Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Electric Lights Quint

Here are more photos from Dior’s Cristal Collection, debuting in May! :) See more photos…

Pearly Lilac Quint

Pop Diamond Skin Shimmer

High Shine Lipstick (I think it’s Artist Pink)

Purple Candy Vernis

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49 thoughts on “Dior Cristal Collection for Summer 2009 – Additional Photos!

  1. Ashley

    i want the electric lights and pearly lilac quints!! along with the nailpolish :)

  2. Annie

    Wow! I can’t wait to see your review of the skin shimmer. Electric lights looks beautiful!

  3. I want both quints and the shimmer diamond for sure! I wonder if the NM exclusive quint is going to be available anywhere else? We don’t have NM in Canada :S

  4. I’m not impressed :(

  5. I totally want to see swatches of that first quad! How awesome looking!

  6. OMG the nail polish! I am allergic to nail polish, but I can wear it on my feet at least and I know this one is made for me! Holy Grail!
    Thank you for the pics!

  7. Anitacska

    I definitely want the lilac quint and the shimmer powder! So pretty! Might also get the blue quint as I don’t actually own anything blue from Dior, but will see. Money’s bit tighter than usual due to my husband not working. :(

  8. omg the first and second quad looks BEAUTIFUL!!! >_< One day I would love to own one of these!!! but too pricey now =(

  9. Sheila

    You can find swatches for the eyeshadows already by searching on google, but I am soooo in love with electric lights. I have too mant blue eyeshadows.. but I still might get this one!

    I was at our local the Bay, and they had already sold out of the Harmony blushes, something that is very sad because I wanted to get one… oh well, makes me save up for electric lights!

  10. NuNu

    Pearly Lilac quint and Pop Diamond!!i need to make them MINE!
    Still can’t decide between coral or rose for the harmony blushes.

  11. hightea_xx

    i’m happy that this summer season we’re not just doing bronze/gold again… the last two summer collections, although some of my favorites, seemed to be like sisters, since the color tones were primarily the same. finally another “colorful” summer collection <3

  12. Rachael

    *Drool* The Pearly Lilac Quint and the Pop Diamond Skin Shimmer are simply gorgeous, and I MUST have them! lol

  13. sei

    pop diamond! I was so upset to miss out on the copper diamond!

  14. Gabsta

    OMG I HAVE to have those first two shadow quints. Must must must.. and the nail polish is a gorgeous colour

  15. Susie

    Dior has really been producing some wonderful stuff lately. Im liking it more than chanel…

  16. Electric Lights Quint would be very hard to work with. Blues in general is hard; you have to find the right shade for your skin, and a good combination too much blue, and it can look very ‘slappy’ I love the other pallet, though!

  17. Dominique


  18. OMG Christine – PLEASE let us know when these are available!!!! I can’t wait for that first quad and the highlight shimmer!!!

  19. Brooke

    thank God I can pass on those quints… big sigh of relief lol… however I think all of the n/p need to be mine in this one.

  20. I’ve never used Dior but seeing those eyeshadows I really want to try!!

  21. Dawn

    Oh my GOD!! Loving the eyeshadows! Blue is the best color
    AAHHHHH!! all this new stuff is driving me INSANE!

  22. These colors all look amazing! For the first time, I want everything!

  23. Skyler

    If I could afford Dior, both of those Quints would be mine. They are GORGEOUS! Such fantastic colours together. I can think of a dozen ways to wear each of them. And I love how one is for a more bold look and the other for a softer look. *shakes fist* I WANT.

  24. Kathleen

    O, GOD I WANT EVERYTHING!!! (screaming)

  25. Deb

    The Pearly Lilac Quint is really beautiful!

  26. charlieee

    pearly lilac quints and the pop diamond skin shimmer look pretty!

  27. CeeBee

    I think Electric Lights LOOKS amazing but I know I wouldn’t use it nearly enough to justify buying it. Pearly Lilac on the other hand… (actually would probably end up being used half a dozen times like Petal Shine was – I still like it tho, so maybe…)

    The Pop Diamond I’m going to have to swatch before I decide – I was hoping they’d go for more apricot peachy shades… but then, since I already have the other three…

    Add to that I just bought another bottle of the DiorSkin Nude foundation, plus the powder and a Plum Lurex Ultra Gloss Reflect Gloss last night maybe it’s a good thing this isn’t out for a while!

  28. Electric Lights is amazing!

  29. I only have one Dior quint and that’s because I bought it from someone at makeuptalk forums… for about $10 if you can believe that!! Otherwise I would never spend over $50 for one of these. :( They are suuuuper pretty though. *sigh*

  30. the eyeshadows are gorgeous!!!

  31. gosh Dior’s collections are getting better!

  32. carriespooner

    Someone get the paddles.. my heart just stopped.

  33. Anitacska

    To those who are saying Dior quints are expensive: the quints might cost $50, but you get 5 colours, whereas you buy 5 eyeshadows from Mac for a lot more than $50… And this is DIOR! Top quality eyeshadows and beautiful colours! Think about it. 😉

  34. Luda

    OK so yesterday I was at DIOR make up counter and they had what the girl told me a “new” collection out. It looked a lot like this collection that doesn’t come out until summer. I ended up getting one quint called Sky Blue and one lip gloss – kind of a coral color. The collors are suspiciously similar to Electric Lights Quint, instead of that deep purple in the middle i have a frosty white color, and instead of that darker blue i have a pretty neutral- everything else is the same. How convinient?

  35. Liz

    I love the middle shade in Electric Lights quint. Does anyone know of dead-on dupe for it? I don’t want to spend over $50 for just one shadow.

  36. Suzanne

    Both of those quints are gorgeous!! I am so glad I have held off on buying a quint because now I can splurge on the Pearly Lilac one and not feel guilty about spending all that money!

  37. Sheila

    Hey Christine, I was looking at another website, and apparently there is also a Pink quint coming out this summer as well, do you know anything about that? Its like the Electric Lights quint, but just in shades of pink.

    • Dior is coming out with a quint collection in June. I believe there are 3-5 quints in it, but I don’t have details at the moment. My counter had a book out with it for everyone’s perusal, but my memory is that of a gnat. I’ll see what I can dig up, though!

    • Hi Sheila,

      To confirm, the quint showed in this picture is Pearly Lilac :)

      There are four new quints coming out in June:
      * Smokey Design #008
      * Navy Design #208
      * Nude Pink Design #508
      * Amber Design #708

  38. Sara

    Any idea how to get the Pearly Lilac quint? I can’t seem to find it anywhere….including the NM website! Is it just not out yet?

  39. Sara

    Hi Christine,

    I just wondered if you could tell us where in the world to find the Pearly lilac quint. I know I asked it before (above) but it isn’t online and my Neiman Marcus doesn’t have a Dior counter and doesn’t know where to find one! Any ideas for me? Thanks so much!