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Definitely. I think it’d be a frivolous expense, but then again, me and my fiance are trying to cut costs as much as possible, to put as much money towards immigration processes.

Congrats again on your engagement, I hope you keep us updated on makeup ideas for the big day!

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We are much more about putting money towards things that will last a lifetime 🙂 We want everything to be pretty and memorable, but we don’t think it’s necessary to spend an arm and a leg on it to do so!

Never. Even though I am confident in my abilities I would be too nervous and doubt myself. I would be fine with the extra cost after all it will reflect on the photos and if you look/feel good on that day. I feel like when all the attention is focused on you it is best to be pampered on that day and have someone else take care of your hair/makeup while you sit back and enjoy. To cut back on the cost I would get a friend that I trust and I know does makeup well.

this. i plan on spending more on makeup than on like.. my dress. im going to spend it on just TRYING different artists. im great at makeup but i’d be so worried about screwing up and my ocd would kick in and i would start over and repeat stuff again and again.. i plan to try like a hundred different artists.. i hate anything too natural 😛

Are you engaged?! Yay!

I don’t have any personal experience, but I’d guess that it would be more stressful to have to effectively communicate your vision to someone than to just do it yourself. It would be different if you weren’t really skilled, but you’re as good as any professional!

I did… twice! It rained so hard on my wedding day that after the ceremony, everything was totally ruined. I had to shower before the reception and reset EVERYTHING. I still think the makeup looked great!

I should have done my own makeup for my wedding day. It looked fine the way the girl did it, but the makeup I did for my engagement photos was better.

Yes. I know how to do my own makeup well enough that it wouldn’t be worth it for me to have it done professionally. Even if I had a freebie, I’m more comfortable doing my own just to prevent “surprises.”

I’ve heard some horror stories about people entrusting their makeup to other folk on their big day. I’d definitely do my own.

The hair, on the other hand… someone else can take care of that, hehe.

i would trust myself to do it. but to me, part of the bridal experience is having like.. handmaidens! so i’m gonna totally spoil myself for my wedding. other people are gonna help me dress, paint my face, do my hair, etc etc. “oh one of you is going to put my shoes on for me? sure!”

Congrats on your engagement!!! I’m so excited for you. Since I was married on the beach in the dead of hot humid summer in FL. I kept my look light. A light touch of foundation, lipgloss and tons of mascara. Thankfully, my skin was free of acne that special day.

Great question! I’m getting married next year, and I still can’t decide if I want to do my own makeup. I think it would be nice to invest in some nice products and do it myself, then I will have them after the wedding. I hope you will do some wedding related makeup posts in the next year 🙂

I am getting married in July 2012 and I decided to do my own makeup. I think this will save me some trouble, because I can practice beforehand and the result will be predictable. Also I can check if the makeup photographs well and choose the right colors. I hope Christine you’ll give us some recommendations regarding how to get the best wedding makeup photos.

Indian Bridal Makeup is wayy too elaborate for me to do it on my own. Plus part of the ritual involves sitting around a fire for a REALLY long time. Im pretty sure even if i did mine well, it would just melt off!! Other functions yes, but not the weddin day itself..

I did and did the same on my girls and really glad that I did, kept my occupied on the day and liked that we were nice and bright with sugarpill and Mac makeup

I did. I’ve had my makeup done a few times by professionals and I never really like the way it comes out. I felt more comfortable doing it myself, and the day of the wedding it was one of the few things I felt like I could really control on such a hectic day.

No. That is the fun part to have someone do your makeup and the MUA knows about lighting….how much to apply so one doesnt look garish in certain lights…..This gal I know had the traditional Cambodian wedding and an American white gown wedding….two different makeup artists….both applications were done beautifully catered to the type of wedding outfit she wore….but I dont think the one doing the Cambodian wedding would do a good job with the white wedding gown and vice versa…The bride really had two different looks

NEVER…for one i dont have enough knowledge and experience about makeup for videos and photos and which need to stay perfect for a long time and second i would be a mass of nerves on the big day…i doubt i could keep my hands steady to draw eyeliner..plus the tension of accidentally smearing makeup and removing it ooooh …no chance ,a makeup artist is my choice :).

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