Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Did you buy Jealousy Wakes?

  • No, but I wanted to & it was sold out! (34%, 1,552 Votes)
  • No - not my thing! (29%, 1,331 Votes)
  • No, but I wanted to + lived outside of U.S./Canada! (23%, 1,047 Votes)
  • Bought 1 (12%, 571 Votes)
  • Bought 2 (1%, 52 Votes)
  • Bought 4 or more (0%, 15 Votes)
  • Bought 3 (0%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,577

I’m really MORE curious to know what kind of quantity was there/not there.   Sometimes we wonder just how many of something (e.g. Marine Life, Stereo Rose) were actually in stock, because it feels like it’s not many – but it’s hard to capture just how large the MAC audience is.  I think this might be a good chance for us to have some data to extrapolate and guess at it.

Based on the current poll results, it’s obvious there wasn’t enough stock, and perhaps around 1,000 in total.  I think that since it soft launched the night before that mostly those who have played the LE game before and who were waiting for an announcement probably snagged those, and then a mixture of MAC’s mailing list and Temptalia readers when it officially launched on the 21st.  We must also recognize that this is only a sample, more of a snapshot, as not everyone who bought (or didn’t) will participate in the poll.

Like I’ve said before, it doesn’t bother me one bit if you didn’t want to buy it! One reader said that a Canadian customer service representative said “hundreds” of orders went through. Definitely feels like the stock set aside for Canada was underestimated quite a bit! (And for those who wonder, “Why 4+?” I know that many readers were doing CPs for others!)  I don’t know if MAC will restock or bring it back someday – your guess is as good as mine.

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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212 thoughts on “Did you buy Jealousy Wakes?

  1. I wanted to buy it but it was sold out by the time I got home from work :( I was able to nab Hocus Pocus, Evolution Revolution and All of My Purple Life.

  2. divinem (Melissa)

    I usually hoard when something special like this comes along, but I decided to give others a chance and only purchased one. I hope to win karma points for that. :’)

  3. Debra

    I bought one of Jealousy Wakes, along with Hocus Pocus, and I wore them together yesterday afternoon (with Soba on upper lid). That evening, I added more of the Jealousy (hee-hee) for a more dramatic look. It is a gorgeous green and I’m so glad that I got it. So glad that you invented it!

  4. Alexandra

    I tried, but it was sold out!

  5. Hey! I think the option “No, because I live in Europe” should be there! 😉

  6. Arantza

    I can’t! I’m from Spain =(

  7. Izzy

    No – but I wanted to

    Not available in the UK :( (I know you had no control over that!)

  8. Faerie

    Wow atm 58% voted “No, but I wanted to”, I did too. Hello Mac, anybody listening?? I also missed out on Hocus Pocus. Both were gone so fast :(

  9. Kat

    I wanted to but unfortunately Europe cant buy it :(

  10. Ashley Sarah

    I didn’t buy one and wasn’t planning on it. I think the color is amazing and definitely something I haven’t seen before. However, I am still branching out into color slowly and at the moment I can’t afford any new beauty products.

  11. Nadia

    Christine, I congratulate you on creating “Jealousy Wakes” and on its success. I did not buy your eyeshadow because I do not wear bright eyeshadows. I would wear bright eyeshadows if I knew how to apply them really well and make them look great with my skintone. I still have trouble even applying the neutral shades I stick to. However, I commend you on creating the eyeshadow and the success it received. Congratulations!

    • Totally understand! I was going back and forth on whether to make it something everyone would feel comfortable wearing or not, but I figured there were a lot of great neutrals out there already! Thanks!

      • Maureen

        I lol at this^ because trying to imagine Christine all like, “Wat!?? You wouldn’t buy it!? Get off of my site!” is absurd and really, REALLY hilarious.

    • Sharon

      I felt the same. I think if I were a few years younger, I may have went for it anyway because the colour is gorgeous. I did purchase three of the l/gs – Sonoran Rain, Caqui and Nitro:licions2046 – I can do dark lips!

  12. Lizzi

    I was so excited when I got it in the mail the other day. It’s def not an every day thing for me, not work-friendly, but I plan on wearing on Friday for my friend-date to the Rainforest Cafe. Seems like a fitting color don’t you think? I also had one sent to my cousin as a “thinking of you gift”. She’s into that crazy scene in Portland, OR, so she’ll probably be using it up a hell of a lot more than me. BTW, the fact that your product sold out mindbogglingly fast shows that you either have a massive, loyal fan base (I FALL IN THAT CATEGORY, or JW is that awesome of a color idea. Congrats on being Numbah 1!

  13. Amanda Dubs

    I bought one, should be there when I get home today :)

  14. Susan

    Really wanted to buy one, but it’s not available outside us!

  15. I know I kept trying again and again and again to get it on the Canadian site. However when I went on in the morning it said coming soon and then a couple of hours later when I went back on the website said both Coming Soon AND Sold Out. I kept going back to see if they restocked but I guess I missed that too as I couldn’t ever find it. It was really disappointing as it was the major shade I wanted from the collection- right up my alley as green is my favourite colour! Hopefully it’s re-released one day!

    • It sold out in 20 minute (probably less) on the official Canada lunch time >_> It sold out while in my cart. Oh well!

      It never cleared the Coming Soon message when your searched for it by name. I’ve seen that happen before on other High anticipation items that clear out in a few hours.

  16. Nomie

    I went on the site after you first tweeted that it was showing up on the dropdown on the 20th and bought it right then! Just one for me – but the pictures definitely don’t do it justice, this is gorgeous.

  17. Fiaspice

    I’ve never been big on green but I decided t give it a try because many people told me It would suit me and because it was from my favorite blogger. I was sad it got sold out that quick before I could get it.

  18. Devi

    At first, I wasn’t planning on buying one because it didn’t seem like a color I would use, but after seeing swatches and that blue look that you made with it, I felt like it would be nice to have. Another factor that probably made me want to get it was the fact that I wanted to support you. (I know you don’t get money if we purchase it). Your site is so helpful and you’ve gone out of your way to help your readers, and to buy a color that you created and felt personally connected to would almost be my way of showing how thankful I was for that.

    That made so much more sense in my head, believe me. That being said, the product is sold out, so I didn’t get it. ;_;

  19. Lulee

    I only bought one to let others have the chance to be able to get it.
    However, i just checked on ebay, and Christine, you have created a monster! Theres one auction at $61.00 with one day to go and a couple that sold for $70.00. Wow!

  20. Sara

    I wanted too, really did, but I’m in a “broke ass” holding pattern for a few more weeks. Plus it seems to have sold out pretty quickly. Go you!

    • Maybe one day they’ll bring it back :)

      • Kathrina

        If they do I so hope it will be released in other countries than U.S. and Canada as well. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t purchase because I thought I’ve finally found a beautiful green that would suit me.

        What a shame! :( I also checked on ebay but $70 really is too expensive for me. I don’t think there have been MAC eyeshadows before yours to reach such a high price. But it’s quite understandable because it did!

  21. Mo

    I ordered one and received it on Friday.

  22. Jessica

    Really wanted to buy it but live in UK :(

  23. Lisa

    I feel so lucky to have scored Jealousy Wakes and the entire Blogger’s Obsession Collection. The products are all beautiful, especially yours Christine. Seriously…it applies beautifully and is my favorite new eye shadow in a while!

  24. Dee

    I got one. I haven’t worn it yet but it’s so gorgeous.

  25. I did, and now I feel guilty for doing so since not everyone was able to purchase one! I wish it weren’t limited. D:

  26. Ashley Marie

    I bought one. I thought it was going to be a lot more green. Pulls really blue on my skin. Going to trade on makeup alley. I would never rip people off on eBay like some others. Good job though, Christine. Congrats again!

  27. marcy

    it was sold out when i checked, so i ran to my MAC and bought Surf USA, which to me was really close to Jealousy Wakes and just as beautiful based on the comparison swatches. and it is now my favorite of all my 52 MAC shadows.

  28. malia

    I bought one for me and for my sister who lives in Europe.

  29. malia

    oh ya and also I bought it as soon as you posted that it was up which I think was really late at night the day before

  30. Linda

    I can’t .. I’m from italy ..

  31. Janet

    I was able to snag one but I am hoping that this was just a test run for MAC to see if it would be successful enough to make it available to everyone (i.e. produce more and release it world wide). I hope they do so. It’s absolutely gorgeous. A big hit!

    • Ashley

      I wanted to get it but I put myself on a no makeup ban just before this came out! I’m saving up for a little spending money on a coming up vacation with my hubby. But it definitely looked beautiful and looks like a color that would be right up my alley! Sad I couldn’t purchase it!

  32. Kat

    No, it’s pretty but it’s not something I would wear.

  33. kasiaj85

    Wanted to buy it so much but I live in Europe :((( I am gonna regret these products till the rest my MAC-loving life…

  34. Sabrina

    I bought 3, one for me, one for my mom and one for my friend.

  35. emi s.

    I’m a “not my thing” – I stick to neutrals & subtles purples, I just don’t see myself wearing green. It’s absolutely beautiful, though!

  36. Nikita

    I purchased 2 – one for myself, and one for my sister who is branching out into makeup and color.

    At the time of me writing this comment, I see that a total of 156 JW shadows were sold, and 467 people wanted to purchase at least 1 but were unable to. That’s almost 3 times as many shadows that were sold!

    • Definitely interesting! I’m just really curious about the kind of quantity – and of course, not everyone who purchased will see the poll and vote, and I’m sure others purchased who don’t read this blog, too – but it can at least give us an idea :)

      • Nikita

        I just realized my logic is slight faulty; I made the assumption that the people who voted for “Bought 4 or more” only purchased 4, when I know clearly that our “eBay entrepreneurs” must have purchased many more in order to make a solid profit.

  37. niche

    I wanted to buy it (in Canada) but I was too late. And the more I see bloggers post about it, the more I want it. So sad. Maybe they will release in stores or again online if it goes global.

  38. Polly

    I really really love the colour and sparkles but I’m so poor right now, from Europe and only really wear neutrals so I don’t know when I’d actually use it. But if I was rich, I’d buy it just to keep, look at and swatch all the time haha.

    • Diana

      It’s a testament to Jealousy Wakes that it sold out so soon. I was not able to purchase it and just for s & g’s, I checked ebay, also. Sure enough. I know you can’t put quantity limits on purchasess (well I guess you can for special editions such as this) but it irritates me that people buy in great quantities knowing that they will make a lot of money. I wish that more had been available to US, the loyal Temptalia family that didn’t get a chance to purchase it.

  39. Kara

    What annoys me is the same day as this collection came out, somebody on ebay was selling for $24 each! At that time, they had 68 of each color in stock with all 4 eyeshadow colors for sale. So somebody mass buying and then selling at a higher price on ebay just to earn a buck. It really keeps people who love this (or any) color from purchasing. Just is sad.

    • Rebecca

      That is so ridiculous! It’s sad that people are so greedy. I wish there were a way to control things like this so people who want things to actually use them don’t get left out in the cold. :(

    • Atanza

      Yeah, that really annoyed me. I was able to buy one and checked Ebay just out of curiosity that day… I saw the one going for $25 already and was just kind of appalled. Somebody bought 50+ of one eyeshadow just to score a profit when probably thousands of people who WANTED to buy it couldn’t, just because someone wanted to be greedy. Ridiculous.

  40. Lily

    I was hemming and hawing about JW. I figured if I could get it, I would, but it sold out in Canada way too fast. My feeling is that MAC will repromote it – I mean, how could they not. It sold out like crazy, and people outside US/Can want it. I can be patient! :)

  41. Samantha

    I got it! It’s a beauty Christine! I wore it on Friday for work – I got alot of compliments ^_^… I’d love to take a picture of the look, but I am way too shy…

  42. AnGeLwInGz

    I’m thrilled that I was able to get one. Had it been more available I would have gotten several because I have a feeling it’s gonna be a staple color for me now but knowing MAC’s shady game with LE I wanted to let some other people have a fair chance.

  43. Roberta

    I live in Canada, but it wasn’t available by the time it was one sale. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I am usually not interested in any MAC products, but I wanted to try Jealousy Wakes. Overall, I like the concept of this idea from MAC.

  44. Teresa

    Even though I’m in Canada I still needed a CP. Didn’t get one plus it sold out nearly right away it seems!

  45. Elaine

    I was 15 mins after the release time and it had already sold out in Canada!

    • The problem was it was up for about 1.5 hours the night before, so for Canada, it was more like 1 hour 45 minutes, but it seemed like 15 for a lot of people :(

      • Michelle

        I live in Canada and it sold out so fast! Every once in a while I check online hoping to see it in stock but no such luck yet. I would love to get JW and Hocus Pocus!

      • Elaine

        i missed the one the night before! I definitely need to get internet on my phone… 😛

  46. Traci

    I loved the color but was unsure if I could pull it off. I didn’t want to get it just to look at and I knew lots wanted it that would wear it all the time, so I didn’t get it. I got evolution revolution though.

  47. I got one purchased by a friend from Cali, personally I’m from Germany and were SO anxious about this collection. When she CP’ed the stuff for me, she got herself a second JW and I was hoping to get another one as well, but it was already sold out.

  48. Puffnstuff

    I tried to buy it and the website wasnt working at first. I went back later and it was sold out! :( i also tried to vote above and it wouldnt work either :(

  49. Erica

    Want this, Caqui and All My Purple Life, but they’re not available in the UK :(

  50. Maureen

    I thought it was very pretty, but it “wasn’t my thing.” (I’m more of a Hocus Pocus girl). It’s not to say I didn’t like it/wouldn’t have used it. It’s just… SO MANY people were desperate to have it, I was like, “I’m really not going to consider buying this, because I don’t want it nearly as badly as these other people. Someone else can have ‘mine.'”

    • No, no! I soooo understand. <3 I think that’s great of you to think that way, too!

      That’s exactly why I’m giving away as many as I am of the samples MAC sent – I’d rather people who really want it and will use to get it than extended family members who will just hide it away somewhere!

  51. trayceeee

    I was on the website waiting for it to go live and speaking with a live agent. I told her I was NC45 and asked if this color would suit me and if she had any recommendations for colours that can go with it. Anyways, long story short she told me NOT to get it because it wouldn’t compliment the neutral and brown Macs that I have :( Now I regret it because I saw a look (Bobbi?) by a girl darker than me and it looks wonderful.

  52. Carrie Ann

    I did order one, as well as a few other things from the collection, but I haven’t received my order yet. This is the longest it’s ever taken to receive a MAC order and I don’t know why. I placed my order on Monday, so I expected to receive it on Thursday or Friday. It usually only takes 3 days for my MAC orders to arrive and that includes very popular limited edition items.

  53. AS

    I usually only buy premade palettes or individual colors that cost $11 or less, so this did not fall into my accepted price range, though it is pretty. I really think MAC/Estee Lauder is a smart company – they are testing, in an objective fashion, the ability of bloggers to sell product. This is really critical as advertising is changing rapidly, and companies are recognizing the power of the web and word of mouth to make products a hit. There is simply no comparison, anywhere in the print world, to websites like Temptalia and a hand full of other blogs with in-depth content and high-quality pictures for dedicated beauty purchasers. You are quite simply rendering magazine beauty sections obsolete for those aficionados (who are often high-volume purchasers). This is incredibly important, and yes, Christine, you have an incredible amount of influence and ability to move products. Your achievements and ideas are absolutely changing the way beauty products are presented and sold – super-impressive. Especially with high-end products, people are willing to invest the time to research value and to seek further information, and your website is absolutely set up to serve those customers in an efficient, high-quality, and user-focused manner.

    • Oh, wow! Thank you so much, AS! It is a privilege to be held in such high esteem – I really appreciate you taking the time to share :)

  54. My answer isn’t one of the options…I absolutely love the color and think it’s amazing but I don’t have the extra money to buy more beauty products right now.

  55. Mariella

    What’s a “CP”? I’ve seen that term a few times with regard to the Bloggers’ Obsessions and realize it’s some kind of “purchase” but not sure what it stands for…

    I bought Hocus Pocus and wanted Jealousy Wakes but was unable to purchase it and it WAS such a small window of time from when it became available to when it sold out.

    • Custom purchase – basically it’s an arrangement with someone else who will purchase it for you and then ship it to you, so for those outside of U.S./Canada, they might have someone in the U.S. buy it for them.

      • Mariella

        Thanks for the explanation, Christine. Have you heard anything from MAC – congratulations for developing such a winner, etc.? I feel sort of bad for the woman who developed Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle because it’s the only one that still hasn’t sold out (I love that name but it’s just a bit too red based for me).

  56. Jen

    I just happen to purchase it when you told us that it was available on the MAC website if we went to the drop down menu. I figured it would sell out, but wow I was surprised at how fast! Its a beautiful eye shadow! I just did a blog post on it, but my pictures do not do it justice!

  57. I bought two JW. It is the OCD in me. One to use and the other to keep as my collection of stuff over 20 years. I dont do this with makeup only, but with stuff that I know that it will eventually be discontinued…..I buy duplicates. It was my first MAC online purchase that night 8:50 pm PST right before MAC pulled it out temporarily. I could not get the free shipping even with the code so I called the phone rep and she helped me with the order and took it over the phone. I never participated in this kind of frenzy before, never bought MAC LE before so I feel really lucky to purchase at item (let alone two) without testing it first. Looking back, I am surprised, MAC allowed me to purchase the item over the phone when I could not get the “free shipping” code entered. But I would had bought the item without free shipping had she not help me with the order.
    For all fairness, MAC should produce more JW for the next few weeks, because makeup should be available for everyone.

  58. pamela s.

    want to plan too as soon as i get paid

  59. Lisa G

    Jealousy Wakes was the one item I was lusting after, but it was sold out so fast-then I was angry so I didn’t buy any of the other items I found appealing. I’ve really begun to lose my patience with MAC especially online.

  60. helen

    i wanted to so badly, but I was too late. i wanted jealousy wakes and hocus pocus– and missed out on both!!!!!!!!! i hope that they do a second run since there are clearly so many of us who didn’t act fast enough@

  61. AnaA

    Europe 😐 Do you know if the collection will be coming to Europe or if it was exclusive to the stores in the US and Canada?

  62. I got 3- one for myself, one for a CP going over to the UK, and one for a contest on my site. Gorgeous color, congrats Christine!

  63. stephanie

    I got it and its great! Nice and smooth, very pigmented. My only comment is that when its time to come off, it leaves a bit of micro glitter on my lids. More than usual for a VP. Not a big deal, but just an observation

  64. Rebecca

    Bad timing for when it came out. I was (and am for a few more weeks) totally broke when the collection came out. It is such a gorgeous color!

  65. Caroline

    only thing i wanted from the collection but it was sold out :(
    congrats to you for making it

  66. Sweetpearl

    the only thing i wanted from the collection and it was sold out when i got back from work =(

  67. andrea

    CHRISTINE! This eyeshadow was probably one of my most sought after MAC shadows ever. Unfortunately I ordered it before it went live and it never went through!! And of course I went back to re-order and it sold out!! Nevertheless I want to congratulate you on such great success!!!!

  68. Staci

    I think it’s awesome about the eyeshadow, but it just wasn’t a color for me. I work in a conservative office and on weekends, if I use any color it’s purple. But for someone who likes greens, I think it’s pretty. I did not try to purchase.

  69. Monika-Luiza

    i’d love to by jealousy wakes and parisian skies but I live in europe

  70. Linda

    I tried to buy JW but it sold out in a flash. Then I called Mac CS to see if they expected more and I was told that only 1000 were made and they did not expect more to come in. That was my boo hoo moment. I really hope they make more. I’m definitely a color girl and JW looks fantastic! You did an awesome job and I can’t think of anything more exciting than getting to experience the creating process of a cosmetic product.

  71. Aisha

    And so glad that I did!!!

  72. PoetrysTruth

    I’m a make up Diva on a budget. I wanted to buy the entire collection, but I have a TON of eye shadow and I’m trying to get my lip gloss collection together so I only bought lip glosses.

  73. Ashleigh

    I wanted to but I can’t buy online. I definitely would have if it had been available in store :)

  74. kp

    It should come tomorrow! So psyched!

  75. Cece

    I wanted it but it sold out before I could. Sure hope Mac brings it back and soon.

  76. Ember

    I really wanted to get Jealousy Wakes but by the time it was up for sale hear in Canada and I got on the MAC site, it was already sold out.

    I have sent an email to CS in Canada asking them why they made so few available, as it sold out so quickly, and pointed out that by the time they had sent out the email letting people know about the collection JW had been sold out for hours.

  77. Eva

    Check out the bidding on ebay for Jealousy Wakes – congrats on creating a seriously in demand colour! (And now it’s making more sense how I missed out on buying one from MAC online…)

  78. leesie

    I managed to get one. When I saw your tweet, I flailed happily and promptly ordered it and Hocus Pocus. It’s a gorgeous shadow, Christine, and I’m so glad I was able to get one. I just wish more had been available so everyone who wanted one could have had one. Without paying obscene prices.

  79. I bought 1 of Jealousy Wakes, along with Parisian Skies, and Hocus Pocus. I’m loving all three to death! They are all so unique in their own personal way. Especially yours, Christine! I’m so glad I purchased it!

  80. evangelia

    just browsing ebay, and many people are using your swatches and photos, christine >:(

  81. chelsea

    Jealousy Wakes was the only thing that really stood out to me. I bought one and really wish I would have bought two! I am going to use mine up so fast. Its so gorgeous and versatile!

  82. Reese

    I did buy one. I never got into green shadows, but I loved the way Jealousy Wakes looked! I got it in the mail the other day and was able to play around with it a bit. I think you’ve turned me into green eyeshadow fan :)

  83. Iris

    Wow, only 1000 made?! That makes me feel even luckier to have managed to snag one. I was refreshing the website like mad, waiting for it to become available, and as SOON as I got the chance I bought one. If I had been busy with work or wasn’t able to get on the computer at JUST the right time I wouldn’t have gotten one :( I’m really a bit let down that it happened that way, I wish everyone who wanted Jealousy Wakes could have gotten one!

    I haven’t received the order yet, but I’m a bit nervous about using it, since brights aren’t really my comfort zone. I was thinking of bringing it into the MAC store and getting some advice on what to use it with. Or maybe I’ll just ask them for help with Surf USA so I could translate it over to Jealousy Wakes!

    Congrats and thanks again to you Christine, for this amazing color!

    • Seems like it’s possible! I figured quantities were not high, but it’s hard to ever really know.

      I like it with champagne/beige neutrals, too – either JW in the crease or JW near the upper lash line and faded into beige taken up past the crease. Also lovely over eyeliner!

      • Iris

        Ah, thanks for the tips! I’m going to give that a try.

        Champagne/beige neutrals are pretty much what dominate my palette, so I will definitely be pairing JW with such colors. And I’m looking forward to trying it as a liner – all I ever wear is black as liner, every single day. Maybe if I get lucky and put together a nice look I’ll send it your way, but as it is I think I’ll need a lot more practice before I can do that!

  84. I would have loved to, but i’m Italian…

  85. Carolina Viana Jungbluth

    No, I really want to, but unfortunately I can not buy.
    Here in Brazil, the MAC is very expensive.
    If you want to donate one I accept. haha
    I love your blog.

  86. Alyssa

    I purchased 2-Jealousy Wakes. I also purchased 1- Hocus Pocus, 1- Parisian Sky, 1- All of My Purple Life and 1- Sonoran Rain. 1 of the Jealousy Wakes is for my best friend, the other one plus the other items are for me. I purchased the items the night of the 20th, when it was first up.

  87. Pami

    I agree with AS. It’s amazing to me in this day & age that the cosmetic companies (and all companies that sell cosmetics online!) provide such horrible color “swatches” (if at all!) and usually NO description.

    You Christine (and a handful of other bloggers that I have found), give such excellent photos and spot on descriptions. Why they don’t hire or freelance people with your talents is beyond me. I think “your” blogs most likely sell way more product per capita, than any other “advertising” source, and you aren’t even technically “advertising” what you are posting. For many of us, your swatches/descriptions/reviews are the only decent method we have to determine whether a product will work for us. Of course there’s always a line that shouldn’t be crossed so evaluations can be trusted to be completely unbiased… (Not saying you would cross the line – I know you wouldn’t! Neither would the other trustworthy bloggers who have integrity, as the motivation to blog is not purely for money/compensation! Certainly everyone has different opinions on the subject… I’ll not get into a debate about that…).

    I do thank you for all of your hard work, marvelous posts, and innovative website – the new swatch gallery is terrific! (An aside; would you be able to add a function where we could “delete” the colors on the swatch page that we’re not interested in at the time, so we may more easily drag & drop & see the ones we are most interested in?) I really have no idea how you have the time to do this and go to school too! You are truly AMAZING!!! :)

    • Thank you, Pami! Both of you totally made me smile – it is just really great to hear feedback from readers that I’m doing things right and being helpful!

      I’ll definitely pass along your Swatch Gallery suggestion to Shaun, who is the technical support for Temptalia – I know we’ve had a few people ask about something similar, so we will see.

      Thanks again!

  88. Katie

    I got it! I got JW, Parisian Skies and Evolution Revolution. I really wanted Hocus Pocus, but figured I had so many neutral colors already, I should pass. Now I kind of regret it and it’s too late because it sold out :(

    Anyway, I love JW. It’s very complex and beautiful. I am going to attempt a look for you Christine, but I am pretty bad with color. I would LOVE it if MAC gave you the opportunity to do a Temptalia collection. I’d love to see other eyeshadows you’d come up with. Sometimes MAC is so incredibly off with their eyeshadows…too powdery, too sheer, etc…I know a collection by you would be awesome! JW kind of reminds me of NARS Galaopagos in terms of the shine and complexity. Obviously the colors are completely different but I love an eyeshadow with sparkle and one that kind of changes with the light. I would love to see a darker purple with the same kind effect JW has. I know MAC has some. In fact, I own many (too lazy to get up and see the names of them), but their payoff is just blah…not like JW! 😀

    I am happy MAC did a blogger collection. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t do one with Youtube gurus though, because that seems like a bigger/more popular pool. But hey, you have a youtube channel, so maybe you can be a part of it again if they ever do that!!

    Now the question is whether to depot JW or not…I’m so conflicted!

    • LOL, after how nit picky I was, I doubt they’d want to work with me again!

      I depot everything eventually myself! I think the only thing I didn’t depot was a couple shadows from Moonbathe, since that was my favorite packaging of all time so I want an example of it!

      • Eva

        That makes me curious, though–if MAC offered you the chance to create your own collection, would you do it? Or, considering your attention to detail, would it be too overwhelming or take the fun out of the process? I know from the consumer end of the spectrum I’d buy the heck out of your collection but I can’t even imagine all the work that would go into creating it.

        • I don’t know – it would really depend on a lot of the logistics. I would really have to be able to control quality and ensure it was exactly where I needed it to be.

  89. Melissa

    It was definitely a beautiful color, but I already had several green eyeshadows of slight variation so I decided to pass.

  90. Daisy

    I have to admit that when I first saw Jealousy Wakes my heart sank a little because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull off a color like that. The swatches were stunning but kind of fed my nagging fear of such a rich and multifaceted color! But to hell with my fear, I bought it because I love ya and quite frankly my boyfriend didn’t want to deal with me if I had let myself pass up the opportunity. I was wondering if you think Jealousy Wakes would work in a look like your Neutrals with Smoldering Greens because I found that combination utterly divine.

  91. Pami

    BTW, I thought the “Green Machine with Jealousy Wakes Look” you did (6/16/11) was sooooo gorgeous! I’m subscribed to your email/feed and I kept that one, & the one with your comparison swatches on my computer. I LOVE color and those colors were just so beautiful! I really enjoyed hearing about your process (creating the product from conception to completion) too. I adore the scenario that you wrote for your submission to MAC. What a THRILLING experience! Thanks for sharing :)

    Believe it or not, I rocked that look as a teen in the 70’s, and I’m so sad that my age (drooping upper lid etc. that comes along whether we like it or not… NOT!) prevents me from wearing lot’s of bold colored shadows the way I used to. I mainly use just a pop of bright color as a outer corner eyeliner these days (I love a bright teal tinted aqua in the summer!), and use mostly soft purples (when I go outside the neutrals) on the lid. As much as I hate to admit it, at my age the bright/bold’s just aren’t flattering anymore. Why, oh why…I still FEEL the same!!! Sigh… Otherwise I would have bought your stunning JW in a heartbeat! I sure hope MAC brings it back, and puts it in their permanent collection! :)

    • Do it! Still rocking brights in SOME way, though 😉 It is funny, though – I started with brights but find myself gravitating towards more neutrals now! I always tell myself I have to take advantage of when I can wear brights and get away with it, however!

  92. aradhana

    i thought the colour was pretty but i ended up not buying it…i just figured as much as i liked it i might not wear it very often….and i figured that that would be another available JW for someone who really really wanted it and would wear it alot!

    if it comes back i will probably try to pick one up though!

  93. Celi

    I didn’t buy it. I really wrestled with that decision. It is a BEAUTIFUL green but I am just a neutral kinda gal and so I knew that even if I did buy it I would never wear it. It would be just something that I looked at from time to time to see how pretty it was. SO I just bought what I absolutely knew that I would wear day to day. I hope that they make them permanent. How great would that be!

  94. No, not my thing. The color is gorgeous, but I don’t do greens usually, only a dab here and there every now and then.

  95. Erica

    I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous color, but I never wear colors that are so bold and vivid, so I voted not my thing! It would be great if I were able to wear these colors though! (Plus, if I live in the States).

  96. nicole

    I’m not a Mac buyer (I’d rather skip buying high end products and get better deals), so even though I find the color to be gorgeous and I love looking at it I won’t be getting it (Unless someone makes a cheaper dupe, which sounds impossible for now =( )

  97. Emily

    I purchased one Jealousy Wakes (as well as one each of Evolution Revolution and Sonoran Rain). I still haven’t received it…which is a bummer since I wanted to play around with it this weekend! It’s supposed to come in on Tuesday. Not sure why shipping to Portland OR takes so long.

  98. Renee

    I sooooooooooo wanted to buy this shade as well as Hocus Pocus and totally missed out. I’d been looking forward to it’s release since the day you posted it on Temptalia. I really hope they bring it back ASAP for those of us who desparatley wanted to purchase… in the meantime I’ll just have to live vicariously through everyone else! lol! I also live in Canada… not sure if that makes a difference. :)