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Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora
Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit ($59.50) (Limited Edition) (VIB Rouge Exclusive Early Access)

** VIB Rouge members will have exclusive early access to purchase the kit, and then remaining stock will be made available to other Sephora customers, per Sephora’s Facebook.

Divergent—what makes you different makes you dangerous. This enormous multi-piece kit allows you to be brave, selfless, intelligent, honest, and kind all at once. Each of the three Eye Shadow Palettes contains four coordinating High Pigment Eye Shadows plus one High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadow to draw immediate attention to the eyes. The High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows impart a shimmery, diamond-like reflection that is transparent when applied dry, and translucent when applied wet. Mix and match the shades to achieve a unique look every time. The kit also includes a cheek palette with two Long-Wear Blushes, a Shimmering Bronzer, and a Radiant Glow Illuminator. Four High Shine Lip Glosses round out each faction’s look. Use the double-ended eye and cheek brush and the included Get-the-look cards to choose and proclaim your faction. This Set Contains:

  • 12 x 0.059 oz High Pigment Eye Shadows in Burnt Mahogany, Radiant Initiation, Peaceful Shimmer, Humble Sheen, Dauntless Ink, Abnegation Stone, Erudite Sapphire, Serene Vanilla, Bold Espresso, Intrepid Moss, Golden Honesty, Altruistic Almond
  • 3 x 0.059 oz High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows in Choose, Diverge, Transform
  • 2 x 0.11 oz. Long-Wear Blush in Obscure Coral, Misty Rose
  • 0.11 oz. Shimmering Bronzer in Intelligent Bronze
  • 0.11 oz. Radiant Glow Illuminator in Gleaming Pearl
  • 4 x 0.13 oz. High-Shine Lip Glosses in Temptation’s Choice, Fear Not, Supreme Ritual, Natural Virtue
  • Double-ended eye and cheek brush
  • 3 x Get-the-Look cards

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Palette ($32.50) (Limited Edition)

Divergent—what makes you different makes you dangerous. Portable but impactful, this limited-edition palette contains everything you need to do your make up on the go.

  • 3 x 0.059 oz. High-Pigment Eye Shadow in Candor Lace, Luminous Taupe, Envious Chocolate
  • 0.19 oz. Long-Wear Blush
  • 0.18 oz. Matte Bronzer
  • 0.13 oz. High-Shine Lip Gloss in Artistic Mauve

Divergent 7-Piece Nail Art Kit ($27.50) (Limited Edition)

Divergent—what makes you different makes you dangerous. Proudly proclaim your Divergent allegiance with this limited-edition, seven-piece nail art set. Create endless looks by layering the unique High-Gloss Transforming Nail Lacquer over any shade to create an opalescent, shimmering finish, and then add one of the exclusive, easy-to-use Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos. Just cut the paper to any shape or size desired, add water, hold onto nail, and peel back for flawless application.

  • High-Gloss Transforming Nail Lacquer (Transformer)
  • Midnight Calm Dark navy
  • Violet Abnegation Violet gray
  • Opal Compassion Opalescent purple
  • True Pearl Golden opal
  • Neutral Lace Beige
  • Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos (6)

Availability: Exclusively at Sephora

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Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora
Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora

Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora
Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora

Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora
Divergent Cosmetics @ Sephora

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82 thoughts on “Divergent Cosmetics at Sephora for March 2014

  1. Huh, this is interesting.
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  2. pAMSY

    “VIB ROUGE EXCUSIVE” so if I’m just a beauty insider does this mean I can’t purchase any of this?

    • That’s what it says on Sephora’s site :( Not sure if it’s going to be a temporary thing offered to VIB Rouge or if it is only VIB Rouge forever. (Like VIB Rouges get first dibs or if it’s only dibs!)

      • Now I’m p-o’ed at Sephora. I’ve been waiting for them to release the Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid lipstick and have been notified that it’s now available but only for VIB Rouge members. I have the Tangerine lipstick and glosses from a couple of years ago (last year’s Emerald Green obviously was not going to be a lipstick shade) which was available to all. I don’t understand this.

        • Kate

          I am a VIB Rouge and the email about the lipstick doesn’t make it clear whether we just get first dibs and it will be available to other people at a later date. If I could think of a way to do it I would totally use my acct to order it for you. It is a gorgeous color.

          However, it does look like the Divergent set will be available to other people after Rouge get first dibs.

          • Kate, that’s very kind of you. I do hope that the lipstick will be available to the rest of us.

          • Kate

            The Divergent 7 piece collectors kit is all sold out. I’m a VIB one step below Rouge and they still have some of the Divergent sets but you can nly buy thm if your Rouge :( I’m so upset because I am a huge fan of the books and I SO want this kit. I don’t know anyone who is Rouge so it looks like I won’t be getting it :( I really do think its unfair. I understand getting first fibs but not allowing the remaining stock to the rest of us is messed up. I’m a very loyal Sephora customer.

        • Lori

          Hi….I’m just a regular VIB and I got the email for the Pantone lipstick and I was able to order it. When I tried to add it to my cart before logging in, it gave me an error saying for VIB’s only. It seems like VIB’s and VIB Rouge members have very similar benefits when it comes to new exclusive releases. Hope this helps some.

  3. I’m so excited to see a VIB Rouge exclusive product, and the price doesn’t seem too bad for what is included. I’m hoping the quality is up there though because it looks too good to be true!
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  4. Nazih

    The VIB rouge exclusive is really nice :(

  5. If the first set is really a VIB Rouge exclusive, I think I’m done shopping with Sephora. I understand that Rouges need exclusive things but this is a major branded item that everyone is going to want to get and it should be available to more than just Rouges. Nordstrom has all of the mid-high end brands I use so I may just use them exclusively from now on.

    • xamyx

      With all of the brands leaving Sephora, ULTA giving actual discounts for points, and Sephora having such a limited range of the brands they *do* carry, I’m already pretty much done with them. I’m quite certain I’d be VIB Rouge if I didn’t have to go to other retailers to get the items I want. I can get UD at ULTA & Macy’s, and both stores (at least at my local mall) are better at keeping shelves stocked, as well, which is another reason Sephora has lost a lot of my business.

      • pAMSY

        Yeah I’ve been shopping else where a lot. I like that Ulta has a lot of drugstore brands too so for me it’s like a one stop shop. I can get pretty much all the makeup I need from there. I am disappointed that the one set is only VIB ROUGE. I’m actually only like $100 away from VIB, but there’s no way I’d make it to ROGUE status for this set. I just don’t have that kind of money to spend.

        • xamyx

          At this point, the only brands I would pick up at Sephora & Kat von D, but between both, there really isn’t very much left for me to pick up… I find it a bit too “coincidental” Sephora just made the leap to ship overseas; I think they’re beginning to realize how much competition they actually have. If they start stocking their stores with brands like D&G, Illamasqua, etc., and expand their stock of MUFE, NARS, etc., I may begin to shop there more.

      • If ULTA shipped to Canada I would get my UD from them but Sephora is the only way I can buy the brand outside of ebay. Plus they have a lot of brands that are hard to get in Canada at the mid range/drugstore as well. 😉
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        • TayVM

          Some of the Shopper’s Drug Marts in Canada have started carrying Urban Decay and many other higher end brands. You have to find one with one of the newer Beauty Boutiques. Finding one near me has helped me to cut back significantly at Sephora. Also, finding an Ulta just across the border has been nice :)

      • Sarah

        In all fairness, Sephora broke contract with OPI because they were not releasing any new products and most were only being given to salons instead, and LORAC because they really haven’t been popular besides the LORAC Pro, they dropped LORAC for Becca, which is much higher quality.

  6. Not feeling any of this other then the bronze polish! :(
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  7. That’s a GREAT price for all of that!!

  8. Jenny

    The VIB Rouge set looks great. I would consider getting it because it looks like a great deal but too bad its VIB Rouge only

  9. Carrie

    Somehow these don’t feel like Divergant to me at all. The groups are very color coded: gray, yellow, blue, black and red, yet I barely see any color here at all. It feels like a neutral collection with a movie name slapped on.

    • pAMSY

      You know what I was thinking that too… like this is probably more gimmick than actually being inspired by the Divergent story. I do like these colors, but can you really say it was inspired at all by the books/movie?

    • Kate

      As someone who absolutely loved the books, the set is not Divergent at all. I would expect a color themed palette for each faction.

  10. This is so weird. I am (embarrassed to say!) a VIB Rouge, and so far the program has been a complete bust and definitely not worth it!

    Also, I’m a professional MUA, a regular makeup addict and a lover of LE stuff, but this set makes so sense. The characters in DIVERGENT don’t even wear makeup. This is just a cross-promo to make money on the name. Really lame!

    And, why are all of the eyeshadows basically the same color?! UGH!

  11. Indigo

    I hope you get to review it before it’s open for order.

  12. Hm..I’m a VIB Rouge and it says the big set is sold out and the others are coming soon. I can sign up for notification…of in stock. Did I miss it? Sephora did this with the Orchid lipstick which sold out before I got an email notifying me of the product. I’m so curious to know if anyone was able to order these. Not sure if I will…but were they really available..?

  13. Kath

    The copy on this is making me laugh. Not sure how makeup is going to allow me to be “brave, selfless, intelligent, honest,” or “kind”, much less “all at once”.

    • CeeBee

      I agree… I’m still giggling over Intrepid Moss… I mean, really? Moss is really cool but intrepid, it is not. LOL. Erudite sapphire? Altruistic almond?

      It’s like someone got a thesaurus mixed up with a self help book…

      • Tamra

        The names are from the book. The world is divided into factions – Dauntless (Brave), Amity (Peaceful), Erudite (Intelligent), Abnegation (Selfless) and Candor (Honest).

      • Alex

        Haha! “Thesaurus mixed with a self help book” made me giggle :)

  14. I really really REALLY want the VIB rouge exclusive set, but I’m not a VIB rouge. I’m really disappointed because I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I heard about it a few weeks ago. :( Maybe I will go to my local Sephora and sit outside with a sign for a VIB rouge member to buy it for me if I give them cash LOL

  15. Vi

    I know nothing about the book so my complaint is likely on the ignorant side, but those colours seem so… ordinary. None of them seem particularly “divergent” or even different. Perhaps swatches will change my mind but I guess that doesn’t matter because I’m not Rouge and I have no interest in yet another boring nude palette regardless of how convenient it is.

    • pAMSY

      In the story there are factions that everyone fits into depending on their personality. Each faction has their own colors too – like Abnegation, who are selfless, is grey for example. I’m surprised they didn’t even consider using these colors in like a cheeky way to makeup the color palette of this set. It would’ve been fun to have Amity yellow and red and Candor black and white. I guess they chose a nude like palette because nude colors are popular and flattering on lots of people.

  16. This certainly looks interesting but most of the lip and face colours are too earthy/warm/brown toned for me. Is this a line aimed particularly toward women of colour? What I find interesting is that the packaging of the lip glosses looks uncannily like that of Hourglass!

  17. Ooh, I’ve never heard of this brand before! I’ll be interested to see any of their stuff if you review it, Christine! It seems very neutral heavy, but I see a sapphire blue eyeshadow in there!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: The Lipstick Tag… Rogue-Style!

  18. Wwendalynne

    Blah blah blah.. you know, I can’t help thinking: don’t try and upsell me on cosmetics from a brand I do not know. Just give me a discount on those I do. Let me buy cosmetics I want–full size–with point I accumulate. Is that too much to ask?

    • LU

      Omg I absolutely agree and feel your frustration. The VIB Rouge program was a terrible idea, I was fine being a VIB, at least then I didn’t expect as much as I do now.

  19. Ummmm… I’m not familiar.. I see nothing too different from other things so I guess I don’t need to know. Lovely display, thanks!

  20. omg ….. love them , cant wait to get my hands on these pallets

  21. Even tho I’m rouge when they said exclusive perks this is not what I had in mind. This may be just me but I’ve never heard of this brand and pretty much done with the whole big sets things. I wouldn’t really buy a big set from a brand that I’m not familiar with in case I don’t like it and end up with a whole bunch of products I never use. As many of the others here I find myself moving away from Sephora.

  22. I’m a proud VIB Rouge but I don’t really have any interest in this set. I’m not too familiar with Divergent but even as a makeup set on it’s own I feel like a lot of colors in the eyeshadows and lip glosses look very similar. As some mentioned before, I feel like it’s a huge PR thing to make more money with the Divergent name which turns me off to it more. Being VIB Rouge really isn’t anything too special to be honest. The only thing I love and take advantage of is the free shipping at any price. Other than that, there’s really not too many exclusives or perks. The only perk I tried to take advantage of was for a free full sized Dior lipstick, but it was out of stock by the time I jumped on the site the second after I received the email notifying me of the offer.

  23. Lauren

    Really questionable marketing decision, Sephora.

    I feel like the target demographic for this palette (and entire collection) is going to be similar to that of the Disney collections, if not more young-skewing. I’m only in my 20s, but I think the Divergent book series is even a little young for me… I hadn’t even heard of them until I started seeing the movie posters everywhere.

    The VIB Rouge program, on the other hand, seems likely to be made up of people in their late 20s and older who are working full time. I imagine if you’re the kind of person who spends more than $1000 per year on beauty, you already have a pretty solid stash of neutral shadows, likely from more well-established and well-reviewed brands than Sephora’s in-house.

    Making the Divergent palette a VIB-exclusive is going to do nothing but upset BOTH groups. The girls who aren’t Rouge but love the books or love Sephora-brand palettes are clearly upset (as per comments on here and Reddit)… and interestingly enough, all of the VIB Rouge members I’ve talked to are just as annoyed. The Rouge program has been catastrophic so far (the Dior lipstick incident in particular), and this “exclusive” palette that’s likely to entice very few Rouge members only draws attention to that.

    • Veronica

      I think the makers of Divergent are expecting another Hunger Games, and I don’t think that’s really going to happen. There is a lot of overlap in the fandoms (dystopian YA literature), but lightning generally doesn’t strike twice – not that it won’t make money, but the popculture phenomnen they want is something I seriously question whether it will happen. As it is, the market is sort of flooded right now by series jumping on the coattails of THG.

      (I also suspect that the filmmakers are way underestimating just how much Jennifer Lawrence impacted the film revenue on THG films, especially CF. The Divergent film doesn’t have any of that star power backing it.)

  24. reggi

    Just FYI the mods on Sephora Beauty Talk have confirmed that it’s Rouge Exclusive only initially – that is to say, Rouges get first dibs, but after the initial pre-sale, it’ll be made available to everyone.

    This is just so Rouge members can have a chance at it before others.

  25. Fiaspice

    what a shame the kit is a VIB rouge exclusive :(

  26. First of all, I know nothing about the story “Divergent” so I won’t make any assumption on that aspect.

    The first thought that came to mind about this collection is how the packaging looks similar to other brands i.e. the lip gloss packaging looks similar to Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick, the larger eyeshadow palettes remind me of LORAC, at least the cardboard part, the smaller eyeshadow palette reminds me of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and the nail polishes remind me of Le Metier de Beaute bottles. I’m not saying they are the same, they are simply very similar. Weird.

  27. I spend a lot of money at Ulta, Macys and online so I rarely purchase from Sephora anymore needless to say I’m not VIB Rogue. Now that Ulta has changed their rewards program I don’t really need to shop at Sephora but if this wasn’t just for Rogue’s, I would’ve purchased it.

  28. LU

    The set is a great value, but being a VIB rouge, an actual discount on stuff would be nice. The theme behind this is so pointless, it’s not related to the books at all. I’m definitely starting to feel that Sephora has lost it, and other retailers have upped their game. Sephora was really riding on their return policy, but that boat has sailed since other retailers offer that now and have wider selections!

  29. I’m a Rouge, and I’m not the target audience for this in any way, shape or form – I thought the books were silly, and I’m almost 40. I’m not spending nearly $60 for some silly magical eyeshadow that isn’t going to be swatched by bloggers before it is probably sold out. I do like the looks of it, and it’s a reasonable price for all those items … if I could be sure of the quality!

    I wish that Rouge exclusives were super sized popular items at nice prices. I am more than a little cheesed about the Marc Jacobs thing that was apparently held at a San Fran Sephora this past weekend – Rouges apparently walked out with entire MJ palettes and other swag for free! I live in the middle of nowhere, so I’m never going to see that kind of benefit =(

    • Indigo

      … wow…. it’s times like this I wish I lived in a hipper city….

    • kellilee

      You have me beat. I’m a Rouge and I didn’t know anything about special gifts until you mentioned it here. Where I live, all Rouge means is I spend too much money at Sephora.
      I’ll be skipping this.

  30. This is now available on the site! I bought one…not because I want it but because my daughter is a huge Divergent fan and I can always return it…if…
    I’m a rouge member in Los Angeles and have gotten some nice invites (2 good ones; one, not so good). With traffic at the time and place of the events…they weren’t worth it. So I’m not sold on the rouge concept. But overall, while Sephora can be a real pain, overall they are a pretty great company.
    I like this set..from the photos…it’s usable.

  31. Natalie

    Just wanted to let everyone know that while the collectors set is exclusive to VIB Rouge’s for now, it will eventually be open up for everyone to purchase (not sure of the exact date though). This is what Sephora posted on their facebook page in reply to someone asking about the rouge exclusiveness of the set. I hope this helps some of my fellow makeup junkies. And for those who are rouge and wish to purchase it early, it just went live about an hour ago, I snatched one up for my sis : ]

  32. Don’t know the brand or the stories and I have to say that the colours look kind of ordinary to me. I feel like I already have dupes for all of them.
    Kate Recently Posted: the difference engine

  33. Ayesha

    I’ll pass on this one. I already have many shades that are similar to the colors featured in the set, so I’m not impressed enough to buy this…

  34. rachel

    i’m confused.. who’s the maker?

  35. kjhemeon

    Divergent is another Sephora product, like the Disney series or Kat vonD, right? and a tie in with the books/ ?upcoming movie of that title? Doesn’t seem to tie in with what I gather are the themes, other than the names. Maybe it’d be more interesting if it did… with the colors associated with the factions. Otherwise, it seems to be just an overblown, exploded nude palette, and nothing most of us can’t dupe from our stashes. Themes can be lovely, like in RBR or Lipstick Queen, but tie-ins just shriek of marketing to a younger target audience…like the LE Twilight stuff or the Disney Princesses. Rouge + under thirty = must be living @home. (Catty + snarky, I acknowledge.) Frankly, I’d rather see them (big S) release a 50 shades of gray palette; cool eyes are so neglected in these wonder years of nudes. (OOOPS, they’ll read that, and spot another tie-in, one with bubblegum flavored glosses and fruity pastel e/s and clear/tinted mascara for the playground set!) In that case of grays, I’d overlook the tie-in gimmick + go for it! Sex wouldn’t enter into it, it’d just be swell to have mixed textures + gradations of gray. This Divergent set is kind of too gimmicky and promotional for me to consider. Turns me off before I see it. Making it rouge just drives the hype. With brand duplication and discontinuation, many of us are defecting to U, rather than the big S anyway. Since U moved closer (meaning less than 45 min away, not closer than suburban Sephora), U is winning my business by a margin of 2 or 3 to 1. And a very nearby Blue Mercury has the Nars exclusives, which S does not. Also, until there is enough buzz, lines like Ilamasqua are urban only + don’t make it to the burbs. To haul the gamut of HE brands, you have to go to Boston. S was unreal at the beginning: Bourjois, Paul + Joe, lots of niche + imported brands. Now, it’s Clinique and mainstream America. Oh, well, I cannot presume to tell LMVH what to do. They clearly believe that mainstream will bring them better sales. Please forgive me for getting Temptalia confused with rant city!

  36. Alison

    So this is a set from an unknown line (with no point of reference to know if its any good), marketed at big beauty spenders, its Limited Edition, fairly neutral AND you have to BUY a lot of product all at once?

  37. Ester

    I’m really excited to see what the “Get The Look” cards are like. I just saw that this set was available seriously ten minutes after making my first Sephora purchase in several months, and had to place an order for this as well. I’m a huge fan of the books, and an eyeshadow collector. The smaller kit and nail polish doesn’t interest me, but I really like the eyeshadow palettes, and the lipglosses I will probably just give away as gifts. I’ll use the blushes if they suit me. I think all three eyeshadow sets will be very flattering on my light skin and brown eyes. Can’t wait to see the movie either!!

  38. Olivia

    Sephora said on their Facebook “… it will be available to everybody eventually. We are just releasing it to VIB’s first.” Here’s the link to that post:

  39. stelly

    VIBs generate more than 60% of entire Sephora business. With that being said, VIB Rouge having to spend on average $1,000 a year are loyal, regular customers that literally drive the business. Being able to get your hot little VIB/Rouge hands few days before the general public is just a perk. Just like the Hourglass Ambient blush launch…there was a pre sale online just for the VIB/Rouge. it’s one of the few perks to appreciate the business of the clients that drive the whole company business.
    VIB Rouge tier was barely launched past September. There is still a lot to improve in terms of perks.

    Many people are mad because they feel left out if they are not part of VIB/Rouge..just spend $350 in a year and you’ll be good lol. I’m a Rouge but I don’t really care about little perks and point gifts. I shop at Sephora because I simply love makeup and trying stuff without feeling bombarded by salespeople.

    ps This Divergent launch is just part of marketing between Sephora and the movie makers.

  40. I’m VIB Rouge. . . I have no interest in another basically neutral palette. I can get this for somebody if they wish. And I’ve never even heard of Divergent.

  41. SoSo

    I do know what “Divergent” is but the VIB Rouge set is beautiful and all in shades I would actually wear and get use out of!Its a little bit more in Canada, 71$, but I will pick this up!

  42. Kate

    I think this is a total fail. I am somewhat ashamed to admit I am 28 and loved the books, so I know all about the factions this set is based on. They really could have done something awesome with this set if they based it on the colors of each faction. Instead it is a bunch of neutrals that are basically the same. I am okay with it since I won’t be tempted to buy this, especially since I want the new UD pallete when it comes out.

    I enjoy being a Rouge member because of the free (and very fast) shipping on any order but besides that Rouge is a bust. I would probably shop at Ulta if there was one closer to me. I would rather drive 3 miles to Sephora than 15+ miles to Ulta, especially since the two Ulta’s in my area require driving through trafficy area’s in LA.

  43. Annabella

    I got a VIB Rouge email for a current promotion and this was also mentioned. Just so happens I love the books and ordered my advanced movie ticket a couple of hours ago. Now I just ordered this! This is a very fun idea for fans of the books. What a cool palette! Can’t wait to try the three shimmer shades.

  44. So let me get this straight, is this all for the movie or is it just a coincidence?

  45. Smidge

    So, I have to say… are they backed by Hourglass cosmetics or did they just shamelessly rip off the lip product packaging?

    • Indigo

      I don’t know if you can say they “ripped off the packaging.” There are a lot of cosmetic packaging that pre-exist and make up companies just stamp their logo on it. It’s hard to say whether this packing was designed by a specific make up company or available to anyone.

  46. Jamie

    Could do a review or swatches before I buy

  47. Linnea

    The lipgloss looks like Hourglass packaging.

  48. Bea

    It is available for all vib members not just rouge members today! I just ordered mine.

  49. TayVM

    I’m looking forward to seeing these products swatched and hearing reviews regarding the quality. The lipglosses look very wearable.

  50. Ashley

    I was just able to order to Sephora Pantone & the Divergent Set. I am VIB

  51. Indigo

    I confirmed via facebook that the maker is Sephora. Personally, I think that means the quality can go either way.

  52. Lori

    For all of the ladies that don’t understand how VIB ROUGE works, VIB Rouge has early access to all new products released by Sephora. This is one of the perks of being a VIB ROUGE. Beauty Insiders and VIB’s as well as those who are not part of Sephoras reward program will have access to this product after the exclusive release date for the VIB Rouge members.