Friday, September 9th, 2011

Deborah Lippmann for @ Costello Tagliapietra S/S 2012

Today, I went backstage at the Costello Tagliapietra with to check out Deborah Lippmann, who was (obviously!) responsible for the nail look at the show. Lippmann first polished nails with one coat of Waking Up in Vegas (described as a “beautiful putty shade”) and then layered with a coat of Fashion (described as an unusual taupe) to come up with a customized take on nudes and grays but with a warmer undertone.  I personally loved that Deborah Lippmann’s team wore black shirts that said, “Get Nailed on the DL!”

The hair was slicked back (which seems to be a big trend this season), while the makeup was simple but more than neutral with a burnt orange shade done all over the eyes and lips.

Check out more photos!

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25 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann for @ Costello Tagliapietra S/S 2012

  1. Vicky

    The shade is okay, but no actual manicure was done on those nails!

    • Deb

      It made me feel better about the state of my nails, though! lol

    • MilliVanilli

      I know! That close-up shows just how awful the application was!

    • I absolutely agree with you… It’s almost impossibile make an application like this, and I don’t think Lippmann polishes are so bad to get a similar result… They are better than… THAT! I guess those manicuryst are well paid, and I’m pinkslipped… *breaths*

    • Hannah

      It’s for a fashion show. They probably have like 3 minutes to do the nails (as the girls are getting hair/makeup done and getting dressed). Many of the models do around 5 shows per day, getting new nail polish for each show. I’m surprised the state of their hands isn’t worse (but granted, it’s only from day 2 of a month of shows).

  2. Liz

    that looks like sand troupez looks against my skin! Which isn’t a bad thing because it’s one of my fav polishes at the moment, hehe

  3. Debi

    I hate to say it, but those nails don’t look good. The formula looks goopy, too sheer and uneven. And the colour has already been done over 100 times by other lines. Just not grabbing me at all.

  4. malia

    pretty long fingers, but those nails look pretty rough to me ..

  5. emily

    Yeah…cuticle oil please =/

  6. Hend

    hmm they make me feel that I’m a professional manicurist !
    The colors are beautiful but I don’t know about the formula

  7. Agnes

    beatiful hand! but the manicure itself looks unfinished andthe product looks streaky on the nails! is the application bad? I mean, for a product that’s worth four times more than other decent brands…

    • No, it’s not that. They briefly file the girls nails and then put color on. It’s a lot of craziness back there so they don’t have a chance to do a full on manicure. It’s really the color they’re worried about :)

  8. It looks like they’re trying to duplicate Rescue Beauty Lounge’s ‘Jane’. I have Essie Sand Tropez which is gorgeous!

  9. mins

    The color does not look good at all, I’m sorry. Looks like dead fingers now, zombie fingers

  10. PoetrysTruth

    The nails look dirty to me I know they’re not but the shade isn’t flattering at all. They look very corpse like and yes…I have seen a corpses in my line of work.

  11. Jane

    That color looks corpsey. I think I’m officially old. The wretched paint job isn’t helping that idea, though, is it?

  12. Lena

    I think it’s the particular model’s hands that are not in tip top shape. There’s even remants of what seemed like a dark polish still around the nail bed.

    Regarding the shade itself, blah. Looks like one of Caroline New York’s darker grey.

  13. This is so funny cause I swore I saw you back there, Christine! I was walking in as you were leaving. I actually loved the looks they put as well. The Makeup was GORGEOUS and the outfits wore were beautiful. I’ll be doing a post as well on this. Deborah actually said she can never wear taupe color polished because it looks terrible on her but that this combo worked amazing. She’s such a sweetheart!

  14. Violet

    lol omg the manicure. Hahahaha, that’s horrible, I can’t stop laughing.

  15. mochagnome

    Doesn’t look like anything special…we’ve seen these same polish shades for the past few seasons…and the state of the model’s nails look horrible—in dire need of some tlc and cuticle oil.

  16. Ewww that manicure is awful! I know they don’t have long to do nails backstage but I have seen celebrity manicurist Leighton Denny (who also has his own line of polish which is brilliant) and he can paint perfect manicures so quickly, I’ve seen him do it on QVC countless times and one coat takes him about a minute to do both hands and they look flawless. His polish formula is fantastic though.

  17. Glöckchen

    I can understand that they do not have much time for the manicure, but i do not like the coulour either. It looks quite creepy to me.

  18. Tanya L

    I absolutely love Deborah Lippmann’s Waking Up In Vegas. It’s one of my favorite polishes…and that’s saying a lot because I’m a polish hoarder! It really does apply super easily which you would never be able to tell by those pictures. Whoever did that polish job needs some more training. Seriously, DL polishes practically apply themselves…

  19. C

    her cuticles and whatnot look really sore, such a bad job, quite shocking really !