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I’m still technically in my “teens” (19) but I’m out of high school. So YES I have them and still do! I thought they’d at least lessen as I got older but it hasn’t. Maybe a few more years….

Wait a few more years! Mine has gotten much better, starting around 22-23 (I’m 25 now). I still have 1-2 spots active at a time, but it is MUCH better than the face full I used to have. Just keep up with your routine, wait, and it will get better : )

Differin takes a *long* time before you start seeing results…and your acne can get way worse before it gets better! I’m just seeing results after a couple months…

I was very fortunate to have inherited my mother’s genes for porcelain skin — never had zits as a teenager and only occasionally have one pop up if I’m under extraordinary stress.

Unfortunately, my skin comes at a price. It is ultra sensitive to most skin care products, sun exposure causes hives, and I’m allergic to the emulsifiers that bind SPF to moisturizers. That said I have to live like a bat, but my complexion is beautiful. You’d never know by looking at me that I’m in my 40s because I avoid the sun at all costs.

It sucks having to buy 8 different skin care products to get my needs met and winding up with chemical burns every time I try a new product that gets rave reviews that my skin won’t tolerate. I am grateful to have my complexion though.

Fortunatley, no teen acne but nos I get occasional adult acne so I use a neostrata compound and differin (actual vs. Generic) and clyndoxyl gel for spot/specific area treatment. Maybe I will have to try blue light therapy?! (Tanda?!). I wish there were products besides Accutane to actually treat acne, rather than long term maintenance and management.

Yes, My acne started in highschool. I dealt with cystic acne for years trying everything I could to stop it. Everyone told me was just hormones. When I was 27 I finally started self-testing for food allergies and found out my acne was an allergic reaction to dairy. As soon as I stopped eating dairy my acne cleared within a week. But to this day if I eat any dairy I breakout within 48hrs. Giving up dairy was the best thing I ever did for my skin.

Oh god, this sounds so familiar.. my bf has really bad acne (also cystic) and he’s in his late 20’s, and he drinks milk and eats cheese like crazy.

He’s been to a few doctors and tried different medication but nothing worked up until now. I hope giving up dairy does the trick for him too, thanks for sharing!

I’m 25. Benzac 2.5% has worked for me. It doesnt get rid of acne immediately but it’s the best product Ive ever tried. MY SKIN IS SUPER SENSITIVE AND ITS SOOO OILY. Its a nightmare.

I’ve also tried tetracycline and IT REALLY CLEARED UP MY SKIN. Its kinda expensive though =( and Ive never liked pills… thats why I dont take those pills anymore.

Good luck!

I might get one or two acne in my T-zone area while I was a teen, but now (I’m 22) I have acnes around my chin area. And they come pretty frequently which sucks!

I AM one, lol, aaand sort of. Before I got into skincare I would get the occasional break-out, and my skin was overall not very healthy, but now I never, ever get breakouts. Besides a random pimple appearing and disappearing within a few days a couple weeks ago, I haven’t had one in AGES. And I’m not even that religious with my skincare XD

Yes, I did. It took me till the age of 21 to find my HG acne fighting ingredient: Tea Tree Oil! I’ve tried a couple different tea tree face washes and they all work fantastic. The Body Shop has a good one but right now I am using one called Dessert Essence. I purchased it at a health food store.

i have it now… really badly too. i have pcos which is cysts on the ovaries which causes reallly bad acne so im going on birth control to level the hormones from pcos and accutane too. oh lord

I didn’t have acne as a teenager, but now, I’m 34 and have 2 childeren I have!!! I can’t find the right skincare… all acne-products are for very (young) oily skin and I have normal to dry skin…

I am blessed to have pretty good skin in that I dont really breakout, I do get the occasional pimple or two , but nothing too major

Christine, are you still using Strobe under your makeup daily? It’s pretty common for people who do that to have issues with their skin. Strobe Cream was originally meant to be for effect only (read: used for special occasions, photoshoots) only the MAC staff forgets to tell people that. I had tons of clients who told me one they stopped using it so often, their skin cleared-up. Just a thought…
Kisses to Mellan!

I didn’t have acne when I was a teenager, but got it when I started university. Stress makes my acne worse. I tried a lot of different treatments, but they only work as long as I use them.
I recently got a tip to use green clay and my skin has never been better!

OMG. Ive tried a lot of different treatments as well and nothing has worked permanently . I will use green clay since you highly recommend it =)

I used Differin as a teenager and I found it worked very well! I used it along with something else and I now hardley ever experience breakouts!

No, I got it when I was 22, and I suffered for 5 years, because the doctors gave me some salve only. I wish I had known not to accept a treatment for symptoms, but the cause.

No I did not. It is only in my mid twenties that I can maybe remember 1 or 2 zits on my forehead. I have always considered myself lucky with my clear skin. (though it is quite dry during the winter)

I’m still waiting for my pimply skin to just GO AWAY! I remember learning that zits meant skin that looked less wrinkly over time but that’s what moisturizer is for and I’d rather have wrinkles I can plump up with moisture than scars that are too hard to cover. grrrr

i started differin two months ago and it really has made a difference!! it took about 6 weeks to show effects but it is definitely noticeable. The only problem i find is that it can be drying. Good luck!!

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