred by swatches and reviews a bit more often than I’ve been encouraged by them, which is a good thing!

  26. The Beauty Queen from Mars

    They help me to save a LOT of money. I do not know how much money MAC ‘lost’ on me due to πŸ˜€ Usually, when I see the promo pictures, I am head over heels for a new collection, but as soon as I see some of Christine’s amazing swatches, the exitement cools considerably. I am thinking: ‘Oh, got something like this shade already’, or ‘Christine says it is quite sheer/does not apply nicely’ or ‘all right, the color is way too warm for me’. The blog actually saves me a lot of time too, since when I do not like Christine’s swatches, I never even bother to go to the counter to swatch it for myself. That was the case for Cham Pale for example – I was excited about the quad but when I saw it (and read that it had TWO permanent shades in it) I was glad to skip it.
    On very few occasions, you inspire me to splurge, too – as with the Chanel Enigma Quad of last fall. Though I have to admit it turned out to be the most amazing quad I own.
    So: thank you so much Christine!!!!

  27. Moeko

    SPLURGE πŸ˜€

  28. definetley help me to save money…

  29. Bella

    I’d say more than anything that beauty blogs introduce me to new brands and yeah, therefore splurge.

  30. Sam

    inspires me to splurge X_X

  31. Angela

    It’s a bit of both for me. You inspire me to buy nice things, but at the same time you’re saving me money because I’m not buying things that don’t work/look awful etc.

  32. Nunuiviet

    Both, but inspires me to splurge much more

  33. Iliana

    A little bit of both. If I find a shade I like I’ll research a bit for pictures, reviews and dupes. If I find a good enough dupe, I’ll go for it. I usually go to Makeup and Beauty Blog for swatch references since she’s got my skintone :) (If we were the same color, I bet my makeup stash would be bursting at the seams. Your swatches are always pretty and everything you put on looks good on you!)

    Happy new year Christine!

  34. livnzoe

    i only read your blog.. so i have to say you inspire me to splurge!! :)
    everytime you review a new mac collection i want to get way more stuff that i’ve planned!!

  35. Rebecca

    it depends ^^ via temptalia I save money because of the dupe comparisons and other things and I can see pictures of the products etc.
    via yt videos I definitely splurge money. ^^

  36. kasiaj85

    both :)
    I save on stuff that’s not worth my money – when I can’t see something for myself but I can read a negative review. But it also inspires me to splurge… πŸ˜€

  37. mindcontrolify

    I follow over 200 blogs via bloglovin, so I really am someone that reads blogs everyday, and I think I’m just going to go help me save money.

    The bad reviews will make sure I DON’T buy a product: Money saved.
    The good reviews will make sure I choose the right product, and don’t waste a shit load of money on products that won’t work: Money saved.

  38. Alisha

    If I’m honest they inspire me to splurge more than anything else…

  39. Ah it depends, beauty blogs basically help me choose what I really want in the collection so I can tone down what I want to buy. So I guess it helps me save money

  40. Def splurge, I am tempted to get more things! In addition running my own youtube channel just makes me a whole lot worst.haha but it’s worth it (:

  41. Splurge, for sure. Especially when there’s a buzz going on for a certain product, so beauty blogs are not good for my wallet! :)

  42. Can I say both? πŸ˜€
    Beauty blogs let me know -and want- products I would have never considered if i hadn’t read about. At the same time, they gave me useful infos about these products which lead me to a careful shopping: I focus on few products, and so I save money :)

  43. Kalex

    Christine and the Muse have certainly twisted my arm more than once to buy pretty makeup I don’t need! :)
    When I first started reading beauty blogs I’d run out and get pretty much whatever was being raved about. I quickly realized some of those “reviews” had to have been paid reviews. I’m much more selective not only about what I buy now but also about the blogs I read.

  44. Stephanie

    Sometimes I splurge, but many times I save after I see the product. I am sort of new to the beauty blog thing, so what exactly is the typical blog reader? Thanks!

  45. Germa Brokschmidt

    Both! LOL I read a lot of beautyblogs and if a lot of beautybloggers are positive about a product I must have it. But If a view are negative I definitely not gonna buy the product.

  46. Reesa

    Both. There are times when I think I am convinced I need a product (or vice versa) and a review on a beauty blog will change my mind.

  47. I think a bit of both to be quite honest haha
    Sometimes, you (since you are the only beauty blog I visit haha) review something I had never thought of purchasing and I am hooked. And because your reviews are always honest, if you don’t rate a product highly, I usually stay away from it.
    And btw, every time I have splurged because of a review, I have always loved the product. Never once been disappointed.

  48. serene

    Splurge, definitely. But I make less mistakes because I’m more informed. Hooray!

  49. lovelyD

    Both. It makes me want things, sure. It also helps me though. By seeing product swatches and descriptions, I can see what doesn’t work for me and take it off my wishlist.

  50. leah

    inspire me to splurge but not buy everything I originally wanted! :)

  51. Rachel Lauren

    Splurge, splurge, splurge!!!

  52. Miss. Crystal

    I def splurge waaaay more now that I visit beauty blogs.

  53. Lady Di.

    God, that is so hard to answer!Well, I have definitely spent tons more money since I started reading your blog! You are just good at your craft and when I see how pretty something looks on here I have to have it!BUT at the same time, you have helped me save tons with your beauty deal updates and many times I will want something but then read one of your reviews and see its not that great an item so it saves me the money I would have spent on it. So either way, Im inspired!Lol

  54. AnGeLwInGz

    Splurge! Splurge! Splurge!

  55. Leiris

    Mostly, I splurge, but with the onslaught of MAC collections, the blgs help me save b/c they tell of dupes and repromotes.

  56. Kathrina

    Actually I’m not much of a blog reader either. I stumbled accidentally over temptalia when I was looking for a review of MAC’s Rebel lipstick. Ever since I have visited this site regularly. I would not say that it actually makes me splurge because I have to be carful with my money (student). But before I knew temptalia I bought definitely less beauty products.

  57. Nina

    Inspire me to splurge!

  58. ChristineD

    I would say both; they save me money from buying things I might have thought looked good in the pan or tube but swatch badly, and they also inspire me to splurge on items I might not otherwise have heard about.

  59. Anna

    Inspire me to splurge. I wouldnt normally buy this much makeup because i wouldnt be in the know about upcoming collections and products w/o reading beauty blogs. Plus, when products get good reviews, it tempts me even more. Haha.

  60. Jayna

    They do both! Reviews prevent me from buying products that might not really work well for me; however, they open your eyes to many other great prods which increases spending. Overall, net net, SPLURGE!

  61. Evelyn

    Both! I get to see the most interesting items that I didn’t know about but it helps me also spend less by toning down how much I wanted. For example with all the MAC collections, everything sounds so nice and I end up with a list a mile long, but then I see swatches and reviews and invariably my list shrinks down to a few items.

  62. KayDi-Kat

    Mostly splurge, butsave, too. Before getting hooked on Temptalia and 3 other blog that I frequent, I hardly bought makeup and nail polish compared to now. Maaaaybe a product or two every other month. Now, I haul frequently – both DS and HE, too. My wallet cries. I would never have learned of all the collections and releases and even the existance of some of my fave goodies, if it wasn’t for the beauty blogosphere. BUT, I am getting more wise to what not to buy, as well. So, yes, my wallet cries, but it forgives me just in time for the next “in-thing!”

  63. Soley

    Oh definetly SPLURGE! haha but at least i know what products I want due to this blog! No on the spot buys! (:

  64. Taylor R

    Mmm, I would say both. The give me a better idea of the product I’m interested in, so it makes it easier to pass on things I was wondering/debating about.

    However, sometimes they introduce me to products that I normally would have passed up, like the Clarisonic Mia. But generally it’s more passing because a lot of blogs tell of dupes for a product.

  65. morena123

    They inspire me to SPEND. If it wasn’t for this site, i wouldn’t know about all of those MAC collections (at first I thought they only had 3 collections, a spring, summer, fall… and then well holiday) I didn’t know they make about 20/year. It can help you save $$ too because blogs can tell you whats worth buying or not.
    Either the case, I always still check out the items in person, I never buy online. The pictures are not always exactly what you see on screen. (sephora website especially). I am picky about my colors, so if its even the slightest shade off from hat it really is in person, then I don’t want it.

  66. Julia Minamata

    Inspires me to splurge! I am coveting the Make Up Forever Flash Palette now because of this blog!

    Although judging from the ingredients it’s nothing but pure food colouring pigments in an oil, beeswax, and clay binder — Maybe I’ll try and make a few of the colours myself!

  67. Ariel

    Both. If I see a bad review on your site of something that I had previously wanted, I cross it off my list. But when I go on blogs and see so many gorgeous pictures of new collections, I get excited and go out and buy the things that stand out to me. I also will buy things I had not previously planned to (Naked Palette) if they get an outstanding review. In general, I think I spend more because of beauty blogs and Youtube.

  68. Maggie

    Both! They inspire me to splurge, because without them I wouldn’t know about most of the collections and new products in the first place! But after that, they do help me save, because I can pare down my wish list once I see swatches/comparisons/etc. But overall I’d say I spend way more money on makeup than I would if I’d never discovered beauty blogs!

  69. Nichole

    Both. I definitely depend on your blog to filter the new exciting stuff from the stuff I don’t need.

  70. Ada

    Both because I learn about launches but I feel more informed before I step into a store. It also helps me skip collex that don’t interest me. Your swatches and reviews are super helpful!

  71. Adelle

    definitely spend!

  72. I’d say beauty blogs help me save money on things that are otherwise not very good, and inspire me to splurge on things that are!

  73. Kei B

    The dupe list totally helps! And I’m always peeling my eyes for drugstore products for good reviews so yes it does save money

  74. BethM

    Both. Reading beauty blogs alerts me to new things that I would otherwise not be aware of. At the same time, swatches and reviews help me to avoid things I definitely don’t need/want.

  75. Sandy

    They inspire me to splurge but also educate me on buying the right products too!

  76. Lulee

    well temptalia helps me save a boatload of time and money… but in general all the hype about some products just makes me spend, spend, spend! i would say it inspires me to shop smart. i hardly ever get things i dont like anymore!

  77. Mary

    Thats a good question. Honestly….neither. I certainly don’t save money, but now I’m much more of a educated shopper. I always look for reviews and swatches before I buy now. I test it out myself. Then I will decide to buy. I just won’t buy anything now. I also try to limit myself certainly. I’m much more happy with my purchases now since I know that they will work for me.

  78. Karen

    Blogs definitely help me save! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been all over the promo pics of something and then I see actual swatches or dupes and it makes me realize that I don’t actually like the product. They also help me pick through collections so I can buy that one shadow I really love, rather than some random shades of the new formula shades.



  80. I think a little of both! I have deff saved money by knowing is a product will work for me, before i purchase it. But they also show me lots of stuff I want and then go out and buy haha.

  81. Definitely splurge. I’ve been following beauty blogs since about August and my makeup stash has grown 500%! LOL! My poor wallet! The swatches and reviews help tremendously though.

  82. lorena

    Definitely make me splurge. Before i became an avid blog reader i had no more than 10 pieces of makeup and now i have a hard time finding a place to store my collection

  83. Tiffany

    Kinda both, I guess? They help me decide carefully what I want and what I can skip.

  84. Lindsey

    This one definitely helps me save.

  85. Definitely splurge! I wouldn’t even know about half the brands and collections if I hadn’t been following beauty blogs! :S

  86. kathy

    Haha probably splurge! But that’s ok. I would never know about certain things if it weren’t for beauty blogs!

  87. Iratxe

    inspire me to splurge

  88. Rebecca

    I’d have to say a little bit of both. Blogs have definitely saved me from spending money on something that maybe wasn’t as great as it seemed. But they have also shown me a lot of things I may never have even know existed that I then went out and bought. :)

  89. I would say mainly both. In one way the splurging has helped my make up collection really fast. But the saving part is when there are dupeable items.

  90. Cate

    Inspire me to splurge and spend a lot of money! Absolutely not save money!

  91. Karo

    A little bit of both. Sometimes I splurge on products I was not aware of previously, but for the most part, seeing someone else test drive a product I’m considering helps me make a decision on whether to buy, or helps me narrow the field of possible candidates. In that sense, it saves me money I don’t spend on things I’d have to replace.

  92. lazeny

    I can pretty much control myself when it comes to cosmetics and finances. I have to eat and bills to pay. Blogs help me choose products wisely and control impulse buying.

  93. Mirna

    Help me save $ for sure! Now I don’t buy and then find out that a product sucks. I also save $ checking out makeupalley.

  94. Ann

    They Save me money because I don’t end up with tons of mu that I dont like and that doesnt look good on me. I shop online and I end up buying less than if I’m in the store.

  95. I would have to say that it usually causes me to splurge. There are several product that may be on my wishlist but when I see a great review and swatch of the product…I just can’t seem to resist. I’m getting a little bit better though.