Friday, April 12th, 2013, Inc.

SEPHORA’S Chic Week starts soon! All beauty insiders get 15% off with code CHIC, 4/12 through 4/21. VIBs can take advantage beginning 4/11 through 4/22 (same code, VIBCHIC).

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52 thoughts on “Deal Alert! 15% off Sephora During Chic Week – 4/12 through 4/21

  1. Hannah

    Is this in store too?

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :( :( :(

  3. joyce

    Thanks for the info, Christine! I was starting to wonder whether they would have the April sale this year.

  4. Ashleigh Murray

    Do you know if the code will work for sales to Canada?

  5. I asked Sephora on their facebook page and they said it will be available in store as well. 😀

  6. fabiola

    Hi Christine, I have a question. The last time a when to my sephora store they gave me a new silver vib card, along with that it came a vib 10% off card. Do you thing a can use that 10% off card along with this 15% off? Thank you.

  7. |Hanna

    Wondering if this is good for the Canadian site as well?

    • It’s never applied to Canadians only in the past (2011 and 2012 for Chic Week)!

      • Doanne

        Hey Hanna,
        Just wanted to let you know that this offer will be available in-stores (same dates and deal) but I haven’t heard anything about the sale happening online for Canadians.
        Hope this helps!

  8. erika dwyer

    Do you know if this is applicable to Canada as well? I only ever get my 20% off in November!

    Thanks for the update

    • As far as I know, it will not, but I don’t have any fine print or any other info than the dates and code. Chic Week hasn’t been applicable for Canadians via online but in-store.

    • Tracy

      Hi ! I’m in Canada and I got my email invitation. It is only applicable in store, not online.

      • Mehroz

        Thanks for the info Tracy. I was upset when I used the code online and it said only for US site. But I just called the store and they confirmed the chic week sale is ON. Everyone doesn’t the email at the same time because they don’t want the store getting too busy.

  9. Thanks for the heads up about the sale. I love Sephora but I find it difficult to be able to afford my favorite items without a sale. I recently had a baby and I go to school full time so I haven’t been able to go to the mall as often as I would like. Now that I know there is a sale, I can use that as an excuse to go! Thanks again.

  10. Veronica

    Ooh, nice! I was just about to go pick up Dior’s Diorskin Nude foundation the other day at Nordstrom’s the other day. :) What a fortunate coincidence I decided to wait a week. Thank you for the heads up, Christine!

  11. beck

    is this the same sale they had last yr but it was 20% off for VIB members?

  12. Sabriel

    Nice! I almost decided to buy a blush at Ulta with their 20% coupon, but then I realized that the coupon didn’t apply to Tarte (or anything else high end.)

    Maybe I can get it for 15% off at Sephora. It’s not quite as good a deal, but at least it’s a discount.

    • Quinctia

      Yeah, it stinks that you always have to read the fine print with Ulta coupons. I got emailed one last week that was good on nearly everything–I think it excluded the Benefit Brow Bar, Lancome stuff, and Deborah Lippmann. So I got another 24/7 UD Liquid Liner.

      The last one I got wasn’t good for higher end stuff, though. :(

      • Sabriel

        Well, I noticed on the website that the blush said it was excluded from coupons, and I assume that means ALL coupons.

        It reminded me that I tried to buy the Naked Palette with a 20% coupon, and they said it didn’t apply, even though the fine print didn’t mention UD specifically.

        • Jennifer G

          The website is confusing. The coupon itself did not exclude “prestige” cosmetics, which includes tarte. I used the 20% coupon on some things that said “excluded from coupons” on the site.

          • Sabriel

            Thanks! And you’re right!

            I actually got to thinking about how Quinctia mentioned getting an UD eyeliner with the coupon, so I decided that it was worth a try. I went to Ulta on Saturday evening and ended up getting the blush!

            I would never have done that if it weren’t for this blog, so YAY!

            The sales associate told me that the coupon exclusion applies to most coupons, like the $3.50 off of $10 ones, but it does not apply to the 20% coupons unless the brand writes itself into the disclaimer.

            • Heather

              the thing to keep in mind about the ulta coupons is that the ones the email you never allow to buy prestige cosmetics while the ones they mail you typically do. Make sure your adress is correct

        • Lynn

          Actually, it will let you use it on high end cosmetics. I used it to purchase the UD Wizard of Oz palette. Also sometimes it wont allow you online, but if you go into the store, you can use it there.

          • Sabriel

            You’re right! I tested it out and ended up getting the blush I wanted!

            Congrats on your Wizard of Oz palette. :)

  13. Kim Teague

    Looks like I know where I’ll be blowing my birthday money. Oh and look it starts on the 11th for VIBs, I don’t have classes that day it’s like it’s a sign telling me to shop lol.
    In all seriousness this is great because I’ve got to pick up foundation and I love saving money.

  14. Taylor

    awww man I just made an order because I NEEDED a NARS satin lip pencil and I didn’t know about Chic Week. now I wish I would have waited because I really need the money. :(

    • Lilly

      If you wanted to, you could do a return and rebuy. Unfortunately, Sephora doesn’t do price adjustments so they’ll toss your returns out–what a waste!

  15. Quinctia

    Hmm…I might use this to check out an OCC Lip Tar.

  16. Melissa

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! I need new heads for my clarisonic and I’ve been eyeing the UD Oz palettes. Plus the 11th happens to be my birthday! Wahoo! (:

  17. Rachel Marie

    but..I just spent almost $80 there… my timing is cursed

  18. Ashley

    I am a VIB and I got the email about this event. It mentions spring make overs, are they for free?

    • Haemy

      I’m not 100% sure but judging from last november’s VIB event at my local sephora, I think the the free make over is nothing fancy. Yes, this may depend on your store but the ones I saw being done were like a certain eye look or lips by brand representatives… not really a full makeover. I tend to skip these unless I really want a makeover from the brand because they tend to look at you like you HAVE to buy their products now.

  19. Melzie

    Can the CHIC code be used more than once? As in can it be used once online and once in the store?

  20. Haemy

    feels kinda weird that I don’t really have anything major I want to buy. I’ll probably check out the kat von d shade shifter eyeshadows and get a MUFE white eyeliner. I’m still not sure if I want OCC Black Dahlia and/or Super NSFW. I got some brushes I do want but it’s not pressing so I’m going to wait till november for the 20% off. What is everyone else getting?

  21. xamyx

    The timing of the sale couldn’t be better; I’m actuially planning a trip to Sephora tomorrow, LOL. Now, I’ll have to cross my fingers & hope the Kat von D Ladybird palette is actually in-store… I just did a couple of NARS hauls the past couple of weeks, so there’s nothing else I really want. Then again, I’m sure I’ll find *something*.

  22. I so don’t need to be buying anything after my IMATS buying this past weekend BUT I’m a sucker for a sale lol. I’ll try to fight the urge though

  23. Suze

    This is perfect and what great timing, just up-dating my spring cosmetics, thanks for the tip off.

  24. Jackie

    I’m so bummed out that this is for US only! :( I live in Canada and tried to buy the UD Naked Basics palette, went to apply the code and it said it only applies to the US. Ugh! Sometimes I hate living in Canada.

  25. NeenaJ

    I’ve been wanting to try the Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Powder so, this is my excuse.

  26. Tin

    Thanks for the info, Christine! I’ve been waiting for this and I can’t wait to shop now. :)

  27. Stacey

    It really isnt a sale when the regular item you want is not in stock or rather the new item….that is so so so limited is not in stock…and I am referring to the UD Vault Pencils. If something is so limited and it is gone in less than one day, then you know it really isnt a sale or available for purchase. Ridiculous.

  28. Sarah Grace

    Does anyone know when the new Urban Decay shadows will be available at Sephora? They’ve added the new eye pencils and Moondust shadows, but not Laced, Desperation, and Easy Baked…