Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

DIY – Jet Black Swarovski Crystal High Heels

I finally finished these! It took around 12 hours in total over a few weeks.  I chose to bedazzle a pair of Enzo Angiolini Dixy Pumps in black patent.  I then used Swarovski 2058 Jet Black Flatbacks in: 10ss (4 gross), 12ss (10 gross), 14ss (10 gross), 16ss (10 gross), 20ss (5 gross), for a total of 5,616 stones. I had some leftover–maybe 1 gross total across all the sizes–but I used all of the 10ss, 14ss, and 20ss crystals. For a how-to, please see this post.  They turned out exactly as I wanted! :)  I did a quickie video to show how they sparkle.  I might paint the soles black at a later date!

See more photos!

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125 thoughts on “DIY – Jet Black Swarovski Crystal High Heels

  1. Sydney

    Christine, they turned out beautifully! Wow!

  2. Esther

    these are stunning!

  3. Anastasia Spearing

    Those look amazing! Cannot wait to see more more pics leading up to the big day.

  4. Barbie

    holy wow that’s gorgeous

  5. nik

    WOW. Impeccably done Christine!
    And also, you are a hard worker with lots of patience.
    Impressive indeed!

  6. Justine

    god, they sparkle SO nicely in that video 😀 so awesome!

  7. Gisele

    They are stunning! Gorgeous pair well worth the time you put in them! They look like you can use them with various outfits! Great job!

  8. Evelyn

    More power to you, I wouldn’t have the patience! lol

  9. Shannon Thowy

    Gosh! These are lovely! You have just sparked an idea for me – I have an excellent pair of wedge pumps but its velvet surface were peeling of.

    Christine, I don’t know how to thank you further!!

  10. Wow! Nice job! Those are gorgeous O_O They don’t look the least bit DIY at all. That’s totally something I’d expect to pay a ton of money for. <3

    • Thanks, Jennie! :) They were inspired by a pair of Gucci heels ($2295!).

      • Jimmy Choos have their version like this…been told that their crystals fall out…better to do your own pair so if one happen to come off…you can fix it…and they are not ridiculously high…very practical…is this for your wedding also?

        • Nope, these were for fun :) I saw Gucci’s and really fell in love, but they didn’t have my size (not even to try on), they’re really, really high, and completely out of my price range! I’m so much happier with this heel height – height but not skyscraper – as I’m more comfortable in these! And good point – I can always re-glue with ease!

  11. Carolina


  12. Katie

    OMG!!!! These are absolutely gorgeous. Christine, you are truly talented. I now need my own pair 😉

  13. karen gonzalez

    These are absolutely stunning, Christine. I’m thinking of trying it out and doing some like these. How much did you spend on the crystals? I’m wondering what the budget for a project like this would be.

  14. Janet

    Gorgeous, Christine! Is there anything you’re NOT good at?! Lol!

  15. Wow! those look so cool :) Hope your hands aren’t too sore, mine would be!
    …not to mention me going insane… because I totally would LOL

  16. Hi !

    Just wanted to ask where you bought your cyrstals from and if it was from the same place that you bought when you DIY’d the first pair of high heels ! I am looking to purchase some good quality crystals for some DIY of my own but want to know my options!

    Thanks a lot ! I love your heels

    xo. Olivia

    • Hi Olivia!

      I bought these from Dreamtime Creation, and I’ve also bought a couple bags from Artbeads and had good luck with both. I just wait for a coupon, haha!

  17. Joanna

    i like these a lot. where did you get the crystals from?

  18. Eunice

    I’m not big on sparkly heels, but these are absolutely gorgeous.
    Also, what is the title of the piano music in the video? It’s lovely!

  19. Lexy

    Amazzzziiingggg!!! The patience! Holy cow! Looks divine!

  20. Absolutely love these! I would try it but I am terrible with DIY projects more often than not lol. But I am so loving these.

  21. I’ve seen several DIY sparkle/bead shoes. Yours look chic and sounds wearable to me. Great job!

  22. Cathy

    Love these! Your DIY shoes are so amazing 😀

  23. Quinctia

    I love me some blingy accessories, but I absolutely would not have the patience to finish something like this. I have several nearly-done projects laying about to attest to this!

    And I don’t wear heels that often–usually only on boots. But I bet those’ll be a fun thing to wear with a basic black or red dress.

  24. I love the heels are have platform soles and you left them in the original patent leather. It lends them a very classy look with the Swarovski! m(0^0)m They will look so stunning when the light catches them when you are wearing them!!! Super work, Christine :)

  25. Carrie

    That sparkle looks amazing! 😀

  26. Yumi

    These are beautiful, but I think what’s most admirable is your patience!

  27. I’m a bit too clumsy for fancy shoes, but SO SHINY. *___*

  28. Lars

    Great job! These shoes look so hot. :)

  29. Kris

    Woooooow Christine, they are so sparkly! You should totally do an outfit post with these 😀

    Could I ask what size of shoes you wear? I’m wondering if I should give this a try, but I’m a size 9.5, and the surface area is a lot of an increase over a size 6 or 7!

  30. Kawai

    You’re insane…Awesome, but insane. I hope you never lose these! Good job =)

  31. alison

    these are SPECTACULAR. congrats on completing them!

  32. FieH

    Hey! They’re Sooo amazing!! I wanna try! But dont you have a ‘How to do’ list or something?! 😀

  33. Sparksinspring

    They look very neat and expensive Christine! Not to mention so beautiful!

  34. Marie

    I personally think this is too much, so I’m not a fan of those. But kudos to you for your patience! :)

  35. Oh. My. GOD! They are gorgeous!

  36. CJ

    These look amazing! I really want to try this myself, I hope I can get someone to ship the stones internationally, or I might as well invest in a pair og Loubes! If I can, it could be a craft project for the long winter months ahead. :)

    Can I ask though, what shoe size you wear? I have very small feet, and if I can get away with buying fewer stones that would be great! 😛

    Thank you!

  37. Chrissy

    Next time you should take pictures along the way to show your progress!! That would be really cool. =]

  38. Gina

    I normally don’t comment on your blog posts (due to pure laziness I suppose – forgive me!) but I just HAD to comment on this one! THOSE LOOK AMAZING! I am in awe! I want, no scratch that; I NEED those in my life! Of course, knowing that I have the attention-span of a fly and no patience what so ever, it would be nearly impossible for me to make these on my own. For now, I simply keeping oo-ing and aw-ing at these photos you’ve posted!

  39. MeggieBeth

    What a beautiful pair of heels! And at a fraction of the cost of the originals, PLUS all the pride you’ll feel knowing all your hard work paid off. Amazed again by your talents.

    PS- I would skip the black and match the souls to your favorite teal eyeliner or (if you don’t mind the Louboutin style) to the Dragon lipstick you love! You can always paint them black later!

  40. Doll

    This is perfect, I mean how is that even possible?
    I’ve seen some DIY shoes, but this one looks more like a custom-made piece.

  41. AnGeLwInGz

    They look incredible! Great job :)

  42. Eek! I just squealed out loud! These are amazing! I definitely think you should paint the bottom black.

  43. Did the try the spaghetti trick this time or just the tweezers?

  44. Nic

    Those look gorgeous – especially in the video, wow. :)

  45. Yellowlantern

    These are so neat! Do the crystals feel like they’re on pretty securely? My only fear is that if you stub your toe then the crystals might fall off (I hope not)?

    • I dropped one yesterday on my desk, and everything was left intact, LOL! The glue I used was E6000, which is pretty strong! I wore the wedges I did a bit last week, and I didn’t have any crystal loss!

  46. MonicaP

    What great shoes! I’ve been looking for a nice pair of heels that have a little platform, but not a sky high platform.

  47. Jennifer


  48. Oh wow – I like these in the photos, but they are really awesome in the video! Very tempted to make some now :)

  49. Your shoes look so awesome!

  50. Bersy


    Words fail me. Planning a lower heel version now for NYE!

  51. Ellie

    Those are SO SO SO SO SO incredibly gorgeous! You did a great job.

  52. Mocha Mish Mash

    Wow! They’re absolutely gorgeous!!

  53. Michelle

    I’m so glad you made a video! I mean, of course they still look awesome in the pictures, but they don’t sparkle like crystals should, ya know? But they are AMAZING in the video! Great job, Christine!

  54. So Gorge!! I say make the soles black for a even stronger statement…

  55. they are so gorgeous!! :) at one look i would’ve thought you bought them like that..

  56. Lisa

    Gorgeous!!! I am thinking I could be up to a fabulous pair of blingy flip flops… Possibly in a leopard pattern. That would be more my speed for now while I covet your pumps. :)

  57. very beautiful heels!!

  58. OMG, you have much more patience than I do. I honestly thought the first photo was a pic of something you saw online and wanted to copy–I would never have guessed it was the finished DIY! You did a great job!

  59. Bisma

    OMG!!!! Love them!!!!