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To an extent, yes, they absolutely do. Both by knowing what’s coming out to knowing the second it’s launched on a website, you might feel more compelled to buy an item that seems like a winner right away in fear it will be sold out if you wait. On the other hand, it does enable everyone to do a little more research before clicking “checkout.” Maybe you’re totally in love with this lipstick, but you decide to do a quick google search for a review/swatch and turns out, it sucks majorly, so that puts a downer on purchasing it. Overall, I think it encourages, though.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Actually I find the opposite really–I’m less likely to buy stuff on impulse now because I usually wait to see if it’s actually good before buying. The only time I impulse buy is when I already know something is good.

I totally agree with this. I think it benefits both consumers and cosmetics companies, when the bloggers do a good job of reviewing.

I agree.¬† Before making a purchase, I look for reviews from people who have earned my trust aka Christine ūüôā¬† I also look for other readers with my skin type, etc. and see what their experience has been with the product.¬† I feel like I can trust the information here more than on the seller’s website since I don’t know if they filter the comments they post to sell more products.¬†
I don’t know if this has saved me money as much as it has helped me to spend my money on higher quality products that have a greater chance of providing the results I was hoping for when making the purchase.¬† I realize there are countless bloggers but by narrowing it down to a couple who I feel have the expertise and integrity I’m looking for…I truly believe I can trust the information and education I receive.¬† Thank you!

Same here! I think beauty blogs actually discourage impulse buys for me, because I’m less likely to be persuaded that a product is good at the counter.¬†

I don’t think they do, not really. I mean, yes, I get to see what’s coming out and decide what I want, but I’d say reading blogs encourages me to wait a bit so I can see a swatch or three (depending on lighting), read a review or two, and get a sense for what people think of a product before I go buy it. Since I tend to buy mostly high-end makeup, I don’t want to waste my money, so I’m much more likely to research before I buy.¬†
I’ll impulse buy if it’s really cheap and I’m like “eh, what the hell”, or if I know the product is good (again research) and it’s there and saying “Please take me home” but I’ve never read a blog and run out of the house to buy something.

I find myself buying *less*, actually, since reading beauty blogs. All of my purchases in the last year have (for the most part) been actually thought out, as opposed to wandering around Sephora, and grabbing something just because it’s pretty. I actually find myself looking at older products that I haven’t used in a while, because I find they are very similar to items on my list, and I can take my time buying it. I also don’t really stray from a handful of brands or products, so I can read reviews all day, every day, and unless it “wows” me, I won’t bother. The same goes for brands that are take too much effort to shop for. I also used to make more frequent trips to Sephora, and always had to walk out with *something*, but now I read blogs to see what’s out there, and am able to put together a list of what I *really* want.

[email protected]’m chuckling about “wandering around Sephora and grabbing something just because it’s pretty”.. ¬†Oh, I’ve been there far FAR too many times and I have to say Christine’s blog has put a complete end to that. ¬†I rarely set foot physically in Sephora anymore, and do most of my buying on-line where I’ve saved specific items to my shopping list based on reviews and research. ¬†

I am kicking myself that I didn’t follow beauty blogs earlier to be honest. ¬†I believe I do make some impulse buys for fears of losing out on LE products or collections, or just because I get really excited about a product, but I am much happier with my purchases overall and feel I have greatly expanded my makeup repertoire in a very positive way. ¬†I’m simply not buying the same colour blushes or eyeshadows time and time again and I’m not getting sucked into every MAC launch like I used to and then feeling let down. ¬†Your swatches, Christine, help me a great deal because most beauty sites fail completely on this score in my opinion. ¬†On the other hand, I do find myself hankering after many, many things where before I would just be completely ignorant of their existence. ¬†I have also been introduced to independents: OCC, Limecrime, Sugarpill, Sleek come to mind since you do not see these folks on Sephora or in the department store. ¬†So, overall, I would have to say a definite yes.¬†

[email protected] ¬†Totally OT: I hear OCC is coming to Sephora this September! ¬† And yes, I completely agree with you on wishing I’d followed beauty blogs earlier!

i totally agree with you Christine.¬† It encourages that almost “feeding frenzy” around certain products, thank goodness this doesn’t happen with EVERY product, but it feels like it happens often enough! I mean to think about something like MAC’s Stereo Rose or Ripe Peach, the UD Naked Palette (at first), the list can really go on and on…

At first I was like what you said in your comment Christine but now I find that I’m less impulsive now with so many beauty blogs weighing in on products. And just looking at the new products and swatches satisfies my cravings. Kinda like window shopping.. but online for makeup! LOL. Funny analogy I know. But overall, I do extensive research before buying especially because I’m on a student budget.

Never. If there is something that I’m thinking about I’ll look on a few different blogs to look at the swatches but it usually only sways me to not buy it.

I think beauty blogs tend to make me want makeup more, and they definitely increase my craving to drive to Sephora or Nordstrom to buy makeup, but I usually don’t buy that much and I don’t act on my shopping impulses. There’s been times when I’ve splurged a little bit because I’ve seen favorable reviews though..¬†

No in fact. I am a compulsive beauty addict, if I were in Paris I would spend much more, actually I spend everyday even some minor products or things ! I love blogs, swatches, it’s really interesting to read about brands we don’t have here too but if I never go on holiday there is a good reason for that : I definitely spend too much !

Yes, that is why cosmetics companies reach out to bloggers! They have vast influence. Nevertheless, I read beauty blogs because I used to go to the counters a couple times a month to check out new releases– now I only buy products I have read reviews for, and I can do things like search for dupes and cheaper alternatives. I probably spend more than I should on cosmetics, but I think reading beauty blogs like Temptalia has helped me get a better bang for my buck. And I rarely return products these days.

I think it helps me rule out things I was gonna buy because I thought to myself “I’m gonna buy that right now just cause I think I love it!” then I read I blog just to see a swatch and get a second opinion or whatever and often I end up feeling like I don’t love it as much and don’t NEED it. I do ninety percent of my shopping online so blogs help tremendously to get a better feel for the product than just the one a seller would want you to have, if a product really is great and lives up to its hype people will talk!!

Definitely. Although I find it is directed to things that only have good reviews. For instance, for MAC’s Heavenly Creatures I was going to pre-order about $500 worth of the collection on ebay from a buyer but after reviews convincing me they weren’t that good, I waited till they came out in store to decide for myself. I finally swatched them and decided to spend my money on other products instead, products I knew were good and that people raved about. Worthy products.

For me it’s the opposite. Since I discovered beauty blogs, I rarely buy makeup by impulse anymore (at least nothing high-end). I usually check swatches and reviews for anything over $20 before I buy it. The only exception are limited editions from brands I trust – if I see something I like I buy it immediately before it’s sold out.

They absolutely encourage it…especially when it comes to LE products, ”holy grails” and ”hypes” I have enough makeup for my entire life XD What I stopped doing is to buy things that look like the ones I have, lets be real Gold Rose from sleek looks exactly the same as Orgasm and even if it doesn’t who’s gonna tell the difference….??

What an honest answer indeed, Christine! It takes some character to concede your site encourages impulse buying.The “tempt” in temptalia is pretty clear, but I think everyone is much better off with your site because of your candor and your objectivity in the face of brand hype. ¬†

It’s actually the opposite for me. Beauty blogs have made more options¬†available. So someone like me, an insane, borderline-OCD, perfectionist, I’ll want to try everything before committing to the “best” product. For example,¬†I’ve literally¬†sampled and tried¬†60+ foundations so far¬†and¬†have only purchased the full sizes of TWO¬†of them. See what I mean?¬†In my mind,¬†the more different¬†products¬†that different beauty blogs¬†“rave” about, the more I’m compelled to try.
And with that in mind, it’s really a wonder that I’ve actually found¬†2.5 (1.0 + 0.5+ 0.5 +0.5) HG products¬†in¬†THREE different categories (brow fillers, foundation,¬†powder contour)¬†. 0.5 denotes that I THINK it’s an HG product, but I’m still on the lookout for something better. The 1.0 means that I am absolutely in love with that product, and unless it’s discontinued (which mine is unfortunately!!) I won’t even consider alternatives. I know, I’m crazy.

[email protected] 3D you are me with foundation…i’ve tried so many. i need a new one and it’s soooo painstaking

[email protected]
Lol! I guess that’s good and bad.
What type of skin do you have? Can you describe what qualities you’re looking for in a foundation?¬†Because I keep thorough records and notes on the foundations I try, perhaps I can give you some good recommendations! Though I’m sure you’ll still want to try them all anyways! xD¬†

[email protected] 3D I have dry/combo skin depending on the weather and it’s fair to light. I want a foundation that feels like second skin, looks natural, but offers light-medium coverage. I loved the diorskin nude natural glow, but it OXIDIZED ON MY SKIN. went on flawless and then turned orange. ūüôĀ woe is me.

[email protected]
¬†Okay, well you have the opposite skin type as me; I have very oily skin and I prefer a medium-buildable coverage, matte finish foundation. So, based on my records, I’ll have to give you the worst rated ones, since they tend to be quite dewy in finish, provide less than medium coverage, and not have much longevity. I’m sure with your skin type, you’ll be able to pull these off beautifully, and just set with a little powder to increase wear-time.Have you tried any of these:
Lancome Photogenic Lumessence, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (though this might dry out your skin due to the alcohol content; but it isn’t all that great at oil-control either), Estee Lauder Futurist,¬†and the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid.
Also the Illamasqua Skin Base, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (has alcohol), as well as of course the new YSL Touche Eclat foundation.
I have not tried the new YSL yet, but it¬†seems appropriate for what you’re looking for. ¬†If you’re truly fair,¬†say less than NC15, you might have difficulty finding a shade in the EL Invisible and the Chanel VL Aqua, but go see if you can get a match anyways. Good luck! Get samples and make sure to exfoliate properly with an AHA to minimize any dry skin. ūüôā

[email protected] 3D i’ve tried a good amount of those. i think i will try and get samples of the ysl and armani this weekend! thank you so much ūüôā

[email protected] you tried NARS’ Sheer Glow? ¬†On me, it’s like my skin but better. ¬†It’s the oddest foundation I’ve ever tried as it starts out hideously and you’re wondering, “NARS, just *how* could you make something so heinous???” ¬†Then, 12 minutes later, wow…. it transforms into a totally diff. look. It’s hard to explain. At first, it just lies on the skin but it really needs to be warmed up by your body’s natural temperature, I guess. It is best put on with your hands, not a brush. (They say so, flat out, which is why it doesn’t come with a pump, though you can buy one from NARS separately if you really want it.)
¬† ¬† ¬†Sheer Glow doesn’t hide things like a freckle but, despite that, it does offer a lot of coverage somehow. It somehow binds and melts into the skin to create a smooth, natural look that actually gets better and better with time. It’s genuinely *does* create a little glow but without any oily sheen. While I used to prefer fully matte or semi-matte foundations, they tend to give a bit of a kabuki look. Not this one. ¬†It’s my new love in foundations.¬†It’s supposed to be light to medium coverage that you can build up. (The “sheer” part of the name refers, oddly enough, to the glow and NOT at all to the coverage which is semi-matte.)
        When the MUA at Sephora tested it on me (and you really need someone to do proper colour matching as I thought I was perhaps 2 other shades than what I turned out to be), she put 3 diff. foundations on my face.  Laura Mercier, NARS and Dior.  LM and Dior oxidized faster than you can say; NARS not only survived the 100+ degree heat and humidity, but it just looked more and more natural with every hour I wore it.  I find the way it works utterly baffling but I love how it makes my skin look. LOVE!

[email protected] [email protected] Did you like the Armani Luminous Silk foundation, John? ¬†I have to say, I thought it one of the worst foundations I have ever used, if not THE worst. ¬†It just lay heavy and flat on top of the skin no matter how much I tried to blend it in. Almost like thick goo. It also oxidized on me into dark brown and my skin soon looked a bit oily or greasy. ¬†(I’ve got combo/normal skin.) Worst of all: it magnified EVERY. SINGLE. pore on my face. ¬†Not just the pores that are a bit big on/around my nose or cheeks; I’m talking pores I’ve never seen before and are normally fine like above my lip area or my forehead. ¬†I’ve never — ever — experienced something like that. ¬†I felt as though I were wearing a thick mask on my face. ¬†I’ve tried the other Armani foundation too and while it wasn’t bad, it was nothing special. But at least it didn’t make me feel like I was wearing pancake makeup from the 80s. ¬†

[email protected]
¬†Haha, well you have certainly tried a lot then! I figured you haven’t tried the Photogenic or Futurist, since NO ONE seems to talk about them. But I guess you have. ūüôā Anyways you’re welcome, and I’m sure even without my help, you would have eventually tried those two foundations anyways.

[email protected]@MIRIANV
¬†I didn’t mention the Sheer Glow because it seems more like medium-buidable coverage on me, and it’s so hyped that I was pretty much certain that she’s tried it. But yeah, it lasted about 1 hour (with beautiful coverage and finish) on me, so I can’t use it. ūüôĀ

[email protected]@MIRIANV
The finish of the Armani really looked skin-like on me, but like the Sheer Glow, I was a greaseball by lunchtime. Also,¬†I think you might have gotten an expired sample/bottle or something? Because if I remember correctly, the texture is very blendable and fluid. The inclusion of quite a bit of alcohol supports that¬†theory, since alcohol is an excellent solvent and in combination with the surfactants¬†is what allows the various silicones and emollients¬†to be less viscous. So yeah, maybe you accidentally tried the Designer Cream foundation? Idk xD. But yeah, if I had dry/combo skin, I think I would quite like the Armani Luminous. But alas, I don’t. On a side note, not even the Armani Lasting Silk lasts long enough on me.

[email protected] [email protected] Sheer Glow lasted one hour? Yikes. You poor thing. I’d be very frustrated in your shoes if all these things barely lasted. As for the Armani Luminous Silk, I don’t think it was an issue of an expired bottle or sample. ¬†My sister had some similar problems and, in addition, it made her break out like hell. She rarely breaks out, particularly as she has dry skin. ¬†Also, Wwendalynne said almost the same things about it as I did and about how it just lay on the skin. (Actually, much, much harsher things, if I recall correctly.) I had better experiences with Armani’s Designer Lift but still wasn’t enormously impressed. ¬†But, hey, everyone is different and I know some people on Makeupalley love Luminous Silk like nothing else, so I’m really happy it’s working for you. We all need that perfect foundation, right?¬†
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Totally OT, you know what did impress me quite a bit? La Mer’s foundation. It’s a bit thicker than I’d like or than is practical for the revoltingly high humidity here but I actually went… “Wow. What a look!” ¬†You may want to get a sample of that because it seems like pretty full coverage, has a very creamy texture (in a good way), but blends in wonderfully and leaves a lovely finish. I didn’t try out my mother’s bottle enough to know about breakouts but I was very impressed by the overall look it gave me on the 2 occasions when I did use it. But if you’re very oil-prone, maybe it would be too creamy for you? In any event, I just thought I would throw the idea out there, if only for you to add to your vast knowledge or to your lists for your blog. ¬†ūüôā

[email protected] [email protected], just read that you *didn’t* like the LS either. Sorry, I have no idea why that part didn’t sink in right away. I really need to stop multi-tasking when I post. Please accept my apologies. Have you found your HG foundation then, John?¬†

[email protected]@MIRIANV
Yeah, both the LS and SG just couldn’t work for me. xD As for the La Mer foundation, I can’t imagine having to pay that exorbitant of an amount for foundation. So I don’t even try anything over $60, the¬†two exceptions being Chanel Lift Lumiere (when I first started out in makeup), and the Guerlain Gold (because Christine raves about it so much). As for an HG foundation, if you look up to my original comment, I said that I had “0.5” HG products, and foundation happens to be one of them. I *think* I’ve found an HG item, but I’m still¬†trying out¬†the rest of the products I sampled, and I have new ones¬†that I want to try. But yeah, it’s good enough where sometimes I just kind of want to give up this quest and just stick with this one.
It’s the new Lancome Teint Idole 24H foundation. It’s provides medium-buildable coverage, holds like iron (10+ hours)¬†especially when combined with the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and powder, while actually giving a satin-matte finish to the skin; quite natural. Furthermore, the blending is quite easy due to the slightly creamy and almost velvety texture. I have much more time to blend than the previous version of the Teint Idole, which is fantastic. And the price isn’t too bad: $44 at full retail price. I can always pick it up at the 20% off¬†F&F sale at Sephora, or wait for a GWP at one of the counters for extra bang for the buck. Furthermore,¬†it mixes into my sunscreen elegantly; it’s just very versatile. Also,¬†it (surprisingly) doesn’t accentuate dry skin as much as several other foundations I’ve tried. So all in all, the TI 24H can do a lot and I’m “quite” happy with it. ūüôā What about you? What’s your HG?

[email protected] 3D¬† Ooooh, it sounds lovely. “Satin-matte,” natural looking, velvety texture *and* long-lasting! You make *me* want to try it! LOL. I’m always so happy when people find a product that is HG (or, in your case, may hopefully be HG) — something that gives them great joy and makes them feel endlessly pretty/handsome. ¬†YAY for LI 24h! ¬†As for me, I’m not sure there is any product that is HG, foundation wise. ¬†Actually, there are very few products *in general* that I would give an A+ to and that I could classify as HG. (So far, only 2 Ole Henriksen¬†serums and NARS’ Copacabana Multiple. Maybe Outlaw and Cactus Flower blushes.) But I really do like the Sheer Glow. A LOT. ¬†So much better than the MUFE HD foundation that I was using before! To be honest, I was a bit surprised to learn that Sheer Glow was a much talked about (indeed, “hyped”) product because no-one I know IRL wears it, talks about it or even seems to know about it. Even on blogs like this one, I hear so much more about other foundations/brands. I actually wish SG got a lot more love. LOL. ¬†Anyway, fingers crossed that the Teint Idole turns out to be “The” one and only for you! ūüôā

Beauty blogs certainly increase the temptation but then they temper it because you first want to see how the product performs before you rush out to purchase it.

It’s the opposite for me – I never buy on impulse anymore (unless it’s like, a drugstore nail polish for ¬£1!) I always wait and check as many reviews and swatches as possible before I buy. Beauty blogs have actually made me more responsible with my money – I don’t spend tons on stuff that I end up not liking or not suiting me anymore!

I think beauty blogs encourage buying but at the same time they provide great source of information on dupes, on potential flaws in a product, on special offers or sales.

Yes and no. ¬†Indeed, I have purchased a LOT more makeup since I’ve started reading beauty blogs and looking at youtube tutorials because it has made me more and more aware of products I’d never have heard of otherwise (a perfect example, though not the only example, is the entire Tarina Tarantino line of products). ¬†So while I think I do buy more – and often on impulse – I think my purchases, for the most part, are more informed, so I’ve avoided buying some disappointing products. ¬†But it is like the kid in the candy shop – I think the fact that I am seeing more products and hearing more about them does, indeed, make me want more stuff than say, 20 years ago, before beauty blogs existed.

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